Adventures of ‘The Jewish American Princess’ Ch. 1

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Chapter One: the Foundation

I am writing this at the command of my most gracious and loving Lord and Master “Artoris”. In it I am to tell you of my journey from a most obedient daughter of the faith to that of becoming a totally submissive slut for my Master that knows no bounds.

It is most unique in several ways: While totally submissive (collared, branded and tattooed), he has allowed me to be a Mistress of a stable of subs concentrating on sissies, has me exhibited and used by groups of people of his choice, black gang-bangs and train his K-9s. That would probably be bad enough for most of you, but to realize that my sissy husband and I are both bar certified member of the courts, should add to the flavor! lol

My story starts like most as a child that had every opportunity, except that we lived in the South, which is not really what you would call a real hot bed of Jewish Activities. There was a general acceptance of us, but we mostly socialized with our own people at the synagogue, our houses, or went to New York and Palm Beach for special occasions.

When I started college I really wasn’t sure what my major would be, but by year 2 I had gravitated towards the law. After transferring to a school that is well known in the south for it’s law school graduates, I really applied myself, as I knew I had several obstacles to overcome; my sex, my race and my religion. I graduated very high in my class but I can’t give you too many clues to my identity. lol

Fortunately for me I was born rather pretty by most peoples’ standard, a very petite 5’2″, with bright auburn hair, green eyes and as my father would say “little angel kisses” all over me. By the time I was in college I had developed to a very full C-cup, never really gained weight, but rounded out in my hips and my thighs, filled to what my Master describes as “when wearing high heels and hose, poured from a glass mold to the ankles perfectly, ready to be kissed and worshipped!”

This not only lets me impress people professionally as well as socially that I am a lady, but allows me to become visually my Masters little girl and kitten, as well as letting me entice my slaves with my looks as I use them for both my pleasure and my Masters.

Having graduated and passing the bar (specializing in criminal but adept in corporate), I went to work for a family friend and 2 years later married his son (whom I might add is Orthodox) and became a partner too a year later. Well our life was rather comfortable, but our sex life wasn’t all that great, just ok; until one day by chance I was assigned a public defense case that pertained to a poor pornographer. He was just a poor uneducated salesman for one of the shops on the strip in the area that specialized in such material but he was the one arrested and charge with dissemination and distribution. He really could not afford representation so as required by statue I was assigned and paid the standard fee by the court to represent him. At discovery I was allowed to peruse the cases and cases of movies, magazines, clothing and devices the police confiscated and so after signing for a couple of boxes I was allowed to take them to my office, and so eventually therefore to my house to examine and make a case for the defense of my client.

When I first started looking at the magazines I was really disgusted by their vulgarity and the acts people performed. After several magazines it was time to go home, so I took a couple of the video tapes home to look at while I was eating dinner and awaiting my husband who was 2 cities away defending a client. Well the first tape wasn’t really nasty but it was funny (it actually contained puppets, titled “Let My Puppets Come” that Kartal Esmer Escort actually gave me several more things to fantasize about) and I actually enjoyed it; so I decided to watch another one, but this one was about bondage, contained all real people and I found myself really intrigued by the thought of being tied up and used against my will like the girl in the movie.

As I sat there watching it, my fingers somehow made it between my legs and I started to play with myself totally absorbed by the sights and sounds of a woman being tied to a device in a garage, whipped and then literally face fucked, anally raped and then pissed on by some guys that were really nasty and dirty looking! I kept telling myself that they were play acting but it seemed so real and I really don’t know what came over me, but I was so totally turned on by these vulgar acts and the thoughts that were racing thru my head while I played with myself; that I didn’t notice my husband come in and needless to say, he got quite a show before I did! Amazingly, he had got the first hard on he had had in weeks and the best one of our marriage up to that time! He had gotten so horny that he had started to play with himself and at that moment I had to have him! It was the best sex I had ever had in my life up to that night, not love, but SEX! Pure unadulterated, RAW SEX! We fucked until we were exhausted and couldn’t move!

Starting that night our sex life got better while we constantly looked at the magazines and videos in my custody and he made copies of them too. When we had copied them all, I exchanged them for the ones still in evidence and we did the same thing, eventually we had 275 different titles, though all of them were not bondage. We kept trying the different things we saw and I really started to enjoy sex. In the meantime, I did lose the case as these were not the regular kind of sex tapes that are defensible in the main; but I was thankful for the opportunity it gave me to discover a side of me that I had never even thought existed much less experienced before and the effects it had on my husband.

We had photo copied many of the ads from the magazines and like most people we had our devices, aids and clothing from some of the ads sent to use in plain brown wrappers. (sometimes I can’t believe how naive I was way back then…lol) We bought outfits, paddles, whips, cuffs, chains, dildos and really started to experiment. My husband had become so virile and I found out I liked being used and talked too real nasty!

But I felt something was missing, I didn’t know what or why, but something just wasn’t there. It was like a hole that had to be fixed or the boat would sink or something and it was driving me to distraction. In the meantime I wasn’t there when he copied all of the tapes and sometimes he just put them in and taped them while we were gone. One night we found one where the girl was grabbed off of the street by a trucker and literally fucked until she couldn’t move; and then he threw her out into the parking lot naked and left! I got so hot I nearly raped my husband and that really got him excited too.

As he was fucking me the way I like best, he said, “that’s what you really want isn’t it you little tramp, you want to go out and fuck some nasty, filthy trucker trash, don’t you?” And I screamed, “yes!” Well it seems like to me now that we played that scene out so many times, it got to the point I had to really try it. To get my husband to let me was going to be the trick, because I used to be really shy and I wanted to be sure I was safe by him being present, so I slowly over a period of a couple of weeks stopped playing all of the roles but that one, hoping Kartal Eve Gelen Escort it might make him think to try it. To tell you the truth, sometimes I really think it really was his idea (he really wanted to see me used and then clean me and my lovers up) and he made it mine, but at this point in my life, who cares?

One night as he was screaming at me, he was really, really rough, and said, “I’m gonna take you to a truck stop and give you to one of those assholes, that’s what you really want, isn’t you fucking whore?” I swear for the first time in my life, I knew I had had an orgasm, I think I passed out when everything in front of my eyes turned white and I heard myself scream over and over, “YES! PLEASE YES! MAKE ME FUCK HIM! MAKE HIM FUCK ME, HAAARD! PLEASE”

When it was over and we were laying back and relaxing, he kissed me on my head, hugged me and said, “You know, I really have been thinking about what just happened.” I said, “What?” He said, “You know, taking you to a truck stop and letting some trucker really fuck you while I watch. The thought of it turns me on for real and I think you would really like it too. Wouldn’t you? I turned my head slowly and looked at him saying, “Are you serious, you would never look at me again with any respect.” He replied, “Yes I would, I love you, I think you would really like it, and just the thought of it really turns me on. I think it would make our love for each other stronger and our sex even better.”

I hesitated, pouted a little using my little girl charms and wiggled up close to him and said, “Are you really sure you want some stranger to have sex with me honey?” as I nuzzled his neck and kissed him on his ear, my pussy was getting wetter and wetter just thinking about it. He said, “Yes Baby, I really do, I think it would be so sexy and I think we would both enjoy it a lot.” I ran my fingers thru the chest hair he had back then and said, “Then let me think about it Honey, I just don’t know. I might, but don’t rush me.” Let me tell you, my little plan had worked and making him wait was just like pouring gasoline on an open fire, he just got hotter and hotter for the idea and though I asked him not to rush me, he kept dropping hints every chance he got like a string of firecrackers going off, and make insinuations every time we saw a big truck, road sign or even a TV commercial that had truckers and big rigs in them.

Finally, after letting him stew for about 3 weeks (he was actually getting to the point of begging, which by the way started a new set of thoughts in my seemingly unending spiral into the depths of depravity and perversity) and in accordance with my original desire and plan, I gave in.

I made him agree take me out to dinner one afternoon and when he came home to get me; I was dressed as my Master says, “TO THE NINES!” I was wearing black kid skin spikes, with real black sheer seamed silk hose, held in place by a heavy 8 hook English laced garter. I wore a strapless black satin and lace Merry Widow Corset with no panties, as I wanted to feel extra naughty. I wore a short black leatherette skirt that came above my knees about 6 inches with a split in one side that just allowed the top of my hose to be seen, a white satin French blouse buttoned to the top of my corset; giving a saucy touch to it that would make everybody we encountered stare. I topped it all off with a pair of large gold hoop earrings and a black velvet choker with a cameo. I used green eye shadow to accent my eyes, a deep burgundy wine lipstick to accent my lips and wore an extra touch of “Timeless” for the guys around us to smell.

I was so excited at the prospect of what was to come and the sexy feeling Kartal Evi Olan Escort of walking around without underwear on that I was constantly cumming and my pussy was so wet that when I heard Peter come through the door I literally placed one of my silk handkerchiefs into my pussy to keep it from running down my legs. Because I was so excited and was flowing from it, I put several silk handkerchiefs in a small black kidskin clutch purse so that I could accommodate any accidents and leakage from my wetness later.

This turned out to be very fortuitous on my part, as I just kept getting wetter and wetter as he drove us to dinner. He knew something was up and he was really excited by my look, but really had no idea of what was to come; and as I was so excited that I kept getting wetter and wetter, I diverted his attention as I slipped another handkerchief between my legs shoving the first one in, hoping to staunch the flow! I couldn’t believe how excited I was getting at the prospect of what was to come and I was so horny, I think at the time I could have taken on the entire Washington Redskin Team one after another!

When we arrived at the restaurant and took our booth I had to covertly remove from my purse and place another fresh handkerchief between my legs while I pushed another soaked one up into my pussy that just would not stop cumming! So while we were at dinner (which I was too excited to really eat by the way), and after several glasses of wine, I slipped one of my shoes off and began to rub his leg under the table with my foot while placing his hand under the tablecloth and on my freshly shaved and oiled pussy; I said, “Honey, if your really, really sure and you promise that you will still respect me and love me afterwards, you can have ‘your fantasy’ (reinforcing the idea that it was his idea to begin with…lol). Are you really sure you want to give me to a trucker?”

“Oh God YES! Are you really sure? Do you mean it?” He replied so loudly, that I believe everybody in the restaurant looked over in our direction. I got wet just thinking about what had just happened and thought, ‘if they only knew.’ Lol, I bet they thought I told him I was pregnant. I placed a little kiss on his cheek and I asked him again, “Are you really sure?”

“Yes Baby, Yes, I am absolutely sure!”

“Then I want you to sign this contract then absolving me of all blame, and stating that all sexual acts committed by me, including adultery and infidelity were done and performed at your request and at your behest for your pleasure. If you do, then I will. But if you ever try to use doing this against me, I am going to ruin you with this contract, do you understand?” He signed that damn document so fast; I swear the ink was dry before the paper actually touched the table! Lol

Whether it was really his or my idea, we both ended up doing something that night that changed our lives radically and we sincerely believe for the best. We have never really looked back and have really enjoyed our lives immensely ever since!

Let me know if you would like for me to continue:

I am sorry about the quality, but I am not a professional writer, and I am not writing this for somebody who just wants to jerk off reading a short story. I am doing this by command and for the love of my life my “Master Artoris”. This will be an ongoing and continuing series, relating my journey to the depths of depravity and perversity if I receive a good response.

If you would like to subscribe to a more intense and revealing version of my exploits and further adventures, learning of the more debased and perverse acts I have participated in during the last 10 years, write me. Special subscribers will be honored by, receiving a picture of me from time to time and the really lucky ones (qualified that is) will get to meet me. Be a gentleman in your request, as my “Master Artoris” will personally screen each and every one, and he will not abide an asshole!

Hoping I get to continue, Ann…

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