Alex Goes Slave Shopping

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Big Dicks

It’s so much easier to get slaves these days. Ever since Sybilla SlaveMistress opened her Saturday morning slave market downtown. Previously, girls who wanted to work as sex slaves had to either take out advertisements on PlasmaVision or undertake tiring personal visits to potential Mistress’s residences.

My last slave had left to marry and settle down in unholy matrimony with the girl of her dreams. Bloody nightmares more like I thought when Abigail first introduced me to Tommie. But after a few heart to hearts I realised the big Diesel with a heart of gold wasn’t interested in taking advantage of sweet little Abigail and I was happy to give her away.

Fuck, why do I still stereotype people? What hope is there for us lemons when us lemons are so damned un-pc? I guess I still struggle to overcome suspicion of other Butches. Which is odd, really, because I don’t mind a fuck with another Butch from time to time, specially in a three-or-moresome. Well, really, if I admit it, I don’t mind fucking anyone. Why limit yourself to a “type” when the world is full of beautiful women? Ever since men became extinct, once the Sperm Wars of the late 24th century rendered them sterile and made women able to fertilise each other, women have stopped needing to compete with each other. But, I guess Mother Nature is harder to overcome than a few billion men.

Never mind. I digress. I had been unserviced for nearly a week, and it was time to do something about it. I had tidied up the toy box, lovingly nourished the leather goods, made sure the brass was gleaming, and laid out my attire before going to sleep Friday night.

Look, I like a good dance club, a cruisin’ bar, a post-hockey party as much as the rest of you, but there’s still nothing like having a live-in slave. And now the market has been de-regulated and the government no longer takes a cut, prices have dropped and it is becoming more and more possible to consider the prospect of more than one.

So early Saturday I rose early to make sure I was lookin’ hot. A potential slave deserves to be treated with Respect, and that means presentation is a priority. I began by oiling myself all over, paying special attention to the bits that would be on display – tits, ass cheeks, pussy, arms, neck and nape. Then I put on my best black leather pants (the ones with the cut-out holes for ass and cunt, with the narrow strap of leather across the clit, holding both sides together and rubbin’ the nubbin’) and my matching sleeveless leather jerkin with the tit cut outs. I fastened my best gold chains between my nipple rings and the D rings on the sides of the jerkin, made up my face and checked my hair. I had it freshly shorn yesterday. I had been growing it Kartal Escort out from a military high and tight, and was wearing it in a college cut with severe short back and sides. I had dyed it black with a magenta streak flopping over my forehead. Checked in the mirror that the ass and tit tatts were centred through the cutouts.

Last of all I pulled on pointy toed, cuban-heeled boots, shined so the surface reflected and gleamed, picked up my riding crop, and was off. I strode purposefully through town, greeting my neighbours with a smile and courtly nod as I passed, head held high, tits thrust forward.

Round my neighbourhood there’s a real sense of community. We look out for each other. There is little of that bitchin’ and gossipin’ some dyke-munities descend to. Like when Nest- Of-Femmes over by the business centre was riven by disputes over whether someone’s ex- could invite her ex to a book club meeting.

KaneAnn the tattooist/piercer wished me luck. “Sybilla’s only just got back from her last scouting trip. I hear she’s got the best selection of slaves ever” she offered by way of encouragement. “Looking forward to meeting your new slave, but I sure do miss Tommie and Abigail while they’re away on their honeymoon!”

KaneAnn’s wedding present to the couple had been fresh tatts and jewelry. When Tommie had fastened the gleaming new diamond and platinum clit ring through Abigail’s hood, KaneAnn’s pride knew no bounds. She beamed and masturbated in her leather chair, situated, as the ring-bearer traditionally is, at the left hand side of the matrimonial fuck-lounge. She orgasmed at least thrice as Tommie offered her recently tattooed mound to Abigail. As it was an intimate wedding orgy, attended by only 25 guests, KaneAnn’s orgasms were a critical contribution to the 30 orgasm threshold required for the Registrar to pronounce the union validated. Everyone said it was the best wedding orgy they had ever attended. One couple dealing with a severe case of Lesbian Bed Death were tentatively exploring each others’ cunts after the Witnessing. (see story Abigail and Tommie get married)

The moment I walked in and began to inspect the offerings at Sybylla’s Slave Market I knew I would be alone no more. She had obviously been scouring the Galaxy for the best slaves to be found. There were slender, long-haired Asians, fiery red-heads, blonde beach babes, cute baby dykes, sporty semi-sub-switches, tall and willowy bombshells with that special slave-contempt look some like my pal Dorothy go for.

Now, I am the analytical type. As a physicist I’ve been trained to approach all such moments using a scientific method. I was going to have to thoroughly check what Kartal Escort Bayan was on offer before buying.

Sybilla came and licked my nipples in greeting and told me to take my time choosing, she was sure she would have the slave to make me happy. I walked down to the trading floor and chose 7 likely candidates. Sybilla had them brought up to the blue velveteen selection room. The first thing I did was ask the girls to get on all 4s and tilt their asses as high as possible. I wanted to assess their natural stance. Three girls kept their legs too close together, so I immediately dismissed them, with a smile and nod. Someone else would be sure to want the type of girl whose legs had to be prised apart, but that’s not my line. Next I went to stand in front of each in turn to see what their inclination was. This has always worked for me and enabled me to make a final choice.

The first girl immediately went for my crotch, scraping her finger nails across my leather. I kicked her butt right out of there. Presumption!

As I passed down the line, the second, third and fourth all immediately bowed their heads and licked my boots. Good! Maybe Numbers Three and Four just copied Number Two, so I had them move around their order in the line. I ordered them to do whatever they wanted; in effect I was inviting them to showcase their talents.

Chen was a pert slender, yes, boi-ish Asian, with narrow hips and waist and small tits. She had an exceptionally muscular ass, and she chose to masturbate onto an enormous leather cock attached to a dildo-holder on the floor, while slowly inserting a fluro buttplug into her ass between her magnificent buns. I admired her show and imagined myself strapped on and fucking her from behind. She showed real potential to train as a Switch as well…. I wouldn’t mind watching her glutes as they pumped another. And, yes, the first beads of juice started glistening in my bush as I watched.

The second candidate was plump and curvaceous , with dangling melon-tits and nipple rings. I am a real sucker for curvy girls and Ilona’s thick straight red hair and alabaster skin made her stand out even more. I pictured the contrast to my dark brown complexion. She lay down with her legs folded under her, tilted her mound with its neatly trimmed auburn bush upwards and spread her cunt lips wide with one hand. She probed her hole and her slickened fingers plunged back and forth. Eventually from within her gaping cunt she pulled out 2 gold chains, almost identical to the ones adorning my tits! She hooked them through her nipple rings and looped the other ends to her index fingers. Now as she continued to frig herself, she simultaneously pulled Escort Kartal her nipples long and taut.

My eyes darted back and forth between these two babes, wondering who would make herself cum first! Juices were trickling down my inner thighs now, and my nipples were hard and flushed.

I had nearly forgotten number 3, Meriam, who was a Middle Eastern beauty wearing a half-face covering. Her black eyes were like liquid jet! She did something simple and sensational. She crawled towards me, placed a small footstool at my left foot, gently picked up my foot and placed it on the stool. She then sat astride my foot and humped the top of my boot, looking straight into my eyes with her gorgeous eyes. She then got down on her elbows, her ass pointed skywards, and licked her slick from my boot. She repeated this with my right foot. She then crawled towards each of the other girls, and she proceeded to fondle and lick them in turn. Here we had that most rare of creatures – a slave’s slave! She had united with the two into a threesome with no fuss or ado.

Sybilla reapeared and smiled. “You crafty SlaveMistress”, I shook my head. No wonder she is the best in the business. Sybilla had once again anticipated my needs impeccably! She KNEW I was looking for two slaves, so she had made sure I had met two who matched my desires perfectly, and then found a THIRD who was a sub’s sub! I was powerless to resist. Sybilla now sucked my nipples, rolling them around on her soft tongue, gently pressuring them with her teeth, in the traditional gesture of acceptance of my offer for the three slaves. In one morning I had gone from slaveless to acquiring a harem.

The standard contracts were signed, and Chen, Ilona and Meriam accompanied me home. Each agreed to serve me sexually for as long as there was mutual enjoyment. Should I no longer require their services, I am obliged to pay 40% of the contract total, in addition, to the slave so that she may look for a new position. Of course, my slaves are respected members of my household and free to pursue their own interests and friendships, so long as they are available for my sexual needs 4 days and 5 nights of every week. That includes 2 days and three nights when all 3 are on call. Other than that they work out their free days and nights between them.

Oh, those days and nights!

That first night at home, after several hours of exploration and getting to know each other sex, I drifted off to sleep in front of the open fireplace, lying naked on the huge sheepskin rug. My mouth was filled with one of Ilon’a creamy orbs, my hand clasped tight on Chen’s cunt and Meriam, well Meriam had her tongue inserted in my cunny while fingering Ilon’a tunnel. I snatched a 20 minute power-nap before waking to another boisterous and rumbunctious round of fucking. We laughed, we moaned, and our individual cum-noises mingled with each others and created an atmosphere of heightened excitement. It wasn’t til dawn that we all piled into my kingsize bed and slept deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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