Alana and the Professor

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Big Tits

I have to admit, at first I was grossed out. My girlfriends and I started renting this nice house with a big backyard and pool. My work schedule gave me time to sunbathe in the morning by the pool. I even sunned myself naked a couple times, thinking no one could see. Even if they could, I was proud of my nice tits and tight body and thought I wouldn’t mind if someone came watching me lie in the sun.

One day though I was on my back, daydreaming about my roommate’s boyfriend’s nice dick and how much I wanted it inside me. I happened to look at an upstairs window of the house next door, one where the curtains were almost always closed. There was our neighbor, Jim, a retired professor of something, standing naked in the window stroking a nice sized and very hard cock. I closed my eyes again, trying to decide if I should run for the house or just play it cool like nothing had happened. I decided to wait and see what the old guy could do.

I opened my eyes behind my big sunglasses and watched as Jim spewed a decent-sized load of cum on the window glass. My first thought was, “ug, gross.” But I could feel my pussy making a wet spot on the skimpy pad of my thong bikini. I was getting aroused watching Jim’s milky semen drip down the window pane. I gathered my things and went into the kitchen where I fucked myself with a large banana. I had never done that before I thought as I came hard and dripped onto the tile floor.

For the next couple weeks I became increasingly risqué during my sunbathing routines. I started removing my top and lying on my stomach, looking almost naked with my little thong strap disappearing into my tight ass crack. I rolled over to see Jim’s hot sperm dripping down the window, as he had gone to get a towel to clean it off. A couple days later, I rolled over in time to see Jim standing in the now open window, shooting jizz into the grass down below. For some reason, I thought that was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen.

That weekend I convinced my roommates to sunbathe naked by the pool. Emma and Rhonda both have killer bodies, and Rhonda has an amazing rack of natural firm young DD tits. Rhonda started talking about getting fucked in the ass the night before by a guy she met at the bar we frequent. It was so hot thinking about her huge tits bouncing back and forth while this guy reamed her ass with a thick 8″ dick that all three of us started fingering our pussies and moaning softly. I found myself cumming to thoughts of sucking Jim’s old guy dick and taking it up my ass.

By the next week I had worked myself into a lather and knew I wanted Jim’s old cock in my holes. I resorted to the oldest trick in the book. Changing into my skimpiest bikini and a sheer cover, I decided to complete the slut look with a pair of red high heels. I went next door, hoping that the other neighbors were at work. Jim answered my knock with more than a mildly surprised look on his face.

“Hi Alana,” he said with a wry grin as his eyes took in my tight little figure. “Gee it’s great you came over, but I don’t have a swimming pool.”

I blushed for effect. “I know, Jim. I’m sorry to bother you, but I want to sun myself today, but I am out of sunscreen and wondered if you have any? The sun today would fry me.”

“Sure come on in while I look for some.” I walked Afyon Escort past Jim into his study, giving my almost naked butt an extra wiggle in case he missed it. I poked around his souvenirs of his many travels in Europe, Africa and Asia. My eyes fell on an ebony carving of what appeared to be a perfectly shaped penis, except for the size. This wooden cock was almost 18″ long and as thick as my forearm.

“Everyone goes for that one first,” Jim startled me, entering the study just as it was running my hand over the bulbous head of this large black wooden dick. “It is a fertility charm, if you will, from an African tribe. Supposed to make your land—and your wives—more fertile.”

“Wow. Yeah,” I said sliding my hand down the shaft. “It’s a bit…intimidating.” Why was my pussy getting wet touching this piece of wood?

Jim laughed. “It’s a lot to take in, so to speak. Here is some sunblock.” He reached out to hand me the tube. My eyes fell to his loose-fitting drawstring pants, tenting with a nice rigid cock. It looked bigger close up. I set the black cock down and bent over, putting my elbows on his desk. I looked over my shoulder at Jim, who was clearly looking at my bare ass.

“Would you spread some cream on my back? I haven’t had any there in awhile.” I bit my lower lip for effect.

“My pleasure, Alana,” Jim said, squirting a large mound of sunscreen into his hand. He stepped closer, and as he began spreading the lotion on my shoulder blades, he pressed his hard dick against my ass cheek. I could feel his cock throbbing through his pants. I was getting so wet. He slowly massaged the sunblock into my skin, working his way down my back. His hands were warm and soft. I felt his hand slide under the strap of my bikini top. Then without a word, he unfastened the clasp and I felt my top fall away from my tits. My nipples were rock hard already. Jim put some more cream in his hands and spread it along my sides, fingers brushing my sideboob.

“Mmmm…” I whispered as he touched my breasts. His hands continued around my sides until he cupped a breast in each hand, gently squeezing my nipples between his fingers. He rubbed sunblock into my tits.

“In case you decide to sunbathe in the nude,” he said casually.

“I do, sometimes. Thanks.” I was barely whispering, reveling in his gentle touch.

“I know.” He squirted some lotion onto my ass and began to rub it into my butt cheeks. He slid one hand into my tight ass crack and ventured down, touching my moist taint. I said nothing but wiggled my bum in a sign of approval. He pulled my thong strap aside and spread my ass with one hand while he slipped his other hand down my crack, pausing to touch and press on my pink little anal opening.

I inhaled sharply at the pressure on my asshole. “You’ve seen me sunbathe in the nude?” I asked innocently, knowing the answer. His hand slid across my taint and parted my dripping wet labia.

“Yes Alana. I have appreciated your lovely body on several occasions.” He pushed his thumb into my cunt while his fingers massaged my throbbing clit. “I can hear you cum in my study when you touch yourself. Now let me hear you cum in person.” He began stroking my G-spot with his thumb as the tip of his finger rubbed under the hood of my throbbing clit. How does Afyon Escort Bayan he know that is my perfect spot?

“Uhhhh…fuck…yeah Jim. I’m gonna cum. Cum hard. Touch me just like that. How do you…?”

“Practice. I have been touching, eating and fucking pussy longer than you’ve been alive. Now be a good girl and cum for Daddy…” With that he drew his finger and thumb together, kind of pinching my clit and…fuck I don’t know what he did but my pussy exploded in pleasure.

“Ahhh! AAhhh!! AAAHHHH!! Fuck! Fuck! Yeahhhh!” I squirmed and bucked, but Jim kept the pressure on and I kept cumming. “Jim! What the fuck! Damn!!”

I heard a rustle of fabric as Jim’s pants dropped to the floor. I felt the warm flesh of his shaft settle into my ass crack. He spread my ass a bit more with his thumbs, burying his cock deeper in my crack. He pushed my cheeks, slick with sunscreen, together and began slowly fucking my crack. No one had ever fucked my crack before. My pussy was wetter still.

“Mmmm…nice…” I moaned. Jim slipped one hand around my hip and touched my hot pink clit. I almost came again right then. “Fuck me Daddy!” I gasped. “Fuck my slut pussy Daddy! Please!” Jim said nothing. Keeping a finger on the magic spot on my clit, he lifted his cock from my crack. I braced for the rush of feeling my pussy stretched by stiff cock. Instead, I feel the head of Jim’s cock pushing gently against my pink asshole. “Umph…God…” No one had been in my asshole in awhile and I was tight. “Push Daddy…Fuck my ass Daddy!” The pressure of Jim’s cock finally pried open my tight anus. I wanted him deep…balls deep in my ass.” But Jim just played with my asshole, never pushing more than helmet head of his dick up my ass. God, I wanted his cock in my ass so bad!

“I love watching my cock push open a tight asshole. My favorite thing. You have a beautiful asshole.” Jim slid out of my ass and stepped around the corner of the desk. Holding his throbbing cock in one hand, he grabbed my head by the hair with the other. “Lick the taste of your ass off of my cock Alana.” I must have fucked this guy in a previous life because that is just what I wanted at that moment. I wrapped my lips around his head, sucked gently as my tongue swirled around every inch of his cock head. I opened my eyes long enough to see Jim’s salt and pepper colored pubes. That aroused me even more for reasons I do not know. “Mmmm…yes Alana…suck Daddy’s cock for him. Taste Daddy’s precum…” I sucked harder on his head and squeezed his balls. A small stream of salty precum flowed onto my tongue. I savored the feeling of the wad of precum slithering down my throat. Jim pulled out of my mouth. “Climb up on the desk, on your knees and elbows.” I obeyed, my ass now at Jim’s eye level. He rubbed my ass with his hands before spreading it wide. I could feel his warm breath on my taint and asshole.

I felt the tip of his tongue wriggling against my anus, coaxing it open after being stretched by his dick head. My asshole gave in easily and Jim’s tongue slid up my ass until his lips surrounded my backhole. Some guys try to tonguefuck my asshole, but Jim was all the way up my ass. It felt amazing. Next I felt his fingers slide inside my pussy again. He knew just where to touch me.

“Oh God Jim! Escort Afyon Goddd! Yessss!” He had me on the verge of cumming again, playing with my two holes. “Pllleeeaaasseee! Make me cum Jim! Make meeeeee!” The wave of pleasure flowed from my stretched asshole through my body like lightning. My eyes rolled up in my head. I reached behind me, grabbed Jim’s hair and held his face in my ass. “Eat my nasty ass, old man! Lick it!” I could not believe how deep in my ass his tongue reached. “Gross. But. Do. Not. Stop.”

Jim slid his tongue and fingers from my holes, licking my taint and cleaning up my wet pussy with his tongue. He slapped my ass hard as he finished.

“Jim?” I was still groggy from that last life changing orgasm.

“Yes baby?” He hadn’t called me that yet.

“I want your cock. I want your cum. Will you give it to me Daddy?” Without a word, Jim slid me off his desk, putting my feet gently back on the floor. My elbows were still on the desk. Jim dropped to his knees and I felt him tug my thong off my hips down to the floor. I stepped out of them. Jim stood up and slapped my ass with his cock.

“Is this the cock you want little girl? You want Daddy to breed you like a little whore?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Say it!”

“Yes Daddy. Breed me. Own my slut pussy Daddy.” I felt the tip of his cock slide between my pussy lips then he pushed hard and went deep.

“Oh, fuck Alana…so tight…” Jim murmured. I felt the head of his cock push against my cervix. He grabbed my hips, pulled out and slammed inside me harder. His cock felt so much bigger inside me. Jim got in a rhythm, pounding my pussy harder with each stroke.

“Ooomph…yeah Daddy…fuck me hard…punish me for being such a little whore…fuck me like I let the teachers at school fuck me Daddy.”

“No. More.” Jim grunted with each stroke. “This. Is. Daddy’s. Pussy.” I was seeing stars from his dick slamming against my cervix. His balls slapped against my clit. I was as wet as I have ever been. I reached between my legs and grabbed his balls, slowing his assault on my cunt.

“Cum, Jim. Cum in my pussy. Breed me Daddy.” Jim’s balls pulsed in my hand and I felt a jet of cum shoot inside me. And another. And another. Jim hadn’t made a sound. I felt his thumb push into my asshole, and that put me over the edge. “Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!” I squeezed Jim’s cock harder with my pussy until he cried out.

“Uuuhhh…fuccck…fuck me Alana…give me that tight pussy. Fuck me with that pussy.” Jim was still pumping his seed into my pussy, so much it was dripping out of my pussy onto his balls and my hand. I let go of his balls to eat the cum off of my hand. It was thick, white and salty. I love the taste of cum. I squeezed his cock with my pussy and his rapidly deflating cock slid out of me. I turned and bent to pick up my thong, pausing to suck the cum and pussy juice off of Jim’s beautiful cock. Semen was running freely down my thighs as I stepped into my thong. Jim started out of the room.

“I’ll get something to clean you up.”

“That’s okay. I have to run. I have to clean up and get ready for work. Besides, I like being messy.”

Jim had a quizzical look on his face as I kissed him, threw on my cover and headed for the door. Any neighbor watching would know we had just fucked. Didn’t care. I got to the pool and stripped naked. The sun felt warm on my skin as I sat on the steps, with the water only up to my pussy. I spread my legs underwater and watched in awe as a milky cloud of Jim’s sperm flooded from my pussy.

…to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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