ABS Store Clerk

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I had pumped earlier in the day and was horny and eager to show off my work. So I put on my tightest sweatpants, no underwear and a T shirt. Drove to the local adult bookstore. It was late in the evening around 1am so there were not to many people around. I hung out in the arcade area stroking it hoping some people would show up. I gave up after about 30 minutes of feeding the machines. Before leaving I decided to browse the stores merchandise to see if anything new had come in and there was.

Wrapped in plastic there were packages of story books for sale. On the back of some of these packs was Pump It UP magazine from Mirza. A publication all about vacuum pumping created in Upstate New York. This was the mid 1990’s So just before the internet took off. A real golden find. I scoured all the wire racks and found 9 different copies. Excited and anxious for more I walked up to this 20 something year old female cashier working the counter. I asked her if they had additional copies I may purchase in the back stock room. She checked and it was a no. Then she asked me why were these books so special. I told her they covered a fetish Kartal Escort topic I have been into for several years, vacuum penis pumping and enlargement. Then like any other person I speak to on the topic she asked me. She said I sell plenty of those tubes. Do those really work? As she says this she pears down thru the glass case I was standing profile to and gazes as my protruding bulge. I answer yes they do in fact I used mine tonight. She walked over to the end of the sales counter and motioned me towards her with her finger to come down to that end. Her eyes fixed on my crotch she asked Can I see it.

Since I am not shy and the store was empty I nodded yes. Pulled the front of my sweatpants open and let her take a peek down from her higher vantage. She smiled her approval. I let my pants snap back as 2 male customers were walking in the front door. This cashier whose name badge read Desiree waited until the guys walked into the arcade area walked over and locked the front door. She grabbed me by the wrist and lead me into the arcade. She reached up to the top of the door frame and switched off Tuzla Escort the security camera. She told me to ignore the 2 guys looking funny at us because she said the were regulars and will only want to watch.

She leaned me back against the wall and began rubbing my crotch thru my clothes. Without hesitation she dropped to her knees and pulled down my pants. She grasped my cock with both hands and began working it. Pulling it towards her. Licking it getting me juiced up with her saliva. Like I said I was horny to start with. Then being exposed out in public and with 2 voyeurs watching. I got hard very quick. I had packed out my 3 inch diameter tube cock only just hours ago. Coming directly out of the tube this would mean a 11 inch around doughnut. Here unrestricted. Holding my cocks base. We were talking about 7 inches long and between 8-9 thick inches of fat cock growing by the minute.

Desiree looked surprised. I am sure she had never seen or experienced a cock of my current size. Her mouth in awe opened and took just my cockhead in. Her head began to twist turn and bob. She tried her best but Anadolu Yakası Escort could not relax her jaw enough to take it all in. That is pretty much impossible. She stroked my shaft and ate up as much as she could. Water works flowing from her mouth. When she began to tire she caught me a few times with her teeth. The 2 store customers watching cheered me on. Each of them hand a hand down their pants. Telling me to stuff her mouth. To give it all to her. To splash the back of her throat. To gag her. I wanted to do all of those things but knew there was limitations due to my engorged thickness.

Our time together felt longer but really only lasted a quick 10 minutes. She peeled off her top, now with only her bra on. Ordered me to shoot on her chest. I took over the action. A few more flicks of the wrist and I dropped my load. 4 solid streams of cum landed across her chest just above her bra cups.Then whatever I could milk out of the end. Gravity filled her cleavage. I tilted one of the cups forward to allow some of my cum to drip inside. I looked up and the show was over. Desiree ducked into a bathroom to clean herself up and redress. I payed for my purchases and asked for her phone number. She let me out the locked door and I headed home. Turns out the number she gave me was a fake. We only saw each other at the store a few more times. Always when she was with coworkers so no more personal time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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