Afternoon Awakenings

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Yesterday Merissa’s mom went out with her friends and I knew about it in advance, Merissa did not. I also knew Merissa’s work schedule and knew we would have some alone time, for about 3 hours, as they are actually going to play 9 holes of golf. Merissa has worked the night before and has 3 days off, so I know she is going to go to bed around noon and she usually wakes up around 5.

I get home around 3 and Merissa’s mom is just getting ready to leave the house. She tells me Merissa is home and has asked to be awoken no later than 5, which I tell her I am happy to do. I also know, thanks to Tae, that Merissa has a fantasy about being awoken from sleep to sex already happening.

Knowing all this, I had placed some restraints under Merissa’s mattress on both ends of the bed this morning prior to leaving for work. After her mom left, I gave her a few minutes to get on the way to the course and then went about my plan.

First I popped a Viagra and then jumped into my workout gear, shorts and a tank top. I then went up to Merissa’s room and found her lying under the sheet, wearing just her loose fitting boy shorts and a bra-let. She was laying on her back, somewhat twisted to the left and nearly in the middle of the bed. Since she sleeps during the day, she already had her eyes covered with a sleep mask. I pulled the restraints from the head of the bed and fastened her arms. Next I pulled them from the foot of bed and got the left leg secured when Merissa tried to turn to her right, and was stopped by the restraints. She awoke and started to ask what was going on, when I whispered in her ear, “you are under my control and I am going to have my way with you,” as I stuffed a pair of her recently worn panties, I had taken from her hamper, into her mouth. I then grabbed her other leg and restrained it as well.

She was blindfolded, on her own accord, and had a mouth full of panties, keeping her from making too much noise. I took out a pair of scissors and cut away both her bralette and her shorts, leaving her naked and splayed out in her bed. In the time it had taken me to do all of this, her boy shorts were noticeably damp, so I took them and swapped them Nişantaşı Escort for the ones in her mouth, as I told her, “seems your pussy is betraying your desire to be fucked by your daddy, little one.” She whimpered a bit and was moving around a bit on the bed and “fighting” the restraints.

I stripped out of my clothes and then climbed back onto the bed and crawled up her torso, with my cock, resting on her pubic bone, as I whispered in her ear, “I am going to use my tongue, lips and teeth on your little body until I get to your pussy, by which time you will be begging me to lick it and/or fuck it.” And, with that I went about licking, nibbling, sucking and biting her hot little body. Her erogenous spots were all touched, in just the right way and for just enough time, to get her very worked up.

By the time I got to her pussy, there was a puddle on her mattress. I took her legs, one by one and tied them to the head of the bed, thus having her pussy be presented to me. I then proceeded to lick her lovely wet hot pussy. I edged her close twice and then allowed her to cum, and as she was, I slid my cock into her and pumped her for a minute or so, and then went back to licking her pussy to another orgasm. I did this for two more times, allowing her to cum once.

By this time, I could tell from the look on her face she wanted to engage with me, so I took the panties out of her mouth, and her blindfold off. She thanked me and begged to have my cock in her mouth. I was more than willing, and slid up between her tits and grabbed her head and helped her to take me into her mouth, by forcing her head forward. I let her suck it and slobber on my head for a minute or so and then slid back down to her pussy and licked her again, close to cuming, and then once again slid my cock into her.

When I did it this time, I took the scissors and cut the leg restraints, as I did, she hooked her legs around my hips and pulled me deeper into her pussy, and locked her ankles, to keep me from pulling out. she then said, “dad, I am not going to let you get out of me until you leave a load in my steamy little pussy.” Pendik Escort With that, I started fucking her pussy hard and deep, just like she likes it.

I was also at this time, grabbing, massaging and sucking on her tits, as well as deeply tongue kissing her. After a few minutes of this, she started to cum, and squeezed me even harder with her legs, and this made me start to cum as well. As I hadn’t cum in a few days, I left quite a load in her, as well as getting some on her, as I had slipped a bit further back during a couple of squirts than I thought.

As I had taken a Viagra, I was still hard, and slid up to her open mouth and slid my cock into her waiting mouth, and she proceeded to lick/suck me clean of both our cum. Once she was fulfilled, I pulled out the shears again and cut her hands loose. Then I told her to just lay back, and I went to clean up and clean out her pussy.

I crawled between her legs and licked the string of cum on the left side of her pussy, and then the larger glob of cum just below her pussy, as I licked up both sides then and took care of the cum that had been deposited on top of her clit. She reached down and picked up a small blob that had ended up on her stomach, as I inserted my tongue into her pussy, searching for more, and as I did so, she started to move, her final position, was firmly planted on my face as I licked her pussy clean and in the process made her cum twice more.

Merissa, then looked at me and said, “I could really use that cock in my ass, daddy.” With that I pulled her to the edge of bed, and had her grab her legs and pull them back, exposing her asshole and with her hands on the inside of her legs she could spread her little puckered hole a bit wider. I then grabbed some of her lube and spread some on my cock, and then had her gape herself a bit, and squirted some into her ass, and then ran some around the outside of her ass. With that, I placed the head of my cock against her puckered ass, and applied a little forward pressure, as Merissa started to push out and then relax her sphincter, and as she relaxed the second time, I had applied just Rus Escort enough pressure to have my cock, pop right into her tight little shitter.

I pulled Merissa closer to edge of bed, so her ass was hanging off a bit, and gave it a nice angle with which to fuck her deeply, and allowed her to watch, as well as play with her pussy. I started slowly fucking her ass, as that is how she likes it, and she had two fingers in her pussy, and we could both feel them each time my cock would rub against them on the way in or out of her ass. I had my hands on her tits and was playing with them as we fucked. She was really working her pussy, as there was a nice flow of juices that were adding to the lubricant, to her ass and my cock, causing quite a bit of frothy lube.

Merissa came twice with me buried in her ass, and I was building towards that myself, and as I got even closer, I let one of my hands slide up to the base of her throat, and as she started to cum, again, I slid it around her throat and squeezed a little, and Merissa licked her lips and smiled and said, “just a bit harder, please, dad” I squeezed harder and as I did, she started coming and I could feel her ass spasming on my cock, and that is when I hit the wall, and buried my cock to the hilt in her hot little ass, and choked her a bit harder even, and then started coming in her ass, and she came even harder. I leaned over and sucked a bit on her tits, as she came down from her orgasms, and as my cock softened, it slid out of her ass, and Merissa said, “let me clean your cock, please, dad.”

Merissa slid from the bed, to her knees on the floor and proceeded to lick me from taint to head of my cock, and then took me in her mouth and using suction and her tongue, cleaned me off.

Once she was done, we both looked at the clock, and decided, smartly I should go down stairs, after getting dressed and she should shower, before her mom gets home.

As we got dressed, Merissa said that me eating her pussy after cumming in it really turned her on, as did the choking. The latter she said enhanced her orgasm and she said she would really like to explore that some more. With that, she came to me and we once again engaged in a few hot minutes of open mouth, tongue lashing soulful kissing. I then went downstairs, and it is a good thing I did, as her mom walked in the door ten minutes after later. She saw how I was dressed and asked if I had a good work out, I smiled and said, “yes probably one of the better ones.”

If she only knew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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