Alison Goes to London Ch. 04

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Friday 30th September, 2050

Dearest Mommy,

I am sooooo sorry it has taken me so long to write. I have been so fucking busy — or vice versa! The first two weeks of this term have been the fuckingest I have ever had in my life. In Cunts’ classes we have been doing every variation of cock-in-cunt fucking I have ever heard of: mish, cowgirl, doggy, spoons, sideways, corkscrew, sitting, wheelbarrow, standing — you name it! I never knew there were so many ways of just getting my pussy fucked! Cunts really puts us through the mill, though — she won’t accept anything sloppy or self-indulgent: everything we do has to has to “pleasure the audience”, and “pleasure our partners”. It’s really hard work (no pun intended)!

My favourite fuck-partner among the boys is Bradley. I know I said he’s got a small dick — but he sure knows what to do with it! He’s just a really conscientious fucker. The other day, we were all doing piledriver. Whilst the other boys with their big GM dicks were just showing off their cock-size and stretching their bitches’ cunts wide so they could ogle their pink, Brad was really making sure he was pleasuring my G-spot all the time, so I just came again and again! At the end, the GM guys came loads of course, but wasted most of it on the floor, or on their girls’ stomachs or whatever — but Brad aimed his load perfectly, so it splattered right in the middle of my face, covering my nose and lips, with about half of it going straight into my mouth and onto my tongue so I could let it slowly dribble out down my chin. Cunts loved it — she made all the others come and admire the result. “This is how to do a facial,” she said, “with care and attention to detail!” Chad looked so fucking pissed off…

On the subject of facials, I really really really want an auto-dick! Never mind the fact that it goes from zero to a hundred in, like, one fucking second — it also comes like nothing on earth! Cunts was teaching Joe how to do a creampie in Claire’s cunt. She wanted him to do it closer to the entrance so the audience would be able to see his cum oozing out. He kept getting it wrong — either too deep in so no one could see anything, or too far out, so it wasn’t a creampie at all but just splattered her fuck-lips. Eventually Cunts got so frustrated she demonstrated herself. But oh my fucking God, that auto squirts out so much fucking cum! It was fucking pouring out of Claire’s cunt. The rest of us girls all crowded round to eat it out. And you know what? Auto-cum tastes so fucking amazing — just like normal man-cum, but sweeter and creamier, sort of like crème brûlée. You would love it, mom! Ask dad for an auto for Christmas so Hortense can fuck you with it when he’s away!

Last weekend was the Freshers’ Fuck — it’s like a big party where all the new students get to meet and fuck each other. I hadn’t realised, but most of the students at RAF are actually on short courses, like Introduction to Deepthroat, or Squirting for Beginners. Apart from our NDF, there are other longer courses, like PGCF (Post-Graduate Certificate in Fucking), and of course degree courses in History of Fucking and things like that. And there are a few students — like Andy and Anna, who work part-time as our receptionists — who are working towards their FDs (Doctor of Fucking). Andy’s dissertation is onAss-Fucking in the Twentieth Century; he also lectures on the Anal Ab Initio short courses. I bet Daddy would love to meet him: they have so much in common! Anna’s FD is onTits Through Time — and hers are huge, but completely natural, all soft and jiggly. Anyway, Andy cornered me at the beginning of the Freshers’ Fuck: he’d been wanting to fuck me all week, but I’ve always been too busy. Anyway, he fucked my ass doggy while I licked Anna’s nipples. It was weird, though: she kept writing notes about me as I sucked her tits, in her big curly pink hand-writing — research for her dissertation, I think!

I’ve been trying to be friendly to Eva — but she keeps giving me the cold shoulder. I dunno why. Maybe she’s mad at me for fucking her brother — but, for fuck’s sake, he’s the one who keeps messaging me, wanting to get together again “for coffee”! Coffee? Like, what the fuck is that for? I read up about it, and apparently in the twentieth century if a guy asked you home “for coffee”, what he really wanted was a fuck — but in those days he couldn’t just say so; so you had to have coffee first, to give him a chance to feel you up. At least, that’s what it is says in A Brief History of Fucking.Thing is, I’ve already fucked the guy — so why’s he now talking about coffee? I dunno what his problem is. Do you…?

So anyway, at the Freshers’ Fuck, after Andy had come in my ass, I tried again to get to know Eva. So I said to her, could I eat her cunt? (I think that’s pretty friendly, don’t you?) But she sneered, “No thanks, I’m sure you’d prefer esmer gaziantep escort to get fucked in that amazingasshole of yours. Besides, there are a whole bunch of guys waiting to fuck my throat.” What the fuck? I mean, she spends all her time getting throatfucked! I must admit she’s really good at it: Chad can’t get enough of her throat, maybe because she’s the only girl he’s met who can take his dick all the way down without throwing up. Every morning before class she sits in the Lab waiting for him. When he comes in, he just walks up to her, undoes his fly, and rams his dick right down her throat — sweet, don’t you think?

If Eva is becoming famous as the throat bitch, I think I’m in danger of being type-cast as the “amazing asshole”. Even in Fart’s the story’s clearly got around, because when I’m doing FP the patients keep beckoning me over and whispering, “Hey, can I fuck your ass?” — but I have to keep explaining that it’s “against the hospital rules”. Anyway, at the Freshers’ Fuck there were all these guys lining up to bugger me — which was so lovely of them, but seriously, how many dicks can a girl take at once?! So I did a gangbang, but after, like, the tenth guy had come in my ass, I was getting a bit bored. Ah, the price of fame!

You’ll be so proud of me: guess what I did on Sunday? I went to church! Harriet is a keen church-goer, and London is her home, so she knows all the best places. She took me to a place called All Cunts Langham Place: it’s not really your style — very charismatic and evangelical — but it was so amazing! Anyway, it was a special service for a girl’s Baptism by Cum. First she gave her testimony, about how she used to be a prude and had wanted to limit the number of guys she’d fuck (to, like, just one a day — can you imagine?!), but then the Horny Spirit came down on her (or was that “went down on her”? — I can’t remember) and she heard a voice telling her that she could pleasure God best by being a total slut. It was so moving to hear, it brought tears to my eyes. Then the minister laid his hands on her (tits), and then prayed and jerked off over her face (I think they call it “pray and spray”). Then she lay down on the altar, and all the elders of the church gathered around and gangbanged her. She was moaning and grinding her hips, and everyone around was fucking, and singing, and strumming their guitars, and getting “fucked in the Spirit”. Harriet was smoking two cigarettes at once and, like, waving them in the air while I sucked her big tits. Then she started doing this weird thing — I think they call it “fuck-speaking in tongues”. It sounded a bit like: “fucka shlandaya cocka shandala cunta dabbala fucka mashiya fucka cunta shlabadaduya” and so on. It was amazing: I must take you there if you ever visit. I think I’ll go again next week.

For the next two weeks the morning sessions are all about on-girl oral: sucking tits, eating cunt etc. I shouldn’t have any trouble with that, after the upbringing you’ve given me! But after that we start Introduction to Blowjobs — and I’m a bit nervous about that actually. I know you and Daddy have never really been into blowjobs like you are into anal — but it does mean I feel a bit out of my depth (no pun intended!) when it comes to sucking cock. Oh, I’m fine with normal cock-sucking — but you know I’ve never been good with anything down my throat. Some of the other girls are amazing throat-fuckers — Claire and Eva especially — I think I’m gonna find it a bit embarrassing. Well, hopefully Cunts will start us off nice and gentle.

It’s Friday night. Andy and Anna have invited a whole bunch of us out for a fuck on the town — I think they’re wanting to take in some fuck-clubs in Soho. I’m sure they’ll have a ball (literally!) — but Claire and I decided to have a quiet night in to eat some cunt, and so I can help her with her fuck-talk.

Fucks and kisses,

Your wittle fuck-swut,



Claire and Alison walked hand in hand, topless, across the park towards Fuckers’ Hall, chatting about their day. The park was, as normal for this time of the evening, a hub for relaxed socialisation and sexualisation: Alison loved the atmosphere of London — so different from the stuffiness of Cunthorpe. There was a military band performing in the bandstand, and a number of couples and small groups were fucking to the music. The band had just struck up a new tune — clearly a novelty number, as they were doing actions and chanting along:

I knew a girl from Kansas City.

She had freckles on her titty.

Left, left, left right left.

I knew a girl on the Russian front.

She had freckles on her cunt.

Left, left, left right left.

“Oh, I love this one, it’s so funny,” cried Claire. “Come on, let’s watch them!” Alison and Claire stopped for a while. gaziantep esmer escort The band leader had got his erect cock out and was using it to conduct the band whilst doing a little dance — inducing fits of giggles and enthusiastic applause from musicians and audience alike. Alison slipped her hand into Claire’s slacks to stroke her ass affectionately, and Claire returned the compliment by pulling her close and gently sucking her outstretched tongue into her mouth, as their bare tits squashed gently together.

I knew a girl in ol’ Kentuck.

She couldn’t ride but she sure could fuck.

Left, left, left right left.

I knew a girl in Boston, Mass.

She liked dicks up her ass.

Left, left, left right left.

By the time the girls had reached their hall and had some supper, the sun was beginning to set. Claire came back to Alison’s room and they both relaxed naked on the bed. “So,” started Alison, “shall I help you with your fuck-talk?”

“Oh, is it really that bad?” frowned Claire.

“Well, you heard Cunts: ‘Stop talking like you’re reciting a fucking shopping list, Claire!'”

“Oh Jesus, okay. So, how’re we gonna do this?”

“Let me eat you out, and you talk.”

Her face poised between Claire’s thighs, Alison took a few seconds to sniff her gorgeous scent, which was rich and potent after a full day’s fucking — a combination of sweat, cunt-juice, sperm, and just a hint of piss — belied by the tight, neat, pristine appearance of her bald pink slit. Of course, in reality there was nothing pristine about Claire’s cunt, and Alison began to lap at her fuck-lips with long slow up-and-down strokes of her tongue, relishing the heady taste of the cocktail of bodily fluids. Alison loved the taste of cunt — and Claire’s juices were the best: pungent, full-bodied and sweet, they began to slowly leak out as Alison teased her fuck-lips open with her tongue, gently exposing the soft glistening pink flesh inside.

Claire gasped with pleasure, her head thrown back in ecstasy — but said nothing. “Hey,” Alison interrupted Claire’s reverie, “you’re supposed to be talking!”

“Oh sorry, I forgot! Uh… lick my pussy…?”

Alison waited for more, her tongue poised just in front of Claire’s clit. There was silence. “Aw, come on, Claire, you sound like you’re introducing yourself to your bank manager. How about a bit of passion, a bit of horn?”

“Oh Jesus, I never know what to say, Al! You give me some examples, and I’ll copy.”

“Okay, okay. Just listen to this.” Alison sat up and closed her eyes, imagining it was Claire eating her out. “Oh yeah, baby, lick my fucking cunt with that hot tongue of yours. I love it when you poke your fucking tongue in my hot fuck-hole. Oh fuck yeah, that’s it. Now suck my clit, baby, I love getting my clit sucked by a hot slut like you. You’re such a fucking whore, baby, the way you eat me out. Oh yeah, now bury your fucking face in my juicy cunt, baby, yeah, eat it out, cunt-slut, coat your pretty fucking face with my hot fuck-sauce. Now stick your fingers in there, fuck my hole with your fingers while you eat my clit. You like that, huh? You like the taste of my hot pussy-juice all over your fucking face? You want more, baby? ‘Coz I’m gonna fucking come, baby, I’m gonna squirt my cunt-juice all over your fucking face so you can drink it down. I’m gonna –“

Alison opened her eyes, only to see Claire frigging her cunt hard with two fingers, her eyes rolling upwards in the ecstasy of an impending orgasm. “CLAIRE! WHAT THE FUCK!?”

Claire stopped. “Oh sorry, Al, that was just so sexy I couldn’t help myself!”

“Oh Jesus fucking Christ, Claire, you’re supposed to be learning dirty talk yourself, not just jerking off to mine.”

“Sorry, sorry, Al,” said Claire, licking the juice off her fingers, “I’ll try harder. Here, why don’t you fuck me with a strap-on? Maybe doggy at first? That way I can pretend it’s some guy fucking me, and I won’t feel so self-conscious.”

“Okay, whatever, let’s try it.” Alison retrieved her favourite fat pink strap-on from her bedside cabinet. “Do you want it ‘cumming’? I don’t have an auto, but this one comes loads.”

“Hey, why not? Then you can teach me how to talk with food in my mouth!” Claire giggled.

Claire did better this time: gradually, under Alison’s gentle coaxing, a stream of relatively convincing dirty talk started to issue from her mouth. “Oh yeah, baby, fuck me with that big cock of yours… I like feeling your dick in my pussy, baby… Yeah, that’s good, slide slowly in and out of my juicy cunt… You like fucking my hot pussy, baby? You like feeling my hot cunt squeezing your hard shaft? You wanna shoot your load in my cunt?”

“Whoa there, Claire. Don’t start talking about coming too soon. You know what boys are like: you just gaziantep esmer escort bayan mention it once, and suddenly they’re jizzing all over the place!”

“Okay, good point. But am I doing better?”

“Yeah, it’s really sexy! Shall we ramp it up? Make it a bit dirtier!”

“Okay, here goes…” Claire took a deep breath, concentrated hard, and continued her monologue, as Alison picked up the pace of her fucking. “Come on, you fucking stud, ram that fucking cock deep in my fucking cunt! Yeah, split me in two with that fucking dick, I love it so much. Fuck me, goddammit, fuck me harder! Oh yeah, I’m gonna fucking come, baby, make me fucking come with that big cunt-fucking dick of yours! I — ” Claire suddenly paused, “Uh, Alison?”

“Yeah? Don’t stop now, that’s so good!”

“I really wanna come, babe — which is kinda difficult doggy. Will you fuck me piledriver, and then jizz on my face?”

“Sure. But don’t forget to keep up the fuck-talk!”

She didn’t. Claire turned over and lifted her ass high. As Alison stood over her, ramming her strap-on deep into her cunt, Claire went into overdrive, and gave up pretending that Alison was a boy: “You fucking bitch, yeah, fuck me with that hard fake cock of yours. You like watching my cunt get destroyed by your fucking strap-on? Split my fucking cunt in two, fuck me deep so I fucking come all over your fucking fuck-stick. Oh yeah, here it fucking comes, baby, I’m gonna fucking come, I’m gonna fucking come! Oh FUUUUUUCK!!!”

Alison pulled out and pressed the cum-release button. As Claire squealed and writhed from the pleasure of her own orgasm, Alison aimed straight down onto her face. The first squirt hit Claire right in her screaming mouth, making her gag noisily. The second landed on her eyes, temporarily blinding her. The third went up her nose, making her sneeze it out all over her tits. “Oh yeah,” Claire glubbed through her mouthful of dildo-cream, “‘um aw over me, babe. ‘Um aw over this pwetty fu’ing ‘um-swut of yours. ‘Uvver me with that fu’ing cweam. Fu’ing dwown me in ‘um, babe!” Indeed, the dildo kept coming, splattering the beautiful blonde with stream after stream of sweet fake cock-cream, till her hair, face, neck and pert little tits were drowned in warm gloopy fuck-mess. “Oh fu’ yeah, that feew so fu’ing goo’, baby, so fu’ing goo’…!” glubbed Claire as dildo-cum dribbled obscenely from her mouth and nostrils.

“So fucking good, I think you’ve learnt some pretty excellent fuck-talk, babe! See, all you needed was a bit of unpressured practice with someone you trust. High five!”

The two girls slapped right hands together triumphantly. Alison lay Claire’s ass back down on the bed and surveyed the mess she had made of her. “So, was that fun?”

Claire giggled as she parodied herself: “Fuck yeah, that was fucking fun fucking fuck-talking while you fucking fuck my fucking cunt with your fucking cunt-fucking fuck-stick, you motherfucking cunt-whore…”

Both girls collapsed with laughter — which was interrupted by a knock at the door. “Who is it?” they called out.

“Bradley. Can I come in?” The door creaked open tentatively.

“Brad! What’s up? Come join us.” Bradley, like all the out-of-towners at RAF, also roomed at Fuckers’ Hall — though he had never yet visited Alison in her room.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, if you’re fucking and stuff,” said Bradley, as he surveyed the sight of the two naked girls, one sporting a cumming strap-on still dribbling at the head, and the other caked in fuck-gloop.

“It’s okay, I’m just cleaning up!” glubbed Claire through a mouthful of dildo-cum, as she wiped the mess off her face, sucking it off her fingers and smacking her lips. “Didn’t you go out with Andy and Anna on their fuck-crawl?”

“Yeah, I did,” sighed Bradley. “But I wasn’t enjoying myself very much, so I thought I’d come back to the hall and have an early night. But then I heard you screaming, so I decided to pop in and see how you were.”

“We’re great, as you can see” laughed Claire, sticking her middle finger up her right nostril to retrieve a glob of dildo-cream. “But what went wrong tonight?”

“Oh, I dunno. Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a fucker.” He shook his head despondently.

“Whaddya mean?” said Alison indignantly, unstrapping her dildo. “You’re a great fucker! Hey, you remember that pile-driver this week? Remember what Cunts said about you? Besides, who said you were no good?” She sucked the dildo clean, wiped it dry on her landing-strip (now heart-shaped), and started to put it away.

“Well, nobody seems to much like the fact that I’ve got a small dick, and…”

“Nobody? Who’s ‘nobody’? It’s six inches, isn’t it? You know, I was reading that in the twentieth century, that would have been considered bigger than average. It’s only now that everyone’s got huge GM dicks, they think that’s all that’s important. But don’t you remember what Cunts keeps saying: ‘It’s what you do with it that matters!’ And you sure know what to do with it!”

“Wait a moment,” interrupted Claire, as she wiped a glob of cream off her left nipple. “Was someone giving you trouble about your cock-size tonight?” There was a long awkward silence. “Brad… Was it Chad and Eva again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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