Alone for the Weekend with the Dog

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She was laying on the sofa, a bowl of potato chips resting on her stomach, as she flipped aimlessly from one channel to the next. There was absolutely nothing good on television during the day. What was the point of being home from school in the summer if there was nothing to do?

She could hear the sound of her family coming down the stairs, arms full of suitcases. It was like a stampede of elephants with all the noise they made. She rolled her eyes, and flipped to the next channel.

“Did you get the blue bag off the bed?” Her mother was calling up to her father. It took them so long to get out of the house it was super annoying. They’d been packing up to go all day it felt like.

“Got it,” Her father came down the stairs, bags in hand, and then he disappeared out the door to pack more into the car.

“Elena, don’t forget to turn off the sprinklers, I don’t want them to run all night. Elena…are you even listening to me?”

“Yeah, Mom,” Elena said, raising a hand and waving her away. It wasn’t the first time she’d been left alone, they needed to chill. It was her first time being left alone all weekend…but like, how hard could it actually be?

“I’m serious, I don’t want them to run all night.”

“Got it,” she said again, switching to another channel. Could they just leave already?

Her parents were taking her little brother to some super important travel baseball game or something. They had to stay at some hotel because it was so far away. It was kind of cool, because she’d have the house to herself all weekend. It was also kinda lame, because she wasn’t allowed to go anywhere or do anything until her parents got back.

It wasn’t like Elena was a baby or something, she was fifteen years old for God’s sake. Whatever, at least she didn’t have to deal with her annoying family all weekend.

“There’s left overs in the fridge,” her mother continued. She just kept waving them away as finally they said goodbye and were out the door. She sighed, about damn time they left.

She gave it a couple minutes, flipping to another channel until the sound of the car backing over the gravel driveway could be heard. She flipped the channel again, and waited. No sound of them pulling back in. She switched the TV off.

She pulled herself up from the sofa and ran to the window to look out. No sign of them coming screaming back down the road after they forgot something. Seemed to be a good sign.

She quickly walked outside and switched off the sprinklers. They didn’t need to run for hours like her mom usually did, she’d rather just shut them off now and forget about it. She had more important things to do.

She locked the front door behind her, and quickly shut all the shades in the living room. She walked across the hall to the computer in the family room, and she smiled.

It had been so long since they’d left her alone long enough to use the computer. She was stuck with her mother, a teacher, on school vacation AND her annoying little brother.

A friend of hers had told her about this website she could go to and watch porn for free. She’d only been on it once, because she never had the time, but she’d been itching to get on it all week.

She quickly slid into the seat at the computer desk, and pulled open the internet browser. She listened one more time, still no sound of them fumbling with the front door. They weren’t gonna come back now…hopefully.

She typed the website name quickly into the search engine, and watched as tons of images popped up on the screen.

The women in these pictures were really pretty…like real women. Elena wasn’t technically a “real woman” yet…she was still a teenager. She’d started to grow into a woman though, her breasts had filled out and she was getting quite busty. Her hips were shaping up. She had long slim legs, and long curly blonde hair with big blue eyes. She didn’t look like these women though.

There were all sorts of links and categories on this website. She clicked on the first one on the screen. There was a tall slim girl with big breasts and a slim waist sprawled out on the bed. She watched as a big strong looking guy climbed onto the bed and grabbed her hips, putting his head down and eating her out.
She quickly spun around to look behind her. Just making sure there was nobody there. She could feel her heart racing, but it only made it more exciting. She turned back to the screen.

The woman was moaning, and moving her hips all around. Elena was transfixed, watching the woman on the screen, and watching the close up of the man licking her pussy. She’d never been with a Sex hikayeleri guy before, but she’d heard from other girls about how good sex was. She’d touched herself but she couldn’t do that to herself.

The man in the video had gotten up on his knees, and he pulled his massive dick out. Elena watched as he slowly slid that giant dick into the woman’s pussy. That was so big…how did it all fit?

She felt herself putting her hand down her pants to rub her pussy as she watched the man pounding his dick in and out of the woman. She rubbed her clit, feeling how sticky and wet she’d become down there. It felt really good, and she moaned too watching this woman.
Her friend was right, this was really good. She couldn’t get her hand in her pants well enough, she quickly stood and pulled her pink pajama shorts down, kicking them aside. She sat back down, and quickly began rubbing her clit again.

Now she watched as the man flipped the woman over onto her hands and knees, and slowly he pushed his dick into her pussy from behind. She was moaning and pushing her pussy back on him. Elena was so transfixed watching them, that she jumped half a mile when there was a bang on the door.

She panicked, but only for a second because she could see him standing there at the back door, his nose pushing aside the long tray blinds. She sighed, she forgot the dog was outside.

She paused the video, not wanting to miss anything, and she stood up to quickly run across the room. She unlocked the back sliding door, and pulled it open just long enough to let the dog in and shut the hot summer air back outside.

He came trotting in, panting from the heat, and went straight to his water bowl. She quickly locked the door shut and ran back across the room.

Her clit was throbbing, she needed to get back to touching herself. She’d been waiting literally all day for this.

She slid back into the computer chair, and turned the video back on. She watched with wide eyes as the guy in the video was pounding his big dick into the woman’s pussy. She felt herself aching, like she wanted to feel that too. She’d never had anything in her pussy before, but it was like her body knew what it would feel like and it wanted it. It looked like it would feel good…the woman looked like she enjoyed it.

She clicked off that video and quickly scanned the screen for another one. She clicked one a little bit farther down. This one the woman was on her knees, and she had her hands wrapped around a man’s giant dick. Elena watched in awe as the woman put the big dick in her mouth, and began to suck on it. No way…how did she put that whole thing in her mouth?

She was rubbing her clit feverishly, feeling more and more hot and frustrated with every minute. It wasn’t enough, it was like she needed more. Suddenly, she felt something on her hand, and she jumped a mile. She looked down between the desk and her lap and she could see the dog’s head.

Frankie (her stupid brother named him) was a full blood rottweiler, and kind of a giant idiot. He was only three years old, still had the mental age of a puppy though…like a dumb puppy.

She quickly swatted Frankie’s head away, and looked back at the screen. The woman was moving her head back and forth, sucking on the man’s dick and moaning like she was enjoying that too. Elena felt another cold press of Frankie’s nose on her hand.

“What?” she demanded, pulling her hand away from her pussy and putting her hands up in an exasperated expression.

Maybe that was what he wanted though, because he stuck out his big long tongue, and he licked her dripping pussy. She gasped. That shouldn’t feel so good…but it did. She thought back to the man licking the woman’s pussy. That was probably what it felt like. It was weird for Frankie to do it though.

“Go away,” she demanded. She shoved his head, and he seemed to listen…although he gave her a whine when he did.

“Stupid dog…” she mumbled, watching him walk away slowly.

She kept watching though, because between Frankie’s legs was his long thick dog penis. She’d never really noticed it before…was it always that big? Was it…coming out more or something? She watched him lay down in the middle of the room, lift up his leg, and start to lick at it. Like the woman in the video….

She could hear the woman in the video moaning, and she turned to see now the man had her pinned down at he was ramming his big dick into her pussy again. She felt her body aching again, and she felt her eyes wandering across the room…to Frankie.

She slowly spun herself around in her chair. Sikiş hikayeleri She watched the dog licking at his own big cock. It was definitely coming out more, there was no way it had always been that big. Plus now it was all red and wet looking. She swallowed hard, listening to the moaning in the background on the computer. She slowly spread her legs open.

“Frankie,” she called slowly, “Frankie…come here, boy.”

The dog’s ears perked up, and he quickly ran to her. She put her hand down to rub her clit, and the dog looking at her curiously.

“Go on, boy,” she encouraged. The dog wasn’t the brightest, but he seemed to get the idea. He stuck out his long tongue, and he licked her aching pussy. She moaned, it felt so good. It felt dirty though, she shouldn’t be doing this…still.

He licked her again, and she gasped, pushing herself farther on the chair as if to get closer to him. He kept licking, like he couldn’t get enough of her juices. He was in luck, because they were pouring out of her virgin cunt.

If this was what it felt like to be eaten out, no wonder that woman in the video liked it so much. She felt her body tensing, and she was overcome with pleasure. Her whole body shook, and she almost screamed out loud it felt so good. As she felt herself coming down, she was so surprised. Did she just…orgasm? She’d never done that before…but she’d heard about it.

The dog was still licking away, and she pushed his head off. He whined at her, sitting down as if suddenly he wanted to be a good dog. She was panting heavily, the feelings all jumbled up in her right then. She could still hear sounds coming from the computer. She thought of the video again, and for some reason she knelt down in front of the dog.

She looked at Frankie’s big dick, hanging beneath him as he sat staring at her. She could see liquid dripping out of the tip of it. She bit her lip, and she reached her hand out and she grabbed it. She looked up at the dog…not sure why, like he was gonna tell her to stop it or something.

Frankie was just sitting there panting. She slowly squeezed his big cock, and then she moved her hand up and down. She’d never given anyone a hand job before, but she knew how to do it. She did that for a few minutes, then she slowly bent down, and she put the dog’s cock in her mouth. She wanted it to be like the video. She didn’t really know what to do with it once it was in her mouth…it wasn’t…it didn’t taste very good.

She sucked on it, because that was what the woman had done. Suddenly Frankie stood up. She was almost pushed over, because she didn’t expect that. Maybe he didn’t like when she put it in her mouth. She was just trying it out…

He circled around her, and she watched him. She was knelt on the ground, and she noticed he kept putting his nose down to sniff her pussy. Did he want to lick her again? That had feel really good…

She picked herself up when he was behind her, sticking her ass up in the air so he could lick her. He stuck his nose against her pussy, and she gasped, pushing back on him to get more. He gave her pussy a good lick, and she moaned.

She waited for him to lick her again, expecting him to lick her until she came like last time. The next thing she felt was the dog’s paws against her sides. She realized he was trying to mount her. She gasped. That wasn’t good, she couldn’t let the dog do that.

She struggled to get him off her, shoving him away. She managed to get him off, but before she could get back up to her feet the dog was on her again. He was persistent. She struggled to shove him off again, but he growled at her. He growled. What the heck…

She wasn’t going to let him rape her though. She could feel his hard cock poking around at her pussy, trying to find the way in. She could feel his claws digging through the thin fabric of her tank-top.

He thrust his cock forward, and it made contact with her clit, and she moaned again. What the hell was she doing. She couldn’t let the dog fuck her, this was ridiculous. She’d never even had a guy before, what was she going to lose it to the dog? She had to stop it.

Still…he didn’t seem to be finding what he was looking for, just poking around. He was pretty stupid. And everything he rubbed his cock against her clit it felt so good. She decided to stay like that a minute and let him do it a few more times.

Her cunt was still dripping wet, she could feel the sticky liquid running down her legs. The dog was panting now, trying so hard to mate with her. She was so busy enjoying the feeling of his hot cock rubbing against her Erotik hikaye aching pussy, she didn’t even notice how close he was getting…until he’d shoved that same hard cock right into her virgin cunt.

She cried out, not expecting it to hurt like that. It was like her insides were being stretched until the burst. The dog was very pleased with himself, and there was no telling him to be gentle like if this were an actual human. Instead, Frankie pulled his massive dog cock out of her Elena’s tight pussy, and he slammed it back in just as hard.

She gasped, not believing she’d just lost her virginity to the fucking dog. What was she thinking? She had to get him off her now.

She tried to shove him away, but he was going to have any of that now. He’d just made her his bitch, like it or not, he was going to fuck her.

It wasn’t like she wasn’t enjoying it. Sure, at first it had hurt a lot…but after a coupe thrusts the pain seemed to be turning into pleasure.

She moaned, as the dog’s massive cock rubbed the walls of her tight pussy, stretching her more and more. His cock had been so big…was the full thing really inside her? She could feel his balls hitting her pussy with every thrust. Maybe they should have had him fixed or something…

She was pushing back against him, moaning and panting. She could feel him panting too, his drool was dripping out of his mouth and onto her curly blonde hair. Her tits were bouncing back and forth as her whole body bounced with the rhythm of the dog’s thrusting.

It felt so good, way better than when she’d just let him lick her pussy. She could feel that pleasure again, that good feeling, and she knew she was going to cum again. She gasped, feeling her whole pussy tighten around the dog’s cock and suddenly she was screaming with pleasure, doubled over as her arms went weak. The dog didn’t stop though, he kept fucking her pussy mercilessly. Just as she was coming down from one orgasm, she felt another taking hold, and her whole body shook with this one. It was too much…she’d never felt this good before.

Finally she felt herself coming down, and she thought it felt like the dog was slowing down too. She’d watched the videos, she knew the guy would cum and his sperm would come out and that was the end. The dog was trying to mate with her, trying to breed her, so he’d want to cum inside her for sure. She just had to let him finish…it wasn’t like a dog could get her pregnant or something.

Frankie was beating away at her sore pussy without end, and just when she thought he was going to be done he just kept going. She knew she wasn’t going to get away from him now, but she just wanted him to finish.

For some reason, it felt as if his dick was getting…bigger? That wasn’t possible though, it was already so big. She felt her insides stretching out even more. It actually started to kind of hurt a little. It was as if his cock was swelling up, and it was pushing itself further and further inside of her. She didn’t think there was anywhere else to go…he was already filling her all the way up.

She tried without success to pull away from him, but he wasn’t done with her. His thrusting stopped though, and she could finally feel a hot liquid pouring into her, filling her up even more. Thank God, he was almost done now. She could feel his hot semen leaking out around his bulging cock and running down her legs, mixing with her own juices. She waited, expecting him to get off her in a second. It went on forever though.

How much of his doggy cum did he have to put inside her? It felt like forever. Why did it feel like his cock was still growing in size? She whined, trying to pull away from him, but he growled at her and she stayed put. He wasn’t done with her for some reason.

He wasn’t humping her now…but he was still on top of her. She didn’t think he was still coming, but something wasn’t right. It was like…they were stuck together. Oh God…how long would they be stuck like this? Did she have to have someone pull them apart? What if her parents came home and found her like this? How was she going to explain this…

“Frankie…” she said softly, “umm…Frankie you have to get off now.”

Obviously the dog wasn’t going to listen to her…she had to do something though.

Suddenly the pressure was going away, and with a pop she could feel the dog’s cock leave her pussy. It felt kind of weird actually, because she’d been used to the feeling of his cock filling her up. She’d even stretched to receive the big knot when he’d cum.

She sat down, looking down between her legs as the cum was rushing out of her onto the wooden floor. There was so much of it. She looked up at the dog, having trotted off to clean himself.

A whole weekend to herself…maybe it wasn’t going to be so boring after all…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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