Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 29

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“Alene!” Nadia squealed with excitement “I can’t believe my eyes, you’re back.”

“Well, better believe-em, here I am.” Alene said, both girls smiled. Nadia wasted no time and ran up the stairs, her naked body crushed against Alene’s and the girls hugged and kissed like the long-lost lovers they are.

“Did you mean what you said Alene? Will you marry me?” Nadia asked.

“Yes, I want nothing more…” Alene said, and a grin spread across her face, “But we have to do a few things first.”

“Like what Alene?” Nadia wondered.

“Listen up girls!” Alene called for attention, “We have a long day before us so listen. First of all, while you made amends in here, I fixed everything with my magic. Angie and Nicky, no need for your peds anymore, Jen, just think what size you want your cock to be. Girls, you can go out and buy anything your heart desires now, we got money again!” The girls cheered for Alene. Jen yelled with joy as her monster cock shrunk down to no more than an inch. “Second thing, Girls. Our cars are back home, we have an alternative ride for today, but before you see it we have to start here.”

Alene looked around for a moment before she started explaining, “This is my house, this is where Nadia came into my life, two and a half years ago I passed my time in my room upstairs, follow me.” She led the posy up into her suddenly crowded bedroom and rested of her bed, Alene’s cock was suddenly smaller. “I was sitting here, minding my own business,” Alene started playing with her cock, “when all of a sudden…”

Nadia giggled, “I came in,”

“You barged in on Alene playing with herself?” Angie wondered, “Most have been awkward…”

“Not exactly, she was-” Nadia didn’t finish her sentence, a salvo of cum crushed on her face and stopped her. her face and chest drenched with a decent amount of Alene’s cum.

“Yep,” smiled Alene, “This is how Nadia an I got it off, this day is about you girls. I understand now how significant you are in my life and I want you to see it too. Still as shocked as you were that day, right Naida?”

The cum covered lover wiped her eyes open and looked at Alene, “does that mean what I think it means Alene?” she wondered. Alene nodded yes, and Nadia screamed with glee, “You are about to see the best sex I had in my life girls, watch and learn!”

“I don’t get it Naida,” Angie wondered, “Why are you so excited? Alene’s not that big. I mean, sure, she’s bigger than any boy we know but we all saw her much bigger.”

“You are right Angie,” Nadia said as she climbed onto the bed and positioned herself above Alene, “But this was our first time, we fucked all night, it was the first time we started understanding what Alene could do.” As Nadia spoke she positioned Alene’s rod against her slit. Once she finished she looked Alene in the eyes, “Are we really doing this love?” Alene didn’t speak, instead she looked deep into Nadia’s soul as the girl descended, taking the cock into her depths. A delightful moan escaped Nadia’s lips, “Are you using magic love?” she asked Alene as she started sliding up and down her immense pole.

“Only to keep you safe Nadia, what you’re feeling is just us, me and you.” Alene said and lifted her head for a passionate kiss, the girls hugged and whispered sweet words as Alene pumped her length into Nadia, her rode slick with Nadia’s juice. “I know you want more love, and you will get more but we have to move on now.” Alene explained.

“Ohhh…” Nadia moaned, “I understand, do it, I can’t wait.”

Alene kissed Nadia as a frenzy filled her eyes, her cock crushed against Nadia’s cervix, crushing right through into her womb. Suddenly she stopped, her cock firmly pressing against the back of Nadia’s womb. As both girls started screaming with an orgasmic bliss the others noticed what was the cause for the commotion, Alene’s rod pulsed and contracted, pumping into Nadia. Soon her belly started to expend, growing rounder as Alene unleashed her load. It was not what the girls were used to, not the explosion of cum they knew Alene for. This was a slow, romantic emission between two true lovers.

Soon, Nadia straightened her back, she sprouted a belly full with cum. Just as soon as it started Alene’s orgasm came to an end. Nadia raised herself onto her shaky legs, taking Alene out of her. The receding cock was followed by an outpour of cum that escaped Nadia.

“You know what comes next, right Nadia?” Alene asked.

“Yes,” The black haired beauty said, she positioned herself next to Alene’s cock and pressed her soft breasts against the cum covered cock, “Jen, you know what happens next, please join us.”

Jen understood what’s taking place, a smile filled her face, “Thought you’ll never ask.” She made her way onto the bed and took Alene’s side. She pressed her boobs against Nadia’s, trapping Alene’s cock between the girls. Alene felt amazing, the soft pillows that surrounded her cock pressed in all the right places. She recalled that, years ago, the girls had a hard time giving her a boob job, they found it ardahan seks hikayeleri hard to synchronize their movements. Alene noticed that Nadia and Jen hugged, kissing each other, they looked at Alene.

“We learned Alene,” Nadia said, and the girls lifted their body until only the very tip of Alene’s cock was visible. “you won’t last long this time.”

“I don’t recall she lasted long last time either,” Jen teased as the girls sunk down. The girls’ pillows became slick with Alene’s cum, making their movement easier, soon they danced together along the rod and Alene started leaking clear pre-cum. “Are you holding back girl?” Jen noticed. It was true, Alene was fighting with everything she had not to cum, her mind barely holding on.

Nadia and Jen stopped moving, they looked at each other, “Want to give her a fighting chance?” Nadia asked.

Jen giggled, “No, I know her, she might have lost this battle, but she is far from losing the war.” Jen leaned forward and kissed Alene’s cock, she sucked a bit of pre-cum into her mouth. “You have to try her Nadia, she tastes so sweet.” Nadia joined Jen and the girls kissed and sucked Alene’s snake, savoring the taste.

The girls were right, moments later Alene yelled, “God, Cuming!!” and her body locked. Her cock pulsating again, parting the girls’ breasts as Alene’s body prepared for what came next. A single stream of cum, as thick as a pinky, made its way out of Alene’s tip, it shot up and crushed against the ceiling. Cum started raining down as Alene released her load, the stream kept going, cum landed on the girls and painted them white, even Angie and Nicky had a few sizable spots of cum on them.

As Alene came down Jen and Nadia released her cock from between their breasts, the pole didn’t drop, instead it pumped a few more times with a demand for more. Alene lifted her back off the bed and looked at Jen, “You’re next…”

Jen needed no one to tell her what she had to do, she rested on her back and spread her legs. Her pussy, a red, dripping morsel waited for what was about to come. Alene got on her hands and knees and approached Jen while Nadia patiently waited her turn. The tip of Alene’s cock started parting Jen’s lips, they opened with little resistance, as if welcoming the massive invader. Inch by inch the gap between the girls closed and soon they were face to face, sharing a loving kiss, “Are you okay Jen?”

“Fuck yes, do me please!” Jen said and Alene complied, she lifted herself onto her knees, her cock still lodged deep in Jen’s womb. She started gyrating her hips, moving in and out and around Jen’s depth. The girls screamed in ecstasy as Nadia moved in, she knew what to do. She hugged Alene’s back, her soft boobs pressing into Alene’s back. Nadia sent one hand to Alene’s right breast and started caressing it as her other hand made its way down and felt around, finding Alene’s lower lips.

Alene looked at the girls below her through bliss filled eyes, she was amazing, her boobs shaking and raising with her gasping breath, her belly showing the outline of the monstrous cock inside her. It was perfect, except for Jen’s cock. It stood there, erect, pulsating with anticipation, Alene knew what she had to do. She reached down and grabbed the pole with both hands, it was thick, but she didn’t care, she lifted it up and lowered her head, taking the head in her mouth, her tongue pressed down as what little space was left in her mouth was filled with Jen’s cock.

“I don’t remember this part,” Jen moaned.

Nadia got up and moved around, Alene noticed her and immediately understood the girl’s plan, she reluctantly let Jen’s cock leave her mouth. Nadia positioned herself over Jen, the girls’ nipples brushing against each other. “Do you remember this part Jen?” Nadia teased, Alene aimed Jen’s cock to Nadia’s slit.

“Pretty sure this didn’t happen.” Jen teased, shoving her cock up and parting Nadia’s lips.

“Well…” Nadia said as her body sank down and her hips met with Jen’s, “Do you remember now?” the girls didn’t wait for an answer, they started fucking and moaning and enjoying the electric ecstasy that filled their bodies.

Nicky and Angie watched as the show on the bed went on. “They are so hot” Angie commented, her eyes transfixed on the girls.

“Amazing…” Nicky answered, hypnotized.

“Want to fuck me?” Angie said but Nicky didn’t answer. Angie got her answer as she felt Nicky’ penis press against her pussy. Nicky was so turned on by the display of sexual prowess before her that she lost all control. Angie was lifted by Nicky, her cock deep in her womb, “Wow, Nicky, you feel so good, fuck me, I want to feel what they’re feeling.”

Nicky didn’t answer, instead she did something that started a chain reaction. She pressed her hand against Angie’s right breast. A jet of milk launched out of Angie’s punk nipple and sailed through the air, it crushed against Nadia’s boobs. This was enough for Nadia, she felt the edge slip between her fingers as her pussy tightened along Jen’s monster cock. Jen felt it too, she was fighting her dual orgasm since she entered Nadia’s tight pussy, but this was all she needed, both her pussy and her cock exploded as her mind was fried with the overload of a double orgasm. In a flash Nadia’s belly expended and Alene’s cock was crushed in her womb. Alene lost it as well, pumping her own load into Jen and inflating her own belly as it pressed against Naida’s.

Nicky saw what she did and felt Angie orgasm around her own cock, she saw no point in holding back and as her cock pulsated and pumped Angie’s belly inflated with gallons of cum and sending her into her own orgasmic heaven.

The girls were all to lost in their heavens and didn’t notice how much cum they unleashed, while Alene was the most prolific, Jen and Nicky didn’t fall much behind. The bed overflowed and soon a waterfall of cum cascaded down the stairs and flooded the living room.

Once the girls came down Alene took control, “I know you all want to keep fucking but we need to stop,” she pulled her rod out of the protesting Jen, “Come ‘on girls, take them out, we have to move on.” Groans filled the room as the girls parted.

The room was covered in cum, Alene led the girls down stairs where they found the living room, filled to knee level with their combined juices. Alene walked over to the door that led to the street and explained, “We will soon go outside, don’t worry about being naked, people won’t notice you.” Alene opened the door and cum flooded the street, she walked outside to prove the spells worked. No one noticed the naked, cum covered futa, the girls followed outside, “this house served us well, wouldn’t you agree girls?”

Angie nodded yes, “I didn’t live here but it would seem you three had a wonderful time here.”

“We did,” Nadia confirmed, “but it was too small for us…”

“Don’t you think this house deserves a good ending girls?” Alene wondered.

“It does.” Both Jen and Nadia agreed. Alene looked at it and started whispering a spell, in moments the cum was gone and the house was furnished completely differently. Next, a family of three appeared, two parents and a little girl, they had a dog that played with the girl. The mother closed the door and Alene looked at Nadia, “A fitting end to our first house, right?”

“More than fitting, so what next?” Nadia asked.

“Well, girls, get in the van, we are going to visit Tobbuc Inc.” Alene declared and turned around to her van, it was huge and spacious, filled with everything the girls could want, the driver didn’t ask any questions, the moment the girls were settled in her took off.

The two-hour drive went by uneventfully, with all the talking and chit-chat they arrived at the basement parking before they knew it. “well, let’s go girls,” Alene said as she called the elevator. Once it arrived the girls crammed inside, each girl grasping and tagging at the organs around her. Here and there a yelp of pleasure escaped one of the girls as the elevator made its way to the top floor.

The doors opened, and the five girls poured into Paula’s office. Paula heard them and turned her head, “Alene, I’ve been expecting you.”

“Well, we are here, is everything as we settled?” Alene asked. The girls had no idea what she and Paula were talking about.

“Yes, everything is as you asked, mistress.” Paula confirmed

“Good girl, Paula.” Alene encouraged Paula, “after me girls,” she said and made her way to the balcony, leaving Paula behind.

The balcony didn’t change since Alene’s last visit, the furniture was replaced after she used it and the window between the office and the balcony was replaced as well, but other than that everything was the same. “Well, this part is Angie’s,” Alene declared, “We had a really bed time here.”

“Right,” Angie confirmed, “Paula made us get together,”

“That’s a nice way to put it. I am sorry for the way it happened but, looking back, I am happy we got together.” Alene smiled.

“Me too, it was one of the best moments in my life.” Angie agreed.

“Do you remember that day?” Alene wondered.

“Yes, how could I forget the day I met a sex goddess?” Angie said as she made her way to the sofa and sat down, she tapped the cushion next to her, signaling Alene to join her, which she did.

“What was the most memorable moment?” Alene wondered, the girls started to understand where this was going.

“The car…” Angie whispered.

“Want to do it again Angie? Show the girls?” Alene wondered, before Angie could answer Alene leaned forward and whispered in Angie’s ear.

“Three times yes! I would love that Alene Raven.” Angie agreed as a smile filled her face.

Alene closed her eyes, she wanted this moment to be perfect, she took a deep breath and focused. Before the girls’ eyes her cock started growing, at first it lengthened and reached higher and higher into the sky, soon enough it was longer than Alene. Next came the girth, the long, slander pole started to thicken. None of the girls were impressed with this growth, they all knew Alene was capable of more, yet Angie was mesmerized, it was not the size that caught her attention but the whole situation.

Back in the office Paula left her desk and walked over to the balcony entrance, with everything Alene did to her she still felt a cardinal need burning within her soul. She had to watch Alene and her girls. She looked beyond the marveling girls and saw it, Alene and Angie, just as she remembered them. Angie’s breasts were bigger, so big she managed to wrap them around Alene’s monstrosity. Patiently, Angie did her part, her cleavage glided along the length, she couldn’t reach the top as it was too high, but she used her boobs gracefully to take care of the bottom three fourth of Alene’s cock. Milk streamed freely out on Angie’s engorged nipples onto the sofa and the floor.

The girls looked at each other with lustful eyes. “I’m close Angie, you know what to do,” Alene enunciated in a shaky voice. Angie giggled and sent her arms around her boobs, she was to big for her hands to meet on the opposite side, but she hugged her breasts with all her might. She used her body to move up and down a few more time.

“Ahhhhhh!” was all Alene could utter, the girls all understood what was taking place, the futa before them was coming. Her cock was flexing intensely, preparing to bath the balcony in white.

With each mighty pump the air grew denser, the girls waited for the wonder that is Alene Raven’s body. Each pulse shook Angie’s body and pushed gallons of milk out of her breasts. “Is everything well Alene?” Nadia asked with a worried voice as over a dozen flexes shook Alene’s rod but still no cum came out.

“Do it Angie!” Alene screamed, ignoring Nadia’s question. Angie was well aware of what was coming. She removed her hands, sending one to massage her nipple while the other ran down to her crotch to play with her clit. The blonde’s hand had no chance, before she could reach all the way down Alene’s balls exploded, crushing against the girl’s pussy and lifting her off the sofa, she orgasmed the moment she touched Alene’s sack. Both girls were so lost they didn’t notice the sofa giving way under the immense weight.

Alene on her end was locked in place, her mouth opened with w voiceless scream. This time her cock didn’t pulse, an overwhelming roar filled the balcony as the cock expended even bigger, parting Angie’s colossal boobs.

The jet that left Alene’s cock was as thick as she was, the girls were so amazed they felt like they were watching a slow motion movie, the rope reached higher and higher to the air, it went on and on into the blue, before long the girls couldn’t see it’s end, just a cord of cum that started at Alene’s tip and went up to infinity.

The girl didn’t understand the sight before them, they were all amazed by the goddess that rested on the broken sofa. “Did you just launch your load into orbit?” Nicky wondered. At that moment the roaring stream of cum came down from the heavens, right next to the balcony, it plummeted to the street below them. The girls rushed to the side and caught the cum as it reached the street, Alene was still releasing more and more of the stream.

It touched down between two traffic lanes. The girls had a hard time seeing what was happening as cum covered everything but noticed cars flipping and the concrete street cracking, the amounts were something the girls never imagined possible. In moments the street was flooded, people tried to escape the cum tsunami that covered everything in its path.

Alene brought the girls back to the balcony, she sighed with exhaustion as the rope finally left her body and her orgasm ended. Angie was a mass of blonde, she gasped for air, “God, Alene, thank you, that was amazing!” she whispered.

“Thank you, Angie, I loved it! I am sorry, but we must go, we are running late.” Alene said and got up, her cock and balls shrunk as she did.

“Well, we don’t want to spoil anything for you Alene,” the girls agreed and joined her on the way out.

Paula blocked their way into the office, “Please Alene, I know this isn’t what we plannd but I want to ask something of you.”

Alene stopped in her tracks, “Okay Paula, what is it?”

Paula hesitated for a brief moment, “Fuck me right here on the balcony!”

Alene assumed Paula will have a hard time restraining herself after seeing Angie, she looked at the watch in Paula’s office, it was 14:12. “Ok, I have about three minutes, come here. Girls go inside please.” Everyone did as asked.

Alene magically removed Paula’s suite and shifted the girl before her on all fours, facing the balcony. Alene shoved her foot-long cock into Paula with little care for her partner. “I have no time for you, I will fill you up now, after a few days you’ll drain enough to move. Go back to your home, your husband will wait for you there, remember your summer house belongs to me now, do you understand Paula?”

“Yes Goddess, thank yo-” Paula started saying but Alene didn’t care, her cock exploded halfway across the balcony, starching Paula’s belly with it. The girls heard a noise they could only describe as an explosion. The looked away in panic.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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