Alex and Emma Pt. 11

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I opened my eyes to pitch blackness. The alarm clock said it was just after two in the morning. I was shivering despite the blanket and sheet over me. Or Alex’s warm body behind me.

After a hot shower, I felt a little better. Clean, at least. But my chest was tight, now that I was awake and remembering what had gone down hours ago. I refused to cry about how far he’d pushed me, though. I could let go—break down—in a scene, but I needed to remain strong otherwise.

Not wanting to go back into the office yet for my own clothes, I rummaged in his closet and found a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sweat pants. In the kitchen, I made a pot of coffee then curled up on the couch under a throw blanket.

My hands wrapped around the mug, I sipped the caffeine while staring out the window into the darkness broken by a lone streetlight. The orangish glare looked distorted. It wasn’t until there was a flash of lightning that lit up the quiet street that I realized it was because the window was wet.

The longer I sat there, the less I recalled our latest encounter. My brain seemed to empty out of all thoughts. Instead, it filled with the sound of the increasing rain. Rumbles and cracks of thunder and more lightning. And that eventually made my eyelids drift until I dozed off again.

I dreamed that I was being cuddled. Kissed. But when I woke, I was on the couch by myself. And I smelled bacon.

Dreary morning daylight came in through the windows over the back of the couch. I yawned, stretched, and rolled over to see Alex at the stove.

For the longest time, I just stared at his backside. Noticed how trim he was, his T-shirt tight across his shoulders. That his legs were toned beneath the hem of his baggy shorts that just barely hid his ass. He kept running his hand through his already-messy hair, alternating between scratching at the back of his neck and using a spatula in a frying pan.

I sat up and pulled the blanket around me. “Well, wonders will never cease. He does know how to cook.”

Alex spun around, spatula in hand, his jaw dropping.

“And, he can be surprised.” I smirked at him then stood after noticing my discarded midnight cup of coffee. “Good morning, Alex.”

His jaw back in place, he smiled, his gaze dropping then rising to meet mine again. “Good morning, Emma. I see you found something to wear.”

I paused halfway to him. “Is that okay?”

“Yes. Don’t you know by now that a man loves to see his woman in his clothes? Even sweats. It’s damn sexy.” He gave me another once-over. “You look better in them, anyway.”

My breath hitched for a moment at his words—”his woman”—before I echoed his movements. I added a sweep of a hand down his backside once I’d completed my approach. It rested on his ass, caressing. “Oh, I think you fill them out quite nicely yourself.”

His left hand captured the back of my neck and pulled me to him, his kiss soft at first. But when I returned it, his hand tightened. He increased the pressure. Added his tongue. When his right hand stroked my cheek, though, I ducked and slipped out of his hold.

“Uh, uh. You know what can happen in the kitchen. Don’t burn my breakfast.” There was a soft snort behind me, but I ignored it and proceeded to get a fresh cup of coffee.

“You weren’t in bed. Everything okay?”

I nodded. “Woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.”

“So what did it? The shower? My clothes? The coffee? The couch? Maybe the rain?”

“All of the above, I think.” I took a sip from my mug, closed my eyes for a second, and sighed. When I opened them, Alex was staring at me with a crooked smile. “Wait, I wasn’t dreaming, was I?”

He moved the pan off the burner and gently took the mug from my hands. “Maybe you were. Though I’d like to believe when you moaned, it was because I was holding and kissing you.”

“Uh, huh,” I whispered as his arms surrounded me. Pulled me up to his chest. I swallowed hard.

“Like this.” His lips brushed mine so lightly it tickled.

By instinct, my tongue darted out, licking my lips. And then I was moaning at his deeper kiss. At his tongue pressing for entrance then delving into my mouth when I opened for him.

His hands moved all over my back, up into my hair, down to my ass. And then he stepped back.

I blinked at him, gasping.

“I don’t like my breakfasts cold. Come, let’s eat.”

It took another second before I could move. Then I grabbed him a cup of coffee while he plated up scrambled eggs and bacon.

We took our usual seats and ate in silence, though we did a lot of staring at each other.

It occurred to me that the last time we’d been here, it was under a completely different atmosphere. I prayed this weekend wouldn’t end the same way.

After the dishes were cleaned up, I curled into his embrace in one corner of the couch, the blanket over us both. He’d turned on the TV and flipped to a home improvement show. But it was just white Kartal Olgun Escort noise because he turned my head and claimed my lips again.

“This,” I whispered when we came up for air.

He brushed my hair back from my forehead. “Hmm?”

“This is what I want today. Relaxing, just like this.” I stared up at him, my head leaned back against his shoulder. “Please, Sir.”

“No sex, Little One?” he whispered then landed a peck on the tip of my nose.

“No sex.” Though the thought of that made me tremble. “Well, maybe a little. I need to recover. Because you know, I’m old.”

“God, you’re adorable.” He chuckled then kissed me fully on the lips. “As you wish, Little One.”

And he was true to his word. We spent the whole day on the couch making out, dozing, and actually watching the occasional show. Except for those two times that we had sex. Once in a sixty-nine and once with him on top doing it nice and slow.


We’d gone to bed at a decent hour. And I slept through the night. In the morning, I’d woken to him holding me…caressing me. Which led to very nice morning sex with me on top and his hands alternating between my breasts and hips. Afterwards, we took a shower together.

I’d warned him that I was putting my own clothes back on. But he still gave me a sad smile while he toweled off.

I sighed. “I’m sorry, Alex. I hadn’t planned on spending the night, much less the whole weekend. I have to do a couple of things, but I’ll come back.”

“What had you planned?” he whispered. The towel hit the floor a second before he ran the backs of his fingers down my cheek.

I pushed away the thought that he was standing there naked while I was completely dressed. Though I did lean into his touch and close my eyes. “To return your key.”

The pad of his thumb brushed across my lips. “What made you change your mind?”

I whimpered, resisting wanting to lick my lips. To touch him. Taste him. God, we’d just had sex. Who was insatiable now?

“Tell me,” he whispered, not letting up on the slight pressure as his thumb continued to sweep back and forth. “Tell me, Emma.”

Slowly, I opened my eyes. I whispered back, “That works both ways, you know.”

His hand dropped, and he tilted his head, his eyes losing some of their light.

“We have to have open communication, Alex.” I reached up and kissed him softly. “I have errands to run. I won’t be gone all day. I’ll bring back some early dinner.”

“Emma?” His voice sounded…scared.

I cupped his cheek. “I will be back. I promise. Do you trust me?”

He noticeably swallowed. Started to nod his head but then said, “Yes.”

“Good.” I kissed him again. Before I turned to leave, I added, “The answer to your question is ‘Us.’ “

“I think I understand.” But the creases in his forehead indicated he didn’t…not fully.

“There’s something between you and me, Alex. Something strong. And I don’t think I can resist it.” I left him alone to let that soak in.


After getting some groceries then spending a few hours at home doing laundry and picking up after myself now that I was out of my funk, I grabbed some fast food sandwiches before heading back over to Alex’s place.

We ate in that weird silence again at the table. Maybe we should stop using that piece of furniture. At least for that purpose. Especially since the quiet time gave me reason to process my thoughts.

I couldn’t stop thinking about his voice—the look in his eyes—before I’d left this morning. It reminded me that my decisions affected others. That my absence this past week had apparently been hard on him, as well. And my early departure today had worried him. Maybe that I was lying about returning.

Once we’d finished our food, I cleared the wrappers and went to toss them in the garbage. When I turned back around, Alex was on his knees beside my chair, facing me with his hands behind his back.

I blinked at him for a minute, my hand to my chest. Of all the things suddenly on my mind, the one that decided to come out of my mouth did so accusatorily. “You want to switch now?”

“I hope you’re not mad at me.”

My eyebrows furrowed. “For what?”

“Friday. I realize that I was a little…rough. I fear I went too far. That I’m driving you away all over again.”

“I’m not mad.” I looked down at him sternly, trying not to sigh. “Just disappointed.”

He whimpered at that, his head bowing. “I-I’m sorry, Mistress. How may I atone?”

I returned to my chair and sat heavily, my hand absently resting on his head. “I thought you would be…different. Not all about the ‘torture’ aspect. That you would have some mercy after so long without giving me relief. Then I considered it was my punishment. Maybe I hadn’t handled last weekend so well. I’d realized my haste once I was here again.”

“I-I’m so sorry I made you feel that way, Mistress.” He dipped his body even lower now, placing his forehead almost on the ground. Then he repeated, “I’ll do anything to atone.”

Well, Kartal Sarışın Escort I guess, it could be worse. He could be sadistic.

A little switching wouldn’t kill me. I just had to be more…dominant. Strict. Not let him get the upper hand when it came to when and how he found release. Because last weekend, although he’d put me in charge, he had still controlled his orgasms.

Which gave me a brilliant idea.

“I sent you something this afternoon. Did you read it?” I crossed my legs and sipped the remnants of my drink. Prior to last weekend, I’d finished a chapter of a different story than the one we’d discussed. I’d shot it off in an Email to him on a whim at home. I’d almost regretted it—letting him into my headspace again—until now.

His whole body shivered. “I have not yet.”

“Then your punishment is to read it before going to bed…and no orgasm.”

His eyes widened. “No orgasm? Please, Mistress, I’m going to need it so bad after that!”

“Was I unclear, Loverboy?”

He lowered his head again, apparently cowed. “No, Mistress. I’ll obey.”

“Good. For questioning me, you will eat my pussy before we go to sleep.”

There was a gasp but nothing else from him.

“Until then, let’s watch a movie.”


Two hours later, after lying on opposite sides of the couch and watching him fidget constantly, I stood and stretched. “Lock up and meet me in the bedroom. I’m spending the night.”

In the bedroom, I pulled back the covers and stripped.

Alex entered just after I had reclined on the bed, pillows piled around me. He paused in the doorway, his T-shirt yanked up to his armpits, his hands on his belt buckle and zipper.

“No. Leave your clothes on.”

His head drooped, but he kept his eyes raised to mine.

I spread my legs, pointed down at the floor, and then held out my hand, gesturing with my fingers to approach. “Do not touch yourself. Do not come. Touch only me. And then you will do your homework before coming to lie down with me to sleep.”

He moaned and got down, crawling across the carpet. At the side of the bed, he knelt, his hands clasped behind his back. “Thank you, Goddess. Oh, thank you! Thank you. I know I don’t deserve this.”

I wanted to roll my eyes at his exaggerations, but I refrained. Instead, I pet his hair, humming. “That’s a good boy.”

He moaned and leaned his head into my touch, his cheeks wet now. “I’m so lucky to have you, Mistress.”

I patted the bed, and he climbed up, kneeling between my legs. His head still within reach, I pet him again and then waved for him to proceed.

Once situated, he leaned down and lightly ran his tongue over my bared flesh, making my hips jump. His tongue stroked more aggressively over my slit on the next pass. It pressed slightly harder into me the third time when he also hummed against my pussy. “I’m determined to satisfy you completely.”

“I will only remind you once,” I said, pausing to lick my lips. The continued ministrations from his tongue felt heavenly, though they were very distracting while trying to think. I swallowed and took a deep breath, my exhale shaky. “I like it sensual. Soft. Slow. And your hands on my body. This will help in your punishment, too. You will be aroused by it. Yet you will be denied any relief.”

Alex groaned but started to caress my body before I’d even finished speaking. His breathing was heavier when his lips found my pussy. Kissing it open-mouthed before covering it and allowing his tongue to slowly dance over and through it.

“Tell me how you feel, Loverboy.” I groaned when his eyes lifted from between my thighs. I would never get tired of the desire reflected there. It was downright sexy. Made my pussy pulse.

“My cock is hard. Throbbing. Almost painful in my jeans.” His gruff voice only increased the passion building in me. “It needs attention that I know I won’t get. That I don’t deserve.”

I smiled down at him, bending my legs to give him access to wrap his arms around my thighs, to which he made accommodations and spread me further. I could hear his ragged breaths, feel his wet lips on the insides of my legs.

His head buried deeper, his groans and slurping sounds telling me he enjoyed the scent and taste while he made love to my pussy. Licking and sucking slowly and tenderly, just as I’d directed, apparently trying to coax an orgasm from me.

My responding moans were soft. My hips arched to his mouth, wanting more. Much more. “Yes, Loverboy. Just like that. Don’t stop.”

His head nodded while he continued eating me, his face so close his nose pressed hard into my folds. He barely came up for air. The moment his moans vibrated against me while his tongue found my clit, circling and sliding wetly over it, he started humping the air.

“Dip your finger inside me then give me your hand,” I gasped, my outstretched fingers grasping at the air for his. “Still those hips, or you’ll go two nights without an orgasm.”

His whimper brushed against my pussy Kartal Şişman Escort before his hips froze. When he nodded again, the hair on his head tickled the inside of my thighs. Then he had me gasping louder while he slowly slid a finger into me, stroked my G-spot, and withdrew and offered his finger.

I licked my lips at the sight of his bulge when he rose up, his body extending after I curled my fingers around his hand and drew it closer. “Look at me, Loverboy.”

He obeyed, and I noticed his eyes were glassy.

Holding his gaze, I brought his hand to my mouth and slowly licked my arousal off his finger. I closed my lips around it. Pressed the flat of my tongue along it. Then I pulled it out a little and moved it back in deeper, leaving it wet when I finally extracted his finger.

He moaned brokenly, his body shivering while he settled back between my legs though his arm remained extended over my body. His mouth focused on my clit again, apparently using every tool in his arsenal to suck and lick me to satisfaction. Though he remained tender.

I sucked his finger again, swirling my tongue around it. Trying not to think too hard about another appendage I would rather have in my mouth. I pulled it out with a pop. “Imagine if this was your cock, Loverboy. Wouldn’t that feel good?”

His nod included a sigh that whispered across my sensitive skin, giving me chills. Then he shook his head back and forth, his stiff tongue sliding side to side over my clit.

“Mmm. Use your fingers, too, Loverboy. Stroke me. Simulate how you would use your cock to please your Mistress.”

His moves were quick. Desperate though deliberate. Precise. He nodded again, his tongue moving up and down now on my clit while two fingers slid up into me, the tips stroking over my G-spot.

I cupped and squeezed my hands around my breasts, watching him between the swollen mounds. Licking my lips. A moment later, his eyes locked with mine again, his desire evident in the shininess that remained. His fingers moved deeper, beckoning me toward the edge. To let go. “Oh, God! Good boy!”

He moaned happily. Thrust faster.

“Gentle! Gentle! Yes, just like that. Don’t rush it.”

Another nod from him, his fingers slowing even more. Their pace matched that of his tongue. Gently stroking over my most sensitive places. Edging around my entrance where his fingers rubbed against the pulsing ring.

“Yes! Don’t stop!” I gasped, my back arching. Wanting to watch him but my vision blurring. My right hand shook when I reached down to find his head, my voice a mumble now. “Such a good boy.”

We lay there, alternating between panting and moaning. Him fingering inside me while licking outside. Me twisting my nipple while stroking his hair.

After a flutter of an orgasm, I patted his head then tugged a little on his hair. “Come here, Loverboy. Lie beside me. Suckle my breast. Keep stroking my pussy with your fingers. And do not touch yourself.”

Alex whimpered but moved to my side. Though he kept tilting his head back a little, sniffing, his eyes drifting closed.

“Hmm, what is it?”

“Your scent.” He paused, the corners of his mouth curling up after a moment. “It overwhelms me. Makes my mind go blank. Hazy.”

I smiled back, even though he couldn’t see, and ran my fingers through his hair again.

He leaned his head into my hand then dipped his lips to my nipples, worshipping them one at a time while slowly filling my pussy with three fingers now.

It was my turn to close my eyes. Moaning. My hips rising and falling against his hand. “Oh! Such a good boy. Just like that. Make Mistress come undone.”

His head nodded against my chest, his mouth taking hold of one nipple gently.

“Mmm. Yes, Loverboy. Use your teeth.”

Alex moaned against me, alternating between nipping and sucking. Tugging with teeth and twirling his tongue around my engorged tips.

That tingling, tightening sensation was building again in my gut. I was determined to take it as long as I could, though I couldn’t stop shuddering from the continuous strokes of his fingers inside and out. I held tight to his hair with both hands now, moving his head around my breasts to wherever it felt good. My hips rose then suddenly stilled when his fingers slid in at a different angle.

I couldn’t breathe. I squeezed my eyes tight. There. It was right there.

He moaned against my chest, his tongue lapping now at my wet skin. His voice was mostly a whisper and half mumbled. “I can’t wait until you come undone. I’m losing my mind, Mistress.”

Gripping his chin, I pulled his face up to mine. “Harder! Faster! Fuck me with your fingers like you want to do with your cock, Loverboy! Kiss me!”

And he did. His mouth smashed against mine. His hand slammed against my pussy. Over and over again. The power of his body overcoming any control I tried to retain.

I gripped his shoulders, digging in with my nails. Moaning against his mouth. Hips circling and pumping under him. Both trying to get away from his hand but wanting it all the same.

And something he did—maybe all of it—was more than enough. I wrenched my mouth away with a long scream the moment the tension broke loose.

Alex was right there, kissing my neck, ravaging every inch of skin within reach while still thrusting.

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