Always Ready For You

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All characters are 18+

Warning: a lot of coming, daddy kink, milking fantasy, and mention of bodily fluids


I’m feeling hot all over, you have been sending me into a frenzy state of rutting. Every night I dream of your cock sliding in and out of me. The ridges of throbbing vein pressing into my pulsating walls. It engulfs your thick cock: hot, deep, and tight inside. Closing my eyes, I imagine you ramming into me like a ravaging bull, grasping tight, and jaw snapping hard after you muster incoherent thoughts through gritted teeth.

Now I’m lying on your bed, slicked in sweat. More and more splats of cum oozed from my cunt. My sweet drippings trickled down the crack of my ass, some smeared on my thighs. We both watch my pink pussy succumbing to your charging fingers, gyrating nonstop, hot slime pooling over the sheets.

My shaking legs dangle on your shoulders. The tips of your fingers curl, then began rubbing the sensitive walls of my cunt. With a face grimacing in pleasure, I beg for more. You sneer at how slutty I look under your dominating figure. You know how to make me horny, hearing your commanding voice alone could cream my thongs. So willing to be at your mercy.

You grab my heavy breast and knead it until I quiver. My taut nipples jolt when you suddenly pinch it between your fingers while sucking the other. I writhe and squirm under you, yearning to feel your hard cock inside me. You praise the thick glob of my cum coating your thick digits, and I couldn’t be giddier to please you.

You want me to be a good girl, promising to fuck me like a bad one in return. But I also want to be naughty sometimes, your punishment makes me quake in pure lust and revel in your delectable spanking.

My lips part in anticipation, ready to suck your fingers like how I’d do with your cock. You’re teasing me with dirty words while your fingers explore the hollows of my mouth. I hummed from the ambrosial taste of your digits. Wrapping my hands around your wrist, holding it like my favourite lollipop. My tongue swirls over the tip, pursing my cheeks to coat your fingers well. You groan at my filthiness while gliding your cock over my clit.

‘Put it inside me, daddy.’

You want me to call you that, relishing the idea of giving you service. You spank my bum repeatedly, teaching me to be patient. A good girl like me should wait for artvin seks hikayeleri daddy’s orders. Your cock jerks at my sultry cries. A streak of saliva leaks out from the sides of my mouth. Tugging my lower lip, you pinch it hard; it reddened like a cherry.

‘Daddy, please…’

A guttural growl escapes from your chest, sending a prickling sensation in my cunt. I could feel my weeping labia shudder. My hand clutches your cock, pumping it madly. You push your head back and grunt. I’m milking you like a woman in heat. I bite on my lip, bobbing my head while looking at you. Your eyes telling me not to stop, teeth baring as you huff.

Your arm fondles my breast again, and I let out a moan. Panting so hard while peering at you with a desperate face. Oh fuck, your cock twitches in my hand, I could sense your peak coming. Shutting your eyes, I heard you grumble. Your pelvis bucking into me, you wrap a hand over mine, aiming your cock at my belly. The first few spurts of semen hit me, thick and hot on my skin. Your hot release covers my breast next. My pussy clenches at the sight of you jetting like you ought to breed me.

Your hand smears the cream all over my body. My heart beats rapidly, a smile forms on my lips when your palm slowly cups my cunt. You are egging me to dribble more, smirching my wetness over your semi-erect cock.

I lift myself and crouch, my hand takes hold of your length, rubbing the tip with my thumb. Your flesh feels smooth to touch. My lips instantly hover over the glans. Tongue lapping on your slit while I devour the taste of your beading pre-cum. You do carry a lot with you, loads of hot seeds, wishing you’d bury it deep inside me.

I fisted your cock before swallowing it whole. You cursed in a gruff tone after what I did. You filled the empty spaces in my mouth. My lips parts to accommodate your girth, the crest of your cock almost touching the back of my throat, I peer through my lids to see your face in relish. I eagerly bob my head, then shove your entire length inside my mouth. My hands are on your thighs, gripping for support.

My lips touch the base of your cock, gagging at the choking sensation, but my sexual reverie stands against it. I blow your cock, deep-throating, then releasing as I catch my breath. I purred at the sight of your cock glistened with a mix of saliva and precum.

You pat on my cheeks, telling me I’ve been nothing but a good baby girl to you. I straighten up and place your cock in between breasts. Enthused to gratify your needs.

‘I just want to quench your cock daddy.’

Your husky affirmation buzzes through me. Using both my hands, I cupped my breasts closer to hold your cock in place. I mewl at the erotic image of us. You promise we’ll do one of my fantasies soon. You clasp my nape while thrusting into my breasts.

My lips parts in O, keen to catch your thick seeds like the cumslut I am. You pump into me feverishly while I moan, muttering how your baby girl wants you in his cunt. I want you to plunge into my pussy and wreck me in pleasure. Fuck, to feel you pour everything inside until my womb leaks, you’ll intently watch your semen drip down from my pink opening as it trails down my thighs.

‘Yes, daddy…that’s it…pump into me.’

You promptly press my boobs together just as your warm release spills into my mouth. It’s a lot, you’re spurting your load into my mouth hotly. The good girl I am, I swallowed every drop, my throat bobbed as I took it.

“Show me,” you ordered.

I opened my mouth proudly, your fingers then draw circles inside, tugging at my lower lip as you inspect. You snicker at me before ravishing my mouth with your sinful tongue.

You laid me on the centre of the bed and eyed my sprawled body like a predator to its prey. I raised my knees and spread wide in front of you. Explicitly showing my depraved cunt for you to ponder. You crawl towards me and settle between my legs. Your cock nudged at my entrance.

My breathing quickened, anticipating the force. I stretch my legs wider, my hands skimming on my inner thighs as I look at you with my cum face. You’re calling me a dirty slut, which made me squirm, then you ask me to play with myself more. I whine at your request. You didn’t like it when I misbehave; you slap my cunt lightly, a warning. My cunt screams for more slaps, but I want to be an obedient little girl for you.

I’m panting through my ragged breathing, my eyes peering down to my wet cunt. My hips jerk from the electrifying sensation. You’re sitting in front of me, lax as you watch me rub my clit in frenetic. I’m screaming, the white-hot sensation billowing in my belly. You lock your gaze with mine, your tongue runs across your lips. Stop. You order for me to halt my orgasm.

‘Daddy, please let me cum…’

I wriggle my hips trying to reach for it. Your palm cupped my pussy, pressing hard on it. I heavily sighed when the heat from your hand radiated into mine. Then I felt a warm, slick muscle trying to pry my hole. The tip of your tongue probe into my entrance, lapping on it furiously.

Your fingers unceasingly rub my clit. I’m moaning again, humping my crotch into your face. I could feel something coming off me, the tickling sensation heightens in each moment. You’re not stopping, the veins in your hands showing visibly as you grind my clit. The sensation is taking over me, my hips bucking frantically, I grip on the sheets tightly, surrendering to your merciless hands. A warm liquid trickled out of my cunt, my face contorts from the toe-curling orgasm.

You cooed at my ravished state, your cock now fully erect again. I paced my breathing as you slowly slither inside me. You groan in vain as my cunt wrapped your cock in its warm, muscled walls. You’re pumping hard inside and I’m mewling in response.

I’ve been waiting for you to fill me up with your cock and breed me. You’d fuck my cunt but pull out just in time your semen spurts out. I’ve always, always wished you’d put a baby inside me. The image of you fucking me while you hold my swollen belly. Like primal creatures mating until they gave out.

‘Yes… daddy, you make me feel so good!’

You pound into me intensely while I moaned your name. Your cock jerks inside me, and I closed my eyes, feeling my eyeballs roll in the back of my head. I shouted your name again, bobbing my head as I looked at you through my sultry gaze. Your hands wrapped mine, covering my belly as if it’s slowly forming inside. My mouth went agape as I watched you in a frenzy, you can’t stop jerking into me. You’re constantly hitting my sensitive front walls.

‘Don’t stop daddy! Yes… just like that!’

You gripped my ass tight, leaving your handprints on them. Your hips immensely thrust into me like an overcharged vibrator. Few more plunging, you spurted inside. I could feel it hitting my cervix and you’re pouring too much, making my cunt cream a lot. Tilting your head back, you growl and savour the nerve-tingling climax. You left my pussy frothy with your cum, and I love it so much. I lunged at your large figure and straddled your waist, murmuring how happy you made me feel today. Our breaths mingled with each other as we slumped back, bodies utterly sated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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