Ægir’s Wife Ch. 09

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Kirsty stared out over the relatively smooth waters of the North Sea. Even though it was after ten, the sun had still not fully set this far north. Was it prophetic somehow? When she had left all those months ago, it had been dark almost all day and night. Now at the height of summer it was just the opposite. Almost constant sunlight.

It certainly felt like an omen. Well except for Sven’s recovery, which she more than any of them realized might be long and perhaps never complete. But they would deal with that too. Just as they had dealt with so much already. They had weathered life’s storms…and now it was sunshine once more.

Of course, she was not naïve enough to believe there would not be more storms to come but with the new resolve and the lessons they had all learned from these, she was confident that they could face those as a family. They would do what it took…whatever it took…and they would come out on the other side of those storms too.

She inhaled deeply, allowing the fresh, cool sea breeze to fill not just her lungs but her soul with its cleansing and healing power. She felt one of the twins move inside her, but before she could place a gentle hand over the tiny foot to calm her, her sister joined in the fray. Both girls dancing and stretching.

Bjorn was at the helm this night. She had never seen him happier. Even she had not fully realized the stress that these past few months in London had placed upon those broad shoulders. Not until she saw the light that dawned in those Kelly-green eyes the moment they had stepped on board of Ægir’s Captive.

Captive? She chuckled into the cooling sea breeze. She was not their captive this time. Not as she had been the last time anyway. But these men had certainly captured her heart. Each of them in different ways. But each of them fully and completely. Different, unique but all with the same veracity.

Bjorn…she chuckled as she shook her head. No one would picture a man like that with someone like her. But over these past few months she had come to accept that this man loved her. Just as she was. No diets. No gym. He loved her mind. He loved her heart. And yes, as much as she might sometimes have trouble believing it…he loved her curves too. Running into Greta at the club had proven that.

She smiled as she lifted her face to setting sun, absorbing its final warming rays as the breeze rustled through her hair, whipping it about her face. She would never be model thin like G but that was all right because she was so much smarter than that woman ever had been.

In some weird, warped way she owed her a debt of gratitude. By rejecting the life that Mikael had offered for her runways and shoots, Greta had set the course that had driven them to her…just as surely as Bjorn had set one on this boat that would take them home. No, she was the one that had reaped the harvest. The only truly good fruits that woman had ever sown. Monika, her first daughter, and Mikael were all that she could have ever imagined.

She giggled as she remembered that first night on board this ship. When given the chance, she had chosen Mikael because she had sought an alley in her plans to escape. Oh, Mikael had proven an alley all right. Her rock, the one that she could turn to for comfort, pain, and understanding when Bjorn was battling his jealousy or Sven was…being an ass.

She sighed as her hand softly rubbed the baby mound. Sven. She still was not certain how to handle that one. But she had a new powerful weapon in her arsenal. Æ ælske dæ. I love you. How could she not have known? It was not that different from ‘Jeg elsker deg.’ But she had always struggled with languages. Her ear simply had not made that all important connection.

No, she might be going back without a solid plan, but the knowledge that Sven too loved her just as his brothers did gave her faith that somehow they too would find a way…over time.

She closed her eyes and lifted her face as a gentle spray of sea water caressed her cheeks. Home. Homdling as Monika had renamed it. The one place in this world that truly felt like that word to her. Though that probably had as much to do with them as it did the place.

“We have unfinished business, lilla gumman,” she shivered as Mikael’s whisper caressed her cheek.

“Things we need to bury once and for all, my beautiful wife,” Bjorn’s echoed in the other ear as hands began to soothe, caress, and ignite her body. There seemed much more than four. Everywhere at once somehow as she tried desperately to catch her breath, to make sense of their words.

Mikael had said that her punishment must wait until the babies were born. So what unfinished business could they be talking about burying once and for all?

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” Bjorn licked around the edge of her ear.

“Screw Mama’s fancy poetry. These tits are top of my list,” whispered Mikael as he ground his hard cock against her hip as if to prove the point. “I can’t wait to taste bursa escort your milk.”

But it was Bjorn who moaned into her ear as his hand cupped and squeezed her other breast. “Fuck,” was the limit of his poetry skills at the erotic picture that his brother’s word seemed to ignite in all their minds.

Kirsty was glad that their bodies bracketed her because she was not certain that she could stand on her own at the moment. And that had nothing to do with getting her sea legs again.

“I thought you were putting Monika to sleep,” she asked as she turned and kissed Mikael.

He smiled, “Mission accomplished.” He shook his head with a serious frown, “She is so different since we got on the boat…”

“You noticed too? It could be that the seas and rocking of the waves provide the vestibular stimulation….”

She began but could not finish as Bjorn rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She sucked in a deep breath at the intensity of the sensation. Her nipples were most definitely more sensitive. “And I thought you were driving the boat?”

The solid blow to her right butt check brought a gentle peal of laughter, “You do not ‘drive’ boats, woman,” he answered with one of those smiles that showed his dimples to their greatest advantage. She caressed his face tenderly. Yes, the stress of those months in ‘civilization’ were already draining from her husband.

“Tonight, we are going to put all those doubts and insecurities of yours to rest once and for all, our sexy, loving, gorgeous wife,” he smiled.

She shook her head, but stifled the girlish giggle. Her husbands might be a bit late with this one. Never had she felt as comfortable…as desirable…as beautiful…in her skin as she did sandwiched between these two amazing men. And certainly, never so loved. But she was not telling them that. Not and spoil this fun they had planned.

“Then maybe we should take this somewhere more private?” She teased as she kissed each in turn and took their hands, leading them towards the stairs.


Mikael smiled as he obliged his wife as she pulled them both through the ship towards the captain’s cabin where it had all began. It was not just his daughter or brother that had changed from the moment they stepped on board the ship. Their wife had too.

He rifled through the half a dozen languages he knew searching for the right word…inhalt, contenu, vrede, paz, and all their English variation. None seemed to quite cover the woman who stood before them. Contented. At peace. Confident. Whole.

He was certain her pregnancy had at least something to do with it. At trite as it sounded, Kirsty truly did glow. Her fair skin shone with health. Her cheeks were the perfect ruddy rose that no cosmetic could match. And those always full lips begged…

With a gentle tug to her hand, he drew them to a halt just outside the privacy they sought. He drew her against him as he softly brushed hair back from her face. He loved the way that her top teeth chewed her bottom lip nervously and how large those green eyes got as they stared up at him.

He could almost feel the tension and need strumming through her ripe body. It had been hell last night with her pressed between them in that too tiny bed. This one was no better but at least they would be free to lovingly explore every centimeter of their wife’s body together. It was not a pleasure they had shared since the night these little girls were conceived. And though they were still one brother short, he was certain that somehow he and Bjorn could manage. For now at least.

“This time you enter this cabin as our wife, not our captive. Do you do so of your own freewill, lilla gumman?” He held her gaze and his breath as the moisture clouded those green fields. The muscles in her throat constricted, moving up and down as she swallowed.

She nodded her head slowly, but still he restrained her. A simple nod would not suffice this time. The path that lie ahead would not be easy. He better than any of them knew that. He was after all the one who had borne the brunt of their mother’s travails as she struggled to truly accept her fate.

Could Kirsty do so more easily? He certainly hoped so. He knew that he and Bjorn would do all in their power to make her load as light as possible. But he had learned the hard way that relationships took both people trying. In their case, everyone. After what Kirsty had revealed, he was even more confident now that Sven too would come around. But she was the cornerstone.

It was not chance that had lead their mother’s to adopt the Norwegian name Petrine. The rock. After her trials in the fire, she had like her mythological Phoenix emerged from the ashes of Rachel as just that. He was not fooled though. He knew that was a choice, her decision.

And he was forcing it upon their wife now as he waited for the words that might determine their fate. He held his breath and prayed to every malatya escort god in Asgard, but especially to her…Freyja. The goddess of love, fertility…and battle.

Their life would always be a war against Njörd and Rán to eke out an existence from their seas. It was the history of their family and why only a true shieldmaiden of Freyja would do as the bride. He knew that Bjorn had chosen well, better than he or Sven would have.

The only question was…did she? Did Kirsty understand her power now? And was she ready to stand into it? He waited.

*** Kirsty felt the knot tighten in her throat as surely as if it were one of their hands. She fought back tears at the enormity of his words. ‘Their wife.’ But it went so much deeper than that. So much more to it than that simple four-letter word could express.

She chuckled that Mikael’s thoughts had so closely mirrored her earlier ones. Had she ever truly been their captive? All those weeks of messages and challenges that they had shared. That spark which ran up her arm the moment that Sven had touched her elbow and drew her through that turnstile.

Into her destiny.

There was no doubt now. These men, these rustic fishermen who battled upon the precipice of time to save a way of life that had sustained their family for centuries, to push back the edges of modernity itself. They were her future. Their battles hers. Their Fate her own.

And their children’s. Her hand covered her burgeoning stomach as she looked from the depths of silvery clouds to the deepest green meadows. Her husbands’ eyes told her all that she needed to know.

Bjorn and Petrine had used the phrase ‘the one.’ But somehow she had never felt worthy of that.

Not until this moment. She was the one. Their one. The shieldmaiden and partner that Fate, Freyja, and all the gods and goddesses in the universe had created for them. For this time.

And screw G’s perfect body and haughty attitude. She was exactly what they needed…and wanted. The pleading and expectant looks in those silver and green eyes told her that. She would fight Greta or any other woman that thought they could come between her and her men.

She inhaled deeply as she reached up to caress Mikael’s bearded cheek. She turned to Bjorn and grasp his hand in her other one, “Yes. Of my own freewill. As your wife. Your partner. Your shieldmaiden.” She held Bjorn’s gaze as she finished, “Your One.”

She felt the tension drain from both their bodies. She simply could not resist, “Now can we please go fuck. I’m dying here.”

Bjorn shook his head as his free hand made firm contact with her bottom, “Such a potty mouth will get you punished, sweetheart.”

Mikael though simply chuckled, “I don’t know. It sounds like a damned fine idea to me, brat,” as he pushed open the door to the cabin.


Bjorn sighed as he felt the tension of all those eternal months of captivity within the civilized bonds of the city finally drain from his body and soul. It was the final piece…though he had wanted to take his brother to the fighting fields for pushing her to it so soon after their ordeal.

Nonetheless her answer in the end had been complete perfection just as she herself was. Always had been to him. Bjorn knew that theirs was a love that would only deepen and grow stronger overtime, just as he had seen with his mother and uncle. His father too…in Stig’s own way.

Thoughts of the man inevitably led to his other son…the one he had always favored. Sven. He was not certain how, but Bjorn knew that he must learn to forgive and trust his eldest brother. To build bridges with him as he had re-built them with Mikael.

It was not just for her sake either. If the fishing business were to survive, to continue for their girls, then they would have to put old hurts and insecurities aside and come together as a family…perhaps like never before.

But right now, this night that was not the type of cum together that he had in mind as he watched her sashay that spankable ass through the door to the cabin where it had all began. He shook his head and chuckled as Mikael held open the door for him, “Age before beauty, big brother.”

His brother boxed him lightly upside the head as he had done when they were children, but the huge grin on his face told him it was only play before Mikael even opened his mouth, “Any other time, I would argue the point, but since you are being so generous I’ll let that one pass. This time, kid.”

“No more fighting,” came her sexy reply from the bed. The woman was already curled up in it and reaching for the hem of her lose fitting dress.


“Don’t you dare, elskling.”

They looked at one another and burst out in laughter. It seemed their new found unity began with undressing their wife. Mikael slipped past him into the cabin and Bjorn looked around a final time.

It was probably too much to hope that Sven had kept the gag ball çanakkale escort in the toy box. So it might become necessary to shove her panties in Kirsty’s mouth. He had no intention of waking Monika…or Georgia and Kurt with the sounds of their lovemaking this night. He wanted her all to themselves.

He frowned. Since when had he learned the joys of sharing his toy? As the youngest, he was in some ways more like an only child. He had barely been out of toddlerhood when Mikael had joined Sven and their fathers at sea.

It had been just him and their mother for long periods of time…and he was coming to realize just how much that might have tainted his views of family. But she changed that. Just as she changed so much else.

“Are you joining us, brat?” Mikael teased as he came up for air from kissing their wife. His hands had already slipped beneath the bottom of her dress and had it bunched about her thighs to reveal that they would need a Plan B for shutting Kirsty up.

She was not wearing panties this day. Bjorn chuckled, so that was the way of things. Back to the no panties rule that had somehow gotten abandoned in their ‘civilized’ life. He could certainly live with that one.

“Go ahead and finish stripping her without me. I am just going to have a look in the toy box and see if the Old Man left anything good in there,” Bjorn teased them.

“Surprisingly, I had very little I needed to restock before making this trip,” Mikael replied.

Bjorn’s surprise must have registered on his face, because his brother paused as he pulled the caftan style dress off over Kirsty’s head, “What did you think I would forget the important shit? Even in the rush? The gag ball is on top in the corner.”

His brother’s hand came down hard on her outer thigh and their wife jumped, letting out a high keening squeal. “I’m going to make damned sure we need it this time.”

Bjorn shook his head as he turned back to the chest that sat at the foot of the bed. He smiled as he remembered how she had greeted him that first night…totally naked and with every toy in the box laid out for his use.

Did she realize how hard it had been to restrain his urges then? But he had needed so much more from her than she was willing to give then. He was glad that he had had the will power and wisdom to choose the other path. To win her trust and her love before he took her body.

He knew that she loved his brothers, though he was still not completely comfortable with why or how she could have feelings for Sven. But he knew too that the bonds of friendship that they had begun to forge that night in this cabin were what had carried them through the past few months. As trying as those fires had been they had come out on the other side wiser and stronger as a couple and a family.

And for the first time in their almost year of marriage…he was no longer jealous of the bonds she shared with his brothers. Because he knew the strengths of their own. And finally understood what Petrine had always taught him. The trick was to love them all the same but differently.

Their wife had seemed to know that one instinctively. Even when he and his brothers were stumbling in the dark, trying to find their ways to her, she had known.

Like the ancient lighthouses that their ancestors had followed when it was too dark and stormy to see the stars, her love had been the beacon that had drawn them all home to her, that had forged bonds of brotherhood deeper than ever before, that had re-created a family out of broken pieces of men who had drifted apart on the turbulent waters of life.

They owed this woman so much. And he was going to spend the rest of his life repaying her for the gifts that she had given them all. Even if there were battles still to be fought. For the first time, he was certain that they would win. Together.

He found the gag ball, the rope, and his brother’s nasty looking tawse. He closed the lid of the toy box and opened his bag that sat on the floor next to it. He pulled out his favorite toys. The sons of Odin floggers.

He turned back to find a naked Kirsty rubbing against Mikael like an alley cat in heat, begging, and pleading as she practically tore his shirt off him and started to work on the button on his jeans.

“Hand me the ropes, kid,” Mikael pleaded with mirth dancing in his eyes. “The woman has no patience. Good thing Mr. High Protocol is not here or she would be standing naked in the corner for certain,” he teased as he laced his fingers through her long red hair and drew her head back for another kiss.

Bjorn wondered just who would have the upper hand this night. It might be two against one, but something told him that would not stop their wife. “I blame you, big brother. She is never this bratty with me.”

“And you, Kirsty, stop topping from the bottom or we can try orgasm denial. For the whole night,” he was barely able to hide the grin that would tell her it was only a bluff. There was no way he was denying them the pleasure of making her cum over and over and over again this night. They needed it probably just as badly as she did.


Georgia huddled in the top bunk as Monika slept in the lower one. Tears filled her brown eyes and trickled down her cheek as a shiver ran from the top of her dark head to her toes.

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