Alice Patterson Breeding her Body Pt. 02

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Tony released Alice from his grasp and they both relaxed after the amazing sex between them. Tony’s shrank down to its normal limp size. Alice closed her thighs tightly to hold onto his sperm for a long as she needed to make ensure that none of it would be wasted.

Harry was still banging away at Carol’s cunt and she was thrashing around and moaning and gasping as her own orgasm rippled over her body. She arched her back trying to force more cock into her cunt from Harry then she fell back onto the bed as Harry relented and let her relax and recover from such an explosive orgasm.

All four of them were caught up in a sexual spiral of lust and uninhibited desire. None of them felt shame about what they has just shared in fact quite the opposite of that. They revelled in their sexual excess.

Alice teach out for Tony’s cock and she brought her head down and began sucking his limp cock back to stiffness. Tony looked down at Alice’s as the both looked deep into each others eyes. Harry found that watching his wife play the slut and sucking Tony’s cock so overwhelming that he mounted Alice from behind and fucked her cunt while she sucked cock. It was the first time in her life that two men were having sex with her at the same time and she found the feeling to be totally exhilarating.

Harry had just watched his wife get fucked twice by Tony and now she was sucking istanbul travesti on his cock to get him ready to fuck her again. So he was going to fuck her anyway that he wanted to, after all she was his wife. With furious effort Harry could not control himself and he spurted his seed into his wife’s cunt to mix with the seed from Tony.

Harry released his wife and lay tired out. Carol reach over and pulled him close to her and they lay together in each others arms. Tony’s cock was again back to being fully erect and he pushed Alice onto her back and for a third time that afternoon mounted her and began fucking her. She was like a rag doll in his power. She spread both her seamed stocking legs and allowed Tony fill her up with his cock, riding her with a steady erotic rhythm. Harry and Carol could only lie and look on in awe as Tony mastered Alice and fucked to orgasm. She moaned and bucked her hip and thrashed on the bed with Tony holding her down as he continued to fuck her to yet another massive orgasm.

‘Please! Please I need to cum, make me cum.” She said.

Tony’s balls squeezed tight again and his seed shot down his cock and into Alice’s cunt again. He filled her with his sperm just as she wanted him too, to impregnate her, breed her!

The afternoon continued for about two hours. During that time Alice had four orgasms and Tony managed to istanbul travestileri cum into Alice, four times. Harry and Carol also had sex several more times, with Harry having cum three times and Carol having three wonderfully satisfying orgasms.

Having enjoyed his work and in taking part in the foursome orgy. Tony left the house. Leaving Alice well satisfied and both Harry and Carol enjoying the best sex they had for a long time. There was no embarrassment about them enjoying their afternoon sex. It was as if there was some sort of natural acceptance of the human need of love and sexual satisfaction. They all enjoyed themselves and there was not any sense of jealousy nor guilt from any of them.

Carol stayed for the rest of that night and they all enjoyed a bedtime threesome with Harry servicing both women. The sex was slow and gentle in comparison with the furious sexual adventures of the afternoon.

On Sunday morning Alice and Carol made a small breakfast and afterwards. Carol went back home next door. When Harry came down both he and Alice smiled a lot at each other but hardly spoke many words to each other. They were happy and felt like their marriage and themselves had matured into something special.

The next time Alice had afternoon tea with Carol next door. Both women were smiling and winking at each other making odd comments about travesti istanbul the Saturday foursome that they had shared. Their friendship had also become deeper from their shared experience. Both women were also very content with the fact that they were more than just friends and neighbours they were also confidants of each others secrets.

“I am so glad that you suggested Anthony, Ah! I mean Tony to come and look after my garden.” Alice said to Carol with a knowing smile.

“Nice of you to say so.” Carol accepted the compliment.

“Harry and I talked about the gardener and we decided to have him come regularly through the summer, every two weeks.” Alice told Carol.

“My, you must have been impressed with his work.”

“I was and so was Harry.”

They played with the double means of their words for most of the afternoon. At the end Alice asked Carol if she would like to join her and Harry that evening to say thank you to her in a special way.

“I would be delighted to come over this evening, would around seven be alright.” Said Carol.

‘Seven o’clock would be perfect, we will both see you then.” Alice said, to confirmed the time with Carol.

Carol went over to Alice and Harry Patterson’s house at seven o’clock that evening. She dressed especially for a entertaining evening with them both. Alice welcomed her inside and Harry offered her a drink.

“I am looking forward to this thank you both, Alice and Harry.” Said Carol.

“We are hoping that you will stay the whole night with us all together, the three of us.” Harry said.

“Yes all night, just the three of us.” Carol confirmed.

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