Ali T, The Girl I Truly Love

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Ali T, the girl I truly love,

I ‘d been promoted to a new area. I got to know the staff a little and each of them at some stage, mentioned Alison. She was on leave when I first started.

Eventually the day came when she returned. Instantly, I could see what they meant, she was blonde, with beautiful eyes that were highlighted by her beautiful hair. She was obviously a girl who knew how to look after herself, her make up and clothing were superb. She had the most beautiful smile and her teeth were like those of a movie star.

As fate would have it, Alison became my 2.I.C. We hit it off from the start. She’s a wonderful girl, a lot younger than me, but so open and honest about everything and anything. She has her little insecurities, and her body image hassles, none of which I can see a problem with, but then, we’re all, our own worst critic.

Time passed, we got to know each other very well. To me she was the loveliest girl I’d ever met, I didn’t realise it then, but I simply loved her and as time went by, I was to realise, she was the most important person in my life.

Eventually, as my job involved distribution, we had to go on the road together to set up a project I’d been given to administer. By this stage, Ali had told me almost every detail of her life, including her more erotic adventures from her teen years to her marriage.

In my mind and my heart, I felt so close to her, I’d never known a person so completely without actually having had a relationship with them, and even then, none had ever divulged so much and in such detail. I truly felt I couldn’t possibly know her more intimately.

During the trip, my mind worked overtime fantasising about the fact we were alone together, that we may be staying away overnight, and that I’d have loved nothing more, than to make wonderful love to her.

I can’t describe what it felt like to be in the confines of that vehicle with such a beauty, every chance I got, I feasted on her loveliness, her proximity to me, I knew her so well, and loved her so much, and yet, she was out of bounds.

In fairness, she’d never shown any interest in me, it was I who’d fallen madly in love with all that was her. The field task was over long before I’d have liked. We returned to the office, still, just friends.

We we’re both married, and she only recently, there was also a 12 year age gap, so it was reasonable that she didn’t suspect how I felt, or even think of anyone else, but that didn’t stop the way I felt about her.

I loved going to work; I loved seeing her every day, enjoying her company and her gorgeous ways. She really is the loveliest little heart melter, escort izmit with no idea of her charms and their power.

For the next few years we either worked together or in similar areas, as each of us moved about and up in the organization. In all those years, we’ve never had a harsh word with each other and to this day, remain the best of friends.

I still loved her madly, and every encounter, only increased the way I felt about her, but it was obvious to me, that the feelings weren’t mutual, as far as it going any further, which was fine with me, as I so enjoyed her company, I’d have endured anything just to be her friend, to see her daily, to hear her voice, see her smile and hear her laughter.

I eventually moved away from that organization, but our friendship continued and grew.

I received a call from her one evening, her husband had been unfaithful, he’d left her and their three children and run off with her best friend.

You cannot imagine what that did to my heart, she was such a lovely person, I was so shocked and hurt for her and without thinking, as she told me her horrible story, I said, “I love you Ali, I love you so much, I wish you weren’t hurting, you’re just too lovely to know such sadness.” It just shot out of me, but fortunately, she didn’t seem to notice, which was a good thing, as it wasn’t really appropriate at that particular point in time, but it felt wonderful to let it out, just the same.

After the horror and all that goes with an event like that, Ali slowly began to get her life back in order and also, have a bit of a life for herself. Our phone calls and subject content were to say the least, intimate, but unfortunately, the intimacy was Ali telling me about herself and the various guys she was now meeting.

I did enjoy the erotic tales though and have to admit, at the end of each call, I’d be left with a raging hard on, which I’d get rid of by fantasising as I wanked, imagining it was me who was in her stories and not the other guys.

Her adventures became my life, I’d wait anxiously every second week to hear about what she’d been up to on the weekends her ex had the children. It was so hot to listen to her enjoying her life again and the experiences, especially sexual, were so incredible to hear about. I loved imagining her as she thrilled to the touching of her sensitive breasts, and was tongued and fucked by each of these guys as she sucked their cocks and all the other things she told me about. I wished it were me. I believe she now realised I cared for her in all ways, and out of kindness, told me her stories, as a way of doing something for me, simply because I’d been a good izmit escort friend, which I truly appreciated.

One weekend she came to visit me, my own marriage had ended and I now lived 3 hours away from her. It was a complete surprise, but a massive thrill to know I’d spend almost three days with her, alone, together in my home.

She arrived, she looked gorgeous, she’s the most beautiful looking girl, and as cute as a button, with all the charms of a woman, yet with a childlike attractiveness to boot.

We chatted away into the night, my love and lust for her, intensifying with every second. It was powerfully erotic to me, just being in the same room and my cock was hard from the very second she arrived.

There were no hints of any interest that may have allowed me to progress the situation, and late into the night, we went to our separate rooms to sleep.

Next morning, I arose before her, I made her some breakfast, left it at her bedside and returned to the kitchen to make some coffee.

She woke, consumed the breakfast and we chatted whilst I continued in the kitchen. The coffee was ready; I made her a cup and took it into her room.

There she was, sitting up in the bed, her legs drawn up with knees bent, and her tray in her lap. Her nightie had fallen off one shoulder, she looked breathtaking. I stopped and stared, I told her exactly how incredible she looked, how sexy her shoulders were, how she had the most beautiful skin and the most desirable neck, ears and eyes and how much I loved and desired her.

She seemed uncomfortable, so I said, “look, I know this is all very sudden, but I have truly felt this way for the past 12 years. I’ve adored you, I’ve loved every second I’ve ever spent with you, but to see you looking so incredibly lovely and sexy, it’s just impossible to keep my secret any longer.”

I then had an idea, I thought to myself, I just have to capture the vision before me, I asked her not to move, I ran and got my digital cam and returned taking multiple shots as I entered the room. She got the giggles, I think she felt a little self conscious, but I also felt she understood and was, as the great friend she is, prepared to let me have this little treat. I snapped away, asking her to smile, to show a little more skin, to raise her arms, kneel, rest her chin in her hands, show a little more leg, you can imagine how aroused I was by now.

Suddenly a strange look came over her lovely face, and without a word, I saw her arms cross, her hands grab the sides of her nightie, and in a second, there she was, topless, I was trembling with excitement, lust and love.

She said izmit kendi evi olan escort to continue, to enjoy myself, that she felt I’d been such a good friend, that I’d been so very patient and non demanding, that she’d love to do this for me, but it had to be a total secret. I understood and agreed.

I kept snapping shots, she posed, she did everything she could to thrill me, she removed her panties, I was surprised to see she was dripping wet, her pussy was smooth, not a hair to be seen, the vision before me was unbelievable. I grabbed my video cam, set it up and continued the session. She was really enjoying herself.

She’s such a sweetie, she told me to come closer. She reached out and squeezed my rock hard cock, I almost collapsed with excitement. She looked up at me and said, “Let me take you to heaven.” I was naked faster than she could blink and the next thing my cock was being sucked like never before. She was fantastic, so into what she was doing.

The video was rolling, the digital cam was on the floor somewhere and I was in the arms of the girl I’d loved beyond description, for the past 12 years.

We passionately ravished each other for ages, before she finally asked me to fuck her. I raised myself above her, her arms were resting above her head, her legs were spread, and I could see my hard cock, hovering above her smooth pussy lips.

Her lovely little soft hand reached down, took my cock, and placed it at her entrance. She moved it up and down her slit until I felt it enter her.

If I’d been surprised by the chain of events to now, I was to be overwhelmed by what was to follow. This delightful, sexy, pretty, lovely little thing, just loved to fuck, she fucked me, I mean she fucked me like a guy fucks, she was an animal. I loved it.

She dragged me down on top of her, held me so tight and pelvic thrusted like I could only dream about. I soon got into her rhythm and before I knew it, just like a guy, she was cumming. The whole event took its affect and my cock responded by emptying its load as well.

We lay together, softly chatting; with me mainly telling her of all the times I’d wanted her. She was genuinely surprised at the level of my desires, and amazed at my patience over so many years.

The weekend passed quickly, it was time for her to return to her life, she made it clear it was just a physical thing with her, but our friendship was for life.

I expect nothing, but continue to hope, that one day, I may spend another incredible weekend with the girl I love so much. Until then, because I love her, I’ll be content to know she’s happy and that she knows I’m here for her should she ever need me, in any way.

The video is rolling, I’m so lucky to have such a good friend, and once again, my cock is in my hand, as I watch her image on the screen, dreaming of what was and what may be.

Ali T, the girl I truly love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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