Afternoon Delight

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You meet me for lunch wearing a sexy purple mini dress and black thigh high stockings. The top of your dress is straining with the heaviness of perfect breasts. Your cleavage is stunning. Sitting in a booth, my hands feel the silkiness of your skin. There are little goose bumps on your arms and legs. You are nervous, but you sit there silently enjoying a strangers hand stroking your knee As my hand moves up your leg, you shiver with anticipation. The excitement is unbearable and I am not able to contain myself. I look around and see if anybody is watching and slowly stroke the bare part of your leg above the lace of the thigh highs.

The man sitting at the table next to us is watching. So I decide to give him something to watch.

I have you turn toward him slightly and spread you legs giving him a great view of your beautiful shaved pussy. His eyes about pop out of his head. I then take my hand and lightly stroke all around your mound. I can feel your whole body begin to tremble. I then take my middle finger and insert it in your hot box.

So tight. It grabs my finger lovingly. I look over at the watching man and this keeps almanbahis adresi me from going insane with lust myself. He is starting to break out into a sweat. I chuckle to myself, If he only knew how good it really did feel.

After lunch, we get into my car and go for a drive. I have you sit next to me where I can again stroke your gorgeous legs. I have you keep them together so that I can stroke both upper thighs at once. At a stop light, I put my hand between your legs and oh so gently stroke right up to the middle. Oh how moist it is.

We see a nice motel, and so I stop. I bring in a bag, but carry it behind me so that you cannot see. Once inside the room, I tie your hands above your head and blindfold you. I reach in and lift out your gorgeous globes. Your nipples are starting to harden. So I lean down and blow on them. They smell so nice. You feel my hands explore your body as my hot breath gets ever so close to your receptive skin. You again shiver.

As I slowly remove your clothes, you feel the cool air against your skin. You are now totally exposed to my hot gaze. The combination is so exciting.

You hear almanbahis adresi the bag being opened and feel something cold attach to your nipples. Suddenly a mild electric stimulation starts to harden your nipples. The erratic pulses make your nipples so hard you feel as if they are going to burst. You feel my fingers encircle the pads giving you pleasure. I nibble the back of your neck and stroke along the length of your body with my hands.. You moan with pleasure. My tongue slowly starts to move down your spine to your great ass. I nibble and suck on the tight skin of your butt, and then insert my tongue in the crack and then slowly slide along the crease till I’m at your other tantalizing hole. I spread your cheeks so that I can rim that hole so lovingly. Teasing you, I come close to the front, but I’m not ready for that yet.

Suddenly you hear a humming noise. It is a vibrator! I start at your neck and slowly move it all over your body. When it touches your clit, you scream in ecstasy as your whole body now jumps and squirms, building up to a massive orgasm. Just as you are about to cum, I stop.

I am now in complete control almanbahis adresi of you!!!

You are begging and pleading for me to bring you off and satisfy your deep growing desire to cum. You feel my tongue again, this time at your feet. I take your big toe in my mouth and slowly suck until you moan in orgasmic pleasure. My tongue slowly moves up to your hot box and this time, my tongue enters you. You feel my hands grab your ass to control your motions as I taste your sweet juices flowing from you. I use my index finger and slide it into your dripping hole then I take it and gently work it into your tight little ass hole.

I take the big vibrating dildo and slowly start to fuck you with it as my lips clamp down on your clit and I start to suck as hard as I can. Stimulation of your nipples, a big fat vibrating dildo in your pussy, a finger in your asshole and my mouth on your clit, you cannot take any more and experience the largest explosive orgasm of your life.

Almost passing out from the orgasm, you are dizzy and your knees are extremely weak as your hands are released and the blindfolded is lifted.

You hungrily come to my cock and are pleased to see that it is rock hard. You go down on me and take it all. With your explosive orgasm still ringing in my ears, and the feel of your very wet mouth on my engorged dick, I also experience an earth shattering orgasm…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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