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I received an instruction from Mistress Amanda (yes, there really is a Mistress Amanda) to write a very short story without plot, jumping straight to the action. So this is a little different to the other stories she has instructed me to submit … enjoy!


Mistress wordlessly pushed me back onto the bed and spread my knees as she crawled between my legs. I was already aroused from the sight of her, naked but for fishnet stockings and wicked knee high fuck-me boots. She drew her lips to the head of my cock and softly kissed, teasing my hardening shaft with her fingertips and nails. The soft warmth of her lips on me made me groan gently, wanting more.

I did not have long to wait. With a breathy moan Mistress sunk her lips down over my cock, enveloping me in the wet warmth of her mouth. Fuck, I was in heaven. Her tongue seemed to play over the surface of my cock, her teeth dragging gently on the undersides and she began slowly moving her head up and down, seeming to really savour my taste. I was fully, completely erect now. Mistress released my cock, slurping pre-cum from its tip, and rubbed her soft cheek gently against the shaft before taking me into her mouth once more.

She began sucking intently now, fucking my cock with her face, rapidly moving up and down, sucking in on each down-stroke, swirling her tongue over the head of my cock on each up-stroke. I alternated between leaning my head up to watch the amazing sight of my Mistress sucking hard on my cock, and throwing my head back, eyes closed, just enjoying the sensations.

I was close to cumming now, and Mistress knew it. She lifted off for one last time, Kartal Öğrenci Escort smiling as she licked her lips. She didn’t move far though, and after about thirty seconds of recovery she draped her tits over my cock, one each side. Mistress has lost a heap of weight, so those tits aren’t as big as they once were, but they are still plump and hang deliciously, with big nipples which just beg to be sucked. She cupped those globes to my cock and began tit-fucking me from above. Within moments my pre-cum made the valley between her tits slick, and I was sliding in and out of her cleavage as though it were her pussy. It was so hot. I saw Mistress pinching and teasing her nipples as she held her tits in place, and saw the unfocussed look in her eyes which told me she was loving this too.

Loving it heaps, or so it seemed. Just when Mistress had built me towards fever pitch again, she released her tits and scrambled up the bed, her knees either side of my head. She lowered her pussy to my face, drowning me in a sea of warm, flowing pussy juice. I began to lap it up, licking the juice from her thighs and slit, plunging my tongue inside, returning time and again to her clit. Mistress began bucking her hips against my face, riding me towards a peak. At first she was as gentle as she could manage, but as her needs took hold she became more firm, almost violent, grinding herself against my face, using me as nothing more than a device to get off on. And the harder she treated me, the more I loved it.

I could tell by the sounds Mistress was making that she was ever so close to cumming. She was grinding against me hard, cutting off Kartal Çıtır Escort my air. So close. Now! She moaned one deep, long breath so long it seemed she was moaning all the air from her lungs. Her thighs tensed against the side of my head and her pussy held tight against my face. I could feel her quivering as the peak rushed through her, and eventually relaxation as she came down from the edge. She swung off me, and I gasped for air. We were not done yet though, thank heavens.

A minute or so later Mistress swung over me again. She looked a treat, still in her boots and fishnets, her hair everywhere, the unmistakable “I just came” look on her face. She poised her pussy over my cock and gradually eased herself down, taking it all the way inside. My god it felt good. She was silky smooth and wet inside, and her pussy seemed to grip my cock like a glove. Once it was in, she lay down against me, on my chest, her hands gripping my shoulders. I knew this position – she wanted to be on top, but I was to do the work. I wrapped my arms around Mistress, and began using my legs and stomach muscles to fuck my cock up inside her. She loved it, and was soon digging her nails into my shoulders, goading me on to do more.

I redoubled my efforts, enjoying her weight on my body, the sensation of her pussy wrapped around my cock, the pain from her nails. It was physically demanding, and hard to get close to orgasm, but then suddenly I was nearly there. “Please, Mistress,” I begged. “Please?”

“No” she whispered, and suddenly sat, then lifted herself off me. My cock bobbed, suddenly cool in the air compared to the warmth inside Kartal Elit Escort Mistress. I groaned. Three times, now. Three times I had been so close!

Mistress was kneeling beside me. “Get up behind me and fuck me,” she commanded. Now that is a command any slave can love. I knelt behind Mistress doggy-style and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She wasn’t having any subtlety though, and immediately pushed back, wanting my cock inside her. I gripped her hips and began stroking in and out. Her body language said she wanted more, though. I began pounding her from behind, trying to drive my cock in further and further with each thrust. “Fuck yessss” she hissed. “Fuck me hard.”

This time there would be no stopping me. I pounded her hard, feeling myself helpless slip towards orgasm. Permission or not, this was going to happen. “Please, Mistress,” I begged, genuine desperation taking hold. Please can I cum? Oh, fuck Mistress, I’m going to cum now! Please?”

If she said no, I was fucked. I was going to cum without permission. Not just that, I was going to cum without permission deep inside her pussy. She buried her head into the bedding and gave me the command I was desperately hoping for. “I don’t care, slave, cum, but KEEP FUCKING ME HARD.”

Two more strokes was all it took and I was bucking wildly, piledriving Mistress’s pussy so hard I momentarily thought it might hurt her. But she was thrusting back at me, the two of us colliding violently. Grunting like a wild animal, I began pouring cum deep into her pussy, every hard thrust contributing more. She kept going, not letting me stop yet. Her breathing was laboured and she was close again. Suddenly she slumped, emitting little high pitched squeals as another orgasm wracked her.

Finally permitted to stop, I dropped to the bed beside Mistress, exchanging occasional kisses and catching our breath. Fuck, it was hot. I was one lucky, lucky slave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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