All the Way

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John and Nikki had first met at a science museum, a rather innocuous way for a pair such as this to meet, frankly. They both loved the exhibit about the solar system, and they shared their first kiss in a dark corridor behind the Planetarium a week later.

After a couple months, things had begun to heat up. They were making out on her parent’s couch one Friday night while they were out of town. They trusted their 18-year-old daughter to be a good and studious girl. And she was – she was nothing but kind to everyone, and she never got less than a B+ on anything at school. But she was also a teenage girl with her first real boyfriend who wanted to get to know him much closer. At night, she had naughty dreams about the things she would do to him, and him to her.

While they were making out, with his tongue deep inside her throat and his hands under her bra cupping her round, supple C-cups, she threw her leg across his waist and straddled him, grinding her hips into his. At that point, she made a massive discovery – John’s hard, throbbing cock under his jeans. She could feel its heat and thickness against her wet cunt, instinctively grinding harder into his crotch. She came just moments later, a warm wave pulsing through her hips. She was still a virgin, but knew right now that she no longer wanted to be one.

The next weekend, while her parents were at dinner, John arrived at her house. As he stepped inside, she grabbed his package and pulled him inside. “I want to kiss it, ” she demanded.

But when they got to the bedroom, and he dropped his pants, her desire turned to shock. It was huge. Absolutely enormous. She gasped.

“How, how big is … it?”

“I measured once. It was about … 12 inches long.” And it was, when fully erect. 12 inches long and 6 inches around.

Nikki reached out and escort bayan grabbed it with one hand. She could barely get her hand all the way around it.

“How am I going to …” She just couldn’t imagine putting that huge member in her mouth.

“Are you scared of it? If so, I can put it away.”

“No!” she shouted, louder than she intended. “I … I’ll try.”

And with that, she leaned forward and took the swollen head into her mouth. The head alone nearly filled her mouth. She began to kiss it and rub it with her tongue. John shuddered. “Oh, oh, oh …”

She kissed and sucked hard on his head for several minutes, stroking his member all the while. She could feel his cock getting harder as he got close to orgasm. Finally, hot cum exploded down her throat as he climaxed. She swallowed eagerly. They both smiled at what was the first real sex act either had experienced.

For several months, this was all they could do. They both wanted to try more, but their only attempt had failed. John’s cock was just too enormous to fit in Nikki’s cunt, and so they had to be satisfied with blowjobs and handjobs.

But as much as John wanted to bang Nikki’s hard body, she wanted his hard cock even more. One night, as they lay on her bed, she began to undress him, stripping off his clothes to reveal his big dick. She grasped it and began to stroke it. But tonight, John could tell she was going about things a bit differently. As his cock got harder, she began removing her own clothes, first her shorts and shirt, then her bra. He instinctively reached out for her gorgeous round breasts, but she pushed his hands away.

“You have to be patient,” she said with a sly smile.

With that, she laid back on the bed and slipped her panties off. He could see that they were already wet. With his türbanlı escort cock in her right hand, she began to finger herself with her left. As she stroked herself, John could feel his member growing harder and longer. It felt like it was getting bigger than ever before. Nikki could feel it too, and she could feel her pussy getting warmer and warmer as she sat playing with her clit with one hand and his giant johnson in the other.

Thoughts of what his cock would feel like inside her started to get her even more excited, and she started to moan and grind her hips. John sat transfixed by the sight of her beautiful body writhing on the bed, holding his cock. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, her breathing sped quickly and she started to pant until at least, she was overcome by an orgasm that rocked her whole body.

She reached down and rubbed her pussy juices. She was wetter than she’d ever felt before. At that moment, she turned to John, eying his dick.

“I want it inside of me. Now.”

“But we … I …”


Obeying her command, he moved closer, and positioned the head of his cock against her pussy. She was soaking wet, and he could feel his head sliding inside her, much easier than before. But he could also feel how tight and small she felt. He’d never get all the way inside, he thought.

But slowly, he began to thrust a little, with each one, getting deeper inside. He was now a good six inches in. Nikki was laying on her back, eyes closed, biting her lip. He continued to push, even as he felt her pussy tighter and tighter against his cock.

Nikki opened her eyes and looked straight at him. “More.”

He continued to push, sinking deeper and deeper into her. He now had nine hard inches inside of her, and was antalya escort pretty sure that she couldn’t take much more. His thrusting was becoming easier as her pussy juices dripped down his cock and over his balls. She was wetter than he ever thought possible. She had started to pant now with each thrust.

But still, he wasn’t all the way in. John was just amazed that she had taken as much as she did, and he pounded her harder and harder.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she yelled. “Harder!”

He continued to pound away at her dripping cunt for several more minutes, until she suddenly motioned for him to stop.

“What?” he asked.

She looked straight into his eyes. “Fuck me harder, goddamnit! I want you totally inside me. I want all 12 inches!”

He could tell that she wasn’t kidding. So he braced himself and took her hips with his strong hands and pulled her toward him while thrusting harder. He could feel himself sliding deeper than before.

“More! More!” she yelled.

He continued to give massive thrusts, each one bringing her closer and closer to the whole thing. Finally, he reached back and gave one last hard thrust, pounding all 12 inches of his massive cock inside of her at last. He could feel her instantly cumming in his arms, and he continued to pound her cunt.

Her screams echoed through the house as she came like she never had before. Wave after wave of orgasm coursed through her body. After another minute, he began to cum, too, blowing an enormous load from his 12 inch monster.

Exhausted, he collapsed on top of her as she erupted into a another orgasm.

They both lay there for several minutes, as she dreamed of what it would be like to be fucked like that again.

John and Nikki fucked every night and day for the rest of the summer, until both had to leave for college. Every time, she didn’t cum until he had his full 12 inches inside of her.

Though she encountered many large cocks throughout college and after, Nikki never had another dick as enormous as John’s again. And though she had many skilled lovers, she never came as intensely again, either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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