Alice’s Costume Party

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Alice awoke, with her hand between her legs. Alice took control of her hand, and continued to masturbate. Even her need to pee, didn’t dampen her arousal.

Alice opened her legs, as she threw off her covers. She was alone in her small apartment. Alice was quite experienced, in the art of masturbation. She had discovered her passion early.

She knew why her passion was raging, this morning. She thought about her costume, for the Halloween party tonight. She had put together, a harem slave costume.

As she masturbated, she thought of herself in a real harem. Alice used one hand between her legs. She used the other hand, to stimulate her breasts. Her breasts were quite sensitive. But, only if she got rough with them. Alice pulled her nipples to full erection. She pinched them hard. Alice reveled in the waves of erotic sensations, that flooded her body.

As Alice began to orgasm, she rolled over onto her stomach. She buried her face, into the pillow. Alice’s orgasms were, always, quite vocal. Alice moaned out her orgasm. She shuddered, as waves of pleasure flooded her body, and her mind.

The waves of pleasure subsided. Alice became fully aware of her need to pee. She rose with a smile, and attended to her morning ritual, in the bathroom.

She lay back in the hot steaming water, of her bath. Her thoughts turned to the world, she had so recently left behind. It was almost surreal, that she was here.


Alice had married, as soon as she left high school. Her marriage was more like an obligation, than a love affair. She was a dutiful wife. She was, soon, a dutiful mother. The only part, of her former world, that Alice missed, was her daughter. Shortly after she had her baby, her husband started to become abusive.

Her fantasy world, of sexual adventures, always had a dominate man in control. She imagined herself being spanked. Sometimes she saw herself being whipped. The abuse from her husband, had no erotic component in it.

Alice did not take much abuse, before she left. She had no need to deal with the emotion of the separation. She had never felt connected to her husband, in any way.

She arrived, with her baby in arms, at her old house. Her sister, Susan, lived there, with her two children. Her sister was a single mother. Susan ran a child day care, and drop off, baby sitting service. Susan loved her work. The new baby fit right in. Alice did not.

The house was half hers. Her parents had been killed in a car wreck. Her husband, didn’t send her any child support. Her part time job as a waitress, did little to help her situation. Alice confronted her sister.

There was to be a payment from the trust fund. She suggested, or rather stated, that she was taking her half of the money, and moving to the city. She told her sister, she could make more money there. She promised, she would send Susan child support. She told Susan that she would send for her daughter as soon as she could.

As soon as she had said it, she was sure, in her mind, it was not true. She knew that Susan would become, her babies mother. Alice loved her daughter. She also knew, in her heart, mother was not her role in life.

Alice left with tears in her eyes, and excitement in her heart. She found herself a little apartment, close to the university. Alice spent a lot of her time, in the commons, at the university. It was there, she met Irene. Irene told her, about the fraternities parties.

There was one every Friday, or Saturday, at one of the many frat houses. Irene told her, at each of the parties, there was a room set aside, for blow jobs. Any woman who was available, stripped to the waist. The standard price for their services, in the room, was $50.00.

Alice was shocked, when Irene told her about it. She was more shocked, when Irene told her she was going to a party, next weekend, to make some money. Irene said she would take Alice with her, if she wanted to go.

Alice spent that week, in constant arousal. She was excited, about being in a setting, where anyone, with $50, could buy her services. Alice was also excited, about being half nude, in a public setting. Many of her fantasies, included her being on display. The night of her first frat party, Alice was excited, and aroused.

When they arrived, the party was in full force. The frat house was packed with people, and noise. Irene led Alice back to the kegs. Irene got each of them a beer, in a generic plastic cup. Irene drank her beer. She urged Alice, to do the same. Irene got each of them, a cup of beer for each hand. She led Alice to an upstairs back bedroom. Irene seemed to know the ropes.

Alice’s eyes became adjusted, to the dim lighting. She saw a number of young women, stripped to the waist. Most of them were sitting around, drinking beer. Alice blushed, as she watched two of the young women, earn their money.

Irene took off her blouse, and bra.

“Well, are you working or watching? It’s slow right now, but it’ll be busy in another hour, or so.”

Alice quickly stripped Kartal Sınırsız Escort to the waist, before she changed her mind.

Alice and Irene, sat down next to each other, as they drank their beer. Irene looked at Alice.

“You look so tense. Relax. Get into it. I’ll help.”

Irene turned to Alice. She took the beer out of Alice’s hand, and sat it aside. Irene took her into a passionate embrace. She kissed Alice deeply, with passion. Alice stiffened under Irene’s embrace, not sure how to react.

Alice’s body, answered the question for her. Alice was soon relaxing into the passionate kiss. Alice returned the kiss. Irene’s hands were busy, Intimately exploring Alice’s body. When Irene finished her kiss, she leaned back with a smile.

“The nights get lonely. Men are so boring. Anytime you want, I’ll take care of you, into the night.”

Alice picked up her beer. She finished it, with one drink. Her face was red, with embarrassment. Her vagina was flushed, with excitement. Alice felt funny. She was not sure how to respond.

Alice went to the table, that had her other cup of beer. She took the fresh cup of beer, and drank from it. A large young man walked up to her.

“You are the one baby. Nice tits.”

The young man began to paw Alice’s tits rather crudely. He herded Alice to a large chair. He pushed her down onto her knees, as he sat down. He proudly pulled his erection out of his pants.

Irene stepped up to him.

“The money first, asshole. She’s new. And, she’s my friend.”

The man pulled out his wallet. He handed Alice two twenties and a ten. Alice clutched the bills, as she bent her head to her work. Alice did not have to work long. The young man quickly found his orgasm. Without a word to Alice, he put his limp cock away, and returned to the party.

Alice had no erotic episodes that night. She did earn a lot of money. Alice was delighted, as she counted it. She had earned over five hundred dollars. The frat parties, became a prime source of income, for Alice.

Alice’s vagina was raging. She was frustrated, when the party died down.

Alice went to Irene. She kissed her lightly.

“How about tonight? You lead, I’ll follow.”

That was the first night, with Irene. It was not the last night, in her bed. Alice did not have to do anything, except follow Irene’s orders. Irene led and she followed. They both slept soundly, before the night was over.

Alice thought about the affair, quite a bit, at the beginning. She was sure, she was not a lesbian. But, good sex, was good sex. She needed some good sex in her life, right then.

The best part of her affair with Irene, was Irene never asked Alice to do anything. Irene, always, told Alice, what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Alice was comfortable in that role.

One night, Irene spanked Alice, for some minor infraction. Alice had come alive that night. Her orgasms were full, and complete. That night, her passion was intense.


Alice arose from her bath. She stood before the mirror. She was pleased with what she saw. She turned around, slowly. She smiled. Even having a baby, had not detracted, from her well kept body. Her years of sports training, in high school, were paying off.

Alice had enrolled in collage, more to get the financial aid, than her desire for an education. Alice was a good student. She enjoyed having access to the gym. Alice put her erotic thoughts aside, as she went to her classes. She ended her classes in the gym.

Alice left the gym fresh, and ready, for the big Halloween party, on campus. Her erotic thoughts returned to her, as she walked to her apartment.

Alice arrived at her apartment, raging with sexual need. She tore off her clothes. She lay back on her bed, without opening it. Alice needed no foreplay. She was raging with lust. She was not gentle with her self, as she brought her self to a full orgasm.

There was plenty of time before the party. She set the alarm, before she cuddled into the afterglow of her orgasm.

Alice slept soundly. She was somewhat groggy, as she forced herself awake, to the annoying electronic beeping, of her clock. She showered, quickly. She shuddered with delight, as she laid out her costume.

Alice attended to her makeup, and hair. She poured herself a glass, of creamy smooth, sweet alcohol. The alcohol loosening her up. She was feeling good, as she pulled on her brief panties. The flesh colored panties were opaque. They covered her ass, and her pubic mound. They left her thighs bare.

Alice shuddered, with excitement, as she pulled on the thin, gauzy, pantaloons. They sat low an her hips. Her bra matched her panties. It covered the globes of her full breasts, and nothing else.

The straps of her bra, were little golden chains. One of them encircled her upper body, while the other thin chains went over her shoulders. The shear top covered her breasts. It left her midriff bare. Alice’s nipples were fully erect. Her panties were already Kartal Suriyeli Escort damp, from her excitement.

Alice drank some more. She posed before the mirror. She was pleased with what she saw. She began to adorn herself with jewelry. Bangle bracelets for her wrists. Slave bells for her ankles.

The last thing she put on, was the thin gold collar. She attached, a thin golden leash, to the collar. She held the leash handle in her hand. She dreamed of the man who would take it from her. He would lead her, in submission, to his domination.

Alice’s eyes sparkled, as she surveyed herself before the mirror. Alice had one more drink. She put on her tiny golden slippers, and her heavy winter coat. She was going to walk to the party. It was cold outside. The heavy coat, dampened her excitement. She was sure, her excitement would return, when she removed her coat, at the party.

The party was in full swing, when Alice arrived. She blushed as she removed her coat, and checked it in. She was not comfortable. She went to the bar, and had two quick drinks. As the alcohol flowed through her body, and brain, she soon loosened up.

Her outfit attracted a lot of attention. She was glad to see, that she was not alone in her skimpy outfit. There were several women, in various stages of undress. At least two were topless. Alice mingled. She was in the party spirit. Irene saw her, and approached. Irene kissed Alice fully, with passion. Alice flushed red with the public display.

“You look great. If I wasn’t committed tonight, I’d take you home in a flash. I’m sure, with that outfit, you won’t be alone tonight.”

Irene returned to her date. Alice was sure, that Irene was a lesbian. Her pretty date, indicated it. Alice hoped that Irene was right, about not being alone tonight.

Several men, and a couple of women, hit on Alice. Each of them asked, if they could take her home. She wanted someone, to tell her, they were taking her home. Alice was not turned off, by the advances. She was not turned on, by them, either.

She enjoyed seeing all the costumes. Alice was brought on stage. She won a small prize, for her costume.

Alice was leaving the stage, as a young man approached her.

“I remember you. You give great blow jobs. How about right now. We can find a quiet room. I have $50.00. It’s yours, for the job.”

Alice snapped her reply.

“In this costume, it’ll cost you $100.”

The man grinned. He pulled a hundred dollar bill from his wallet. He handed it to Alice.

“Let’s go.”

They searched the house. Alice found a small, almost hidden, nook. Alice sank to her knees before the young man. She began to suck, his erect cock. Alice finished him off, quickly. She thought to herself, as she put the money away, at least the night, was not a complete bust.

Alice could see, that the party was winding down. Alice decided her hand was more exciting, than anyone she had met tonight. With an air of disappointment, Alice retrieved her coat. She started to walk back to her apartment.

Happy Halloween, she said to her self, sarcastically.


Alice was not in a good mood, as she started to walk home alone. She walked to the edge of the campus. She was about to cross the street, when a large black limo pulled up. It stopped in front of her, blocking her path.

She started to walk around the limo. The tinted window rolled down. A firm male voice, from within the darkened passenger compartment, spoke.


Alice was somewhat surprised. She did not proceed. The driver walked, around the limo. Standing beside Alice, he opened the door. The compartment’s lights were subdued. Alice could only see, a dark outline of the occupant. She very clearly heard, the firm commands coming from within.

“Take off your coat. Give it to the driver. Get in.”

Alice only hesitated for a moment, before she removed her coat. She handed it to the driver. Alice entered the darkened limo. The driver closed the door behind her.

She started to sit down, opposite the man in shadows.

“Kneel on the floor, before me.”

This command brought from her, both compliance, and waves of sexual excitement. Alice knelt before the stranger. He switched on an opera light in the roof. The small light flooded her kneeling form, causing the stranger to disappear, completely, from her sight.

Alice was not sure what to do. She knelt in silence, as the window rolled back up. The limo began to move.

Alice started to say something, when the strong voice commanded.

“Do not say a word.”

Alice knelt in silence, for what seemed like forever.

“Such a nice costume, for such a poor party. Your Halloween party has just begun. You must learn your place. Sit up straight. Hold your shoulders high. Keep your head bowed.”

There was a long pause.

“Spread your legs. You are a pleasure slave. I take pleasure in seeing your submission.”

Waves of lust flooded Alice’s body, as she complied.

Alice Kartal İranlı Escort knelt as instructed. The car continued to travel, to somewhere unknown. It was all strange to her. It didn’t seem unnatural. She felt she was, at last, in her proper place. Alice felt somewhat awkward, as she awaited his instructions.

“It is a very nice costume, but it is much too modest for this party. Remove your top.”

Alice flushed, as she removed her skimpy top.

“And, the bra.”

She blushed even more, as she removed the bra.

“Put the top back on.”

Alice could see her breasts, almost naked, through the shear material. Her nipples were fully erect. They were clearly visible. Her embarrassment, was only eclipsed by her lust.

“That’s better. It’s still to modest, for the party you are going to. Kneel up.”

Alice knelt up. The man fondled her breasts, for a moment. He pulled the thin harem pants down. The man in the shadows, produced a pair of scissors. He cut the bands, of her skimpy panties. He removed the panties, then pulled the harem pants back up onto her hips.

He spent some time, using his hands, as he explored, her nearly naked body. His caresses were gentle. They were not crude. Alice knelt in submission, to the stranger. Her hips were rocking. Her vagina became wetter. She heart was racing. She was in lust, with the stranger.

When the stranger had finished his intimate caresses, he pushed her back down.

“Put your hands behind your back. Hold your wrists.”

Alice started to comply, when the man slapped her.

“The proper response to a command is, ‘Yes sir.’ You will learn.”

Alice’s eyes were brimming with tears.

“Yes sir.”

She placed her hands behind her back. She grasped her wrists. The slap was firm, but not hard enough to bruise her. Alice looked up at him.

“Please, where am I going?”

Her inquiry, elicited another slap.

“You will speak only, in response to a command, or a question. I hope you learn quickly. Bruises will spoil your lovely face. Bruises will look good, on your lovely ass. I will see to that later.”

Alice’s tears were now streaming down her face. They rode in silence for some time. The man seemed to enjoy, watching her submission.

Alice’s tears were done, by the time the limo stopped. The driver opened the door, and waited. The man pulled Alice up to him by her hair.

“Kiss me.”

Alice leaned up. She kissed him lightly on the lips. She could see his face, for the first time. He was a distinguished man, immaculately dressed. He had the look of a business executive. He was quite handsome. When she broke the kiss, he slapped her again.

“You are a pleasure slave. Kiss me, like a pleasure slave. Give me your passion.”

Alice kissed him, again. This time, she kissed him with all the passion she had. She had, a lot of passion to offer. She wanted to embrace him, as she kissed him. She was sure, he would slap her again, if she moved her hands.

She was content to rub her tits on his chest, as she used her tongue, and lips, for his pleasure. This time he received the kiss, and returned it. His hands roamed her body, further arousing her.

He seemed to be in no hurry. He handled her body, as he received her passion. He picked up the golden leash. He stood up, to exit the limo. He seemed calm, and relaxed.

Alice was neither calm, nor relaxed. Her heart was pounding. Her hips were rocking, of their own accord. Her eyes were glazed with lust. She knew, that if he were to take her now, she would immediately begin screaming, from her pent up passion.

He did not take her. He led her.

They entered a large manor house. The mansion dripped with wealth. He was greeted at the door by a proper servant. The servant took his coat.

“Good evening, Mr. James, I hope you enjoy the party.”

“Thank you. I’m sure that I will.”

Allen turned to Alice.

“Give him your shoes. The only shoes that a slave wears, are heels. If her master allows them.”

Alice removed the little golden slippers. She handed them to the servant.

Alice was led, barefoot, almost nude, into the main room. The party was in progress. Almost everyone, was in costume. The costumes at this party, were quite different, than the costumes, at the campus party. At the campus party, some of the costumes were quite sexy. Here, almost all of the costumes, were brief and revealing.

This party had a definite, sexual theme. One of dominance, and submission. Several of the slaves wore nothing but chains. There was some open sex, around the room. Most of the people were talking, eating, and drinking. Even with the sexual acts around the room, this part of the house seemed mostly social.

Mr. James walked up to an older gentleman, and was greeted by him.

“Allen, it’s good to see you. I was afraid you would miss the party.”

“I went out on the town, looking for a new slave. The old one was beginning to bore me.”

The man looked Alice over.

“It looks like you were lucky. She’s quite pretty.”

“She’s pretty. She’s also untrained. I’m sure, you will help me with her training.”

Allen held out the leash, to the older man.

“Hold her for me, while I change into my costume. I feel out of place in this suit.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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