Alex Wants His Stepdad Pt. 01

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The second my mom introduced me to her new boyfriend, Jason, I knew that I’d be happy calling him Dad. But it wasn’t until I turned eighteen that I realized why he made me so excited to see him. From his gorgeous brown hair to his gleaming smile. From his knock on pecs to his phantom dick I just knew I had to taste. He was the wakeup call that I was something other than straight.

My real dad was never in the picture. When mom and Jason married, we moved in with him. But it wasn’t until I became “legal” that my thoughts of him became more and more constant, aggressive, and soon enough, erotic. Every stroke session I had was of him in mind. My imagination gave me something different mostly everytime. Sometimes he’d be the tough father figure that took me over his knee for being a bad boy while i yelled “Yes, daddy!” with each spank. Other times i’d imagine creeping under his covers and then french his juicy cock through his white briefs while he was asleep. But my favorite fantasy of him was what I like to call “Come On, dad…Moms Not Here”.

It seemed to be the most realistic and the hottest out of the scenarios. I’d imagine my mom being away for a night or two while I successfully seduce my stepfather. Nonchalantly get closer, rub his thigh, listen to his protests and just telling him “Come on, dad…moms not here”. Eventually, he caves, and the rest is what I imagine happens next.

Fuck, I just NEEDED this fantasy to turn into a sweet and sinful reality. This crush turned into overwhelming lust. I couldn’t take it anymore. I NEEDED him.

So, about six months after my 18th, my mom tells me she has to go over my great aunt Shirleys for the weekend to go over her Will and Testament mumbo jumbo, meaning Jason and I would be all alone. I almost couldn’t hide my enthusiasm at this news.

NO MORE missed opportunities. NO MORE hesitation.

I NEEDED my stepfather.

On friday, my mom left about seven in the morning for the long drive to Ohio. Around ten, I went downstairs and saw Jason lounged on the love seat watching a recap of a football game. He was only wearing a red tank top and his black boxer briefs, my favorite pair on him.

He looked so perfect. With Bulging arms, hairy legs and toned thighs. So muscular, so manly. A perfect fatih escort specimen.

“Hey, Alex.” He said with a tired smile. His bed head fluffed up and his five o clock shadow in perfect harmony.


“Hey, Dad. Did mom leave?” I asked, walking over to the love seat and sitting next to him. He nodded.

I sat for a while, pretending I was interested in the sports newscast. I remained silent, completely unsure what my approach was gonna be. I was still a virgin, but I figured I’d picked up a few things from a variety of porn.


“So, uhh…I had a dream last night…” I said with a slight stutter.

I already had Jasons full attention. Ofcourse I did, he was so caring, so loving. A hunk and an Ideal father figure; a wet dream come true.

“Yeah,” He said, seemingly worried. “did it upset you, son?” He then placed a warm hand on my shoulder.

“No…not at all. It felt completely right… it was just sort of an…adult dream…” My voice was surprisingly less nervous as I felt. It was slowly building confidence.

Jason slightly unclasped his hand on my shoulder, but didn’t take it off entirely.

“Oh…well, if everything felt right, how come you seem kinda anxious about it. Who was in the dream with you?”

I audibly swallowed. In a second, there will be no going back.

“Well…” I paused, biting my lip. Then a rush of confidence I didn’t think I had hit me and ran through my hormone raging body. I looked him straight in the eye.

“The dream was about me and you, dad…and I Iiked every single second of it.”

At that moment, Jason let go of my shoulder and attempted to get up.

“Thats a bit messed up, Son.” He started. “You shouldn’t-“

Before he could finished, I put both hands on his chest and pushed him back down on the couch.

“Alex, what the fuck is wrong with you? You are seriously-”

Before he said another word, my hand was on his boxers, groping and massaging along his right thigh where his cock was hiding. Feeling his meat with my playful fingers was heaven.

“…SERIOUSLY fucked up!” He finished. Everytime he picked one of my hands up off his etiler escort covered cock, my other hand would find its way to it.

“Come on, dad, moms not here… I need you, really, really, bad.” I was practically begging, but I still maintained a devious smirk on my face throughout.

Jason left my hands alone for a second and glared at me.

“Listen, this whole fantasy in your head is fucking insane! YOU’RE fucking insane! I’m not gay! I married YOUR MOTHER! And I consider you my very own son!” He stopped for a second, trying to find the words, but I finished for him, like before.

“But daddy, thats what makes this whole thing ten times hotter.” I breathed, desperate.

At this point, I wiggled my way down on the floor, between his legs. I was massaging his trouser snake and surrounding area with both hands. From his firm thighs back up to his dick. I was already on cloud nine to be in this position, looking up at his stunned, angry face. He scoffed, looking pretty disgusted at my eagerness and persistence.

He tried to wiggle away, but I placed both hands firmly on his thighs. I understood his discomfort, but I didn’t get this far for nothing.

“Dad, please,” I said, rubbing his thighs down. “I’ve needed you in my mouth for awhile, now. Just let me suck it. Then I’ll leave you alone for the rest of the day, promise!”

His expression never changed.

“No fucking way! Get the fuck off me!” He said extremely stern.


With that commanding thought, i grabbed his skin tight briefs from both sides and pulled with all my might. They went from around his waist, under his ass and onto the floor in the blink of an eye. He went wide eyed, and so did I.

His dick wasn’t hard, but it was five inches soft! His balls hung low and made my mouth water.

“Alex, that is e-fuckin-nough!” He commanded, But I was already burying my face in his hairy groin. I began to french the crevice between his thigh and dick. Oh, God, he tasted incredible.

“Fuck, Alex! What’s wrong with you?!” Jason said, somewhat less stern.

“I’m sorry, daddy,” I said muffled, now darting my tongue against his sweet base. “but I need you.”

He actually started to moan beşiktaş escort a bit, but still groveled on.

“Oh fuck, Alex. This is so wrong… So fucking wrong…oh!”

He squeeked as I licked up is still soft meat. I flicked my very wet tongue at his dick slit, which he moaned in response. In a split second, I made his dick disappear in my warm mouth. It tasted so good.

I looked up at him, his head was thrown back and his hands were on his face. He was trying desperately not to moan. This was so fucking hot. Going up and down on his growing cock, I heard his muffled “uh’s” and “ooo’s” and “mmm’s”.

A few seconds later, I took his now rock hard seven inches out of my mouth and began licking all over his juicy balls. This drove him crazy, wiggling all over. He finally looked down at me.

“Oh, fuck! Alex, you’re so fucking screwed up…Ohh…” He moaned as he kept his gaze of anger and forbidden ecstasy.

“Mmm Daddy,” I moaned. “Your cock is so juicy. I’ve wanted this for so long.”

I said with a slight laugh before going back to his dick. Sucking fast and hoping I can taste his impending cum. His moaning made my own aching prick twitch. I hooked both of his legs onto my arms and lifted. I wanted to make pure love to his his perfect meat stick. Moving my mouth in circular motions and going down at least six inches.

“Ohh, fuck, I’m gonna cum!” He said out of breath. He contorted and wiggled as if he wasn’t in control of his body. I sucked even harder. “Oh Fuck, i’m gonna…Alex!”

And with that, five spurts of cream shot in the back of my throat. It tasted surprisingly sweet as I swallowed every bit of it.

I did it. I did it, and I didn’t care what the fuck happened after.

I looked up at his red and exhausted face. Even more gorgeous when he was out of breath.

It was silent for a while. Finally, I began to speak as he was starting to look angry again.

“Thank you, daddy. I’m gonna keep my promise and leave you alone for the rest of the day.”

“You… are so fucked up.” He breathed.

And with that, I went upstairs to take a victory jack and nap, while thinking of what I was going to do next…

-Thank you all so much for reading the first part of my story! This is my first time writing for Literotica after being a fan for some time now! I will continue to part 2 very soon. Suggestions and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is very much welcome as I hope to be full time writer and am always looking for help, tips and pointers! [:

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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