All Day with Mom

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The following story contains hardcore male bisexuality. All characters in this story are fictional. Do not try this at home!

All Day With Mom

Chapter 1

Life is full of odd twists and turns. I know this from first hand experience.

I grew up in a remote farm in Sweden, raised by my wonderful grandparents. You see my mother had me when she was very young. When she was eighteen, she left me with her parents and went to Stockholm to seek her fortune and become a model.

With her exceptional Scandinavian good looks and a bit of luck on her side she never even had to struggle hard.

The very first modelling agency that she went to signed her on immediately and almost overnight she became one of the most sought after teenage models in Europe.

She enjoyed her success until she retired from the modelling business at age twenty-five to marry one of the ten richest men in Europe, thus she began her new career as a very successful trophy wife to a seventy-year-old business tycoon.

While my mother was being spoiled and pampered everyday by her servants, masseuse, personal trainer and several male and female lovers who were not only approved, but also encouraged by her much older husband, I was growing up to be a very shy and modest young man.

I mainly lived in my own fantasy world with my imaginary friends until I started high school. I had inherited my mother’s good looks, golden hair and beautiful blue eyes and my body was naturally lean, muscular and athletic.

However I was still painfully shy around girls, not to say that I did not desire them or they did not turn me on, but I just could not summon the courage to approach them.

My first sexual experience was with my best friend when I had just turned eighteen. He was a boy my age. He had a beautiful, almost feminine face, soft golden blond hair and a slender body.

One day while looking at some hardcore porn magazines in his room he offered to jack me off out of the blue and I let him.

“Do you like what I’m doing to your cock?” he asked me grinning.

His pumping fist felt wonderful around my shaft. I thrust my hips forward and closed my eyes. He started playing with my full balls as he stroked my hard cock.

“I guess so,” I grunted.

“You’re not sure?”

“Don’t know!”

“Then I’ll stop!”


“Do you want me to lick it for you?”

“Mm … yeah.”

“Yeah what?”

“Lick it for me!”

He kept stroking my dick passionately. Every few strokes he licked my peehole with his tongue. He then sucked my balls into his beautiful mouth.

“Do you like my tongue on your cockhead?” he asked teasingly.


“How about hat I’m doing to your balls?”

“What about it?”

“I think I’ll stop doing this.”

“Why the fuck?”

“I’m not convinced that you’re enjoying this!”

“Don’t you dare fucking stop!”

“Oh no?”

“I’ll kick your ass if you stop!”

“Come for me!”


“Come all over my face!”


“Yeah! Cover my face with your jizz!”


After I came in his hand and all over his face I returned the favor. His big cock felt strange in my hand, but as my fist went up and down his shaft I realized that his cock was strong and beautiful and what I was doing came naturally to me.

I was still thinking about the women in those nudie magazines, with their perfect breasts and legs wide open as I started licking the tip of my best friends cock.

It’s ok, I’m not gay…just having some fun!

I took his mushroom shaped cock head in between my lips and savored the amazingly tangy taste. This was safe and natural; sucking my best friend’s beautiful cock, while those sexy women with their perfectly trimmed bushes looked farther away by the second.

A few minutes later when we lay side by side on my friend’s bed, he moved his face close to mine to kiss me.

I told him no.

In the next few months that I lived in the farm we sucked each other’s cocks and we fucked each other in the ass; but we never kissed.

Deep inside I knew that I was saving that kiss for a special girl or woman, and knowing myself I knew that it might never happen.

Chapter 2

I was reading a book in my room when my grandmother knocked on my door. She entered the room with a phone in her hand.

“This is for you Alex,” she almost whispered, “come talk to me when you’re done talking with her.”

From the phone came the most lovely and melodic female voice that I had ever heard: “Hi Alex … this is Anita Ferrone. I am your mother!”

I sat up, not believing what I was hearing.

Was this a prank call? I did not know any women well enough to make such a prank call and my grandmother would never conspire in a prank like this anyway.

I felt my blood rush up to my head. I managed to utter a weak hello, but I was not sure if it was my voice or just an imaginary voice from deep within my thoughts.

I was listening to her beautiful voice; taksim escort which made it almost impossible to get angry with her.

She was crying, then she started laughing; and then she started telling me a story about when I was four.

Basically she told me about her life after she left me, and that she was not allowed to contact me until I reached eighteen.

My grandfather would also not allow me to visit her before I started college, but she always knew about how I was doing secretly through my grandmother.

“I know that you are still in shock and I give you every right to be, so I want you to think about this,” she said lovingly. “I want you to come and live with me in France. Now that my husband is dead I need you to be here with me. I know that your grandpa thinks that I am crazy and immature,” she laughed, “and he is probably right! I am just a spoiled little girl; which is one more reason that I need you to take care of me. I promise that I will love you forever and never leave you ever again.”

Her voice was earnest, loving and so damn sexy.

I could listen to her for hours without getting bored. I started wondering if it was wrong of me to think of my mother’s voice as sexy.

I had not seen a picture of her in years and I imagined her sitting half naked on a bed, not unlike those playboy centerfolds; talking lazily to her long lost son while posing for nude pictorials.

I told her that I did not need to think about it, that I would love to go and live with her, which made her scream with joy like a teenage girl.

We just had to wait a couple of months until I graduated from high school and I would be on my way. Finally we exchanged e-mail addresses so that we could write and get to know each other better.

“I can’t wait to see you honey,” she sighed. “I really can’t!”

“I feel the same way Mom!” I replied.

“Oh baby,” she said joyfully. “You just called me Mom!”

“Yes Mom!”

“You’ve made me so fucking happy!”

“You said fuck!”

“Fuck!” she giggled. “There you go. I said it again. Shit!”

“Hmm … ok!”

“Say it baby!”

“Say what?”

“Say fuck! I want to hear you say it!”




“Ooh … that’s so naughty,” she giggled like a little girl. “I gotta go baby. My best friend is here and she keeps interrupting me. I’ll e-mail you after I take care of her!”

Take care of her? That’s kinda weird!

A few minutes after we hung up the phone I received her first e-mail. My heart was pounding fast as I opened her picture file.

She was more beautiful and sexier than I could ever imagine. The photo was probably taken by a professional photographer. The lighting captured the full glory of her golden hair. She was wearing a white tank top and I could see the perfect tan of her skin and those perfectly shaped big breasts that filled the tank top; plus her gorgeous cleavage.

Her choice of make up and accessories were just cherry on top of the ice cream. Her perfectly white teeth and beautifully shaped full lips together constructed the most beautiful smile known to man … or at least to me.

With shaky fingers I typed: “You must be the most beautiful mother a boy could ever wish for!”

As soon as I hit send I regretted what i had just written to her. I did not know what kind of reply to expect from her. I did not have to wait long for her reply though.

“Thanks honey,” she wrote. “I sent you my sexiest photo. So don’t expect me to look like this everyday all day; but sometimes I look even sexier … LOL.”

She definitely had a juvenile sense of humor and she was easy to talk to. I could see that she was joking, but then again; she also could be serious.

Was she flirting with me? It surely looked like it and even more so; it felt like it!

Chapter 3

My mother and I e-mailed each other back and forth for at least two hours straight. We found out that we had a lot in common. We had the same favorite foods, favorite movies, music and last but not least the same type of humor.

In less than two hours it felt that my sexy and long lost mother had become my new best friend.

The next day we chatted through e-mail even longer. In the early hours of the morning she finally asked the question that I dreaded the most.

She asked if I had a girlfriend. Suddenly I decided to tell her the truth, but not the whole truth. I told her that I was having sex with my best friend, but that it was not what you could call a gay relationship, but I left out the part about my secret lust for women and my inability to approach them.

“Oh baby … it’s ok if you’re gay. I love having sex with women too and I have seen men fucking each other in sex parties, it’s such a huge turn on for me! Just thinking about it makes me so wet. Do you like the type of muscle guys who wear leather and fuck each other really rough?

“I once was at this party where there was twelve of them fucking each other’s brains out and I was the only woman present. çapa escort It was one of my hottest sexual experiences!”

I could not believe what I was reading.

Her complete acceptance of my sexuality and the bluntness with which she was suddenly expressing herself came as a total shock to me.

So I wrote: “Mom you need to know that I am a bit shy; but I would not mind attending a party like that if you were there,” now I could not believe my own boldness.

What’s happening to me? I asked myself. Where is this conversation going?

“So tell me … I am so curious. What were you doing at that party? Where you naked? Did you have sex with any of those guys?”

“Mm, baby you are such a naughty boy,” she replied. “You just get your ass over here and I will help you get rid of your shyness. The fact that you say you wouldn’t mind being there with me makes me so fucking happy; and a bit horny. Ok so now you know me even better.

“I am crazy! A horny teenage girl in an adult woman’s body, but most of all I am really perverted. I don’t believe in love anymore; but I believe in having hot sex with beautiful people. I threw that party for my gay hairstylist and I was the mistress of the party.

“I told those men what to do and they had to obey me. Did I have sex with any of them? You bet your cute ass I did. You see i have never been in a serious relationship either, but my late husband loved watching me have sex with others. So I have him to thank for my sexual liberation. When you come here I can introduce you to any sort of sexual freak or group you like. Would you like that honey?”

“Mom you can introduce me to anyone you want. I will never say no to you,” my sweaty hand was shaking again as I was typing this. “I want to be there and watch you have sex with men and women. Would you let me watch you have sex?”

“Oh baby; even the thought of it drives me crazy,” she replied. “Yes! Oh yes! I want you to be there with me and watch me get fucked by any guy or girl you like. I want you right next to me! I want to hold your hand while I get pounded by a big cock, then maybe we can get the guy to fuck you and I can watch! Oh I am so fucking wet right now. You and I will make a fucking good team and make everyone jealous. You’ll be my son, my best friend and my partner in crime!”

Partner in crime!

I liked the sound of it. I started stroking my cock while I read my mother’s hot words. I looked at her sexy picture as I jerked off furiously.

My hot cum spurted all over my computer monitor. I watched as my goo trickled down my mother’s face on the picture.

Fucking hell! I want to fuck my own mother! This is wrong in so many ways. But I can’t help it. I want to fuck her until she screams my name incessantly!

I came all over her picture again and again.

I was obsessed!

Chapter 4

As I lay in my bed that night with my throbbing hard on, I could not imagine how I could wait two more months to be with her.

The answer was simple.

I could not and would not wait two more days let alone two months!

The next day I wrote her and asked her to get me tickets and make all travel arrangements. I half expected her to discourage me from leaving school, but half an hour after my request I received a reply with my itinerary and all the necessary information.

Fuck! I’m doing it! This is really happening!

“Oh, I am so fucking excited baby,” she wrote. “What am I going to do? What do I wear?”

“Wear the same outfit you had in your photo Mom,” I replied. “That way it’s easier for me to recognize you at the airport.”

“If I wear that tank top you can see my stiff nipples from a mile away,” she joked. “I can get arrested!”

The next day I said good-bye to my grandmother, wrote a letter to my grandfather and was on my way. I tried to sleep through the first part of the trip.

Finally when I was on the last plane that took me to the city in France that was famous for hedonism and its nude beaches; the reality started to hit me hard.

What if all that horny talk turned into a big fiasco when I met the real Anita Ferrone, my mother who had deserted me as a child?

She probably saw me as a gay guy she could open up to and had no idea whatsoever that I was already in love and in lust with her.

I tried to chase away all the bad thoughts and get back into that courageous guy who wrote sexual and intimate details about his sexual fantasies to a very beautiful woman.

Forget that she is your mother! Remember how cool and uninhibited she is!

Finally I walked through the arrivals gate and there she was, standing there with that big beautiful smile, her big sunglasses holding her golden hair up and out of her face, wearing tight jeans that showed her pelvic bone and a cropped white tank top that revealed more than it covered, her nipples long and stiff as if standing in attention to say hello to me.

I let go of my bag and hugged her, my right hand on the back of her neck and left hand on her bakırköy escort lower back. She pressed her breast onto my chest and I felt her hard nipples poking at me.

“Ooh my baby,” she whispered in my ear with a shaky voice. “I love you! I love you! I love you!”

She then surprised me by gently kissing and licking my earlobe.

“Did you just lick my ear Mom?” I asked still unsure of how I should react.

“Yes honey,” she replied. “Just testing to see if you’re still my horny honey boy or you’ve changed your mind!”

I responded to her by licking her earlobe and then gently biting it.

“Ooh, right answer baby,” she said with that killer smile. “Let’s get out of here. We have so much to do today. So much fun to have!”

“Can’t wait Mom!”

“That’s the spirit baby!” my hot mother said, grinning impishly. “I’m taking you directly to a nude beach so you can get some color on your skin.”

“Nude … beach?” I stuttered.

“A nude beach can do wonders for you,” she said. “It will definitely cure your shyness!”

“I don’t know Mom!”

“What’s the matter honey?” my mother asked pouting her lovely lips. “Aren’t you excited to see me naked?”

“Hmm … naked?”

I thought you anted to see me naked. Was I wrong?”

“No Mom!”

Then my sexy mother looked around carefully to make sure nobody was close enough to hear our conversation.

“When we get there I’ll let you touch my boobs!” she whispered.

“On the beach?” I asked nervously.

“It’s a very private beach.” My mom replied grinning again. “You can even fuck me there!”

“I … I … Mom!” I said blushing like a tomato.

“Well I mean you could fuck me if you weren’t … you know!”

“If I weren’t your son?”

“I don’t give a fuck about that!” my mother replied earnestly. “I meant if you weren’t gay!”

“Ah I see!”

“You still can fuck me if and whenever you want to … you know!”

“I can?”

“Fuck yeah! I mean it even makes it hotter that you’re my own son. Don’t you think so?”

“Don’t know Mom!” I said dumbfounded.

“You’re a hot young man,” she said. “So it would be ok for us to fuck if you were a complete stranger but not ok since you’re my son?”

“Those are the rules Mom!”

“Not my rules,” my mom frowned sexily. “It’s not like I’ll let you knock me up or anything!”

“Of course not,” I chuckled, feeling a bit more relaxed.

“Here’s my car baby!”


“What was I saying honey?”

“That we should be able to do it without feeling bad about it?”

“Just remember baby,” my mother said in a serious tone, pulling her sunglasses down from her gorgeous hair. “Say the word and you can do anything you want to my body!”

“I’ll think about Mom!”

In fact that was all I could think about right then. Doing lots of things to my beautiful mother’s toned body!

Chapter 5

The wind caressed my mother’s beautiful golden hair as she drove her Z4 Beamer. After driving for about twenty minutes we came to a gate where it said “Zax Private Beach and Resort” both in English and French. The guard seemed to know my mom really well and let us through with a big smile on his face.

“Where are we mom?” I asked, my heart beating faster because I had a pretty good idea where we were.

“This is the best nude beach for sex maniacs like us honey,” she replied. “We still have two hours of sun left and we better get you started on a tan. We relax here for a couple of hours, then we go shopping together.”

Then she showed me to the men’s lockers.

“You can get a towel there, but when you come out I want to see you wear nothing but a big smile!”

I took off my clothes and underwear and put them in a locker. I thanked God that I was way too nervous to get a hard on.

When I stepped out into the open I was way too self aware of my nakedness to be able to smile, but then I saw my mother, standing there like a naked angel.

Her naked body was extremely toned and perfect in every way. Her nipples were stiff and darker than I imagined they would be.

She wore a golden chain around her waist with some charms hanging from it, which complimented her flat stomach. A big diamond stud decorated her belly button, which added to her immeasurable coolness and beauty.

Her golden pussy hair was thick and curly, but trimmed neatly. It was darker than her hair and I noticed that there was some glitter in it.

“That’s one fucking nice cock you got there my beautiful baby!” she exclaimed with genuine awe in her sexy voice. “Wow … I can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s hard. It’s so thick and its shape is so fucking nice … hanging so heavily like that! Nice big balls too; and they’re shaved. Did you shave them recently baby?”

“Yes Mom…” I stuttered. “I shaved them this morning. What’s up with the glitter?” I had to ask.

“Oh yeah,” she said with a smile. “Last week at this anniversary party they had this glitter all over the place. We rolled in the damn thing when we fucked … I’m glad I could get it out of my hair at least.”

We sat in two beach chairs right next to each other.

“I guess you’ll look really sexy in a school girl outfit with glittery make up,” I said even surprising myself.

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