Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 06

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Letter from the Author: This is a story about an older promiscuous woman who loves sex and is not ashamed of it. She knowingly commits adultery and likes to be dominated and even humiliated. If you have any moral issues with this, please go read another story.



A little over a month after her surgeries Addison returned to Dr. Lakshmanan’s office for her third and final follow up. She had healed very well and looked like she was 30 again. Her tits were amazing, turning almost every man’s head as she walked by. Of course the tight fitting and revealing clothes Addie wore didn’t hurt either.

Over the past few visits, she and Patty had developed a certain kind of mutual admiration for each other. Addison found Patty extremely attractive, and this had leant itself to many naughty day dreams about her, and even a few masturbation sessions in the tub.

The moment Patty saw Addison’s cleanly shaven pussy on her first visit; she decided she had to make this sexy 45 year old slut hers. Dr. Lakshmanan’s recounting of his fuck session with Addison to Patty only fueled the woman’s desire to have her. Although mutually attracted to each other, neither had made a move. Patty was waiting for Addison to not be a patient anymore, and although she had experimented with bisexuality in the past, Addison didn’t have the nerve to show her desires. All that changed the day of her last follow up.

Addison walked into the office just as April was announcing to the waiting patients that Dr. Lakshmanan had been called into an emergency surgery and that he would not be available for a few hours. The rest of the patients either just left, or rescheduled their appointments and left, so Addison walked to the counter to reschedule her appointment. She was talking with April when Patty walked into the reception area.

“Well hello.” Patty greeted Addison. “Wow, you look fantastic” she commented, looking Addie up and down.

“You think?” Addie answered, giving Patty a mock runway spin and smiling ear to ear.

“Yes, Dr. Lakshmanan does great work.” Patty insured her. “You heard about the doctor’s delay?” She asked.

“Oh yea, I was just discussing a rescheduling with April.” Addie replied.

“Nonsense.” Patty told her. “We can squeeze you in when he returns in a few hours.” She assured her, not wanting to prolong her desires any longer than necessary. “In fact, why don’t we go get a bite to eat while we wait for the good doctor?”

“Sounds great.” Addie responded.

So, Patty grabbed her purse and the two of them headed out to the Red Robin around the corner. They were seated and they began a bit of small talk.

The whole time they chatted, Addison couldn’t keep her eyes off of Patty. She was gorgeous, and the way her full figure filled out her uniform mesmerized Addison. Addie was 5’8″ about 125lbs, but Patty’s 6 foot curvaceous body dwarfed Addie’s.

Being the submissive woman she was, only made Addison feel more vulnerable to this sexy goddess. She found herself imagining what it would be like to kiss her tender, sexy mouth, to suck on her enormous breasts and lick the nipples she could see poking though her skin tight white nurse’s outfit. Oh those legs, they were long and shapely. She wanted to lick them from her ankle to pussy. She wanted to worship what she imagined was a beautiful sweet pussy. Then of course she had admired her round well-formed ass too. She knew it had to be even more erotic to lick hers than it was to lick her male companions. She had never been so attracted to a woman before, but she was definitely attracted to this one. She got lost in her thoughts as Patty continued to talk about any number of things.

What Addison didn’t know was Patty was having the same thoughts about her, why else would her nipples be so visible to Addie. Patty was looking Addison over just as hard, and imagining her doing naughty things to Patty. The tits Dr. Lakshmanan gave her were extraordinary, Patty wanted to squeeze them and tease them. Addie’s new wrinkle free face was beautiful. Her long thin body made Patty want to take her and ravage her. Then there was that smooth gorgeous pussy she had seen some weeks ago. She wanted to feel it against her lips, to taste it. She wanted to turn Addie over and slap that perfect pear shaped ass too. She thought of her strap-on, she imagined using it on Addison’s pussy and ass.

Patty was talking to Addison when she noticed Addie staring into her deep, cream colored cleavage, and she decided she could not pass up this opportunity any longer. She lowered her voice and leaned into Addison.

“You like staring at my tits huh? Dr. Lakshmanan loves to slide his long, hard, black cock between them.” She said in a hushed voice. “Did he fuck your tits that day in his office?”

Addison was jolted from her day dream by the nastiness of Patty’s words.

“Huh?” she said with a stunned look on her face.

“You heard Escort bayan me slut, I said did Dr. Lakshmanan slide his long, hard, black cock between those little tits you had before your surgery?” Her words were a whisper and they sparked an immediate reaction from Addie’s pussy.

“He fucked mine before he came in to see you, not to mention the fantastic fucking he gave my pussy.”

Addison was still speechless. Her pussy was reacting to Patty and her nipples were too. She didn’t know what to say or do. Patty placed a hand on Addison’s bare thigh and began to slide it up and down the inside of it, and continued to whisper in her ear.

“After he sent you to his office, I told him about your bald pussy and how hot it made me.”

Addison closed her eyes and spread her legs a bit to grant Patty more access. It was like Patty was putting her in a trance with her filthy language. Addie didn’t seem to care that anyone in the restaurant, who wanted, could tell something was going on. However, being lunchtime, everyone seemed to be more interested in their own business than the two women in the corner booth getting very familiar with each other.

“When I told him about your hairless cunt, he unzipped my top and told me you had to be a total slut.” Patty continued. “I pulled out his long, hard cock and dropped to my knees, wrapped these babies around it and bounced up and down until it got long enough that it was bumping me under my chin.

Patty’s hand reached under Addie’s skirt and found her moist panties. She rubbed her clit through them and Addie let out a low moan.

“Once he was completely hard, he bent me over the exam table, pulled up my skirt and slid that monster into my boiling pussy.”

Patty grabbed Addie’s hand with her free hand and slid it under Patty’s nurses’ dress.

“I don’t ever wear panties…….see.” She told her as she rubbed Addie’s hand on her hot mound. “Then he fucked me hard and fast while he told me what he was going to do to you when he got in his office.”

Addison was now rubbing Patty’s bare clit and wishing it was her tongue down there.

“Dr. Lakshmanan told me he was going to go fuck you like the slut he knew you were. He fucked me harder that day than he had ever fucked me before, and trust me; he had fucked me many times before. He exploded so hard into my pussy; I thought I was going to feel it in my throat.” Patty continued.

Addison was approaching orgasm and Patty knew it. She pulled her hand out from under Addison’s skirt and removed Addie’s hand from under her dress. She reached into her purse, pulled out some money and dropped it on the table to cover the drinks they had ordered.

“We still have some time before Dr. Lakshmanan gets back, we can finish this back at the office.” She told Addie as she scooted out of the booth.

Addison took a moment to recover, but like a trained animal, she hurriedly slid out of the booth and followed Patty out the door. The walk back to the office was only a block, but it couldn’t be over fast enough for Addie. She followed Patty down the street and up the stairs to the office, as they entered the reception area; April was sitting at the desk flirting with the UPS guy. He was trying his hardest to sneak a peak up her skirt and she was teasing him relentlessly. Patty stopped at the top of the stairs and watch for a moment before finally saying something.

“Oh April, let him see your panties, he can’t stay here all day.”

“OK.” April answered. Then she leaned back in her chair, spread her legs and lifted her skirt, giving the delivery guy a clear shot of her undergarment.

The shocked UPS guy just stood and stared at her crotch for a few moments not believing his eyes.

“You want to see her pussy too?” Patty asked him.

Embarrassed, he grabbed his clipboard and ran past Patty and Addison.

Patty and April burst into laughter, and Addison just stood there astonished, and waited for the next move.

“Go lock the door and meet Mrs. Cameron and me in exam room 3.” Patty ordered April.

April did as she was instructed. Patty grabbed hold of Addison’s hand and led her into the room where Patty had first seen her hairless pussy. They walked in and the door closed behind them.

“Strip.” Patty snapped.

Addison did as she was told. She nervously removed all her clothes and stood naked in front of Patty. Her submissive side came out and Patty’s dominant nature prevailed. However, it was different than with her male lovers. Addison would soon learn that Patty could control her but still be loving and even tender at times. Patty’s demeanor was not harsh, just controlling.

“Dr. L. did a magnificent job on these.” She told her placing her hands under Addie’s’ new breasts and lifting them a bit. “Are your nipples still sensitive to the touch?” she asked, pinching each one, causing Addie to yelp a bit.

“Yes.” Addie moaned.

Patty Escort slid her hand passed Addie’s flat stomach and over her smooth swollen mound, sliding a finger between the lips.

“Your soaked down there.” She scolded Addie. “Dr. L. was right; you are a complete slut aren’t you?” Even if her words were harsh, they didn’t seem that way to Addison. The tender touch of Patty’s hands was like an electric shock on her body that Addison didn’t want to ever stop.

“Yes, I am a slut.” Addison replied.

Patty continued her manual stimulation of Addie’s pussy and with her free hand she unzipped her uniform. It was so tight, that there was no need for a bra, even with the large, heavy, real, tits Patty possessed. She spread her uniform and revealed her massive tits to Addison. The areolas were huge and the nipples stuck out very far. Still fiddling with Addison’s pussy, Patty used her other hand to lift up one of her breasts and present it to Addison’s mouth.

“Suck it!” was all she said.

Like a child commanded by its mother, Addison took the mound of flesh in her mouth and began to suck it. She sucked it hard and licked the nipples as she sucked. She nibbled it too causing a reaction from Patty.

“Yes, baby, bite it, you are a good little slut aren’t you?” She told her

The extreme eroticism of the situation and the wonderful stimulation of her pussy pushed Addison over the top in no time. She screamed a muffled scream as her orgasm ripped through her, but her mouth never left Patty’s tit. As she came down from her climax, she noticed April standing next to her. She hadn’t even heard the door open and close.

Patty removed her hand from Addie’s pussy and fed it to April. April sucked Addison’s cum from Patty’s finger and Addie watch in wonder.

“Clean up Mrs. Cameron” Patty ordered April when she had finished cleaning her finger.

April dropped to her knees and began to lick Addie’s pussy clean of her juices. Patty grabbed Addison’s chin and turned her face to hers.

As April’s tongue slithered all over Addie’s pussy, Patty opened her mouth and laid a long passionate kiss on Addison. Their tongues wrapped around each other and probed each other’s mouths for quite some time. Then Patty pulled away and ordered April to stop. She looked right into Addison’s eyes and unzipped her dress all the way and removed it. She placed her hand on Addie’s head and pushed her to her knees saying, “OK my nasty little slut, it’s my turn.”

Addie found herself within inches of Patty’s pussy. It was beautiful, and she could smell her arousal too. A small little strip of pubic hair led to the hood that covered her clit and the rest was as smooth as Addison’s. Addie placed her thumbs on either side of it and spread the puffy lips wide. Sticking her tongue out, she moved forward and licked it from bottom to top. Patty’s pussy was soaked. The juices coated Addie’s tongue, and the taste was sweet and erotic. Again she lapped at Patty’s juicy cunt from bottom to top.

“Mmmmmmmm, yes my dirty little slut, lick my hot wet cunt.” Patty moaned.

Addie doubled her effort to please her new lover. Patty placed her foot on the doctor’s stool, spreading her legs wide and giving Addison more room to work her magic. Addie looked up passed Patty’s massive boobs to see Patty’s face as it showed her great pleasure, and Addison repeated her efforts over and over. Soon Addie felt a hand on the back of her head. Patty pulled her closer and Addie continued to please her as best she knew how. She plunged her tongue deep inside Patty’s sweltering pussy, using her tongue as a small dildo. In and out, in and out she moved it.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Patty moaned as she moved her hips against Addie’s face and tongue. “Lick me you filthy little whore.” She implored her. “Dr. L. was so right about you. You have a magnificent mouth.”

The compliment made Addie even more eager to please, soon she was devouring Patty’s pussy at a feverish pace and Patty continued to moan and encourage her.

“Oh yea, you are so good. Eat me! Eat my juicy cunt. I’m going to cum!” Patty moaned.

April had been sucking Patty’s tits for the past few minutes and soon Patty’s body was bucking and she was announcing her orgasm with a loud scream. Addison did her best to stay connected to Patty’s crotch, but the woman bucked her hips back and forth like a bronco. She screamed and whaled as her orgasm consumed her. Her cum flowed and covered Addison’s face. Patty fell back on the exam table as her climax sank, leaving her body heaving for air and April and Addison watching with delight the affects of their handy work.

“Clean Mrs. Cameron’s face.” Patty ordered April when she had fully recovered.

April helped Addie to her feet and began removing Patty’s love fluids from Addie’s face with her tongue. The feeling was arousing and different for Addie. April’s soft tongue washed over her face and then she parted Bayan escort Addison’s lips with it and the two engaged in a long passionate French kiss. Addison could taste her own pussy on April’s tongue, and she felt April’s hands begin to explore her body. Addie’s already aroused body responded more and she returned the favor. Her hands reached April’s tiny ass and she squeezed. April reacted and did the same. They were really getting into it when they both heard a voice.

“OK you two, that’s enough, the doctor will be back soon. Help Mrs. Cameron get dressed April and I will see you two in the lobby.” Patty commanded. Then she grabbed her uniform and left the room.

The two aroused women disobeyed their Domme briefly, returning to their kisses and fondling each other for a few more minutes before April helped get Addie’s clothes back on, and the two of them returned to the lobby.

Some time later the doctor’s afternoon appointments began to arrive and so did the doctor. Addie was taken to an exam room and waited for the doctor to arrive. Her pussy was still wet and she sat there remembering the events of earlier. She wanted to masturbate to relieve the pent up need for release, but she refrained. However, her arousal was obvious when Dr. Lakshmanan opened the door and asked her to remove the paper gown she was wearing.

“Lie down.” He instructed her

Addison lied down on the exam table anticipating the touch of the doctor. She could feel her dripping cunt, and her stiff nipples gave her away. The doctor noticed them and took advantage.

“Do you have any pain?” he asked as he squeezed her new large tits.

“No.” Addie gasped, enjoying the feel of his hands.

“Do you have orgasms from just breast manipulation?” He asked as he continued to fondle her.

“Uh uh.” She moaned.

“Do you have vaginal secretions when some one does this?” He asked.

“Yes.” She moaned.

The anticipation was killing her. The doctor was acting totally professional, using clinical terms instead of dirty talk. She wanted him to do more. She wanted him to talk nasty to her, to take her and fuck her, to make her suck his long black cock, but she just laid there waiting for him to go further. Then it came.

“Is your pussy wet now?” he inquired, while moving the small amount of material of her panties aside and inserting two of his long fingers into her gushing pussy.

“Yes.” She moaned again.

The doctor started finger banging Addie and pinching her rock hard nipples. Another finger began to tickle her asshole. Within seconds, Addison was cumming in waves. Her body shook and she bucked her hips against his hand. It was wild. She had cum just a while ago, but this orgasm was even more intense than that one. The doctor continued his finger fucking as Addie recovered. With his free hand he unzipped his pants and pulled his stiff cock from his pants.

“There, there, this is what you want isn’t it?” He asked, as if calming a child after it had been hurt. Then he pointed his cock at her mouth.

Addie opened her mouth and he slid it in deep. He began to fuck her face as he continued playing with her pussy. His hips rocked back and forth and his cock slid in and out of her mouth, picking up speed with every few strokes. Soon he was hammering her mouth like it was a pussy, and Addie just took it, enjoyed every moment.

Unexpectedly he removed his fingers from her and looked at his watch. “I have lots of patients this afternoon.” He told her.

He pulled his cock almost all the way out and told Addie to “Suck the head, just gobble my head.”

Then he began to stroke his own cock with his hand while it was still in her mouth. His hand vigorously stroked his long thin shaft as Addison suck hard on the head. She could feel his orgasm approaching, and she braced for the onslaught. To her surprise as the doctor let out a low grunt, he pulled his cock from her mouth and prayed a copious amount of hot, thick cum all over her surgically enhanced tits. Shot after shot landed all over them and Addison just soaked it all up. The feel of his hot fluid on her skin was wonderful. She didn’t want the shower of cum to stop.

After the last shot, she began to rub it all over her massive mounds. The doctor grabbed a towel, wiped off his cock and threw it at Addison.

“Your fine.” He quipped. “I have a convention in Orlando in a few weeks. If you would like to go with me, let Patty know, and she will make the arrangements.” Then he disappeared from the room.

Patty entered a few moments later as Addie dressed.

“Do you go with Dr. Lakshmanan to those conventions he just told me about?

“Not anymore, 500 horny doctors, no wives, and free flowing booze, I can’t keep up with that anymore.” Patty replied.

Addie’s naughty little mind wondered, “Hmmmmm” she thought to herself as all the possibilities raced through her head.

That day began a long, close relationship with Patty that lasted until her death from cancer some 12 years later. It was a wonderful companionship and it provided Addison with some hot, nasty, exciting experiences she would never forget.

to be continued…

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