Allegra , Steve Ch. 01

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Human nature is hard to predict, or to explain. We often do things that defy rational explanation. Perhaps that is what makes life so interesting.

I had considered myself to be a very sensible, levelheaded person. Someone not prone to taking brash, impulsive decisions that would lead to soul searching later on. And yet here I am, caught up in a vortex entirely of my own creation. Not knowing what to do next.

Perhaps, I should tell you more about myself. I am a single mother, in my mid-thirties. I had gotten married right after graduation to my High School sweetheart. Evan had been the only man in my life, and everyone looked upon us as the dream couple. Our son Steve was born a year after marriage, just as I turned nineteen. I quickly settled down to being the ideal housewife and mother.

This idyllic world was shattered when I discovered Evan having an affair with a colleague, a young man with long eyelashes, named Brian. I was devastated, but had the courage to file for a divorce. Steve was only four at the time. Fortunately, finances were not a problem since my parents were very supportive of my decision to leave Evan. I went back to college and took an MBA. Soon after that I started my own business, a PR firm. My father was of immense help in those early years. I worked like there was no tomorrow, and within a few years, I had established myself in the industry. Allegra Associates had become a name to reckon with, and I was earning a reputation as a professional who could be depended upon to deliver the goods.

I once again moved out of my parent’s house, and began a new life as a single parent. Steve was the son that every parent wishes for. He had inherited his fathers dazzling looks and also my steel resolve to succeed in everything he did. He was in the High School debating and football teams and was also a straight A student. And more than anything else, he was completely devoted to me. Steve knew what his father had done and had never forgiven him. He was very proud and protective of me, and we shared a very close relationship. Over the past year, he had blossomed from a boy to a young man. He was devastatingly handsome, and at 18, was already 6 feet tall and still growing. He had clear blue eyes, a strong jawline, and a devastating smile. He was a replica of his father; the same confident personality, the same charm and poise, and that achingly attractive smile that made girls swoon over him.

Steve was graduating from High School in a few more weeks, and was preparing to enter college. I had wanted him to go to either Harvard or Stanford, because I wanted the best for him. But he was still very protective of me, and could not bear the thought of moving so far away. Finally, after a lot of arguments, we decided on Duke, which was only a couple of hours away. Secretly, I was also happy at this decision since I would now get to see him more often. In a way, this was his last summer at home, and there was a sense of poignancy, that both of us felt.

One Friday evening, I had to work late. I had been pursuing a new account for the past few months. And I was hoping to finalize the deal over dinner with the client. Normally, I kept Friday evenings free for my son. It was a long-standing tradition with us. We always did something special on weekends. So it was a touch of guilt that I called up Steve to cancel our dinner plans. I told him that I would be late, and that he was not to wait up for me.

“Sure, mom,” he replied in his usual cheerful manner, “don’t worry about me. I’ll call in a pizza or something. Let’s have a late breakfast tomorrow.”

I smiled to myself. My son was such a darling. I knew that he had been looking forward to dinner this evening. We had planned to go to a new Thai restaurant. But as usual, he did not want me to let me know that he was disappointed. He was so careful about not hurting my feelings.

It was close to midnight when I returned home. I had had several glasses of wine, and had a nice buzz, and was looking forward to a good night’s sleep. I let myself into the house, and slowly walked up to my bedroom.

As I passed Steve’s room, I noticed that his door was ajar and I could see him lying in his bed, fast asleep. Moonlight streamed into the room from the window and cast an ethereal glow over his bed. It was a warm summer night, and Steve was wearing just a pair of boxers and a t- shirt.

As I stepped into the room to give him a goodnight kiss, my eyes strayed down to his shorts. His fly was open and his penis was sticking out. I moved closer, and had to stifle a gasp over what I saw. His penis was enormous. It was easily over 7 inches; and it was not even erect. It was lying flaccid over his right thigh, like a fat, purple veined slug. The crown was huge, and the thick ring of his cockhead was clearly outlined under the velvety folds of foreskin. A thicket of golden hair covered his crotch, and I could see his balls resting heavily beneath his cock. Two enormous sacs the color of golden escort bursa wheat. I stepped closer to the bed, fascinated by the sight of my young son’s man sized cock. He was only 18 and already he had a cock that was much bigger than his that of his father.

One part of my mind was telling me that I was his mother, and that I should move away. But the other part of my mind, the part probably dulled by the wine I had consumed, was urging me on. Making me respond like a shameless slut to the stimulus of a virile young cock. My heart was throbbing and I unknowingly parted my legs slightly in response to an unspoken ache.

I had to see more of this wondrous cock. Motherly instincts be damned. I brought my face closer to his crotch to have a better look. His cock looked beautiful in the moonlight, and I could also smell his muskiness. A masculine aroma that was a combination of sweat, soap, and cock. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply.

It was intoxicating. I was getting almost mesmerized by the sight and smell of this virgin young cock. Seeing Steve’s penis up close, I was reminded of the fact that I had been celibate for a very long time. My present life did not provide me too many opportunities for sexual dalliances and I had consciously kept my social life almost dull and boring.

Now, the sight of my son’s thick penis released a flood of memories and longing in me. I remembered my High School days when Evan and I would make out at every possible opportunity: in the music room, behind the bleachers, at the drive-in. I used to love giving head to Evan, deep throating him till he came in thick copious spurts in my mouth.

Remembering those days, I started salivating and desperately wanted to get a taste of the penis just a few inches away from my face. I wondered what it would feel like to take that monster into my mouth and suckle it. I did not care that this was my son; someone I had given birth to.

Suddenly, Steve shifted, and mumbled something in his sleep, and the spell was broken. I straightened up and pretended to pull the blanket over him. The movement woke him up.

“Oh hello Mom,” he opened his eyes and looked at me. “Did you just get in?”

“Yeah, baby,” I whispered. “I noticed that your door was open and just came in to tuck you in. Go back to sleep, honey.”

I leaned across and gave him a kiss on his lips. His lips were soft and tender.

“Mmmm… mom, you smell wonderful, as always,” he muttered dreamily and turned over and went back to sleep.

My mind was a maelstrom of emotions, and I felt weak in my knees. I sat down on his bed, stroking his silken hair and looking down on his handsome features. Conflicting emotions washed over me. I realized that my own son was sexually arousing me. My maternal instincts were being challenged by feelings of pure lust and my hitherto dormant libido. I was in a torment and didn’t know what to do.

I sat there for a few more moments, relishing the sensation of stroking his hair and looking down upon his young innocent face. There was a growing wetness between my legs, and my whole body was feeling hot and flushed. This was my son, I realized. My baby who I had suckled, and bathed and fed and protected. Someone who had come out of my womb; my own flesh and blood. And yet he was also a strapping young man with an enormous cock who was making me moist with desire. A very handsome hunk of a man who could probably fuck my brains out, if I so desired.

I closed my eyes and sat still for a while, trying to gather my emotions. The taboo word incest sprang into my mind. I remembered watching porn movies with Evan that featured incest. Fuck movies in which sluttish mothers made guiltless love to their stud sons. Could I allow myself to turn into such a wanton degenerate? No, I decided, I should not do anything rash that would destroy my little baby’ s life.

With a sigh, I got up and walked back to my room and undressed. As I took off my panties, I noticed that the gusset was soaking wet with juices. I brought the panties up to my nose and sniffed the gusset. It was an intoxicating smell of perfume and pussy juice and it made me giddy with desire.

I slowly brought my fingers down to my crotch. It was like a hot steamy swamp between my legs. My thick patch of pubic hair was slick with juices and even my inner thighs were coated with wetness. And my outer labia were puffed up and swollen. I eased one finger into my dripping hole, and let out a loud groan as it sank in wetly.

Oh my God, it felt so good. I quickly threw off the rest of my clothes and collapsed onto the bed, masturbating myself to an earth shattering orgasm. I did not care that the image that floated in front of my eyes as I pleasured myself was that of the big thick cock of my son. As I drifted off to sleep, all I wanted was to have that cock inside me.

The next morning, I woke up quite early. I wanted to put the previous night’s happenings behind me. Steve was still asleep. bursa merkez eskort I quickly brushed my teeth and put on a pair of silk running shorts and a white tank top over my sports bra and went out for a jog. I wanted to clear my head, and the best way was to go for a punishing run.

I started out slow, and quickly got into an easy rhythm. I ran down the river and the early morning breeze felt wonderful. I could feel the muscles in my legs rippling and stretching out.

There were a number of early morning joggers on the track, and some of the men were giving me unabashedly admiring looks as I passed by.

I knew I looked good, and enjoyed their attention. I had always taken care of my body, with regular workouts at the gym and watching what I ate. At 5′.8″ I weighed only 120 lbs., most of it muscle with very little flab. My stomach was lean and taut, my breasts were a firm C cup size, and my long legs were sleek and tan. I had been generously endowed with a shapely ass, and the constant workouts ensured that even in my mid-thirties, my proud ass had not succumbed to the pull of gravity. Normally, I would get a little irritated when men gave me the “hey there babe” looks. But this morning, I felt excited and even slightly turned on when they looked at me appraisingly. It gave me an erotic charge.

I jogged for almost an hour, and returned home pleasantly flushed and tired. When I got back, Steve was already up and was getting breakfast ready. He was still in those boxers, and the sight of him moving around got me thinking about the previous night once again.

“Hi, mom,” he greeted me. “I’m making blueberry pancakes and buttermilk biscuits. Is that okay by you?”

‘Sure honey,” I replied. “Anything you do is fine with me.” I grabbed a bottle of cold water from the refrigerator and sat down at the dining table watching him make batter for the pancakes.

As he moved around, I could see the outline of his penis framed against the thin material of his boxers, and once again I felt a stirring somewhere deep inside me as the image of his thick cock came rushing into my mind.

” Wow, mom,” he said, glancing up at me. “Looks like you have had a grueling workout.” His eyes ran up and down my body, as though he was seeing something for the first time.

” You look as though you have just come in from a sauna.” He looked hard at me once again.

I suddenly realized that I was sweated through completely. My tank top was fully drenched in sweat and was plastered to my sports bra. The silk shorts had almost become transparent with perspiration and my flesh colored hipster panties was clearly outlined beneath the sodden material.

“Yeah,” I replied. “It was a pretty tiring run. Look at me. I am soaked through. Hand me that towel.”

I took the towel and started wiping the sweat from my arms and shoulders. I then rolled my tank top up, and mopped my stomach and midriff. I pulled open the waistband of my shorts and ran the towel over my lower belly.

All the while I could see Steve’s eyes following my every move. I pretended to be oblivious of his looks and continued what I was doing.

I could sense an erotic charge coursing through me. My pussy was getting incredibly moist and I felt my nipples harden and become erect. I glanced down and saw them poking out impudently through the damp bra. They were sticking out a good half-inch, and I was certain that Steve could not but notice them.

I saw him glance furtively at me, looking suddenly uncomfortable. I pretended that nothing was amiss, and continued to wipe my neck and arms. I lifted my hands and patted my armpits, wiping them free of sweat. This action made my breasts thrust out even further. All the while I kept up a steady chatter of conversation so as to keep him at ease.

I then got up and walked past him to get a glass of orange juice, brushing against his body with my backside. I maneuvered myself in such a manner that my ass gently snuggled up against his crotch as I passed by. Bingo! I could sense a little bump as I did that. My little baby was getting a hard on seeing his mommy’s breasts.

At that moment, I decided that I was going to seduce my son; consequences be damned. An idea quickly formed in my mind.

“Honey, what are your plans for the day,” I asked.

“Oh, nothing special,” he replied. “I thought I would just hang around the house. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I need to go shopping, and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind coming with me.”

“That will be great, mom. Perhaps, we could have lunch later on at that new Italian restaurant.”

“Okay, then. It’s a date,” I smiled at him. ” Only thing is I need your help before that. After breakfast, can you please do my laundry? I have some work to attend to before I can make myself free for the day.”

“No sweat, mom,” he replied. “Anything to help you out.

In fact, I have already put in a load of my laundry. bursa sınırsız escort As soon as that is done, I will do yours.” He gave me a warm hug as he laid out the breakfast on the table.

As soon as breakfast was over, I went to the bathroom and stripped off my clothes and donned on a short robe. I then took out the laundry basket to sort out the clothes for wash.

I quickly put my regular clothes into a separate pile and filled the basket with my undergarments – slips, teddies, camisoles, brassieres and panties. I put the sports bra and the damp panties I had worn while jogging right on top of the basket. The panties were completely wet and there was a strong musky aroma wafting up from the gusset. I was certain that Steve could not but help notice it.

I carried the laundry basket down to the basement. Steve was already there, folding his laundered clothes.

“Here, this is my load. It’s mostly my lingerie. So please do them carefully. Be sure to use the gentle wash cycle” I added.

He nodded without looking up. “Don’t worry. Ma. I will take care of it. I know how fastidious you are when it comes to your lingerie.”

“Okay honey. I am now going up to make a few phone calls. After that my shower, and then we can leave. Remember, you are mine for the day, young man.”

I gave his arm a gentle squeeze and climbed up the basement stairs. When I reached the top, I closed the door, leaving just a little gap through which I could surreptitiously look down into the basement and watch him sort through my laundry basket.

Just as I had anticipated, Steve’s attention fell on my damp panties. He picked up the wispy garment and seemed to notice the musky odor emanating from it.

Furtively glancing up the stairs to see that I wasn’t around, he brought the panties up to his face and inhaled deeply. He rubbed the material between his fingers, feeling the slippery wetness. And in an almost reflex action, he stuck his tongue out and tentatively licked the gusset, getting a taste of the wet slick. I could hear him whimpering softly.

Straightening up, he emptied the laundry basket on the table and started examining each item of lingerie more closely. It was as though he had discovered something new, something forbidden. He went through the entire pile of undergarments, feeling them, stroking them and smelling them.

One of his hands went down to his boxers, slowly fondling his cock. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be lost in his own private world

I smiled. I have him hooked, I thought to myself. My son is intoxicated by the smell of my pussy!! The rest would be easy.

Watching him, I was getting excited myself. My hand went inside my robe, to my cunt. My pussy was very wet, and the insides of thighs were slippery with cunt juice. I ran my fingers across my plump pussy lips, rubbing their slick insides, and occasionally probing one finger inside. I brought my hand up to my face and slowly licked my wet fingers, tasting my tart juices. I felt very wicked and sluttish; something I had not felt like in years.

When I looked down into the basement, Steve had taken his cock out of his shorts. He was holding one of my teddies to his face and was slowly stroking his penis. His cock was enormous, easily over 9 inches and it was almost glowing in the

basement light. His eyes were closed, and I could hear him murmur to himself, ” mommy, oh mommy.”

I quietly opened the door to the basement and crept down the stairs without making any noise. Steve’s eyes were still closed and he was pumping his throbbing cock to an inner rhythm.

“Baby, what are you doing?” I asked gently.

Steve’s eyes flew wide open when he heard my voice. His face became red with embarrassment when he saw me standing in front of him and he quickly dropped the teddy on the floor, and released his cock from the other hand.

He started stammering. “I am sorry Mom. I don’t know what came over me.” His head dropped down and his voice started to break. He looked like he was going to burst into tears any minute.

I stepped close and hugged him. “Honey,” I said. “It’s okay. At your age, boys do such things.”

“But,” he almost sobbed. “What I did was dirty. I am so sorry. Please forgive me for what I did.”

“Of course, honey, I forgive you” I replied. “This is a natural part of growing up. Boys get curious about women. It’s part of your awakening sexuality”

I held his hands in mine as I propped myself on the edge of the table used for sorting and folding clothes. “So since when have you been getting turned on by lingerie?”

“Mom, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“No honey. There is no need for any embarrassment. Unless you talk about what happened and get it off your chest, you will carry guilty feelings in your mind. And I don’t want that to happen.”

“Well,” he began tentatively. “A couple of months ago, this girl Amy started developing a crush on me. We have been seeing each other a lot since then.”

” So, have you both started making out? “I asked.

“Not really. She says she is not yet ready. And I also don’t feel like forcing her. She is really a sweet and innocent girl. That’s the main reason I am attracted to her.”

“That’s real nice of you, Steve. I am proud of you. You

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