Alex, the Good Son Ch. 03

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I woke up around 8:30 am.

It was sunny. According to the meteorologist the maximal temperature in the afternoon was expected to reach 68 degrees. A beautiful day to stroll outside…

Dad must have left the house about an hour ago. I went to check on mom.

Her door was slightly ajar. I peeked in.

Mom was on her back, her eyes staring blankly at the ceiling…

“Mom, are you OK?”

She gazed at me and smiled lovingly, “Alex, life is good! Let me freshen up and then we’ll have breakfast. After that I want to talk to you. I have an idea. See what you think…”

“OK. Call me if you need help!”

“I don’t plan to take a shower now, so I think that I can manage by myself, but thank you…”

While she was in the bathroom, I prepared French toasts, large vegetable omelet, fresh orange juice and chai tea.

She came out with her gown on. Her pretty face was shining and a pony tail hair was nicely arranged.

Mom glanced at the meal and chuckled, “Alex, are you trying to fatten me up or just spoil me?… What you prepared looks delicious, but after eating so many calories, I’ll have to get rid of them somehow… Can you think of a pleasurable way of doing it?…”

“Mom, did I already mention this morning how much I love you?!…”

Smiling, “Not yet, dear. But as I started telling you before, I have an idea. Dad works his ass off every day. You have a long vacation. Because of my back ‘issue’, I took 2 weeks off. Would you like to go with me to a nice warm resort in the Bahamas for several days? The weather is 10-20 degrees hotter than here, so we can go to the beach, swim, stroll around… You can enjoy parasailing, snorkeling, horseback riding and anything else you wish. Once my back is 100%, I may join certain sports too… What do you think?”

“Mom, can we stay in the same room and sleep together on a king size bed?… My intentions are strictly honorable… First, I want to make sure that you don’t fall off the bed during the night. Second, you may need help with your stiff back. Third, you may be able to help me with my stiff… whatever…”

Laughing loud, “Naughty darling Alex, my goal is to be with you! No interruptions. Once we are there, everything will depend only on us. We do not have to look at the watch. We’ll be free as birds…”

“Mom, I love… never mind! You’ll get tired of hearing it if I say it too many times!…”

“Alex, I’ll arrange the flights to Nassau and you find us a nice resort near the beach.”

“Mom, one question. What price range resort you have in mind? Are you willing to spend a lot of money on great resort, or you care about my measly inheritance?!…”

“With your father’s banker’s salary, we can afford any resort we want. Neither one of us was ever a great spender in the past, so let’s enjoy as much as we want! Choose the one you think we can enjoy the most…”

Two days later we were on a flight to the international airport in Nassau. Mom bought tickets in first class…

Was it because of her stiff back or the need to stop scrooging and start living?!… I wasn’t sure.

We arrived in mid afternoon. A short taxi drive and we arrived at the Sandals Royal Bahamian resort.

“Mom, how’s your back?…”

“Why do you think I bought first class tickets?!… I am tired, but my back is now 80 percent fine.”

“We can go to our room, which is on the top floor, and you can rest for awhile. Once you freshened up and ready, we can eat dinner or look around.

“Alex, I’ll read about the resort and in 30-45 minutes we Girne Escort can go eat something.”

“OK. I’ll let you rest. I’ll go down to investigate the area and make reservation for our dinner. I’ll be back in 30 minutes.”

The resort grounds was amazing! I’ve been to good hotels before, but this was by far the most luxurious of all!

A tennis court, multiple pools, private beach, snorkeling and scuba diving equipment, kayaks…

BTW, this resort is for adults only! It’s a clothing optional resort, which was one of the reasons I chose it…

OK, I’ll admit it, it was THE MAIN REASON this resort was selected…

I was back in our room 40 minutes later.

Mom was already dressed. I stood in front of her speechless…

She had on a red minidress. her tits pushed forward nicely with her hard nipples clearly marked… It was obvious that mom had no bra underneath!… Red shiny high heels shoes, a pearl necklace and red hot lipstick completed the marvelous display of perfect femininity…

She saw my reaction and said innocently, “I read about the resort. It’s beautiful. And ‘clothing optional’… Since you chose THIS one instead of any of the ‘more traditional’ ones, I thought that in your imagination our dress code should be based on more ‘less’ and less ‘more’… Anyway, in order to adjust to the rules here, I combined nice dress with less on top. But if prefer a more modest attire, I can put on my bra…”

“God NO! Mom you look so beautiful…”

Mom stared at my throbbing cock, that was threatening to tear my pants… “Darling, you reserved our dinner for right about now, otherwise, I’d be tempted to have a big hotdog in the room…”

On the way mom to the restaurant mom asked me, “Honey, you look great in the nude! Tall, handsome, nice pecks, a 6-pack – The whole package! But, I am much older than you… Are you sure that people looking at me when I’m naked or even just topless won’t laugh or be disgusted? I hate to be a subject of ridicule…”

“Mom, you are nuts! Your body is as sexy as any I’ve seen in Playboy magazine. My concern is that too many men will try to court you and take you away from me! Your naked body is absolutely perfect. The best way for you to understand me is by comparing it to the picture of Venus by Botticelli…”

“You are such a flatterer… I still don’t understand how come you don’t have a girlfriend. Why me?!…”

“Cause I love only you!!! Why is it so difficult to understand?!…”

She kissed me gently on my lips and we entered the restaurant.

Tesoro, the Italian restaurant on the premises had large decorative windows with impressive view of the garden outside.

Earlier, when I reserved our dinner, I slipped the manager a $20 bill to secure a nice seat by the window.

I wanted mom to get a good look at the tropical flowers and plants, especially during sunset time…

As we were walking to our table, I noticed multiple people staring (or shall I say ogling?…) at my mother.

I didn’t blame them. She looked gorgeous with her dark hair now flowing freely around her neck, her short red dress that looked as if it was glued to her body…, her sensual walk (perhaps ‘sway’ may describe it better…), her hard nipples that were pushing forward like 2 flash light leading the way…

We sat down. Mom watched the outside and sighed.

“Mom, is everything OK?!”

“It’s so beautiful here… I was just thinking how much time I’ve wasted on work and as a homemaker, missing out on so Magosa Escort much beauty…

I vow to start living again! Alex, thank you again for bringing me to this amazing place!”

“Mom, YOU are the one who suggested to have good time in the Bahamas! I need to thank you…

And BTW, with so many people here eyeing you, I suspect that we’ll meet some of them soon. To avoid a potential embarrassing moment, I recommend that instead of mother & son, you’ll be a cougar name Venus and I’ll be your escort name Sandro…”

Mom laughing, “Thanks for nicknaming me Venus, but how did you end up with the name Sandro?!…”

“Venus was the goddess of beauty, desire and love… Well, these days that’s how I see you!

Sandro was the first name of Botticelli, you know, the one who painted the famous Birth of Venus…”

I caressed her hand, “It’s time to celebrate our alone time together in a far, far away fantasy island…

We need to try some of their famous cocktails. Mom, I know that you are not into alcohol, but tonight is special, so one Bahama cocktail is what the doctor ordered…”

Smiling lovingly, “Alex, sorry… Sandro, tonight you decide!…”

I ordered 2 different cocktails. Both had rum in them, so they were fairly sweet.

I let her have the first taste from each of the glasses. She liked them both…

The Italian food was excellent. The soft music, dimmed lights, pink candles on each table – All contributed to the

romantic atmosphere.

About 15 minutes into our dinner I noticed that mom’s behavior was changing.

She became more relaxed in her chair, laughing more often and commenting on some of the other guests appearances… It was unusual for an always ‘politically correct’ person like her.

My guess was that the alcohol was the culprit, but I wasn’t complaining…

We finished and got out just as the sunset was at it’s peak. The air was warm and only mild wind was blowing.

Mom squeezed my hand, “It is such a charming and romantic place. I love to be here with you…”

I kissed her gently. She pushed herself into me, melting in my arms…

Her nipples poked into me and my cock responded immediately!…

Mom looked into my eyes naughtily, “I hope that this evening you plan to remain a perfect gentleman… I recall allowing YOU to be in charge tonight, but a lady can still hope… Can’t she?”

And then she grinded her tummy against my bulging dick…

“Mom, let go back to our room. The way you dressed tonight and especially your tempting behavior are killing me… I want you now. I need you NOW!!!”

“Sandro, I want your body inside me too, but please, my back is not 100% yet, so do whatever you wish, as long as you recall that you are not wrestling an adversary…”

I smiled. Mom use of words was so different than the way she expressed herself at home…

She sounded… Free!…

In our room I sat on the couch and blurted, “Venus, I’d love to see you with all your glory! Will you undress for me?”

Mom chuckled, “I wonder how many of the moms in our neck of the wood were asked to perform a striptease for their sons… Dear, in my opinion I am too old for that, but you are in charge…”

First she removed her high heels, one after the other. Slowly… Then she took off her necklace… She took her time…

While staring at my eyes the whole time, she unzipped her tight dress.

She began by removing the shoulder parts, showing me her desirable cleavage… She continued Kıbrıs Escort lowering the red material, exposing to me her ample tits with the hard nipples…

It was like waving a red flag in front of a bull…

My pole, now at full mast in it’s cage, threatened to burst!

I tried my best to reposition it in a more comfortable position…

Mom was still watching me. She observed my agony and a devilish smile crossed her pretty face, “Sandro, I am so sorry… Did I cause the soft pacifier to become such a huge monster?… Well, I am no doctor, but I might be able to find a cure…

She juggled her hips and the red dress fell to the floor.

Mom was now standing totally nude!…

For a short time I was surprised that she didn’t have panties on, but her hot Venusian body made me forget anything else very soon…

“Sandro, I’ll go on the balcony to watch the pool. It’s 5 floors down, but just in front of our room. In the meantime, for the sake of gender equality, I think that you should undress too…”

Mom opened the curtain and then the door to the balcony.

All of a sudden we saw the lights and heard the music in the pool area.

I undressed and joined her on the balcony.

She leaned on the rails and whispered, “Please hug me…”

I moved behind her and hugged her soft flat tummy.

My cock, that by now was softening since the wonderful… sorry, ‘torturing’ striptease, started throbbing again.

I stayed behind her and moved my palms to cup her tits. She shivered.

I caressed her areolas gently and then I began to knead them.

Mom began purring and moved her rear backwards into my groin.

My cock, that was already pointing upward, was now nestling in her smooth crack.

“Sandro, you do not have to aim your gun at me… I give up!… What is on your pervert mind?…”

I didn’t bother answering. My hand descended to her cunt.

I was met with the Mississippi river… The whole area was soaking wet!

“Lady, you are such a temptress! I intend to fuck your hot pussy until you are so tired that you beg me to stop!”

She obediently whispered, “Yes Master… I was a bitch and I deserve punishment… I’ll try my best to behave next time…”

From behind I aimed my engorged tool to her pussy’s entrance and shoved it all the way in. I stayed still for several seconds and then I began pounding her tight wet cunt mercilessly.

As my organ first invaded her vagina, she gasped and leaned her elbows on the rails. Then louder sounds were coming off her closed lips. About 2 minutes into screwing the bitch that gave me blue balls all evening long, she began screaming and her body jolted forward.

I was afraid that her uncontrolled movements might push her off the balcony, so I gradually slowed down, pinched her left nipple with one hand and rubbed her sensitive clit with the other…

Mom’s climax intensity actually increased and her screams could be heard all the way to Japan…

Two guests at the pool area heard mom’s howls and looked up.

Fortunately, the pool area was much more illuminated than our balcony, so they couldn’t identify us…

However, they could see our rhythmic movements, that didn’t leave much to the imagination…

One of these guys pointed our balcony direction to some of the other guests and they started… clapping…

Their reaction sent me over the edge and seconds later my hot seed was filling her used pussy.

We continued leaning against the rails for several more minutes, waiting to recover completely.

I moved mom’s disheveled hair sideways and softly kissed her bare neck, “I love you now more than ever before…”

Mom mumbled, “You motherfucker, I love you so much too…”

Later, in our king size bed, we fell asleep spooning together. Just like love birds…

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