Abstinence Ends

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Sue was in the living room of her big old style home talking on the phone to her best friend Helen. Helen was pleading with her to join her and a few other lady friends for a ladies night out to a male strip show.

“C’mon Sue,” Helen was saying, “we don’t get much action in this town and these guys only show up once or twice a year. Be good for you to get out and stop being a mother and a landlady for a night. Let your hair down, if not your panties, and have a laugh or two!”

Sue giggled in response, “You never grow up do you Helen, as if you would drop your panties for a stripper! But I’m not sure that I am ready to look at that much male yet.” But she was ready and she hoped that Helen would continue to push her.

And Helen did saying, “Look babe, you’ve got to loosen up. C’mon, I’ll drive, all you have to do is dig up your one and only hot dress and get in the car.”

“Okay, okay,” Sue said, “let me see if I have a baby sitter available. Hold on for a bit.” She put the phone down and walked down the hall to a bedroom door and knocked. She heard a scrambling sound before the door flew open.

One of her two boarders stood there with a surprised look and said, “Mrs Baird! What’s up?”

Sue said, “Hi Rob, I hope I haven’t disturbed your studies, but I have a sudden invitation to go out this evening and was wondering if you would be staying in tonight and be willing to keep an eye on the boys.” Sue had two children of primary school age whose bedrooms were upstairs.

“Yeah, yeah,” Rob replied, “Go right ahead, no problem, I’ll keep an ear out for them. Billy is studying as well tonight so you have double coverage. Let me know when you leave and I’ll leave my door open so that I can hear any racket from upstairs. Will go up and check on them a few times as well.”

Sue was a young widowed mother with two boys to bring up and a big house to look after. The two boarders were students attending a local trade college, which in turn was one of the primary drivers of the local economy. The college organized accommodation in the community for as many students as they could. They assured potential providers that the students would be of good character and that the college would pledge to see that their board bills were paid.

The only ‘fly-in-the-ointment’ was Sue’s in-laws who did not appreciate that their grand son’s mother lived in a house with two twenty-some year old males. At the same time they did not offer to donate an extra few hundred a month toward the upkeep.

The presence of these two young athletic men was also becoming a distraction to Sue, which was of course the primary reason for the concern of her Mother-in-law. The guys had been boarding with her for several months and a certain comfort level had evolved. Erotic fantasies tumbled through Sue’s mind while lying in her bed at night and imagining what might happen if she snuck downstairs and crawled into bed with one or the other. She had not dated since the demise of her husband and the presence of these two jocks was providing fuel to significantly increase her libido.

The two boarders on the other hand did nothing but fantasize about their quite lovely landlady. They were eager to help in the house in any way they could in order to be close to her although always acting very properly, not wanting to lose the best accommodation in town.

“All set,” she said to Helen, “But I want to drive myself in case I have to cut things short and leave before you. And don’t you worry about my lack of sexy dresses. I’ve been told that I would look hot in a potato sack!”

Helen pleaded, “Please don’t wear that sack tonight!”

There was only one performance for the evening and that for women only. Sue and her friends had enjoyed their time, giggling as the lithe muscled strippers swung their big dongs around, albeit sheathed in some sort of tight cloth. One of the married ladies in their group had accepted a challenge to join the strippers onstage to dance with one of the studs, the guy performing some kind of a ‘faux-fuck’ as she twisted and turned with her butt thrust back at him.

“Could you feel it? What was it like? Was it hard,” the questions poured in at the lady as she re-joined the table.

“Of course I felt it, how could I not? It felt like a damn fire-hose. And no it was not hard. I would have run off of the floor if it had stiffened.”

Helen said, “Maybe he just had a sock in it!”

The bold one replied, “It was no damn sock I can tell you.” She took a deep breath and a chug of her drink and leaned over the table to whisper, “At the end of the dance, he pulled my butt close, I could feel it on the back of my leg and he said, ‘We’re at the Commodore, Suite 214, come over if you and your friends would like a private party with me and Buddy.’ I said, ‘What would that cost us?’ He replied, ‘Well, let’s see, how about a hundred bucks. Unless one or both of us got laid and then it would be free for all of you.’

The ladies yelled and laughed with Helen spouting, “I’m not paying any hundred bucks to see beşiktaş escort a bare weeny, but any volunteers?”

There were no takers although all of them looked questioningly at Sue, being the only single lady there. She just choked and waved a definite ‘no’. They all laughed would have been shocked at any other response.

Sue and Helen hung around as their friends left for home. The lounge had re-opened and all of the tables had filled up. The lights dimmed and a few couples danced to soft ballads performed by a trio. Two older guys, probably salesmen, approached and asked if they would like company. They declined politely and then giggled as the two disconsolate hopefuls moped away.

Helen grinned at Sue, “That was quick but tell me did it even cross your mind earlier? I mean about volunteering to cover the fee with the strippers?”

Sue grimaced and said, “No damn way. I mean it did arouse me to watch them especially when Grace went on stage and he was faking sex with her. But I would want a lot more romance before taking on one of those guys. And I would certainly prefer something a little more refined then that twelve inch sausage he was swinging around.”

Helen laughed and said; “Don’t blame you, that would be a big step for any of us. But it was fun wasn’t it? Aren’t you glad you joined us?”

“Of course,” said Sue, “it was a blast, but I think I will be leaving now. Are you staying a while?”

Helen said, “Oh no babe, I’m the married one, remember? My days of sitting and sipping a drink in a lounge by myself are long past. Wait until I finish this one and we can go out together.” Sue ordered another drink, three for the night and three times more than she would normally consume.

A nice looking man bent over Sue and asked her to dance. Sue looked at Helen to check if it was all right. She mouthed ‘wait for me’ and Helen shrugged ‘okay’ back at her.

The music was a nice ballad, the sultry singer was very smooth, and her unknown partner proved to be an excellent dancer. They exchanged first names; he claimed to be a technical rep visiting the college for a few days to assist in the installation of a new piece of lab equipment. Sue made no mention of her singles status.

Sue was enjoying herself, not having danced in several years. She allowed him to pull her a little more tightly; one breast snuggled against the side of his chest, his free hand lowered down her back to caress the small of her back. Sue; suddenly carried back to happier times casually kissed his neck. His reaction was to pull her more tightly to his body, his hand pressing her hips forward until she felt his erection. She jerked back quickly looking up into his face.

He was embarrassed and quickly apologized, “I’m so sorry, I totally forgot myself, forgive me.”

Sue replied quickly, “Not to worry, that was on me.”

She forgave him even more during the remainder of the dance, allowing him to press his chest between her breasts snuggling one under his arm as she pressed her hips forward to rub her mound up and down on his rigid cock. He whispered, “One more dance please, your friend looks to be engaged anyway, she won’t mind.”

Sue glanced back to see Helen in an animated discussion with a guy leaning over the back of her chair and murmured, “Sure, one more but that will be it.” She was afraid of herself now, her body very alive for the first time in years. Her nipples were hard and her groin area a bubbling volcano. She rubbed her tits side-to-side on his chest and anxiously responded to his need to rub his cock on her hip and mound.

They were barely moving, just grinding their bodies against the others. She felt her dance partner draw in his breath and burst out, “Can you stay with me tonight?”

Sue pulled back and looked him squarely in the eye and replied, “Oh no, can’t do that, so nice of you to ask. I’m sorry if I have led you on but I have enjoyed dancing with you.”

Helen was alone at the table as Sue’s dance partner guided her back and said goodnight. She sat down and chugged her last drink down in two swallows. Helen’s eyebrows were raised in question as she asked, “What was that all about?”

Sue said, “What do you mean? He wanted a second dance and you were busy so I agreed.”

“No, no,” Helen replied, “I mean he was all hunched over like a dog doing someone’s leg when he brought you back. That normally does not happen with someone you have just met.”

Sue laughed, “Well, let’s just say that he asked me to spend the night with him. Nothing I did,” she said with a knowing grin. And then, “Guess where he is staying? The Commodore! There is no way I could have joined him knowing the strippers were probably doing some ladies in the next room!”

Helen laughed out loud and said, “I’m going to have to get you out more often. Things happen with you, it’s been a ton of fun. But you know you have had too much to drink. Why not leave your car here and I’ll drive you home. You can pick it up in the morning.”

Sue, not wanting to be picked up for taksim escort a DUI, was sensible enough to realize it was the thing to do. On the way home she told Helen how much she appreciated the invitation that night, and that she felt like a desirable woman again for the first time in years. She admitted, “He was quite hard and I let him rub all he wanted. I think he may have got off near the end when he asked me to go to his motel. I did think about joining him.”

Helen said, “God, all in one first dance? How did that happen? Did you encourage him to make that sort of move?”

Sue replied, “Yeah, think it was my fault. He was so gentle and such a nice dancer that I kissed his neck, really not thinking of who he was or where we were. That encouraged him and I felt guilty enough not to stop him.”

Helen said, “My dear, you are going to have to get yourself laid soon so you may as well make a move on someone you prefer rather than an accidental one.” They pulled into Sue’s driveway and Helen put the car in ‘Park’ and turned the headlights off. They just sat there both feeling as if there was more to be said.

Helen said, “I’m really horny. Hubby’s going to have a surprise tonight.” They both laughed.

Sue said, “Lucky you, I have two potential lovers in my house, but I dare not make a move. And God, why would they want me? I have at least 15 years on them!”

Helen said, “Are you kidding, you are beautiful. They probably jack themselves off every night thinking of you in a bed alone upstairs!”

They were quiet for a few minutes before Helen said, “Do you remember that day at the cabin? The guys were out fishing and we were doing the nude thing on the beach? Remember, playing with our pussies?”

Sue exclaimed, “Damn it Helen, after all of these years what brought that on?”

“I guess I thought of it because I am so horny right now, and you are sitting beside me just as horny,” said Helen. A long pause and Helen continued, “I was dying to feel your pussy.” Another shorter pause and then, “I was fantasizing about going down on you.”

The only response from Sue was heavy breathing while she responded to the memory by teasing her inner thighs with two fingers.

Helen pushed on, “Did you think of touching me that time?”

Sue let out a long slow breath, “Oh yes, I watched you teasing your clit. I didn’t know what to do. It was sort of crazy, I was getting more sex from Larry than I could handle at that time and yet I lay there beside you in the sun and thought of what your pussy would feel like.” She giggled, “I wanted to rub mine on yours.”

She leaned towards Helen who met her half way and they kissed gently but with passion and whispered, “Oh damn I’m really horny.”

Helen groaned, “Hey babe, do you want to get off? I would love to do it for you. Take your panties off and I will do you right here in the car. All’s quiet, everyone’s sleeping.”

Sue whispered, “Okay,” and pulled her panties down.

Helen quickly removed hers as well and pulled her skirt up above her hips. She said, “Lay back on my lap,” and groaned again as the back of Sue’s head settled on her naked lap. She stretched her legs out toward the passenger side door, her skirt pulled up to her belly. Helen could make out Sue’s dark bush framed by white hips and belly in the dim light.

Sue had only ever felt a man’s hands and fingers on her pussy and was thrilled by the gentleness of Helen’s fingertips as she caressed Sue’s mound and bush before sliding down each side of her swollen slit, not touching but just teasing the outer lips.

Helen said, “Look at me baby. Read my eyes as I make love to you. I’m going to make you come right here. Just let yourself go, but let me see your eyes as you get off. You’re wet already. I’ve been dreaming of doing this to you.”

Sue spread her legs as wide as possible as Helen circled her clit with gentle fingers in a hypnotic tease. Helen detected Sue’s inner lips opening and quivering around her hole and was preparing to slide a finger into her when suddenly the front yard was flooded by light.

Sue jerked up in her seat just as her boarder Rob stuck his head out the door, obviously wondering about the strange car in the driveway. Sue rolled her window down and waved at him, “It’s okay Rob, just me chatting with Helen, be there in a minute, go back to bed, all’s well, tell you all about it in the morning.” Rob waved okay and shut the door but left the outside light burning.

The two ladies collapsed in laughter while straightening their clothes and readjusting their thoughts and minds. Helen said, “Oh damn Sue, we have to be insane, both of us. We’re worse than teenage girls. But I really don’t care; I had an exciting night with you and feel about 20 years younger. Hubby’s going to get a night cap and a good morning fuck all in one day.”

Helen said, “So that was Rob was it? He’s the tall guy I guess. Didn’t see much of him but he looks delicious.”

“Yeah,” said Sue, “that was Rob all right. He was wearing his lounging slacks. esenler escort Damn things are made of silk or something like that. Remember when the rocker’s used to perform in those outfits? Our eyes focused on their big dongs swinging around in the silk. We used to guess whether they had real or phony cocks. I’ve caught him wearing his a few times and his looks really real.”

Helen exclaimed, “God if you decide that you need any help with those two guys, give me a shout. What about the other guy? I have never had a good look at him. Is he as scrumptious looking?”

Sue said, “Oh yes, I would almost prefer doing Billy to Rob. He is shorter but more muscled. He plays hockey and soccer and his hips and thighs are like tree trunks. But he is very shy and turns red every time I catch him looking at my tits or butt. Rob does not get flushed, just boldly looks me in the eye with a suggestive stare.”

“Enough of that old friend,” Sue continued, “let’s talk in the morning when we are acting more normal.” She leaned over for a light kiss and jumped out of the car before Helen could protest. She waited until Helen backed out of the driveway and then climbed the steps to her front door. It was self-locking and she realized that her key was in her purse in Helen’s car. ‘Damn,’ she thought, ‘I’m either too drunk or too horny.’ Maybe Rob was still close enough to hear a knock; the doorbell would wake the entire house.

Rob was puzzled. What had happened to Sue’s car? She had appeared to be a little drunk. After he had closed the door he had hung around a window to watch as she had made her goodbyes to her lady friend. He moved to return to his room just as Sue knocked on the door. No keys! Where did she leave them? Crazy night.

Just then Billy opened his door and exclaimed, “What’s up?”

Rob replied, “Go back to work, I think our landlady has had a few too many. Looks like she lost her keys, or forgot how to use one!”

He opened the door to see Sue leaning on the frame with an embarrassed smile on her face. God she looked hot in a strapless peasant blouse, a flared skirt and high heels. He had always had erotic thoughts of her, but her wild appearance now took those thoughts to another level. She stumbled over the doorsill and he caught her, deliberately allowing her body to crash fully against his bare chest.

“Oh Rob, I’m so sorry. I didn’t want you to see me like this,” she moaned, her tits mashed against him. But she didn’t pull back as he pulled her in and shut the door. Her face was on his bare shoulder, her body melding with his tall frame. She moved her arms behind his back, her burning fingertips eased downwards to flirt with the elastic band of his silk pants before tentatively working underneath it. She could feel his cock stirring and stiffening against her belly.

Rob’s heart was pounding like a trip hammer. Despite his usual bold approach towards women, this had suddenly taken him to the next step and he wasn’t sure that he could deal with it in a manly manner. He was close to getting off already and was terrified that he would not be able to complete anything that he started. He was waiting for her to put a stop to matters but instead her hot hands were already clutching his bare ass.

There was no way out and he really did not want one so he pushed her upper body back and hooked his fingers into the top of her blouse and pushed downward to bare her tits. She pressed and rubbed them against his chest bringing his erection to full flower. He reached down behind to the hem of her skirt and slipped his hands up the back of her thighs to her bare cheeks. No panties! He pulled the skirt up to her waist all clustered together with her pushed down blouse.

Sue was in another world, not caring whom she was with or where she was. Her only thoughts were about this promise of erotic pleasure finally coming her way. She used one hand to push his slacks down and the other to seek out his long cock. He flinched at her first touch, trying to pull it free of her hand. She didn’t see any reason to let it go and closed her hand and fingers around it and then manoeuvred it between her legs.

Rob was frantic as he felt the knob of his cock slide along the hot quivering lips of Sue’s pussy. He had to do something to regain control of the situation as the ‘cum column’ was already entering the base of his cock. He grasped Sue by the cheeks and raised her up along his body with her back pressed against the door until his face was between her tits. He began to kiss her breasts and nipples. Sue’s hands guided his head from one sweet spot to the next as he lunched away. He had regained some control by having his cock not touching her in any way, but he really could not ignore the fact that a hungry pussy was hovering inches over the knob.

Sue was not to be put off any longer and began to whisper, “Rob, please Rob, I want you.” She tried to force her way down his body, her legs wrapped around him and inching lower and lower. The knob of his upright cock came in contact with her pussy and she quickly positioned it to engulf the knob and suck it in. She felt him begin to throb and pulse and thought, ‘oh damn no’ realizing that he was about to come in her. He thrust up as she pushed down and it was game over. He jammed it more deeply and got off in a series of short bursts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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