Alex, Cassie , Jas Ch. 02

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I started this story some time ago and was reminded by a reader that I’d never finished it. So here it is…chapter 2. As always it’s better to read chapter one first. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Ronmac

Jas stood staring at the scene below. His Alex, his beautiful Alex had just filled the pussy of ‘her’ with his seed. Jas was conflicted; anger and lust filled him, his hard cock a testament to the latter, his clenched fists to the former. He relaxed his hands and let his right one explore his length for the third time today. But he wouldn’t cum. His was unwavering in his plan to save his sperm for Alex.


“A goddess has arrived on the island!” Jas greeted Cassie with a huge smile and kisses on her cheeks. Cassie felt the warm embrace of this handsome creature. His cock, having returned to its flaccid state just seconds before, was still large and she could feel the heat of it against her skin. She blushed a little, not from her nakedness or theirs but because she was still wet with Alex’s sperm. She looked into Jas’ eyes and saw nothing of his true feelings.

“Beautiful Jas! You are so full of it but thank you. You are even more beautiful than the pictures Alex has sent me. I can see why he loves you so much.” Jas’ cock twitched a bit at that last comment. Cassie’s hands made their way to Jas’ well-formed ass before the embrace ended. Jas could have sworn that Cassie squeezed his cheeks just before letting go.

Alex was beaming at the sight of Jas and Cassie finally meeting. No detail of the encounter escaped him. He was all too familiar with Jas’ prick to not have noticed the twitch. His own cock suddenly found new life and began to stiffen. He noticed that Cassie had managed to feel Jas’ luscious bottom. He knew that Cassie was as found of licking a tight asshole as he was. Maybe later he and Cassie could enjoy the spicy taste of Jas’ sphincter together.

“Alright you two, it’s time for the formal introductions.” Alex said. “My darling Cassie, let me introduce you to my island companion and lover, sivas escort Jas. Jas, this is the delicious and very hot Cassie Lee.” All three laughed at this unnecessary gesture by Alex and it seemed to calm them a little. Alex’s prick stopped its ascension. “Jas, let’s show Cassie to her room and then we’ll retrieve her things. She’s probably tired from the flight.”

Not from just the flight, Cassie and Jas thought simultaneously.

The two men left Cassie in her room and made their way back into the warm Caribbean day and to the dock. When he was sure that Cassie was safely out of earshot Jas spoke to Alex. “My god, boss! She’s stunning! I have a confession to make. I watched the two of you from the balcony. I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t mean to be a voyeur but I heard the plane’s arrival.”

“I knew you were watching,” Alex said. “I caught sight of you while Cassie was riding me. It’s fine, Jas. I want things to be as normal as possible while she’s here. You and I are spoiled in this Paradise and honestly I can say that I could spend the rest of my days with only you and that fantastic prick of yours to keep me satisfied. Cassie is part of my past and let’s not forget that she publishes the books that keeps us here and in such luxury.” Alex stopped and turned Jas toward him. He kissed Jas passionately as if to seal what he had just said. Jas moaned as Alex’s kiss melted him once again, their tongues making familiar love to each others. Their bodies were covered in a thin layer of sweat from the warming day. Alex made his way down to Jas’ nipples, tasting the saltiness of his body. He suckled Jas’ breast, something that elicited more moans from Jas. Alex grabbed the stiffening member of Jas and stroked it lovingly.

“I also noticed that you didn’t take care of this while Cassie and I were fucking,” Alex said. “Want me to take care of it now or can you stand it a little while longer?” The dick in Alex’s hand was now at full attention and leaking pre-cum. He squeezed the brown cock, causing more tekirdağ escort fluid to flow. He brought a bit to his lips and smeared the clear liquid across them. Jas licked Alex’s lips and tasted his own familiar semen.

“Promise me some time alone with you later and I’ll wait,” Jas replied. “I’ve cum twice today. I want my next eruption to be a memorable one for you. Watching you and Cassie today will guarantee that. And I have work to do, boss, like getting these things to the house and dinner to prepare. Just one more thing, boss. I need just one small taste of your ass to get me through the day. I promise just one.”

Without a word Alex turned around and dropped to his knees on the dock. This request was not unusual for Jas and Alex always allowed this knowing that Jas couldn’t stop with just one taste. Sometimes Jas would spend hours devouring Alex’s puckered anus causing Alex to climax over and over. Jas gently pushed Alex’s back and Alex placed his head on the dock, a position that raised his ass towards Jas. Jas went to his knees and began to rub Alex’s buttocks. He placed his thumbs at Alex’s crack and opened it. Jas brought his face close Alex’s asshole and inhaled the musky aroma. A shudder went through Alex. He pushed out so that the sensitive ring of his sphincter would protrude. Alex groaned as Jas’ tongue attacked the tight hole. Jas put his long tongue as far into his lover as it would go. He sucked on the ring while jabbing into Alex’s asshole over and over. Then he stopped suddenly and rose to his feet. Alex stayed open and vulnerable for a moment longer, enjoying the breeze on his freshly tongued asshole. Alex got to his feet.

“Just one more thing for you,” Alex said as the two men gathered the luggage and supplies. “I told you. No more ‘boss’!”


Cassie had stayed in her room only long enough to take care of her need to use the bathroom. The plane ride and the excitement of making love to Alex again had caused her need to pee to intensify. As she sat on the toilet tokat escort she noticed that her clitoris was still swollen. It peeked from her pussy lips, red, inviting her touch. She rubbed her mound as she pissed and was glad she had the foresight to have waxed just a day before flying here. Cassie loved touching herself while she peed. Her flow was strong and caused her pussy to vibrate. Her engorged clit sent pleasure sensations to her brain. She finished and sat on the bidet to cleanse herself. The warm water from the bidet’s jet caused her to shudder as a small orgasm rushed through her.

Finishing there, Cassie walked back out on the balcony where earlier Jas had watched her take Alex’s cock and cum inside her pussy. She saw the two gorgeous men as they kissed. Cassie stared lovingly and jealously as Jas worked his tongue into Alex’s asshole. Her tongue escaped her lips for a moment as if she were the one doing the rimming. A warm breeze reminded her of her nakedness. “No clothes while on the island,” she thought. “Not a bad idea.” Cassie reached between her legs and gathered a small drop of wetness from her cunt. She brought it to her lips and drew it in with her tongue. “Not bad at all.”

Several miles away Captain Ron sat naked in the pilot’s chair of his plane. His cock was in his right hand, his balls in his left. His cockhead peeked from his foreskin as he stroked his shaft. Pearls of precum leaked from the tip. He wanted to cum quickly but savored the sensation of jerking off. Ron would squeeze his testicles and more precum would flow. His dick was now slick with it. He closed his eyes as the point of no return hit him. A thick wad of cum went flying from his cock and landed on his face. Four more mighty blasts followed, landing on his bare chest and stomach. Ron pulled his cock until every last ounce of cum had been drained from his balls. He would leave the sticky fluid there to dry on his skin, a reminder of the day and of his feelings for Alex. He’d have to get dressed before he landed but he’d know that the sperm was still there. Captain Ron opened his eyes and gazed out at the open sea through the cockpit glass, his cock beginning its descent south. He turned his plane in that direction as well.

Captain Ron never noticed the boat loaded with 5 people headed toward Alex’s island.

To be continued…

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