Abigail Ch. 02

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Lauren returned, rather hot and breathless from riding her bike back from training. It had been raining a lot the last few days and by the state of her T-shirt and leggings I supposed the lanes were wet and muddy. Underneath her training kit would be covered with mud, as she always took the junior group to the swamp-like field on wet days, “to get them used to the conditions. But I knew really she loved getting herself and others dirty. She left her bike in the garage and removed her shoes and clothes in the utility room before entering the house. I knew the procedure she kept, not afraid to get her sports clothes dirty but fearing to mess the house.

As she showered and changed, I heated up the chicken casserole I’d prepared earlier and put plenty of fresh vegetables on the pan. Thus we enjoyed a healthy and satisfying meal, washed down with a bottle of Chardonnay I’d kept for just such an occasion. I knew the girls avoided red meat and drank only a little alcohol, yet we were nicely comfortable and relaxed for the evening’s activities. The wine made me nicely relaxed and ready for what was in store. As I expected, Lauren made the first move.

“Mom, Abi tells me she got herself terribly dirty and was most ashamed that she’d disgraced herself in front of you. So she was so happy at the way you said you didn’t mind at all and looked after her so nicely. But since you’ve seen her mess so badly I think she’ll feel less self-conscious about it if she gets to see you dirty yourself as well. You don’t mind do you, mom?”

I had expected this and agreed, though with mixed emotions. I had indulged in bathroom games many times, and of course at the clinic, but never with another acquaintance of ours. “You know I do not mind soiling myself, degrading myself in front of you in this filthy way. But I am slightly anxious about doing such a thing in front of Abigail, I would not wish to offend by showing myself an enthusiast for filthy bathroom games.”

But Lauren immediately retorted that she was sure it would not cause any offence, in fact she thought Abigail would like to see me exhibit myself. I was still rather uncomfortable, this would be the first time I “performed” in front of anyone except my daughter or professional medical practitioners. But I realised I would not be able to avoid it. “OK, as Abigail is such a charming young lady and as long as she wont be shocked ….”

She looked at her friend who showed absolute eagerness. “Good that’s settled. Mom go into your room and put on the things I put out for you, the skimpy white cotton T-shirt that I used to wear. The material is a bit thin and it will be rather tight on you, but I want your nice mom-titties to be displayed, and your nips to show through. Then make yourself up, the way I like, put it on thick it and use lots of hair gel. Then get out a new pair of those nice white cotton panties, the full-cut ones, but don’t put them on yet. Then come into the bathroom.”

The T-shirt was certainly tight as it crushed against my mature mommy breasts and it made my nipples harden so they protruded in a way that was not concealed at all by the material. It was short too, ending a couple of inches above my belly button. The feeling it gave me when I put it on alone made me feel wet and wanton, and the garish girly way I made myself up only added to my sluttish feeling. Putting on the make up made me look, and feel like a cheap slut. I knew Lauren wanted to deeply humiliate me in front of Abigail, I suppose to eliminate any barriers between us. In spite of this extreme imposition, I found myself becoming excited at the prospect. Now I was ready for whatever was going to happen.

When I entered what had previously been our private haven of dirty games I saw both of them waiting. Unbeknownst to me Lauren had obtained two nurse’s uniforms, each of shiny white PVC and which fitted each of them snugly, if a little short at the hem. They were both also wearing latex surgical gloves, while Abigail was holding a large jar of KY jelly.

“Mom, you look great! We’re going to enjoy this evening so much. First lets see you turn all the way round and show yourself to us. Do some grinds and give your titties a few good squeezes through that slutty little T-shirt, I want to see your nipples almost burst through the material, then lift it up. Display you nice big mom-tits and work them good. I know Abi wants to see how a grown up lady like to resimli seks hikayeleri play with her boobs.”

The crude language and bold manner put me into the submissive mode I needed to debase myself and prepared me the humiliation I craved. Abigail looked flushed, as though nervous and excited at the same time. She would never have seen anything so depraved before, and perhaps wasn’t sure how she’d react. For the next few minutes I put on the sort of lewd act that I knew Lauren enjoyed and never failed to make me feel sexy and ready for any nasty treatment. I was a bit concerned about Abigail’s reaction, would she be find it repulsive that a mature responsible woman, her friend’s mom, should behave in such an unladylike manner. She seemed at first to be embarrassed, for me rather than herself. Despite her mixed feelings she stared, transfixed and obviously very much turned on.

I was still wearing my plug, kept securely in place by the thong-harness. Juice was leaking from my vagina into the little triangle that just about covered my labia but otherwise left me completely exposed. Before I climaxed Lauren ordered me to stop.

“Mom, I want you now to spread your legs and bend part way forward, yes hold the rail ….. Abi, you’re wearing latex gloves so would you mind removing mom’s butt-plug. Unfasten the straps and then ease it out carefully …… Mom, you know what to do. As soon as it’s out bring your legs closer and keep your buttocks clamped ….. Good, just like that … Now I’m going to help you on with your panties, you only have to step into them and I’ll put them up. Try to keep your load inside while we inspect your plug for consistency of any of your faeces that might be remaining on it.”

Lauren pulled my panties up tightly encasing my buttocks. At their leisure they then made the most of examining my plug. Lauren commented at length at the glistening brown film and thicker streaks that adhered to the rubber implement. She remarked on its sliminess and feel, even sniffing it and inviting her friend to do the same. Abigail did so rather tentatively, wrinkling her nose in a mixture of disgust and fascination. Lauren inhaled deeply, then closed her eyes as if to savour the sensation. This was always a special treat for her, to enjoy the pungent scent of her mother’s fecal waste. Ass if to accentuate the filthiness of my plug, she smeared it on her uniform and on Abigail’s.

“You can see what nasty filth my mom has inside her. All of that will soon be extruded from her dirty shit-hole, any into her spanking new white panties. It’s quite aromatic as you noticed. In a short while you will see just how much of a mess it can make. I can assure you that when my mom shits her panties she really does it big time. Completely ruins them, always. They’re good for nothing but the trash after that, the stains can never be erased. Isn’t that so mom?”

I blushed in shame at the explicit revelations, even though the contents of my bowels were no different from Lauren’s or Abigail’s. I still could not shake of the mantle of modesty that I had grown up with, and its denial filled me with shame. Lauren’s eyes had lit up in delight, but I saw in her friend some apprehension mixed in with the wonder and excitement.

I was clenching my buttocks as hard as I could and I thought I would succeed in preventing a very messy and humiliating accident.

“I expect you are trying hard to hold your shit inside yourself now. Poor mom, I know it must be uncomfortable for you straining like that but I want Abigail to see you shit your panties. It’s going to be terribly degrading for you to do this but you have to let it all out, it is not good for you to hold it inside you. Perhaps you need a little help. Keep it in for a minute longer” Lauren went to the cabinet and took something out from a small packet. I realised at once it was a glycerine suppository, heavy duty intended to relieve severe constipation. “I’m going to pull mom’s panties down for just a moment. Abi, take this little object and insert it quickly in through mom’s shit hole, push it right in deep. You might have to be firm to make sure it is properly in. Then I’ll pull her panties up again and start massaging her lower belly. She’s obviously got a problem with emptying her bowels.”

Then Abigail asked, “How long is since your mom went to the bathroom?.”

I hang my head in shame, completely red-faced and mumbled it was three days.

“Sorry, I think Abi didn’t quite hear you. Did you say two days?”

I was mortified to be forced to admit I had not emptied my bowels for three days.

“Lauren, you mean she kept it inside her for all that time?”

“Yes, Abi, Mom’s got three days load of putrid shit up inside her bloated rectum. And it’s going to be real stinky and make a dreadful mess of her new white panties.”

It was terribly humiliating to be talked about in the third person and to have my most private body functions described in such a crude manner. But these feelings were swept away by a more immediate, and tangible concern. I felt an intense burning inside my rectum as the melted glycerine made contact with my sensitive inner walls. I was overcome by an uncontrollable need to evacuate, my sphincter opened involuntarily and the huge mass began to force its way out. But its progress was temporarily halted by the resistance of my anal ring. Part-in and part-out, it could go so far but no further and all the time that wicked suppository made me frantic to purge myself. But it was a very big and firm stool, no doubt compressed by the prolonged forced retention. My anal ring was being stretched terribly.

“Poor mom, her panties are holding it in. Abi, pull her panties down and let’s have a look ….. Oh yes, what a big log, You can see the end poking out, see where it’s made a brown smudge in the seat of moms panties. And look how dirty she is around her rosebud. Now, I want you to prod it with your finger, don’t be frightened of it, you’ve got your latex gloves on. Yes, that’s it, and now it’s starting to emerge again. Quick, pull mom’s panties back up ….. Like that ……. Now Abi, see where it making a lump in her panties, look you can even see a damp brown patch forming. We’ll just watch as it gets bigger and more visible.”

I blushed deeply at this humiliating commentary. My own daughter speaking about my inability to expel my waste, remarking on its, and the dirtiness around my anus and the big brown lump in my panties. Inexorably, the massive load emerged and nestled in the seat of my panties. I felt so must better to be rid of it, by totally humiliated by my enforced display.

Lauren was becoming breathless and to my horror her hand was under her skirt. Yes, my daughter was openly masturbating in front of us, turned on by the sight of her defecating into her panties. And she wasn’t in the least shy about exhibiting herself in front of her friend.

“Oh, ohhhhh! ….. Aaaagghhh!! …. AAARGGGHHHH!!!” Her sounds resembled no intelligible language, they just conveyed a raw animal lust.

“Now it’s time to grab some of that shit, show it to us, we’ll see what that filth looks like and how much she had in her. Let’s help her out of her panties.”

Together they carefully pulled my panties down, so as not to spill any. It was tricky because of the size of my stool but after a while they had the garment off and Lauren held it up for her friend to see. The pile was threatening to slop over onto the tiled floor, and it was still steaming. By now the room smelt incredible, but the girls were more fascinated than repulsed by it.

“Wow, that’s the most I’ve ever seen. Abi, take a handful and squeeze it, its OK you’re still wearing the latex gloves…… mmmmm, doesn’t that feel nice. Oh, a bit’s gone onto my uniform, but never mind.”

Lauren wiped it, smearing it onto her uniform.

“Now my tunic is decorated with mom’s shit I can get started properly.”

As if to illustrate her point she took some more and daubed it over her previously spotless white outfit, leaving a wide brown band across from over her right breast to the hem of her skirt. Go, I’m dying to see you soil your outfit too.”

Tentatively at first, Abigail wiped a brown fingertip over her tunic, then another. She giggled and then became pensive. She started to breathe faster, became flushed and excited. Suddenly she put both her hands in grabbed as much as she could and held it in front of us before slapping the whole lot onto her chest and smeared it. I’m sure she squeezed her PVC covered breasts as she liberally daubed it all over her front.

“Urrgghhhh! It’s so nasty, brown, soft, mucky and sticky. Look, Lauren, see what a mess I’ve made of myself.”

She grinned as she proudly showed off her handiwork.

“Hey, not bad for a beginner. Looks like mom is cleanest of us three. Let’s scoop out as much as we can and let her put them back on.”

My panties were fit for nothing but the trash but here was I, putting them back on. The girls had scooped off most of the excrement, but there remained a nasty, thick, pasty brown layer almost covering the inside. The foul contents had cooled off and were now damp and clammy, horribly sticky and clingy as I slowly pulled them up. Little pieces of excrement stuck to my legs leaving brown trails, and bits were spilling onto the floor. Naturally the base was the most thickly layered, there was a great wad, and when it again nestled against my crotch the contact with my sensitive vulva felt incredibly disgusting and should have filled me with revulsion. Instead, I felt my juices flowing again and knew that I was incredibly turned on. I even wanted to massage the fecal wad against my crotch. Obviously, I had become a complete filth-slut.

Although I’d tried to keep my hands clean, the soiling of my panties was so wide that fingers was also shit-covered. Almost reflexively, I wiped them clean on my white cotton T-shirt so that too quickly became decorated.

Abigail stared in wonder, transfixed at my disgusting state, fascinated beyond reason and incredibly aroused. She was almost oblivious to the great lump of excrement in her latex-gloved hands, such was her attention was on me.

“Wow, your mom is amazing! I never imagined anything so gross. I feel like doing something …. Something really nasty.”

With that she slapped the mass of shit onto her uniform and then lasciviously smeared it all over, but paying special attention to where her tunic covered her breasts, and grinding her hips as she did.

“I think you need some relief, I’m sure mom would like to help you the way you do to me. Mom, Abi would love to have your tongue on her clitty and in her cunt.”

“Wow, Lauren, I’ve gotta have it. Go on, slut, gets you tongue on my clitty and work me good. I’ll tell you when I want it up my cunt..”

And so it was I got down on my hands and knees, wearing my skimpy T-shirt and the filthy cotton panties I’d just now fill so copiously. As I squirmed to get under and in between Abigail’s thighs I felt that disgusting garment sticking and pulling at me. After a few moments I’d got my tongue where the little bitch wanted it and I heard her sigh with the intensity of pleasure that only a woman receiving relief for her sexual need can know. She was as wet as can be, literally gushing her juices onto my thickly made up face. She started to grunt and grind her hips as well and I knew she was close to orgasm. “Fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, stick it up my sopping cunt, now! …. Yes, Yes….. YES!!!! …… AAARRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!”

She climaxed noisily and extravagantly, I doubted if she could ever have experienced such an intense release at home. I’m sure her mom never allowed to visit any friends who might her achieve such an orgasm. Then her legs bucked and she collapsed over me, gasping and panting as she recovered her breath.. “Wow, Margaret, that was fantastic, You’re a tremendous cunt licker, even better than Lauren.”

Lauren then turned me to the mirror to show me how I looked. I was horrified at the mess I’d made of myself. My mascara and eye shadow was dribbled down my cheeks, all around my mouth my lipstick was smeared and my hair was like a vandalised bird’s nest. Even worse, my T-shirt was partly see-through, partly caked in shit, and slightly torn. And my panties were …. ready for the trash.

“And just look at us all, wonderfully filthy with your shit. Thank you mom, for making Abi’s evening so special. I think now it’s time for us to get you clean.”

Between them they showed me, caressed my body, patted me dry. Ready for bed. Tomorrow would be another day.

Abigail stayed with us for a week. Each day she and Lauren would go out on their bikes. Abigail, not surprisingly became more confident about herself, more assertive anyway, but she never ceased to be a perfectly charming guest, helpful and respectful despite the bizarrely perverse episodes in which we partook. She remained concerned about getting her panties dirty, and her mom finding out. So each day I gave her a pair of my own to wear so she could save hers from becoming soiled. “I expect you and Lauren will be playing around and I don’t imagine it will always be easy for you to attend properly to your toilet.” Knowing she’d soil them profusely, I add the words, “it doesn’t matter if they get dirty.”

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