Afternoon At A French Cafe

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I am sitting on the patio of a quiet French cafe, casually sipping my glass of wine and enjoying the various passersby. The afternoon is warm with a pleasant, soft, floral breeze. I am thankful I chose to wear this delicate sundress rather than the slacks I had intended this morning. I have ideas for a novel I am planning to write and every now and then I jot down an idea or two in my journal. I have noticed you sitting quietly in the corner, however I pretend not to. Yet, I can feel your smoky eyes caress my bare shoulders each time I brush my long, dark hair away from my face.

I keep thinking I should have worn my hair up this morning as I usually do, but I love the feeling of the wind through my hair. The young waiter approaches me and asks if I would like another glass of wine, and I smile, say yes, and thank him politely. I watch curiously as he then approaches your table, and my eyes unintentionally lock with yours. I small smile plays on your lips, as our eyes exchange unspoken innuendo. I suddenly feel heat rising through my body. A delicious warm flush rising from my toes to my cheeks. I smile at you, and return to my journal. My thighs have become moist in the heat and I catch the faint, unmistakable, sweet, musky scent of my own sex on the breeze as Konya Escort I cross my bare legs purposefully and sexily. I have your complete attention.

Whether it is the sheer enjoyment of my afternoon, the headiness of the wine, or the power of suggestion that has made me bold, I decide to engage you in sensual repartee. I look over to you, about to dazzle you with my feminine charms, and find you already strolling toward me. A brilliant gleam of sunlight reflects somewhere in the corner of my eye, and my heart leaps with excitement to see you standing at my table. We spend the next hour talking and flirting. My leg brushing next to your hand under the table. I am not sure whether a breeze has blown the edge of my short skirt higher up my thigh or if it was you. I can feel my body scream for more, and my eyes give my longing away. We both know we would rather be elsewhere, and the waiter finally brings the check. You put your arm around me and lead me out.

We arrive at the Bed and Breakfast that I am staying at, and I invite you into my bedroom. The air conditioning is welcoming and my golden tanned skin is thankful for the reprieve. Once inside, you pull me close to you and kiss me powerfully. I can feel my knees almost buckle as I press Konya Escort Bayan my body in close to you. My breasts heaving next to your chest as my hands untuck your shirt and snake underneath to your chest. I love the feel of your warm skin under my findertips. I am anxious to delight you with all of my mysterious charms…

I lead you toward the bed and lie on top of you, French kissing you and exploring your mouth with my tongue. The skirt of my dress is up around my waist as your hands stroke my ass. I can feel you hard underneath my pussy and I want to fuck you through your slacks. My hips begin to gyrate naturally, and the passion continues to build between us. I can hear you moan huskily as I kiss you for an eternity, my pussy pressing hard against your hidden cock. I can’t take it any longer and decide to explore you further. I am wet and extremely aroused, yet my pleasure comes from your pleasure.

You close your eyes to catch your breath, as I unbutton your shirt, letting my fingernails lightly travel down from behind your ear, over your chest, down your stomach. You smile wickedly when I lightly nip at your nipple. I place my hand between my legs and feel my own sexy wetness, I brush my finger lightly over my clit Escort Konya briefly as I look into your eyes, hoping for some relief, yet it only heightens my desire. I place my glistening finger on your lips and you take my entire finger into your mouth, devouring it with unbelievable hunger. I let out a dainty moan and quickly proceed to undo your pants.

Your cock springs forth, hard and glorious. I begin by flicking my tongue lightly over the head, wrapping my hand around your shaft. I begin to stroke you and lick you slowly, yet firmly, my pussy gushing under my skirt. I enjoy watching the expression on your face as I take you further into my mouth, in and out, in and out. I travel back up to your lips, biting your lower lip as I straddle your cock, and slowly lower myself onto you. I can’t believe how full you make me feel, and a deep pleasure wells inside me. I begin to grind my clit on your pubic bone, your cock throbs inside me. I can not remember feeling so satisfied. I can feel my orgasm mounting, and I begin to fuck you rhythmically. Each thrust is purposeful and better than the last. As our tempo increases, I feel control leaving my body. One more thrust and I throw my head back, my long hair whipping the air, as my orgasm rips through me. A deep passionate cry escapes my sexy lips as I feel you come deep within me. I watch you as you close your eyes tight and let out a primal growl. You are at your most sexiest right now, and my pussy milks your cock of all your precious fluid. I never even had a chance to take of my dress…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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