Alone at Last

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Our affair has been off and on again for more years than either of us a willing to admit. No matter how hard we tried to resist, we can’t manage to keep our hands off each other. Every time we got together, even though we knew we shouldn’t, we always manage to find just enough privacy for a quickie; it was just like when we were in high school together. That brings me to today… I’m house-sitting for my boss and you managed to free up a day just for me.

I’m at my boss’s house getting ready for you to arrive. Knowing just how much you love my breasts, I’m wearing my best cleavage bra and a very low cut dress. The combination is showing of my DD tits beautifully. My long blonde hair is down and lightly brushing my skin. I’m walking thru the house making sure the scene is set perfectly. After this will be the first time, in our long history together, that we will be totally and completely alone without fear of interruption. There is a knock at the door, Oh My God, you’re here. My heart starts racing and my hand trembles as I reach for the door.

There standing in the doorway is one of the best men I have ever known, the one I have been anxiously awaiting. Tall, well built, beautiful eyes and the most gorgeous smile I have ever seen. I greet you with my usual “Hey Babe”, as I lock the door behind you. Without saying a word you learn in pushing me up against the door giving me a long deep passionate kiss. Without either of us saying a word I reluctantly break our embrace and take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom you step up behind me, so close I can feel your growing erection against my ass. You then softly slide you hands up my back and in one smooth motion you unzip my dress and slide the straps so my dress falls to the floor, leaving me standing there in the middle of the room in nothing but my bra. After a moment you turn me around and say the first words I have heard from you since you arrival

“You are gorgeous!” Here I am standing in the middle of the room in nothing but my bra, feeling completely vulnerable and you say that WOW, I am left totally speechless. You read my silence as your queue to move in. You pull me close to you, pressing your body against mine, you gaze deeply into my eyes and say “I have been waiting a long time for this” you then kiss me. While we kiss passionately I remove you shirt and take a moment to admire your body, it’s even better than I remember. I can’t help myself as we move towards the bed I remove the rest of your clothes, my hands trembling the entire time.

I need to touch every inch of you. Once I have managed to remove your last article of clothing I sit you on the edge of the bed. Sitting there you take me by the hands and pull me close to you. You start lightly kissing my stomach while sliding your hands around me to start caressing my ass. You work your way ever so slowly up my body, once you have reached my bra, in one motion you remove it freeing my breasts. You then gently lift each breast to your mouth and one at a time you lick each or my nipples, which drives me absolutely crazy with desire for you. I can no longer wait; I playfully push you flat on the bed.

There you are lying on my boss’s bed with you feet on the floor in front of me; give me an excellent view of your entire body. I drop to my knees in front of you and start slowly licking my way up your inner thigh. Once I reach the top of you thigh, in one hands free motion, I envelop your balls with my mouth, sucking and licking them causing you incredible erection to twitch in pleasure. You begin moan with only encourages me more. I ever so slowly, I lick my way up your cock and engulf it in one motion. I Kastamonu Escort eagerly slide my lips up and your delicious member, steadily picking up the pace until you explode in my mouth. After sucking you dry, I crawl up your body and kiss you deeply. I then say “now that we got that out of the way, how about a drink and a tour?” You agree that would be a good idea, we precede to the kitchen where I grab us each a bottle of spring water “Got to keep hydrated” I say while handing you a bottle.

We stand in the kitchen, completely naked, finishing our drinks, when you asked “What about that tour?”

So I take you by the hand and show you the rest of the first floor then I take you up the stairs saying “Now to the best part.” When we reach the top of the stairs you stop dead in your tracks and look around in amazement. The second floor of the house is one large completely equipped adult playroom. In one corner there is a king size bed which is surrounded on three sides by mirrors at the end of the bed is a video camera with a large comfy chair on each side. At the other end of the room, opposite the bed, there is an open walll unit which appears to contain just about every type of sex toy there is, and in the center of the room is an oversize Jacuzzi tub. You are stunned by the sight of all this, you then swallow hard and ask “What are you bosses into?”

I reply “Oh didn’t I tell you; in addition to owning the shop they also run a private adult film company. You see, people come here to have professional quality videos made of themselves Feel free to look around.” You nervously start to walk around looking at everything the room has to offer, you are trying to play it cool like it’s all no big deal, but, you cock starts to betray you. From the other side of the room I can see you are getting hard again, so I come up behind you and say “Well now you have seen the other reason I asked you over” as I reach between your legs to stroke your growing erection.

You turn and look puzzling into my eyes and say “Really? Are you sure?”

I then kiss you deeply and reply “Babe, anything you want.” I sit down in the chair and watch you. You are so cute setting the scene just the way you want. Once you are happy with the setup I turn on the overhead video monitors and hand you the camera remote and I say “Ok, what would you like me to do?”

You then lay me across the bed, taking the time to position me just the way you want and then you start the camera, you are thrilled by them image on all of the monitors “This is cool” you say. You then crawl up between my legs, spreading them wider as you make your way to my pussy. You start by lightly flicking your tongue over my clit, then you slid that amazing tongue lower and start darting it in and out of me, rolling it around causing me to moan deeply. Hearing this, you move back up to my clit licking with long firm strokes, my legs begin to tremble with delight. You take my lips into your mouth and gently sucking and tugging at them before plunging your finger deep inside my hot wetness. You proceed to lick my clit and finger my pussy bringing me to an incredible orgasm. You allow me a moment to recover before climbing on top of me; you wrap your arms tightly around my waist and quickly roll us over so I am now on top of you.

After all that I need to feel you inside me NOW. So, I sit-up and impale myself by ramming your cock deep inside me. I stay like that for a moment giving myself a chance to adjust to your massive hard on. After a moment I begin to slide myself up and down on your now soaking wet member. You just lay there enjoying the sensation of the hot wet walls of my pussy Kastamonu Escort Bayan massaging you prick as I ride you slow and steady. Then you take your thumb and start rubbing my clit, you begin to raise your hips pushing your even deeper inside me. I start to squeal in delight, my walls start clamping down on you, you are moaning now. The sound of your pleasure pushes me over the edge and I am now drenching you with my cum. The intensity of my orgasm make you tremble and brings you right over the end with me, putting us both in such an orgasmic state that seems to last forever, until we collapse in a puddle of sweat and cum. I reach for the remote and pause the camera. We drift off to sleep with you still inside me.

I am awakened by the sounds of water, I look up and there you are in the Jacuzzi. I get out of the bed and walk towards you; on the way by I turn the camera to you and push the record button. You look so relaxed with your head back and eyes closed, that I actually felt bad disturbing you, so I did it in the nicest way I could think of. I quietly climbed in took a deep breath, bend down and took your cock into my mouth. I suck you for as long as I can hold my breath, using ever trick I know to get you hard before I have to come up for air. I slowly slide myself up your body; looking at you with nothing but lust in my eyes I say “Again…….Please?”

You reply “Maybe”

I whisper in your ear “So are you going to you going to make me beg you to Fuck Me?” but you don’t reply, you just sit there silently. I start kissing and nibbling my way down your neck. I work my way down your shoulders to your chest. Upon reaching you nipples, one at a time I suck it into my mouth, stroking it with my tongue, lightly biting them until they are good and hard. “Please fuck me” I say then I return to your nipples and continue working my way down. Seeing where I was taking this you lift yourself out of the water and sit on the side. I take the chance to lick your cock and again I beg “Please fuck me” before I suck your cock into my mouth. I am so over excited that I suck such fury that I gag on your length, this makes you snicker. You are loving this, you know that I am willing to do anything to get you to fuck me, so decide to make me suffer. Again I beg “Please Fuck Me!” as I continue to blow you.

You reach around and slide your finger deep inside me “Your soaking wet” you say.

I lift myself to you, kiss you feverishly, look at you and plead “Please Fuck Me Now”. You take me by the hips, hold me still and quickly slide out from underneath me.

You stand behind me and say “Ok” as you slam your long thick hard cock deep inside my hot wet cunt.

Here I am bent over the side with you fucking me so hard and deep, my tits are bouncing like crazy and you say “Play with your clit” I reach my hand between my legs, but instead of my clit I grab your sac. I stroke it and roll your balls between my fingers before wrapping my fingers around the base of your cock and stroke you while you take me from behind. You lean over and point to one of the video monitors and say “Look how great you are.” I look up and see the image of you pounding me from behind is so overwhelming that when I place my finger on my clit I start to tremble. You know my trembling is just a sign of my impending orgasm, so you smack my ass, lean over and tell me “Don’t you dare stop or I will” as you switch to fucking me with long slow deep strokes. After a few minutes this drives me wild. I’m right on the edge, when all of a sudden, you stop and you take my hand from my clit and turn me over. You place your hand on my check, slowly move in and give Escort Kastamonu me a long slow sensuous kiss.

Gently you slide your hand across my cheek to the back of my head. You break our embrace by pushing my head down, plunging your waiting cock into my mouth. I can’t help but franticly devouring every bit of it. I suck your cock with the same longs slow deep stroke that you were using in me. While cupping balls in my hand I begin to feel them tighten and I know you are getting close. Just when I think that you are going to cum, you stop me. This just drives me crazy.

You pull me up to my feet, drop your head and begin to lick my nipples. Starting with long full circular strokes and move to lightly biting and tugging at them all while squeezing them firmly. Then you step behind me and sit down, while keeping your knees together you pull me onto your lap with me facing away from you, my legs outside of yours. You wrap your arms around me holding me still while you slowly slide your throbbing cock into me. I try to reach down caress you but you tighten your arms and say “Don’t move.”

You are holding me so firmly all I can do is let go and totally surrender to you. My allowing you full control brings my excitement to a whole new level. You start to rock you hips pumping you member deeper inside me. Once you find your rhythm you say “You’ll like this” and then you spread your legs. The sensation is mind-blowing; between your legs was one of the jets and when you spread you legs that jet starts hitting my clit. The feeling of your cock and the water jet just throws me right over the edge, “Good isn’t it? You ask. I can’t even reply all I can do is moan, you laughingly say “I knew you would like it, I do to” as you pick up your pace. I can feel you throbbing inside me and I causes be to buck wildly, my pussy begins to contract around you as we both explode in total and complete pleasure. Our mutual orgasms seem to go on forever totally consuming us until we collapse.

We relax for a while in each other’s arms when you say. “It’s getting late, I better go.” Reluctantly we get out of the Jacuzzi; I toss you a towel before pulling on my robe. I leave you to dry off and get dressed; I have something to do before you leave. I go down stairs into the office finalize and grab the DVD and head to meet you at the bottom of the stairs. You come down the stairs all dressed and ready to go.

You take me into your arms and kiss me good bye, as you are about to step out the door I hand you the DVD and say “To remember this by.” You smile and leave.

My bosses came home a few days later and I left their house with my memories of our time alone still fresh in my head. I enjoy the next couple days off by staying home relaxing and masturbating almost every time I thought about that day. When I return to work everything is fine, the shop was so busy that we didn’t even have time to stop for lunch. I was thrilled to lock the door for the day.

As I was turning the key Cindy, one of the bosses, calls me in her office. She asks how the house-sitting went and what I thought of their home. We talked for a moment when she reaches for her bag “I have something for you” she says and she hands me a large envelope. I open it and I look inside. Oh my God, these are pictures of me, of us, I think to myself, I don’t know what to say, I begin to speak but only stutter. Cindy walks over to me and says “Shhh you don’t have to explain, that’s what the room is there for.”

“But how, I gave the DVD to Rick.” I ask.

“Well, I guess you didn’t know about the cameras in the ceiling.” she says. Cindy the proceeds to tell me that she and Steve have watched it a few times since their return. I must have been blushing because Cindy walks over, puts her hand on my shoulders and says “Don’t be embarrassed, It was wonderful,” She hugs me to console me. While hugging me, Cindy softly whisper in my ear, “Next time Steve and I would like to join you and your friend……”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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