Afternoon Delight Turns Shocking

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No matter how many times we made love, I was never ready for the feeling of Kellie sliding herself down my hard cock and enveloping me in her warm, wet folds. We’d been married almost twenty years, but the sensation of her hot pussy molding itself to my shape always made my toes curl. I moaned softly for her, just to let her know how good she felt.

“That’s it, baby,” my voice came from somewhere deep in my throat, as I took her by the waist and helped her slowly raise and lower herself on my cock. Quickly we fell into that familiar rhythm that long-term lovers can locate so easily. Up and down she went, over and over, gliding along the length of me as we both drifted into that zone where your bodies just go on automatic pilot.

She leaned forward, allowing her generous breasts to graze lightly over my chest. Kellie knows how much I enjoy the feel of her hard nipples as they trace little paths through my chest hair. But at that moment, I could tell she wasn’t doing it for me. It was for herself, as she savored the delicious sensations that made her erect nipples protrude even more proudly from her dark pink areolas.

Even with my eyes closed, I could still see every detail of my wife’s beautiful face. Her full lips. Her wonderful dark brown, expressive eyes that always give me a glimpse of what’s going on in her head. I love her full, thick dark brown hair, which I knew without looking was flying wildly about as she arched her back and began to increase the speed at which she was alternately enveloping then releasing my swollen shaft.

I opened my eyes so I could enjoy her more completely, and I was greeted by her full breasts, bouncing now with her efforts. I reached up and grabbed one in each hand and began to knead them—rather gently at first, as I ran my thumbs lightly over the nipples.

“Oh, god . . . oh yes,’ she whispered. “That’s it . . . mmmmm.”

Her moans of approval encouraged me and I exerted more pressure on her mounds, even as she seemed to be trying to pull them away as she rode me harder. Finally, I released her breasts and concentrated completely on her nipples. I rolled them between my thumbs and index fingers, squeezing, pinching.

Another deep sigh told me the pressure was just right. Kellie’s nipples are normally the size of raspberries, but with her extreme arousal and my attentions, they had grown to look like small strawberries, and I did a semi-sit up just long enough to take each one in my mouth and tease it with my tongue.

This attention to her sensitive breasts caused Kellie to slow her movements a little and luxuriate for a while in the sensations. She’s always talked about the hard-wired connection between her nipples and her clit, and I was doing my best with my mouth and tongue right then to start the current flowing in that direction.

Sensing my strain at having to lean so far up to reach her, Kellie bent at the waist again and leaned forward to just dangle her generous mounds right over my mouth. I relaxed a bit and took them in both hands, pressing them close enough together that I could flick my tongue rapidly back and forth and stimulate both nipples at the same time.

“Oh . . . god . . . oh . . . yes . . .,” she hissed, and then ground her hips hard against me, rubbing her swollen clit against my pubic bone and leaving a wonderful gob of her love juices in my black pubic hair.

After a few more minutes, Kellie raised herself up again and began to thrust harder and faster and with each downward movement. Her breath hissed between clenched teeth. I grasped her harder and lifted her straining body higher to accentuate the force and the sensation each time her hot pussy engulfed me . . . over and over and over . . . until I could feel that familiar tingling begin at the base of my spine and radiate outward. My muscles began to clench as I tried to hold back the orgasm that I knew would be exploding with just a few more thrusts of Kellie’s soft, rounded hips.

I knew she was close, too, because her eyes were shut tight and her mouth gaped open. The only time Kellie didn’t fret about how she looked was when she was on the verge of orgasm; when she had completely turned loose of her inhibitions and let the lust overpower her. Her body glistened with perspiration from the strain of her effort, and I could feel more nectar dripping from her as it oozed down the length of my shaft in a warm, sensuous stream.

I was past the point of no return, my hips bucking up off the bed to meet Kellie’s grinding movements, when she screamed, “I’m cuuuummmmminggggg!”

I reached up and pinched both of her nipples nearly as hard as I could and heard her cry out again in a combination of pleasure and pain. Her tunnel began to throb and spasm, gripping my cock as one, two, three spurts of hot semen splashed against the walls of her pulsing pussy.

Kellie collapsed on top of me, her full breasts resting sensuously on my bare chest. Our bodies were both wet from the exertion, and we lay there for a few more luxurious minutes enjoying the last few görükle escort spasms that pulsated through us.

This was the third orgasm for Kellie that afternoon, and I could tell she was totally spent. And being a man on the other side of 45, one was usually my limit, even when Kellie lovingly licked and sucked my cock after our lovemaking sessions. I think she did it as much for herself as she did for me. It was clear how much she enjoyed the taste of our juices as she smiled at me and ran her tongue along the length of my cock before taking it inside her mouth one last time.

Just as Kellie had completed our “ritual” and moved up to rest her head on my chest, we both heard the sound. It was a sort of a thump from inside our bedroom closet. Puzzled, I slowly raised myself from the bed and glanced at Kellie to see if she had any clue about what it could be. She looked blankly back at me and extended her arms to the side, palms up to indicate she knew nothing. I padded barefoot across the carpeted floor of our bedroom to the closet.

I stood there totally naked for just a second in front of the louvered doors before reaching out quickly with both hands and throwing them wide open. What I saw, there on the floor made me feel like I’d just been punched in the gut. It was our daughter April, just home from college for the summer, sitting there totally nude.

Obviously mortified at being discovered, April reached over and quickly grabbed a pair of my trousers that had been tossed carelessly on the floor and tried to use them to cover herself. But it was obvious what was going on. Her nipples were erect and the insides of her thighs were slick and shiny with her juices. Clearly, she had been watching her mother and me through the louvered doors and masturbating while we had sex.

I quickly reached for my bathrobe, which was hanging on a hook just inside the closet, and turned my back to April as I pulled it on and tied it tightly around my waist. I could see Kellie on her knees in the middle of the bed, hair mussed, with a look of horror on her face. She was clinging tightly to the bed sheet and trying to use it to cover her naked body.

When I finally had steeled myself enough, I turned back around and glared down at April, who by now was in tears. Her face was beet red and the flush of embarrassment spread downward across the pale skin of her chest until her surprisingly full mounds were nearly the color of her light pink areolas.

“All right, young lady,” I said sternly, “I think we have some things to talk about.”

Without another word, I grabbed April by the arm and pulled her to her feet. She clung tight to the trousers she had found on the closet floor and tried to keep them strategically placed as I led her over to the bed.

My head was reeling, a whole jumble of emotions spinning around inside. I was angry, certainly, at this invasion of our privacy. I was confused about what had made our seemingly normal daughter do something so out of character. But there was something else I was feeling, too. I hesitated to acknowledge it, but there was this fluttering—butterflies, I guess you could call it, right in the pit of my stomach. I usually only got this feeling when I was excited about something . . . or aroused.

“Get over here, right now,” I barked at April as I pulled her to the bed. “Sit down there and tell me what the hell is going on!” Her pretty face had gone from flushed to very pale, making her beautiful dark brown eyes stand out even more. I could see her full lips trying to move, but no sound would come.

I glanced over at Kellie and couldn’t help but marvel at how much our daughter resembled her. The wonderful brown eyes, of course. The mouth was very much the same, too, and the thick mane of dark brown hair. The look on my wife’s face was very much the same as April’s—shock, embarrassment, and another emotion I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

There were other similarities, too. I had not seen my daughter naked since well before her teen years. But the glimpse of her I saw that afternoon made it apparent that she had grown into a beautiful young woman, with the same beautifully full breasts as her mother and the narrow waist and full hips that always turned me on so much when I saw Kellie’s body.

The one difference that stuck in my mind, though I hated to admit that I had noticed, was that April had apparently shaved her pubic mound completely, while her mother trimmed herself in a neat triangle of coarse dark hair. April’s bare mound made it easy to see the state of her arousal as she sat on the edge of the bed trying to cover herself.

“All right, what do you have to say for yourself, young lady?” I took April’s face in both my hands and turned it toward me so she would have to look at me. At the same time, I pulled my bathrobe closed a little tighter, growing uncomfortable at a stirring I felt between my legs, even though five minutes ago I thought I didn’t have any “ammunition” left.

“Mom . . . said . . . it would . . eskort bayan . be . . . okay,” April sobbed, pausing between almost every word to take another little breath. I hadn’t heard her whimper like that since she had a wreck on her bicycle and broke her arm when she was 12.

I was sure I hadn’t heard her correctly. “What the hell did you say,” I demanded, turning to glare at Kellie, who by this time had tears in her eyes, too.

“I told her she could watch,” Kellie whispered. This time I was sure what I’d heard and the surprise of it caused me to relax my grip on April’s arm. And when she realized she had an opportunity to escape my grasp, she quickly scooted up toward the head of the bed and molded her body against her mother’s. April looked so sweet and innocent again as her mother sort of enveloped her under the covers and pressed April’s cheek to her breast.

It was a position I’d seen them in a thousand times as April was growing up. Only not like this! Not both of them naked in our bedroom. And certainly not with my 18 year old daughter in such an obvious state of arousal. I just stared at them both for what seemed like several minutes, and as I did, I felt that stirring once again. But this time, it was clear that I was on my way to another full-blown erection at this most inopportune time.

I shifted my position on the bed and pulled my robe shut again. But my awakening cock was rapidly approaching its full eight inches. And I could tell that my arousal did not go unnoticed by either my wife or our daughter. Now it was my turn to feel my face flush red with embarrassment.

“It looks like Dad may not be as mad as he wanted us to think,” my wife whispered as she looked directly at the bulge under my robe. April’s dark eyes widened as she followed her mother’s gaze just in time to see the large purple head start to peek out between the gap in the robe.

I felt like a horny teenager again, getting a hard on at all the wrong times. I struggled for control but knew from past experience that I was fighting a losing battle. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, naked underneath my thin robe, close enough to two beautiful women to smell the scent of their arousal.

But, my god! One of them was my daughter.

Before I could respond to Kellie’s surprisingly flip comment about my erection, she surprised me again by pulling the covers completely back, apparently to ensure that I had a total and complete view of the two of them lying there on our bed. Kellie was still cuddling April in her arms, gently stroking our daughter’s hair. I couldn’t take my eyes from them.

I marveled again at how alike they were. The same dark hair and eyes. The same beautifully full breasts. April’s skin was darker than her mother’s, as she apparently had more time to lie in the sun or visit the tanning salon. But her suntanned skin called even more attention to that tiny white patch that her bikini bottoms covered. It was quite bare and stood out in sharp relief from the rest of her smooth, brown skin.

Totally caught up in the moment, I looked closer. There were other subtle differences. Kellie’s mound was partially covered by her neatly trimmed patch while April’s was bare. That much was obvious. But as I completely shed my inhibitions and examined them more fully, I could see that my wife’s labia were swollen, puffier, while April’s seemed almost hidden.

“My god,” I thought to myself. “I’m actually staring at them like some kind of pervert.”

But the hesitancy I was feeling intellectually did not match the feelings that were racing through my body at that moment. I found it impossible to hide my stiffening cock any longer, and Kellie and April appeared to be studying me as much as I was studying them.

“It’s okay, David,” Kellie said softly. “I did tell April it would be okay to watch us. In fact, I helped her. Didn’t you think it was a little odd that I practically attacked you and dragged you in here this afternoon?”

Now that she mentioned it, it did seem a little strange. It only reminded me how oblivious men can be sometimes. “Yeah, I guess so,” I responded, my throat suddenly dry.

“April and I have been talking about this for quite awhile,” Kellie continued. “She actually tried to talk me into it before she left for college.”

My head was spinning at that point. I wondered just how long my wife and my daughter had been discussing things like that. And under what circumstances? It didn’t take long to find out.

“It was during April’s senior year of high school. You were away on a trip and April slipped into bed with me one night. We talked about a lot of things.”

April looked at her mother as she began to tell the story of what happened that night. Then she lowered her cheek back to Kellie’s breast and actually began to flick her tongue lightly over her mother’s nipple!

I felt my erection swell further as I watched them, while Kellie continued, her voice becoming hoarse and breathy. “You know I always sleep altıparmak escort in the nude,” she continued. “And when April slipped into bed with me, I could feel that she was, too. It made me really uncomfortable because it felt so . . . nice . . . to have her with me like that.”

By now, April was kissing her mother’s breasts, one then the other, and I watched in amazement at how incredibly sexy they looked there together. Without thinking, I allowed my right hand to drift down and slide along the length of my rigid cock ever so lightly.

“April told me that she had been having these fantasies . . . about you and me. She confessed that she had listened outside our door many times when we were making love. She told me . . . how it . . . turned her on.” Those last words came out more like a moan as April’s hand had made its way along her mother’s belly and was gently cupping her mound.

“My god . . ., I whispered, as much about what I was witnessing at that moment as to my wife’s confession.

Kellie closed her eyes, but continued to speak. I had to lean closer to even hear her. “April told me how aroused she got when she heard us. And I’m ashamed to admit how much the thought of it turned me on. Well, you can probably guess . . . we ended up . . . well . . . touching each other that night.’ Her voice trailed off as April casually inserted two fingers inside Kellie’s swollen lips and began to move them in and out slowly.

“She’s been begging me . . . to let her . . . watch us . . . ever since,” Kellie panted.

The thought of all of that going on behind my back felt like another blow to the gut. But the feeling was quickly overcome by my arousal at what I was watching. By this time, Kellie had raised her knees a bit to give April better access to her dripping sex, and April was busy moving her fingers in and out faster, while she began to flick and pinch her mother’s clit with the other hand.

Then she paused for a moment and looked up at me with those big brown eyes and whispered, “Please, Daddy, come over here?” There was a question in her voice, but it was clear she knew what she wanted. The question was whether I wanted it, too.

Incest. The word shot through my brain like a bullet. That was what was going on here! Up to that point I hadn’t consciously given it a name.

“God,” I thought to myself, “this only happens on the wrong side of the tracks in some small town in Arkansas.” But I knew better. I knew it happened in big houses and trailer parks. I just never dreamed that it could happen in my house.

We had the “ideal” family. I was an executive with a major company in town and my wife had a career of her own as a graphic designer. April had always been a good girl—excellent student, wonderful daughter, never giving us a moment’s trouble. She was so perfect, in fact, that Kellie and I had struggled mightily when she went away for her first year of college. We had both missed her so much.

It seems that my wife may have missed her for other reasons, too.

But as much as my intellect told me that what was going on was terribly wrong, my arousal was clearly getting the best of me. My cock hadn’t been this hard since I was 17. My heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in my ears. I was breathing so fast that I felt as if I might hyperventilate.

But looking at April pleasuring her mother that way made me forget everything I knew about right and wrong. I simply willed myself not to think of anything outside the confines of our bedroom. This was our own private island, I told myself, and no one but the three of us would ever know what happened here.

With that rationalization thoroughly fixed in my mind, I moved up the bed on my knees, shedding my robe as I went. I lay down beside Kellie and began to kiss her all over—her lips, her neck, her breasts, her belly—as April continued her attentions to her mother’s sex.

Kellie moaned when she realized I had joined them, and she reached over to grip my cock hand and began to stroke it up and down in the same rhythm that April was using to slip her fingers in and out of her mother’s wet pussy. I watched transfixed, as their hands moved at the same sensuous pace. It almost seemed as if April was pleasuring me through her mother.

Suddenly Kellie opened her eyes and sat up, surprising both April and me. “No, wait,” she whispered, struggling to get the words out. Then she let go of my cock and shifted positions, taking April by the shoulders and laying her down on the bed, while parting her legs and moving between them.

Kellie began to kiss April all over . . . her flat belly, around her bare mound and along the insides of both wet thighs. April’s quiet little moans made it clear that her mother knew just how to touch her. Kellie continued her attentions for probably five minutes, all the while allowing her kisses to get closer and closer to April’s tight little pussy, which was slick and shiny by now with her nectar.

I looked at our daughter’s face and saw the serene expression of someone who was exactly where she wanted to be. Her look helped me overcome the serious misgivings that kept creeping into the back of my brain. Slowly, I reached over and began to stroke April’s cheek gently, then pushed her hair back and traced my fingertips over the outline of her beautiful face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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