Amanda Fantasy

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My girlfriend and I were together for a long time before I met with Amanda and her husband. I had known Amanda before because she was good friends with my girlfriend but I had not actually really gotten to know her well until after she was married. After I met Amanda’s husband we decided that we would all hang out and find something fun to do. What we usually ended up doing was watching a crappy movie and talk the rest of the night. Many times we’d discussed our sex lives and I quickly learned that Amanda had an insatiable sex drive like myself. My girlfriend had zero sex drive and Amanda’s husband was very similar and it become a running joke that we got mixed up and I should have been with Amanda.

My girlfriend eventually got a new job and had to work Saturday mornings so she didn’t want to be out on Friday’s so she wouldn’t be tired for work.

Amanda’s husband and I had become very good friend and he invited me to come over on Friday’s since my girlfriend wanted to rest. I would usually spend a few hours with my girlfriend on Friday after work and then I’d head over to Amanda and her husband’s house to do some drinking and hang out. After a few drinks I’d find myself getting extremely horny and of course the only woman around was Amanda. When she lounged around the house she would usually wear skimpy shorts that pretty much only hid her most sensitive areas. Over time I found myself more and more attracted to her and was having some serious fantasies. There were many nights that I masturbated to the thought of giving her the pleasure her husband wasn’t, and satisfy my own desires that weren’t be taken care of. I even got daring enough to grab a used pair of Amanda’s panties from the laundry and wrapped them around my cock to masturbate with. What didn’t help was we were continuing to talk about our sex lives when my girlfriend was over and I would hear some of the dirty things Amanda enjoyed doing. I also got to hear that Amanda likes to masturbate many times a day. My girlfriend wasn’t the adventuress type and rarely wanted to try anything besides your standard missionary and that was about all the sexual contact she wanted.

One Friday night while Amanda, her husband and I were watching TV I had the feeling someone was staring at me and I finally noticed out of the corner of my eye that it was Amanda. When I would turn to look she would quickly change her glance to the television. I wasn’t sure if it was just me wanting it to be true or if she really was staring at me so I mentioned it to my girlfriend. I wanted her to confirm what I was thinking and it would also show her that she could trust me because I was telling her, which was just a way for me to get the information I really wanted. After a few nights with the four of us together my girlfriend did confirm that she was starring at me and she apologized with a laugh. I guess the weekend before Amanda began starring at me Amanda and my girlfriend had discussed our sex lives more in-depth than we normally do as a group. My girlfriend had mentioned to Amanda that I always take care of her first before we have sex and always make sure she is taken care of during sex and if not I take care of her afterwards. Amanda was shocked by this because her husband normally gets his and rolls over to pass out, leaving her to pleasure Kastamonu Escort herself or leaving her frustrated and she thought all men were this way. I also learned that their marriage wasn’t doing well and she wasn’t happy with the way things were going. This was an even bigger turn on for me knowing that Amanda was possibly starring at me because she wanted to explore with me sexually, their marriage is on the rocks, and my girlfriend thought it was cute.

A few more weeks passed of regular Friday night drinking and I could still sense she was starring at me. Her husband had a tough week at work and decided to drink to the point where he was ready to pass out around ten o’clock. We were all watching TV at the time and Amanda and I decided we weren’t tired and would stay up for a while so her husband wobbled down the hallway to their bedroom. I always sleep on their couch when I stay there and I was pretty drunk myself so I stripped down to my boxers and crawled under the blanket. After about 15 minutes I felt that I was being watched again and out of the corner of my eye I could tell Amanda was looking in my direction. I also noticed a slight movement near her lap and when I took a quick look I could see that she had her hand slipped up the leg of her gym shorts moving back and forth. I watched her hand move under her shorts out of the corner of my eyes for about five minutes until she pulled her hand out and stuck one of her fingers in her mouth and slowly pulled it out. She then jumped up and went to the kitchen to get herself a drink and probably adjusting herself. When she came back she jumped into her seat on the other couch and had a large smile in my direction. I figured the show was over for the night so I covered my eyes to try and get some sleep.

As I lay there with my eyes covered all I could think about was the image of Amanda fingering her pussy and how badly I wanted to taste her finger. As I was lying on my back I could feel the erection in my boxers growing and I also knew that if Amanda was looking in my direction she would see it poking at the blanket. I shifted my hips so my erection was pointing directly at where Amanda was sitting and started to breath heavier to give her the illusion that I was sleeping. It seemed to work because she turned down the volume on the TV and I heard her moving around and figured she was going to lie down and pass out on the other couch, which she does sometimes. The TV was turned down pretty low and I thought I could hear someone breathing in the room and realized it was coming from Amanda’s direction and I figured she had fallen asleep too. The light from the TV was driving me nuts and when I opened my eyes slightly to find the remote I was shocked to see Amanda completely naked with her finger buried deep into her pussy. Luckily she had her head back with her eyes closed and didn’t notice that I was watching her get herself off on the couch directly next to me. My erection was harder than I had felt it in a long time and I slid my hand down to enjoy the show. I pulled my dick through the hole in my boxers and slowly stroked it with the same pace that Amanda was fingering her pussy. I could smell her scent and it was extremely arousing I really wanted to taste her. She slowly started to drop her head and as Kastamonu Escort Bayan she opened her eyes I quickly closed mine and stopped moving under the blanket. I was enjoying the show but I didn’t want the uncomfortable situation of getting caught watching her either as I may be wrong about her attraction to me. The last thing I need is for her to tell my girlfriend or her husband that I was watching her masturbate.

I did decide however that if she was watching me and wanted me to see that I would help her out. I slowly went to roll onto my back and at the same time “accidentally” pulled the blanket off of myself and exposed my full erection sticking through my boxers. There was immediate silence after I moved, probably a combination of the fact that I moved and also her realizing that my cock was sticking straight up for her to see. After a minute or two of silence I heard a quick movement and then all I could hear was someone breathing very closely to me. She was obviously leaning over the couch near my head checking to see if I was awake or not, so I continued to breath deeply and not make any movements. After a minute I heard movement again and was waiting to hear her deep breathing again so I could turn my head to watch her continue the show. I waited about a minute and didn’t hear a thing and then I felt a slight breeze on my cock. I felt a few more breezes and realized that she had her head right next to my cock and I was feeling each of her breaths. After a few more breaths I didn’t feel anything and figured she moved her head away and suddenly there was something wet on my cock. I didn’t realize what it was at first but I know it felt good, it took all control I had to keep from jumping from the feeling. She was running her tongue up the length of my cock like you would lick a lollipop and it felt amazing.

She licked up the length of my shaft a few more times and I heard her move again towards my head to see if I was still sleeping. Once she was convinced I was passed out she moved away and I felt her tongue on the tip of my cock slowly flicking it and then I felt complete warmth and wetness surrounding my cock. She bobbed her head lower and lower down the shaft of my cock until she was hitting my balls with her nose. I could also feel her left tit bouncing up and down against my stomach so I knew she wasn’t facing towards my face and wouldn’t notice if I looked. I slowly turned my head and watched her taking my entire cock into her mouth and noticed she was rubbing her right breast. Directly to the right of my head was her tight little ass moving slightly back and forth as she sucked my cock. I could see the lips of her pussy between her legs and see the glare from the moisture that was building up and running down her leg. I tried to keep myself from shooting my load into her mouth and focused on slowly moving my hand towards her pussy without her noticing what I was doing. I had my hand only about an inch or so away from her dripping pussy and I could feel the warmth coming off like an oven. I figured at this point that there was no point in holding back and quickly stuck my middle finger into her pussy as deep as it would go. She quickly spun her head around with a look of shock on her face that I had caught her but it quickly turned to a Escort Kastamonu smile as I started to pump my finger in and out of her soaking pussy.

She turned her head back towards my cock and began sucking harder and faster now to match the rate of my finger pounding her pussy. I pulled out my finger and stuck it in my mouth to taste her juices and it was fantastic. I reached around her hips and picked her legs up over my head and dropped her down with her pussy right on my face, the scent was amazing. I quickly went to work on her clit and making sure I didn’t miss a single drop of her juices with my tongue. With each flick of her clit she would suck harder and moan a little which caused some fantastic vibrations on my shaft. I grabbed her by the ass and pulled her down while burying my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and brought my hand up to keep stimulating her clit. I could feel her cup my balls and the pleasure was almost too much. She suddenly removed her mouth from my cock and starting to moan slightly, obviously not remembering that we were in her house with her husband in the back room. I stopped what I was doing and she quickly got off me to check the hallway for any sounds of movement from the back room, the only thing returning was a loud snore. Not wanting to take any chances in the living room she grabbed my hand and led me out the side door of the house and onto the wraparound porch. In the moonlight she looked like a goddess with the shadows coming off of her body and as I watched her she made her way to the railing and slowly bent over it while looking back at me.

I quickly moved behind her and slipped my hands around to get a hold of both of her breasts and started to pinch her nipples hard. I felt her hand reach between her legs and take a tight hold of my cock and slowly pull it towards her. When she started rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit I quickly jammed it in as deep as it would go and she let out a loud gasp. Her pussy was so wet that I could feel her juices running over my balls and dripping onto the porch. There was a cool breeze, which just added to the excitement and reminded us that we were outside screwing for any who happened to walk by. I pumped furiously and she could barely catch her breath to moan or make any sounds at all so I know she was enjoying every moment. She reached over her shoulders and pulled my head down and she stuck her tongue in my mouth and began moaning furiously. The excitement became too much and I could feel my cock starting to swell and she could obviously tell I was getting ready to explode as well. She quickly turned around and got on her knees and put my cock deep into her mouth. She slid up and down my cock a few times and I began shooting my load into her mouth and down the back of her throat and she moaned with each squirt. She pumped her head so fast and I lost all thoughts in my head except for the pure pleasure that was taking over.

As my climax relaxed she slowly bobbed her head one last time to get any remaining cum my cock had into her mouth and she swallowed every last drop. I helped her get to her feet and kissed her deeply on the mouth and led her back into the living room where she put her clothes back on and I slid my boxers on over my semi hard erection. She noticed that I was still sporting an erection and gave me a slight grin. I told her she would have to wait until another day and that we should get to sleep in case her husband woke up. She gave me a little pouty face and slowly went towards the hallway and threw a smile my way before disappearing down the hallway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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