AFC Title Game

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Scott Taylor pestered his mother all week long to let him have a couple of his friends over to watch the Steelers and Patriots play. On Friday she gave him permission to let his two buddies come over for the game telling them they could sleep over as well. Scott invited Frank Murphy and Kevin Hart were allowed to come over to watch the game.

Mrs. Colleen Taylor went shopping the night before and got plenty of snacks for the boys to have. On the night of the game her husband Fred had to catch a flight for a Monday morning business meeting in Canada. That is probably why her son wanted friends over for the game and not his old mother.

Colleen went over to her lounge chair that sat by a large picture window to read the novel she was currently reading. The boys were having a good time in the living room watching the game on the large screen television. The game was finally over so they went upstairs to go to bed; Colleen cleaned up the dishes and then sat on the couch to watch some television her self.

She never knew that all of Scott’s friends considered her to be a milf; she is 43 years old with auburn hair, green cat like eyes, ample 44dd breasts, long muscular legs and a nice round ass. Yet the boys all thought of her to be the hottest mom of all the kids in the high school.

It had been around an hour and she heard footsteps coming down stairs, it was Frank and Kevin. They both came into the living room and sat down in the two chairs that sat opposite of the couch.

“Sorry Mrs. Taylor, we must have had too much sugar and soda.” Frank said.

“Yeah we are too hyped up to sleep.” Kevin said.

“Well let us see if we can find something to watch on one of the movie channels.” She said.

“Cool.” Both boys replied.

Colleen flipped around the channels and found a movie she thought the boy would like. Little did Colleen know that the movie had a couple of risqué sex scenes in it, she blushed when they came on.

“Well I guess that was kind of embarrassing.” She laughed aloud nervously.

“It takes more than that to get us guys excited these days escort eyüp Mrs. Taylor.” Kevin said.

“Oh you have to be kidding boys can not be much different than when I was a kid.” She said sitting up now.

“Most guys our age are looking for more experience than what girls our age have.” Frank explained.

“Yeah right Frank neither of us have ever had experience with girls of any age.” Kevin prodded.

“You boys have no experience.” Colleen said in disbelief. “You’re both good looking young men.”

She did not realize that both of these boys found her to be so attractive, she was wearing a silk blouse that she had unbuttoned. She had on a black body suit and a tight pair of jeans over top of it. The whole outfits made her look younger and made her body look fantastic.

“It would be fun to have someone as hot as you.” Kevin said.

“I’m hot?” she said in disbelief.

“Yeah Mrs. Taylor you are a real babe.” Frank added.

“So what kind of experience do you two have?” she asked.

“None.” They both chimed.

“It would be fun just to be able to make out with someone as hot as you Mrs. Taylor.” Kevin said.

“Even for five minutes.” Frank added.

For several moments there was a long uncomfortable silence in the room, Colleen got up and went out into the kitchen. She had a digital timer that she used when cooking or baking, she set the timer for five minutes.

“If you boys can keep a secret I will let you make out with me for five minutes.” She said. “Frank you want to go first?”

Frank did not say anything, he got up and walked over to the couch and sat down next to Colleen. She hit the start button on the timer and took the nervous young man into her arms. Kevin could not believe what he was seeing nor could he believe Frank’s let us pretend we are virgins scheme would work.

Colleen enjoyed the kissing with the young man and was actually surprised that he was kind of good. What surprised her even more was that he forced her lips apart and began to French kiss her. She figured a promise was a promise and let him do escort fındıkzade so, then she was surprised again when he reached up to roughly fondle one of her big tits.

Frank was surprised too when she made no move to stop him from feeling her up, he managed to slide the unbuttoned silk blouse off her. He continued to knead each tit and he pushed her so she was now lying back on the couch instead of sitting. Her large fat nipples were now poking through the fabric of the body suit.

The timer went off and the young man reluctantly broke the kiss off, Kevin was already over to the couch for his turn. Frank pressed the reset button on the timer as Kevin kept her in the same position as Frank and lay on top of her. He too was very eager and could not wait to get his hands on her ample tits.

Colleen figured no real harm was being done as long as they kept this secret and they would probably jerk off until they fell asleep. Kevin slid his hand down her not perfectly flat stomach but not flabby either. He gently unbuttoned her jeans and tugged at the zipper until it went down, Colleen was oblivious to what he was doing she was lost in making out with him.

She moaned aloud when she felt his hand slide over her pubic mound and found the wet spot her pussy was making on her body suit. She could feel the strong young man unsnap the buttons of its crotch and he started to finger fuck her pussy. Oh shit she thought this has gone too far, yet she could not think of a way to stop it. The buzzer went off and Kevin broke the kiss yet he did not pull his hand out of pants, he continued fingering her pussy.

“Oh boys you got me fucking hot, but we have to stop.” She moaned aloud.

“What about this Mrs. Taylor?” Frank had pulled out a cock that was bigger than any she had ever had. It was at least ten inches long and almost as thick as her arm.

Colleen gasped as he walked over not waiting for her to answer and grabbed her by the back of the head. He crammed his large cock down her throat nearly choking her with it; if not for her experience at sucking cock she may escort kağıthane have not been able to take control.

“Slow down.” She said finally getting his monster out of her mouth. “Women like to control the pace of the blow job.”

She took a hold of his cock with both hands and sucked it into her mouth; she gave him a nice long wet blow job. They young man was amazed at how lovingly this mature woman worked his big cock in and out of her mouth while stroking it.

Kevin had managed to pull her jeans off and got between her legs to lick her pussy. She had to stop for a moment to point out to Kevin where her clit was; once he found it she began to hump her pussy against his face. Once she had an orgasm she was good and ready to be fucked, Kevin did not disappoint her he too had a nine inch cock not as thick as Frank’s.

She continued to blue Frank while Kevin fucked her pussy good and hard, Frank reached down to play with her tits and nipples. It dawned on Colleen that these two were not as inexperienced as they had claimed and had set her up. Before she knew both boys pulled their cocks out and came on her face and stomach.

About fifteen minutes later the boys were hard again this time Frank was pounding on her pussy while Frank was getting sucked. The boys were making her come over and over as they fucked her good and hard. This time Kevin shot his load into her mouth and Frank shot a load up into her cunt.

The three of them fell asleep in the living room and a few hours later Frank woke up. He just went over to the sleeping Colleen and proceeded to fuck her, after his solo act of fucking her for several long minutes he finally came. Colleen probably slept for a half and hour when Kevin got up and did the same.

Five in the morning the two boys got up at the same time, she told them her mouth and pussy could take no more. So Kevin fucked her in the ass, despite causing her great pain and displeasure being unlubricated she eventually started to enjoy it. She jerked off Frank until he shot all over her tits, eventually Kevin pulled out and shot his cum all over her ass.

Instead of going to school the next day the two boys went home and stayed home sick from school. Colleen became their personal slut for the remainder of the school year; whenever the opportunity arose she would fuck or suck her two young lovers.

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