AMA – The Divorcee: Day 03-07

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What happens next?

Good Morning

You gain consciousness before you open your eyes and feel immense pleasure from your crotch area. You open your eyes to see the ceiling, and look down to what’s happening below you. You see a huge lump underneath the covers, and it doesn’t take you long to figure out what’s happening there.

You remove the covers in one swift motion to reveal Cassie giving you a ‘Good Morning’ blowjob. “Good morning, Mr. Craig” Cassie says in between kissing and licking your shaft. “Hey~” was the only response you could give, as your newly woke brain just can’t comprehend all the stimulation it’s getting this early in the morning.

Cassie starts sucking your cock in earnest now that you’re awake, and it doesn’t take long before you get close to climax. You warn Cassie that you’re getting close, so she starts jerking the base of your cock with her hand while continuing to bob her head up and down on the head of your dick.

You warn her again but she doesn’t slow down her pace. Without any other option, you explode inside her mouth. You notice Cassie flinch from the initial spurt, but her hand continues to jerk you off while her mouth continues to suck on the tip of your dick like a straw.

With a loud pop she removes her mouth from your dick. She wipes away some excess cum that was dripping from the side of her mouth down to her chin with her pinky, then proceeds to suck on her pinky. Your now slowly-turning-flaccid dick twitches a little at that visual.

“Thanks for breakfast, Mr. Craig” she tells you with a naughty wink, and all you could reply was “Sure~”. She hops off the bed and walks towards the bathroom and you can see her naked butt sway as she struts to the bathroom. You hear the faucet being turned on and you can hear her gargle from inside.

A part of you can’t believe that that was real. Just yesterday you were literally dreaming about her jerking you off, and now you’re waking up to her giving you a blowjob. What a life.

You get up and start to get dressed while Cassie is still in the bathroom. You put on the same pants you wore last night which still had your phone in its pocket. Curious how well the app thought you did on your date, since you thought it went really fucking well, you sit back down on the bed and open the Affection Multiplier to check Cassie’s scores.

– Jones, Cassandra – Affection Score: 100

Love Score: 100 (+39)

Lust Score: 100

+50 Love Points. Total: 50 (For reaching the 100 Love Score goal with a person)

Congratulations! You’ve taken a single person’s 3 scores to the max!

You’ve earned a bonus 100 points to each category to spend buying Traits!

Available points: 330 Friendship points / 200 Love points / 150 Lust points

Wishlist Update: You have earned enough points to purchase a Trait from your Wishlist if you convert your points!

You learn that you can convert points from one to another at a 2:1 ratio, so if you convert some of your other points to Love Points, you can buy ‘Normalized Polyamory’. You decide it’s not worth converting those points, since Cassie basically told you last night that she’s okay with you exploring your feelings for Tanya anyway.

So, what to do with all these extra points?

Before you could check any new traits that would be recommended by the app, Cassie comes back from the bathroom and hops back on the bed next to you.

“Can I get a good morning kiss, Mr. Craig?” she asks you, and you jokingly give a disgusted facial expression. “I already washed my mouth! Plus, it’s your… ejaculate, anyway” she says a bit embarrassed about what she said. You give her a quick kiss on the cheek instead to tease her further. “Fine, that’ll do for now I guess.” she says before cuddling next to you on the bed.

“Thanks for breakfast by the way,” she adds before kissing you on your cheek as well, “but now it’s time for second breakfast.” She tells you before hopping back off the bed and wearing her panties from last night and grabbing your shirt for her to wear. It’s not that much oversized for her and it only barely covers her panties, but she seems fine with that.

You take another shirt from your closet to wear and follow Cassie to the kitchen and you’re greeted by an annoyed Stella, “Finally! I thought you guys would never get out of bed.”

Stella was already eating some cereal with some fruit, and since Cassie seems to gravitate towards doing that too, you figure that you might as well follow their lead. As the three of you are now having breakfast together, Stella begins by asking how the date went and you and Cassie answer at the same time that it went great.

“So, should I start calling you ‘mommy’ now?” Stella teases Cassie. Cassie blushes Magosa Escort and sinks down her chair. “But if you start calling him ‘Daddy’ that’ll make us sisters right?” She continues her teasing. Now you’re the one who’s a little embarrassed and you start rubbing the back of your neck.

“This summer’s going to be fun.” Stella says with a naughty smile on her face.


What else do you guys talk about during breakfast?

House Rules

As breakfast went on, Stella asks for more details about your date with Cassie, which Cassie giddily tells her about; stopping just short of what we did when we got home. Although both you and Cassie coming out of the same room this morning tells Stella all she needs to know about that.

“How do we go about this by the way?” Stella asks both you and Cassie. She doesn’t need to get specific, you both understand she’s referring to the whole romantic relationship she now has to be a third wheel to. “I still want to hang out with my best friend.” she adds, while looking at Cassie.

“What? You don’t want to hang out with your dad?” you jokingly ask her.

“Have you ever known a college kid who wants to hang out with their dad?” Stella replies, joking back.

“I like hanging out with your dad.” Cassie interjects.

“Oh, so he is your Daddy now?” Stella quips, not missing a beat. Surprisingly, this time, Cassie doesn’t back down. She takes her bowl of cereal and stands up from her chair and sits on your lap instead, then kisses you on the cheek.

“Would Daddy like some cereal?” she asks you seductively, and you look at Stella with a mischievous smile on your face.

“Yes, baby. Daddy would like some cereal,” and Cassie proceeds to feed you cereal from her bowl.


The three of you discussed how to go about this new complicated dynamic, and agreed on a few house rules. Stella made one rule non-negotiable: No PDA when all three of you are in the same room, which seemed very reasonable. Cassie did say in our defense that we only did that in front of her to tease her, to which Stella replied that that’s why it was non-negotiable.

Next, a ‘House Rule’ for morning runs and going to the gym with them. Stella mentioned that you needed to work off some of the weight from the pizza and takeout binge I’ve been on since the divorce, to which Cassie agreed. She tells you ‘it might help’, before giving you a wink and a naughty lip bite; which, thankfully, escaped Stella’s notice.

Stella then negotiated for a ‘House Rule’ she called ‘no sex until weekends’ which Cassie vehemently opposed, which made Stella laugh while you were a mix of both feeling alpha and embarrassed. It was negotiated to ‘no sex until bedtime’ but you had to oppose that since it would bother the neighbors, like it did last night. So it was finally agreed upon to be ‘no sex outside of afternoon hours’, which, as a ‘House Rule’ seemed extreme since it made you and Cassie seem like horny rabbits that just want to fuck all the time. To be fair to Stella, it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility.

The final house rule didn’t seem necessary, but Stella wanted to make sure it would be one: She has to be able to hang out with either Cassie or you alone at least once a week. She said she didn’t want you or Cassie to forget she exists since you and her are now romantically and sexually together.

With the House Rules discussion out of the way, you ask Stella what she did last night and why she wasn’t home. She tells you she had dinner with Tanya, which surprised you and Cassie.

“I didn’t know you guys were close” Cassie reacts.

“We aren’t. I mean, she’s been our neighbor for a few years now, so I’ve gotten to meet her in the hallway and stuff… but that’s about it.” she explains to Cassie.

“So what made you think about having dinner with her?” you ask, a bit concerned that she was doing it for you.

“She actually dropped by to invite you over for dinner, Dad,” Stella admits. “Since you were out, she invited me instead since she made enough for two.” she continued.

This information takes you by surprise. Did Tanya become sure of her feelings while you weren’t checking? Without hesitation, you take out your phone and check the Affection Multiplier to check Tanya’s profile.

– Ramirez, Antonia – Affection Score: 78 (+2).

Love Score:??

Lust Score: 77 (+6)

-This person is confused about their own feelings-

You guess not much has changed there, and it seems she’s still confused. So why would she want to have dinner with you if not for a romantic reason? Does she want to gauge her feelings for you too? That high Lust Score could be the reason too though.

Before you could ponder on these thoughts Kıbrıs Escort any further, Stella breaks your concentration with her reaction, “Jesus! You get one new tidbit of info and you go straight to your magic app.” she says annoyed. “Okay, new house rule. Don’t check my scores ever again. I just realized how creepy that is.” Stella tells you.

“Oh. Uh. Yeah. Of course.” you reply to her, a bit taken aback by how strongly Stella feels about it. Then again, you didn’t really consider the possibility that now that they know you have the app, they might think it’s an invasion of privacy if you check what they feel about you constantly. You look at Cassie to see if she’d like to make the same request and she says she doesn’t mind if you check her scores.

“When was the last time you’ve checked my scores anyway?” Stella asks.

“Yesterday? I think. When you guys went out for a jog.” you answer her honestly.

“Okay. Good.” Stella said, sounding relieved for some reason.

“Why are you suddenly so secretive about what you feel about your Dad?” Cassie asks Stella.

“I’m not being secretive! I’m just returning him to the status quo. He never knew before, and he doesn’t need to know now.” Stella responds defensively, but you get her point. Maybe she just doesn’t want you to look at her like she’s a number. Highly unlikely that that would happen, she is your daughter after all, but I guess she just wants to make sure you don’t treat her any differently.

“Have you talked to him about that, by the way?” Stella asks Cassie.

“About Ms. Tanya? Yeah. We have.” Cassie replies.

“And?” Stella asks impatiently.

“And… he was apparently already planning to buy magic to make people think it’s okay for him to have multiple girlfriends.” Cassie replies, intending it to be a joke, but Stella doesn’t seem to take it that way.

“What!? Hol’ up. You can do that?” Stella asks, shocked at this information.

“I guess. I don’t know to what extent it works, since I haven’t bought it yet, but I did remember it saying that everyone accepts the one with the trait having more than one relationship.” You explain to her.

“Wow. No wonder you thought you were brainwashing us.” Stella reacts, to which Cassie just chuckles as that was her exact reaction last night.

“More importantly, it stops his would-be girlfriends from being jealous of each other.” Cassie points out. Stella’s amazed at how powerful that one trait is and wonders why you haven’t bought it yet.

“Well, it’s kinda expensive. Plus, Cassie encouraged me to explore a possible relationship with Tanya anyway, so converting points to buy it now seems unnecessary.” you explain to Stella.

“So, that means you’re not against going on a second date with Tanya, right?” she asks you.

“No. With Cassie’s blessing, I wouldn’t mind going on a date with her to see if there’s any potential there.” You tell Stella.

“Good. She’s free Friday night. I’ll take Cassie on a girl’s night out. Sound good?”


What do you do after Breakfast?

A trip to the gym

After breakfast, the girls get dressed to go to the gym for the morning exercise the three of you agreed on. Meanwhile, you’re scouring your closet for old work out clothes that might still be around. You finally decide that the best course of action is a hoodie and some sweatpants, which you find ironic since this was your post-divorce outfit before summer rolled around, and you did not do any working out in these.

You meet the girls in the hallway and Stella’s outfit does not escape your notice.

[Image of Stella’s Gym Outfit 01]

“You’re working out in that!?” you react to your daughter’s outfit.

“What? What’s wrong with my outfit?” She asks you innocently.

“I mean, you look…” you couldn’t really find the right words to describe why you’re reacting so negatively to her outfit, without going too extreme or being outright offensive. Your pause causes Stella to raise an eyebrow, waiting for you to continue what you were saying.

“I think your Dad might be thinking you’re showing too much skin.” Cassie interjects.

Stella was ready with her response, “Oh? Is that what you think too, mom?”, which makes Cassie blush, but she doesn’t back down from Stella’s tease.

“Of course not. I think you look great! You look like you got rejected to be a UFC ring girl for having too many abs.” The comeback confuses Stella as it sounded like a compliment, but she was definitely sure Cassie was trying to tease her. Before they start going back and forth teasing each other, you tell Stella that as her father, you cannot in good conscience allow her to go outside showing that much skin.

“I bet you’d love it if your girlfriend wore this outfit.” She retorts before heading to her room to go and change.

As Lefkoşa Escort she was walking away, you shouted at her “I’m sorry I’m a hypocrite!”

She comes back with a different workout outfit.

[Image of Stella’s Gym Outfit 02]

‘At least she’s wearing leggings now’ You think to yourself. Even though the matching sports bra has a deeper neckline, you decide that that’s not the hill you should die on and give the ‘OK’ hand signal to show you have no complaints anymore. The three of you finally head to the nearby gym soon after.

Once the three of you arrived at the gym and acquired memberships, Stella and Cassie decided to give you a full-on training regimen to follow. All the workouts they wanted you to do, they did with you side-by-side and they showed you correct form as well as other workout tips like proper stretching, breathing, and rest times.

Since the two of them were helping you out so much, at one point, one of the gym goers approached Stella and used the excuse of asking if she was willing to train him as a personal trainer as a way to flirt with her. It was obvious he frequents the gym already based on his physique, and he really didn’t hide how smarmy he was with his flirting.

Stella parried his advances expertly as if she was used to that sort of thing already, while Cassie made his jaw drop when he switched his focus on to her when she said you were her boyfriend… and proceeded to make out with you in front of him.

“HOUSE RULES!” Stella shouted, which made you and Cassie stop immediately. Stella was clearly annoyed; while Cassie’s boldness surprised you, you can’t deny that that quick trip to first base got you going a little. Cassie just laughed it off, clearly enjoying that she was making Stella uncomfortable.

Cassie’s little stunt didn’t go unnoticed though. As one of the actual personal trainers in the gym approached the three of you.

[Image of Brooke’s gym outfit]

“Hey everyone. I know we’re all adults here, but management wouldn’t like it if we allowed public displays of affection slide frequently. I’m just giving you guys a heads up or we’ll be forced to take action.” the personal trainer warns us. Cassie goes from laughing to immediately blushing in embarrassment after hearing the warning.

“You almost got us kicked out you horndog!” Stella teases Cassie.

“It really is no big deal. Like I said, just don’t do it too often where it would cause a scene and you’ll be fine” the new trainer reassured us.

“You guys are such sticklers. We’re all adults here.” the gym buff who was flirting with Stella and Cassie earlier interrupts.

“And if one more client raises a complaint of your skeeviness, Chad, we’re going to have to revoke your membership.” The trainer retorts to Chad.

Of course his name is Chad.

“Would the two of you like to raise a complaint?” she asks Stella and Cassie, which results in Chad just backing away from our group out of fear of losing his membership. “He’s a creep, but he doesn’t get physical. Some of the female clientele get uncomfortable with his advances though so we’ve given him warnings to keep to himself. I guess he couldn’t resist you two.” she assures the two girls.

“I’m Brooke by the way.” She formally introduces herself and offers you and the girls a handshake which you all return, and you notice that her eyes twinkle in surprise a bit when shaking your hand. A bit of ‘Magic Touch’ you assume. “I’d offer you my services but you guys seem to know what you’re doing already.” she adds.

“I wouldn’t mind a few tips. Your ass is amazing.” Stella unashamedly compliments her and looks at you and Cassie, waiting for you guys to agree with her. You just mindlessly nod that you do think her ass is amazing, but you feel kind of awkward in openly looking at her ass though. Surprisingly, she doesn’t seem to mind as she turns and models her toned backside for the three of you.

“It’s one of my specialties. I even have a client for reference if you’d like to see how well my training made her ass more shapely.” Brooke replies with excitement, before taking out her phone and showing Stella a picture of her client.

“Oh! You’re Tanya’s trainer?”


What happens after this trip to the gym?

Bath Time

“Did you see her gym outfit!?” Stella shouts at you, referring to Brooke’s gym outfit, as you guys do a light jog back to the apartment to end your workout routine.

“I’m not her father, baby. Don’t compare yourself to her. It’s not the same.” you reason with your daughter.

“Yeah. Don’t compare yourself to her, Stella.” Cassie says in support of your point. “I mean your ass is nowhere near hers anyway” Cassie teases before sprinting faster to run away from Stella. Stella runs after Cassie and eventually slaps Cassie in the ass for that comment, but they both pause from running to laugh it off and let you catch up.

The girls have barely broken a sweat the entire workout while you’re already dying inside. Your legs are cramping, your hoodie is heavy with all the sweat it’s accumulated, and you’re breathing like you’re holding on for dear life.

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