Alice Remembers

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Big Tits

As Alice lay in bed that night, she could not help herself, her husband was away on one of his weekly overnight trips, but she was feeling the regular need for release. Don’t get her wrong, she had a great sex life with her husband of nineteen years, but almost since she’d first lost her virginity, she had found the way to enjoy giving herself pleasure. Nothing could replace the joy she enjoyed with her husband but….

Settling down and getting herself ready, she plugged her headphones into her mp3 player and found her newest track. It had arrived in her email that morning, and she had been wet with anticipation all day, knowing this moment would come.

Just before hitting play, she recollected the thought from earlier that this was the first anniversary of the encounter so instead of hitting play, she lay back and replayed in her mind, that day twelve months ago.

It was a lovely warm summer day with the typical brilliant blue sky and cotton-like clouds that time of year was famous for. On a whim, Alice had decided to have a day off, and to go up into the mountains to take some photos, so she packed a light picnic and set off.

She’d had great morning and felt she had some beautiful photos, and had stopped by a small stream to have some lunch. Opening her picnic, she had enjoyed her favorite treats, and lay back to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Fighting the urge to just give in and relax, she packed everything away into the small backpack, and began following the trail, knowing that it would loop around back to where she’d left the car.

All of a sudden as she was walking along a steep part of the trail, her foot shot out from under her as she’d stepped on a loose stone. Her heart pounding, she lay still for a minute, gradually she began to move, hoping she had not hurt herself. Checking her ankle she felt a massive relief as she found that despite some minor discomfort, it would take her weight.

Checking her camera and the rest of her items, she felt a strange sensation. Reaching down to her butt, she found the back seam of her favorite jeans had given way in the fall, the rent in the back went from just below the waist band, all the way round to the bottom. The only thing that had stopped her jeans from turning into chaps was the zipper at the front. ‘Honestly, just my luck,’ she said to herself in disbelief.

Wrapping the spare jumper she had brought in case it got cold around her waist to cover her now naked buttocks, she began the trip back to her car.

As she walked along, despite the pain from her ankle, the torn edges of her jeans gently created a friction on her lower lips. She found that the slight breeze which had begun, caused her lips to become moist.

A short while later, as the pain in her ankle began to increase, she limped around corner in the trail and came across him.

He was sat resting on his large back pack, the kind people used for long hikes and camping, while he was eating a snack. His gaze slowly raised to take her in, and she felt her breath catch in the back of her throat. He slowly stood up, and she noted he was lean and good shape, guessing him to be about 50 ish. His short salt and pepper hair was still damp from his trekking.

He spoke, his voice giving away his English origin, ‘Are you ok? Did you know you have blood on your face?’

Alice raised her hand to her face, finding some dried blood above her left eye, ‘Oh,’ she breathed ‘I slipped on the trail a while ago, and must have banged my head when I landed, but was too concerned about my ankle to realise.’

‘May I offer some you my assistance? I have some medical training, and would be happy to help, that is if you’d like.’ His manners impressed her as did his offer. She smiled and nodded her assent.

He moved forward and helped her move to the side of the trail where his pack lay. He asked her to give him a moment, as he pulled out a foam bedroll, then easing her down onto it. Alice found herself pulling her jumper round, to cover her lap and protect her naked rear from his view.

Taking a well stocked first aid kit and a fresh bottle of water from his pack, he leant forward to clean the cut above her eye. The scent of him greeted her nose as he touched her with hints of sandalwood and musk from his exertions.

He finished cleaning her cut and used a small bit of steri strip to close the cut. ‘Now,’ he said ‘ how about I take a look almanbahis at your ankle. Do you mind?’ Seeing bandages in the first aid kit, she gave her permission.

He slipped her boot off her foot, and slid the sock off. Slowly and gently he examined her ankle, asking a question now and then. Finally he reached into his pack, drawing out a long white plastic pack, slapping it on his hand, then shaking it, he applied it to her ankle. The sudden hit of coldness stunned her, ‘Ah, sorry about that.’ he said as she flinched from the sudden cold, ‘It’s a chemical ice pack and will take down some of the swelling. We’ll leave it like that for 30 minutes, then I’ll bandage it up. Do you have transport nearby?’

She explained her car was down the trail, about another 30 to 40 minutes away. ‘Then rest and I’ll escort you down. You should be ok to drive I think, it’s just a sprain, but walking on it has aggravated it.’

He smiled and sat down a short distance away, ‘Do you mind if I make an observation?’ he asked.

‘No, go ahead and ask’ she replied.

His face blushed slightly, and he gave a small cough to clear his throat, ‘While I was sorting your ankle I could not help but notice the damage to your jeans. I have some spare bottoms that should fit you. They not very smart, but they are clean’? he left the offer hanging in the air.

Alice felt herself blushing with embarrassment as she wondered how much had he seen? She chided herself for failing to make adjustments as he’d been checking her ankle. Could he have seen the wetness from where the edges of the jeans had rubbed? Not sure how to proceed, and fighting the growing embarrassment, she let the silence stretch.

He purposefully moved to his pack, and began drawing items out. Clothing and food appeared, and it rapidly became clear to Alice that this man was camping as well as hiking. Finally he sat back, and with eyes lowered offered her a pair of brightly coloured baggy bottoms.

He went back to the pack and then handed her a towel, suggesting she wrap the towel around herself while she changed.

Alice stood and wrapping the towel around her waist, undid her jeans and eased them down. She could feel the slight breeze as it picked up, making her lips tingle even more. As she began to slip his baggy bottoms on, she felt her ankle start to give, and she began to fall backward.

His arms caught her as she was falling, his body cushioning her, his breath punching out of him with the impact of the fall. Alice realised that in the fall, the towel had fallen away, leaving her totally naked from the waist down but for the bottoms hanging from her damaged ankle.

Stunned by what happened next, she felt his strong hand on her buttock, slowly, as they lay there. She felt his hand move, beginning to massage her ample buttock, as it continued its work, she felt her lips opening in response. The squeezing continued when she made no move to stop him. She closed her eyes, letting her head drop back as she enjoying the feeling of his firm caress, his mouth made contact with the back of her neck, beginning to nibble gently.

She could feel his manhood beginning to stiffen as his other hand moved round to her pussy, and the fingers of that hand worked the lips first, then she felt his fingers probing to enter her. She let her thighs fall apart to allow him access, as her juices began to flow with the thrill of his caresses. She lay there enjoying the feeling of his hands, one squeezing and rubbing at her buttock, the other with with a finger delving inside her and the thumb rubbing at her clit.

Alice felt the rush building and gave into her orgasm, feeling her juice following like a river out of her pussy, drenching his hand. The wetness streaming down her slit, over her anus to her buttock, which he used to massage her buttocks.

As the first waves subsided she could feel his manhood straining at the front of his trousers. With a shiver, all she could think about was him releasing his cock from its confinement and showing her what he could do with it. But instead, he rolled her over onto her hands and knees, his hand moving round to continue to play between her lips. He began to lick and bite at first one butt cheek, then the other. Dropping her head down to be cushioned on her arms, her rounded butt thrust upwards for him to work on her. His mouth moved from her buttocks and moved to lick at her almanbahis adres full slit, end to end. His tongue working the full length down to her dripping pussy and back up again, pausing to lick at her anus, sending shudders through her body.

She knelt there, arms pillowed on her forearms, exposed fully to him, she left any bit of inhibition behind as she fully surrendered to him. He, with his mouth working away, had one hand playing with her slit and clit, the other had returned to squeezing and caressing her butt cheek.

The hand working her butt moved off her, and she heard his zipper going down. Unable to resist, she turned her head on her arms and looked back to see his throbbing, pulsing manhood, fully engorged, deliciously long and thick. Her breathing quickened in anticipation of the pleasure she was about to feel. Her pussy responding in kind to send another flood of juice as his actions sent her over the edge again.

He moved forwards, teasing her slit with the head of his throbbing manhood, working up and down the length of her vulva. The fingers had stayed where they were, working away on her clit. His free hand rubbed and caressed her ample buttocks as he moved forwards slowly, skewering her slowly on his length. She felt herself stretching inside to take his length and girth. He kept moving forwards, filling her more and more with his length. Finally he was buried to the hilt with his balls touching her lips. A long deep sigh escaped their mouths in unison as they both enjoyed the pleasure of being locked together.

He slowly began to move in her, pulling almost all the way out, then slowly pushing in to fill her again, and gradually began to increase the speed of his movements.

The hand that had been working on her buttock moved, and she found her top had fallen and gathered below her shoulders, leaving her full breasts exposed. His hand moved to one and worked first on the full breast, before concentrating on her rock hard and fully erect nipple.

She began pushing back to meet his thrust, chasing his withdrawing cock, trying to keep him deep inside her. His fingers now began to gently tap at her engorged clit, sending fresh trills rolling through her.

Unable to help herself, she began to moan, the volume increasing with the pace of his ever pounding thrusts. Her hand moved down to her clit, helping herself over the edge.

He pulled out and splashed his seed all over her buttocks, rubbing the creamy goodness into her skin. She turned her head with an impish grin on her face, she offered him one of her hands. She pulled his cum sticky fingers to her lips and licked them clean.

With a smile, he found the discarded towel and gently wiped her dripping slit. ‘I think your should sit down to put these on,’ he chuckled as he handed her the bottoms again. She blushed and then broke out into laughter as she took them from his hand. They began to tidy themselves up and get ready to head down to her car.

He packed his backpack up, and reached down to help her to her feet. They made their way back down the trail to her car, with him supporting her by placing his arm round her little waist, and her arm across his shoulders.

As they walked, they made general conversation about each other, and she discovered he was hiking across the state.

When they reach her car, she offered to drive him in the general direction he’d been heading, as he’d had to turn round to bring her back to the car.

He ummed and ahhed for as few minutes before accepting the offer. She drove him for about an hour or two, as she drove, Alice replayed their union on the trail, and felt herself getting moist again at the memory. A short while later he stated she taken him far enough, and she could drop him anywhere along this stretch of road.

The road was passing through a small forest, with turn offs to various picnic spots spread around. Taking the next one she saw, Alice pulled off the road, driving down to a secluded spot which was deserted.

They sat in silence for a minute or two, Alice could feel the tension in him, as she felt her heart pounding in her chest. Finally as an idea came to her, she broke the silence.

‘Now I really do need to give you your bottoms back don’t I?,’ she turned and met his eye, giving him an impish grin as she opened her door and got out of the car. She slowly eased the bottoms down, watching almanbahis giriş his gaze as he followed her movements. Her eyes moved from his to the front of his trousers and enjoyed the reaction she could see taking place.

Smiling, he opened his door and walked round to her. As he walked towards her, she could see his erect cock straining at the front of his trousers. ‘Now I seem to remember telling you not to put any weight on that ankle.’ Finishing speaking as he reached her, he placed his hands on her hips and lifted her, so that her buttocks rested on the roof of her car, just above the door.

Smiling, he moved closer and began to kiss her, while she worked at the buttons of his shirt, reaching in and raking her nails across his chest. A low moan escaped his lips as he moved his mouth down to her neck, opening her blouse with his finger. He reached in as well, playing with her gorgeous breasts and teasing her nipples.

With one hand still working on her breast and his mouth moving from her ear to her neck, he reached down to undo the front of his trousers. Sliding over his firm rear, they fell to a pool around his ankles. Kicking his legs to free himself of them, he moved his head down to work on her sexy nipples, which were now hard and rosy. His hand deftly pushing the blouse from her shoulders as he did so, leaving her totally naked and exposed.

His head then dropped further, kissing its way down her belly to her by now dripping pussy. His mouth worked to lap up her juices, pausing every now and then to tease at her clit. Finally he lifted his mouth to her, his face slick with her nectar, they kissed once more.

Then lifting her from the roof of the car, he lowered her slowly onto his by now totally throbbing cock, her hand snaking down to guide him into her. Slowly he lowered her, until she came to rest, her short cropped pubic hair mingled with his, with the root of his cock firmly pushing against her clit.

Her arms moved to help take the weight by resting them on the roof of the car, as slowly he began to move, gently lifting her almost off, then lowering her down. Her pussy began to throb and contract with electric thrills, enjoying being stretched and filled by his pulsing cock.

Suddenly he lifted her full weight, and carrying her, still impaled on his cock, across to a picnic table. He leaned forward and lowered her butt to the table, she could feel the rough wood surface on her buttocks, heightening the erotic sensations coursing through her.

Grasping her thighs, he moved them to around his waist. She understood immediately, dug her heels into his buttock as he began to push in and out of her with increasing speed and force.

Her orgasm started to roll through her, lifting her higher and higher in throes of ecstasy. He grabbed her legs once again and lifting her ankles to his shoulders, as he drove into her with a force that was breathtaking. His hand squeezing and massaging her buttocks as he thrust into her depths with increasing urgency as his own orgasm rapidly approached.

Suddenly he stopped on the end of a back stroke and pulled out, shooting his cum all over her breasts and belly. As he stood there getting his breath back, Alice began rubbing his cum into her breast, finally lifting her cum covered fingers to her sexy lips and licked them clean, her eyes locked with his as she did so. With a wicked grin she told him how great he tasted.

‘I have to say M’lady, you taste so good. You are so juicy, I could spend a week down there, enjoying every lick and taste of your sweet nectar.’

Finally, they returned to the car to tidy themselves up and get dressed. He shared some food with her before smiling, shouldering his pack, he leant in to kiss her one last time, pulling away and saying ‘Thank you for letting me…rescue you, the reward was fantastic and something I’ll never forget.’ Raising a finger to her lips to prevent a reply, he smiled, turned and walked away.

A month later, as Alice read her emails at home, she found one sent from someone calling himself ‘Hiker,’ she opened it to find a short message thanking her for the memories of a greatest pleasure a man could have. Every few weeks from then on, she would get an email, sometimes it was an mp3 track, and other times a short message.

As Alice finished remembering that day, she realised that she’d need to change her sheets in order to sleep, while she’s been remembering, she had ejaculated her love juice all over her vibrator and hand, and her butt was in a pool of her love juice, having changed her sheets, Alice was able to finally go to sleep, as fully sated as she could be without her husband being there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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