Adventures of a Drycleaner Ch. 1

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“I’m doing O.K.,” I thought to myself as I continued to look over the books of my dry cleaning store. A business I would never have thought about getting into had it not have been for Carla, my accountant. She told me that I was paying too much income tax and should find a small business to buy.

A couple of months later, I was picking up my cleaning when I noticed a picture of an older man with a plaque below it, which read “In loving memory of Jack Cooper.” The name of the cleaners was Cooper’s Cleaners, so, I assumed that he must have been connected to the business in some way. When it was my turn at the counter, I asked the counter girl who it was.

By the look on her face, I thought that I had done something to make the teenager cry. She said, “That’s Mr. Cooper. He owns, or at least did own, the cleaners. He died two weeks ago and I don’t know what’s going to happen now.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, Ms. Cooper says that she doesn’t know anything about business and she’s thinking about closing it,” she replied. “We told her that we could run it for her but I don’t know what’s she’s gonna do.”

“Do you really think that the people who work here could run the business?” I asked.”

“Sure we could,” she answered enthusiastically. “We pretty much do it now. Jake is the best cleaner and spotter in town, the pressers have been here about ten years, and Sarah who runs the place in the daytime could continue to do the books.”

I asked her how I could get in touch with Ms. Cooper and she said, “I’ll call her for you.”

That’s the way it started. Ms. Cooper, our attorneys, Carla, and I worked out an agreement and in about a month, I became a twenty-nine year old dry cleaning entrepreneur. I didn’t know anything about dry-cleaning but I was lucky to have inherited a staff who did.

I had a staff meeting on the first day that I owned the business. During the meeting, I told them not to expect me to be like Mr. Cooper but I did have one of his traits. I would not be around very much. I told them to expect changes but not to worry because they would be for our mutual good. On Carla’s suggestion, I gave everyone a modest raise right away and over the course of the next year, I offered them low-cost health insurance and a retirement savings plan. I also started a suggestion box and paid cash for the suggestions we used. Everyone seemed happy and I think because of that, revenues steadily increased. I drove by the plant one Sunday afternoon and saw the back door and all the windows open. I went in and all the employees were there. They had the clothes and the equipment covered and they were painting the walls of the work area a cheery light green. It was their intention to surprise me. It worked.

I hung around in my spare time. I was not there as a manager. I had given Sarah that title. I was there to learn about the workings of the business. I had learned enough to represent the business. I had secured drapery-cleaning business from some companies in town and went along with Jake to take the draperies down and rehang them.

It was one of those times when I was hanging out that I answered the phone.

“This is Arlene Andrews,” the voice said. “I’m thinking about having my draperies cleaned and fire proofed. Do you do that type of work?”

“We sure do, Ms. Andrews,” I replied.

“What is the cost?” she asked.

“That depends on the size, weight, and the fabric that the drapes are made of,” I answered. “I would be happy to come out to your house and work up an estimate for you.”

“Are you the owner?” she asked. “Because if I was going to do business with your firm, I want to start at the top.”

Because Jake was busy cleaning, I went alone. The Andrews lived in an affluent section of Orlando but when I rang the doorbell, Ms. Andrews answered. “Ms. Andrews, I’m Studs from Cooper Cleaners, ” I announced. I’ve come to see about your drapes.”

“Call me Arlene,’ she said with a big smile. “Come on into the living room and we’ll get started.”

I guessed her age at about forty and she looked great. She was short, I would guess about five feet to five foot one, but she was not one of those tiny women. She had an athletic body and huge breasts. She was wearing a pair of plaid slacks and a black V-neck sweater that showed just the right amount of cleavage.

I was watching her cute ass as I followed her through the foyer into the living room. When she stopped, I kept going and ran into her. I grabbed at her to keep her from falling and as I did, my hand brushed across her breast. She didn’t seem to notice but I felt a tingle in my loins.

“You certainly know how to knock a girl off her feet,” she said

“I am so sorry,” I apologized. I must have appeared to be a real dufus because I then realized that she was still in my arms. I released her a little too quickly and started to apologize again when she interrupted me.

“No harm done,” she said gave me a smile and a pat on my arm.

During the next Maltepe Escort hour or so, we worked together measuring the drapes in the living, dining, and bed rooms. She insisted on helping me and it did make the job go better and faster. I found out that she and her husband owned a fitness center and that she had her fiftieth birthday the previous weekend. We joked and laughed a lot. Being near her and seeing her beautiful body so close I kept at least a semi-rigid cock the whole time.

When I gave her my estimate, she kind of whistled and said, “To tell you the truth, that’s a lot more than I wad thinking about paying to have them cleaned.”

“I gave you a good price and we do quality work,” I said. “Think it over and get other estimates but I really doubt that you will get a reliable cleaner to go any lower.”

She walked me out to the company van. We were talking and laughing on the way. As we were passing her car, she stopped and said, “Oh, I almost forgot to ask you what you would charge to clean these choir robes.” She opened the back of her station wagon and removed one of the robes.

I checked out the robe and said, “We would probably charge between four and five dollars each but…”

“We can’t afford that much!” she exclaimed as she interrupted me.

“Now don’t go getting your panties in a knot,” I said. “Let me finish.”

“I can’t get them into a knot because I don’t wear them,” she said.

I nodded my head like I was thinking it over. “I’ll file that under information that might come in handy someday,” I said. “About the robes, I’ll make you a deal. If you will have the church give me a receipt for $450, I’ll clean and press the robes gratis.”

“That’s a deal,” she said and gave me another one of those big beautiful smiles.

I moved the robes into my van and rolled down the driver’s window prior to getting in. Sitting in the seat of the van I looked down at her big, perfectly shaped breasts and my cock swelled to its full extension. She jumped up onto the step of the van and laid one breast on my left hand that was still holding the door.

She pulled her sweater down by the hem showing off more cleavage and asked, “You like these, don’t you?”

” I sure do,” I said. “But what gave it away?”

She must have been standing on her tiptoes when she reached through the van window, squeezed my hard on with her hand and said, “This.” I was moving my right hand to feel of her breast. A second or so before I touched her, She jumped off the step and laughingly asked, “Do you think that I make out in the driveway?”

She added, “When you are ready to deliver the robes, call me and I’ll meet you at the church. We’ll get together and pray for you, you naughty boy.”

When I got to the plant, I went inside to get a cart for the robes. Sarah went outside to help me. When I opened the van doors, she said, “Those don’t look like drapes to me.”

I told her, “We probably didn’t get the drape job so I stopped by the Methodist Church a few blocks over and picked some charity work.”

Maybe it was the horny condition that Arlene had aroused in me but I looked at Sarah in a way that I had not before. Sarah was about five foot six inches tall with shoulder length naturally red hair and lovely freckles. She was slender with nice breasts. I would guess her bra size at about 34C. From her waist going south, her torso expanded into an impressive set of hips. She was slightly bow-legged but that did not detract from her overall good looks.

Sarah was married to a guy she dated while in high school in northern Alabama. He was a brick mason and they moved to Orlando in search of year around work. Even though she wasn’t all that happy with the marriage, her religion would keep her married for life. She regularly went to church and dressed very conservatively, blouses closed at the neck and loose skirts. She approached every task in a determined manner. And now as I watched Sarah unload the robes into the cart, I saw her breast push against her blouse and my dick stirred in my pants.

The robes were finished the next day and Sarah called me to find out what to do with them. As it turned out, they had not needed pressing. Because of the fabric they were made from, steaming and a light touch up was all that was required. I instructed Sarah not to bag them but to set them aside and I would get them the next morning. I called Arlene and arranged to meet her at the church the next morning at ten o’clock.

When I arrived at the plant at 9:30, Sarah had already hung the robes on the racks in the van. I said to her, “Sarah, thank you very much for loading the robes. I was prepared to load them myself. I’m lucky to have you here. You’re so efficient”

Sarah smiled that kind of timid smile of a woman not used to compliments and replied, “I just wanted to do my part. I am impressed that you are doing this for a church. Mr. Cooper would have never…”

I cut her off by putting my arm around her shoulder, giving he a Anadolu Yakası Escort slight squeeze, and saying, “I’m not Mr. Cooper.” As I pulled away, I saw through the rear view mirror, Sarah standing there watching the van leave with a confused look on her face.

As I pulled into the church, a man was walking across the lawn. He stopped when he saw me and started moving in my direction. As I stepped out of the truck, he said, “Hello, I’m Jim Martin. I’m the pastor here. Please excuse for not shaking your hand but one of the few things that I can still do on my car is change the oil. My hands are kind of a mess right now.”

“That’s perfectly all right,” I said as I took hold of his arm above his hand and shook slightly. It is a pleasure meeting you. Where would you like the robes?”

“The door on the side toward the rear of the church leads into the room behind the choir loft, he said. “I think Arlene Andrews is puttering around in there. I’ll just go wash up and come help you unload the robes.”

Trying not to be too eager to be alone with Arlene, I said, “Thanks for the offer but go ahead with what you’re doing. I’m sure that Ms. Andrews and I can handle the robes.”

“Well, O.K.” he said. “I do want to finish the car. Maybe I’ll see you before you leave.”

I tapped on the door and opened it to see Arlene turning to look at the source of the tapping. She was wearing what must have been a church type dress. It had a button up front, which was buttoned past showing any cleavage and a loose skirt.

She squeaked, “Oh hi, you’re here.” With that she bounced over to me and hooked her arm inside mine. She asked, “Got the robes in your van?”

I said, “I’ll get them.”

She said, “I’ll help”

We quickly unloaded the robes and hung them on an iron pipe that had been placed along the back of the room for that purpose. Arlene said, “I’ll sort them according to size later.”

She showed me around the church. We went through an opening and in the center of the two choir areas was a grand piano. There was a stage and in the center front was a pulpit where Reverend Martin guided the souls of his congregation to salvation. Beyond the pulpit there were pews to seat about six hundred on the main floor and maybe two hundred more in the balcony.

I said, “Thanks for the tour but I think I had better go now.” She walked with me to the door.

As I was reaching for the door, she said, “Oh, I almost forgot. I have the receipt for your donation.” She handed me the receipt and continued, “And here’s a little something from me.”

Immediately, she was on her knees and almost in a single motion, she unzipped my slacks and had my rock hard cock in her hands. She kissed the head of my cock and ran her tongue all around it’s helmet. Then she took all my cock she could into her mouth. She had about four inches to go. She pumped back and forth three or four times with the head of my dick hitting the back of her throat. She made a swallowing sound and my pubic hair was tickling her lips. She was deep throating me and the sensations in my cock were wonderful.

Here I was getting one of the best blowjobs of my young life just inside the back door of a Methodist church. In a very few minutes, I was pumping cum into her mouth and throat. There was not a trace of cum outside her mouth when she started cleaning me with her mouth and tongue.

I looked around for a place to lay her down. Except for the floor, there wasn’t any place. I walked her back into the chapel. I reached down, lifted the hem of her skirt and sat her bare ass on the end of the piano bench. She held her legs wide open and I attacked her pussy with my lips and tongue. I ran my tongue along the lips of her beautiful wet cunt and I tongued her from her asshole to her clit. She was moaning softly. I inserted two fingers into her velvet tunnel and while I finger-fucked her, I used my tongue to its best advantage on her clit. At the peak of her passion, I withdrew my fingers and tongue. I dropped my pants and leaning over her body, I slid my raging cock into her sopping pussy as far as it would go. She seemed to be in continual climax with the spasming of her vaginal walls. I slowly fucked her until I could not hold back any longer. I shot my load into her with the multi-colored light shining through the stained glass windows of the chapel.

We were just coming down from our high when we heard the back door open. She pulled her skirt down and I pulled my pants up. She motioned for me to sit on the bench and she started to play the piano and sing. She had a good voice. Pastor Martin came into the chapel. He was smiling when he said, “I thought I heard you two in here rejoicing.”

Little did he know at what level we were rejoicing. I said my good-byes and was preparing to leave. Reverend Martin thanked me again for the robes and reached out his hand to shake hands. I made the excuse that I had hurt my right hand so I shook with my left. I didn’t want to leave Arlene’s İstanbul Escort pussy juice scent on his hand. Driving back to the plant, I wondered if there was any significance to the hymn she had chosen to play and sing -“Nearer My God to Thee.”

At the plant, I went directly to the rest room to wash up and then to my office. I didn’t really want to see anyone until I had finished ‘rejoicing.’

Awhile later, I heard a tap on the door and realized that I had been napping. I said, “Come in.” It was Sarah. I could tell that something was wrong and I asked her to sit down. She remained standing. I asked, “What is it, Sarah?”

“I have a problem and I need some help with it but I don’t know you well enough to ask for your help.” She said. “One time after I was here over five years, I asked Mr. Cooper just for some advice and he told me that I should handle my own problems.”

“Sarah, I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to tell you this but here it goes again,” I said. “I’m not Mr. Cooper. Until you tell me, I won’t know what your problem is but I’m sure that we will be able to find a solution.”

I got up and went around to her side of the desk. I pushed the door closed for privacy. I didn’t know what the problem was but I was sure that it was not anyone’s business. My intentions were to put my arm around Sarah’s shoulders to reassure her, but when I approached her, she put her arms around my neck and laid her head against my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her and held her. I was offering consolation but I could feel her breasts rubbing against my chest as she sobbed. Even though I had two orgasms earlier, my cock began to swell.

Sarah was not a woman who could engage in casual sex and I did not want to offend her by poking her with my stiff member. I said, “Sarah honey, tell me what has you so upset. I know that we can do something.”

She pulled back a little and though we were still in each other’s arms, there was a little space between our pelvises. She finally said, “My husband hasn’t been working very much lately and we are a little behind in our bills. We have been getting by but now every thing seems to be coming due at once.

“This week, we have final notices on our electric, water, and phone bills. Our car payment is due and this week’s paycheck has to pay the rent.”

“Sarah, I thought you had a serious problem,” I said. “It’s only money. I value you as an employee and as a person and you are worth more to me than mere money.” I opened my wallet and took out twenty $100 bills and laid them on my desk. “Take as many of them as you need to catch up and get comfortably ahead,” I said. “Sarah, don’t ever let money make you miserable.”

She started crying again. This time harder than before. The big surprise, to me, was that she grabbed me and kissed me hard on the lips. She put her arms around me and hugged me close. She said into my ear, “It’s not easy for me to say what I feel but I’m glad you bought the cleaners. Every since you’ve been here, it’s been a better place to work. You say the nicest things to me and have been kinder to me than anyone has ever been before. I want you to know that I’ll do any thing for you.”

She left the office. I picked up the remaining bills from the desk without counting them and put them in my pocket. I sat there literally shaking. I know that she did not mean what most women would mean when she said, “I’ll do anything for you.” It’s like when a guy says the same thing, he doesn’t mean he would give you a blowjob.

After a few minutes, I left by the back door and went up to a restaurant on the corner and had something to eat. On the way back I stopped at a little bar and drank a couple of beers. By the time I returned to the plant, everyone was gone except Lucy, our teen evening counter girl.

“I was wondering when you were coming in on my shift,” she said. “Do you realize that this is the first time you’ve done it?”

“Lucy, I’ve been here when you were here,” I said.

“That’s true but this is the first time you have been here on my shift,” she insisted. “Like when I am alone here.”

“Lucy, that’s absolutely correct,” I agreed. “Have I ever thanked you for telling me that the plant was at a crossroads?”

“Every day,” she said. “I have insurance and I have started a savings plan. I’ve even got $100 from making a suggestion. And I’ve got another one, too.”

“You don’t have to pay for this one,” she said. “I was reading an article in the Drycleaner’s magazine about how much cleaning fluid you could save by using a sniffer. It said that if you could smell the odor of solvent, you were losing it and the sniffer would put it back in your tank. Anyway, here’s the article and Oh yes! Here’s a message from Beegee Cuningham. She’s a customer and she wants you to call her today, if possible. It’s probably about her bill.”

“Thanks a lot, Lucy,” I said. “I’ll read the article and whether or not we do it, I want to thank you for thinking of ways to save us money. I’ll give Ms. Cuningham a call.”

I took the article and the Cuningham bill back to the office and gave her a call. She insisted on seeing me this evening. She said that she would be there in about forty-five minutes. I told her the store would be closed but she could come in the back door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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