Amanda Teasing Two Ch. 03

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I met up with Marcus and we spent nearly two hours going in and out of shops. We ended up in the park, with a cream cake and a coffee. We talked about Jeff and me getting divorced, and his mother’s reaction to our marriage. Marcus told me things that his mother had told him. To be honest I was quite shocked that she would tell her son intimate details about her sex life. But Marcus reckoned he pieced most of it together himself. He told me of the men she would bring home, and thinking their son was asleep, she would take the men to bed. Marcus said that he had heard his mother and her lover moaning and laughing at Jeff. It appeared Jeff was in the bedroom with them more often than not!

“Is that why you hate him so much?” I asked sympathetically.

“I suppose, but the time I heard her with one of dad’s friends. She was crying, and he just waited outside the door playing with his. They had a blazing row and that’s when she threw him out.”

“But I don’t understand why she still wants him back?”

Marcus chuckled.

“Because she can still control him, she wants nothing more than to split you two up. Then when she found out about the divorce she loved it.”

“But that still doesn’t make any sense. Why does she want him back?”

“I think she feeds off of him, because she needs the fire and the spark. She also knows she was financially secure with him. I’ve heard her on the phone talking down to him, just a few weeks ago.”

He stopped speaking and looked at me.

“I know about the phone calls,” I said, with a gulp.

“God you know I really want him to just piss off and leave her alone.”

I watched Marcus throw a stone into the lake. He tossed it with some force.

“Has he ever asked you to sleep around?”

I couldn’t answer him. But I’m sure my blushing cheeks said enough.

“I thought so, that’s why I rubbed the cream in your back, to see what he would do. Did he say anything when I left?”

Another stone hit the water. I watched the ripples race out from the centre.

“No. What about the night it rained, and he was outside?”

He nodded, and then gave a knowing chuckle.

“He’ll go back to mum you know. He always does.”

I made Marcus tell me of the two women he had left her for. One was just for a couple of weeks, the other nearly two months. He could see how shocked I was, this was all news to me. I now definitely didn’t have a clue about the man I had married!

We walked along the small lake in silence for awhile. The next stone had a group of ducks flapping and taking cover.

“I’m taking Marcus and his friends out tonight for a drink.”

Jeff looked at me in bewilderment. I didn’t react. I just felt contempt for the man I had married now. What other little revelations was he keeping from me?

It was quiet strange getting ready for my night out. I slipped on my new red bra and panties set. Honey coloured tights, and a black tight dress that went to mid-thigh, and showed a little cleavage. I wore new black boots that came to my knee, and had a 4 inch heel. I had put on more make-up than usual, and plenty of perfume. I wasn’t trying to attract attention, but I had a feeling Jeff would like my outfit. I largely ignored Jeff as I waited for Marcus to come downstairs. I was well aware that Jeff was looking me over. I sat on the couch with my legs crossed. My dress had slipped up my thigh as I flicked through a magazine.

“Are those boots new?”

“Yes,” I replied idly, still looking at the magazine.

“And that dress?” he mumbled.

“New too,” I said, with an uninterested sigh.

He shuffled around in his wheelchair.

“Marcus bought me these earrings and the necklace too.”

I could hear the cogs in his brain grinding.

“Did he?”

“Yeah,” I said, ignoring his gulp.

I uncrossed my legs, and then crossed them the other way. I could sense my husband’s eyes watching every slow deliberate movement that I made.

“Are you going to put me to bed soon?”

I knew the sound in his voice. Although he tried to hide it, I knew he was aroused. I toyed with my necklace. Jeff could see my pink painted fingernails dragging across the chain. I just rubbed back and forth; my nail was making a clinking sound, as it slipped over the tiny chain links.

“No Marcus will,” I said vacantly, answering his question.

I could feel his eyes on my legs again. I could see them roll up and down when I glanced at the telly screen. I wondered what was going through his mind, as he would slowly take in the contrast of colours, black dress to tan tights to black boots, black boots to tan tights to black dress, over and over again.

“You don’t mind if his army pals come back again do you?” I continued, in the casual tone.

“No, it is your house,” he replied.

I could hear a slight change in his breathing.

“Yes it is,” escort bayan bursa I said, with a grin.

He shuffled in his chair. I’m sure my attitude was turning him on.

“I won’t get as drunk this time, I mean I wasn’t a very good hostess last time was I?”

“H, how many are there going to be?” he asked, a little breathless.

“Oh just the same four guys I think, maybe more,” I said, with another indifferent sigh.

“I’ll be in my room when Marcus comes down.”

“OK,” I said brightly, not looking up from the magazine.

He wheeled himself away. His face was red and I knew under the blanket he was hard. I just hoped he could loose his erection before Marcus put him to bed. I went to the loo and wiped my pussy she was soaking wet! God how the hell just sitting around teasing Jeff got me so excited was quite a surprise. I was just supposed to tease him, and make him squirm. But I was teasing myself too!

Marcus put Jeff to bed and I gave him a number to ring for a taxi. Just time for one more little teasing display for my husband.

“Have you got everything you need?”

“Yes,” he mumbled, looking up from the bed.

I bent over to pick up his trousers. I knew he could see most of the way up the back of my skirt. I bent over the bed and tucked him in which was quite unnecessary. My necklace swung and sparkled, and I gave him plenty of time to look at my cleavage.

“Have a nice time,” he said, with a slight pant.

I grinned.

“I’m sure I will. Oh could you look after this for me?”

His mouth dropped open as I slipped my wedding ring off, and put it on the bedside cabinet.

“I mean we are getting a divorce so I suppose I shouldn’t wear it anymore. Should I?”

My tone demanded an answer.

“No, they might realise you are, free,” he gulped, and licked his lips.

I lent forward and stared into his eyes from no more than 6 inches away.

“Jeff they already know I’m free,” I purred.

I felt his hand slip up under my skirt. I didn’t move I just narrowed my eyes.

“Get your hand out, now Jeff!” I spat.

I pulled his hand away from my thigh.

“I thought you might be wearing stockings,” he panted.

I opened my mouth to yell at him, but I quickly stopped changing my mind. I put his hand on his hard cock.

“I would have done, but I’m not wearing panties!” I hissed.

I walked to the door and looked back at him.

“Have a nice night,” I whispered, and then gave him a mocking grin.

After a few hours we moved onto the last pub. Marcus was making rather a fool of himself. He had latched onto two girls I knew vaguely from school, Jenny and Julie. I didn’t really like them that much, they were a few years younger than me, and they were both all over Marcus! I seemed to be left with Gerry most of the time and we danced together. But the way Julie was rubbing up against Marcus was annoying me. I had warned him off of the pair of them, but they seemed to be trying to out do each other for Marcus’s attention. Gerry was getting more adventurous with me, and at one point he started kissing me. For a brief period Marcus and I were alone together.

“Mandy go careful with Gerry he’s all over you,” Marcus snapped.

“Well what about you and those two tarts? I told you what they were like and you can’t keep your hands off them,” I spat back.

He looked angrily at me.

“Yeah so what it’s you that everyone is watching. You let him put his hand up your dress, you’re the tart!”

“Oh so that gives you the right to paw both of them does it? You’ve drunk too much, it’s time we went home,” I growled.

He got up sharply and the chair shot back behind him. I jumped up too so I maintained eye contact.

“You’re not my bloody mother so lay off. Besides, Gerry has asked me if I mind if he takes you home. I told him you were probably gagging for it; you are all over him like some cheap slut!”

His words were really vicious, and deep down they hurt me. I took a deep breath about to have a go back when Jenny and Julie appeared.

“Come on lets go back to Julie’s her mum and stepfather are away.”

“He’s not going,” I hissed, still glaring at Marcus.

“Oh is little Miss Goody getting upset,” Julie said, with a chuckle.

I looked at Jenny; I could see her pushing Julie forward.

“You fancy him yourself. God he’s your stepson that’s incest,” Jenny sniggered.

“Oh god I’d never do anything like that,” Julie said, with a drunken look of disgust.

Marcus hadn’t been listening; he just stood back drinking his pint and swaying slightly.

“Come on girls, lets go somewhere we can party without Miss Prude,” Marcus sniggered, putting his arms around both girls.

“Hey can I come too?” Gerry said, with an excited grin.

“No you’re going to take me home,” I snapped, looking straight bursa sinirsiz eskort at Marcus.

“But I want to, have some, fun,” he said, a little sheepishly.

I spun round and lunged at him forcing my tongue right into his surprised mouth! I gave him the best and horniest kiss I could muster. Finally I pulled back a little.

“Take me home and fuck my brains out!” I hissed, so only he could hear.

He smiled and I turned to the other three. Marcus had lost his drunken look; it was as if watching me had sobered him up on the spot. I felt Gerry slide his hand on my hip. I just grabbed it and put it on my backside, giving Marcus an arrogant stare. He hugged Jenny and Julie tighter and began groping Jenny’s tit.

“Come on girls, you did say I could stay the night?”

They both giggled, and Julie gave me a knowing wink. I watched them disappear through the crowd. Inside I was seething with anger, after all I had done for him and he was going off with those two sluts! Well fuck him I thought, if he wanted to make a fool of himself then he could for all I cared. And where Julie got the notion from about me fancying Marcus I’ll never know! He was just a stupid young man, who was no better than his whore of a mother and his sick perverted father, which I had married much to my regret. In fact he was probably worse than the pair of them put together!

On the way home in the taxi Gerry was all over me. Somehow he managed to get my right breast out and was sucking hard on my nipple. The taxi driver spent more time looking in the mirror than out of the bloody windscreen! Gerry’s hand was up my dress and rubbing the front of my tights. OK I didn’t mind him kissing me and having a crafty feel. But the taxi driver had adjusted his mirror so he could watch Gerry’s hand up my skirt!

“Wait I’ve got to check on him,” I whispered.

We had two passionate kisses inside the front door.

“Go up to my bedroom,” I lustfully groaned in his ear.

I straightened my hair and clothes then went into Jeff’s room. He looked like he was asleep. I walked quietly to the bed. It looked like the two sleeping pills I had given him, mixed in his drink still had him in a deep sleep. I intended to hint that something had gone on between the lads and me the following morning. I wanted him to curse himself for not being awake. His mind would be full of me and the boys, and what he thought we had gotten up to. But now I didn’t have to pretend, I was going to fuck one of his son’s mates!

I went into my bedroom. Gerry was down to his underwear. He had quite a fit body, but maybe not as fit as Marcus. Still I didn’t care what he was up to now. I was going to bed Gerry, while Marcus probably wouldn’t be able to get it up!

I moved to Gerry slipping my hands around his neck. We kissed long and passionately. I heard and felt the zip on the back of my dress being pulled down. I shuddered and gasped a little as my dress slipped to the floor. I continued sucking his tongue into my mouth as my bra slackened, and Gerry pulled it off. His lips clamped onto my left nipple. He was sucking hard and flicking his tongue over the end.

“Hang on let me take my boots off,” I panted heavily.

“Na, can you keep them on,” he groaned on my nipple.

I felt him fingering my pussy through my tights and panties. Then all of a sudden he yanked them away from my cunt. I was surprised and shocked, and a little miffed as I knew the noise was that of my new panties ripping.

He pushed me back onto the bed. Then I felt him fumbling with his cock between my legs.

“Wait, not yet I’m not ready,” I groaned.

“Come on sexy before Marcus comes home,” he moaned.

God what would he think if he did come home? Suddenly I knew this was a mistake. I didn’t want Marcus to think I was an easy lay. I know he was still probably with those two. But I didn’t want to loose him as a friend.

“Ouch! Gerry I’m a little dry,” I protested.

I heard Gerry spit and then a rather wet hand smeared across my pussy. It felt quite gross. I just wanted this over with now. Huh! That was a laugh he wasn’t even up me yet! Oh! Oh yes he was!

“Be gentle will you?”

He was panting in my ear, and he wasn’t being gentle. I couldn’t work out why I wasn’t enjoying this now. In the taxi I wanted him. I wanted Marcus to know I was letting Gerry finger me; I was wet then, I had visions of Marcus banging on the taxi window trying to get in. He would pull Gerry off me, and then have a right go at him for treating his stepmother like a common tart.

“Oh get ready baby,” Gerry panted.

God I wished I could push him off now. But it wasn’t fair on him was it? Anyway he would soon come and he could sleep in the spare room. I winced as his cock was forcing roughly into me. He was kissing me hard too, right on the top of escort bayan my shoulder. He grunted sucking harder, and then went into spasm, his cock twitched and I clung to him. I tried to enjoy it, but this was another time to fake an orgasm, so I did!

I sat on the edge of the bed and unzipped my boots. Gerry knew I think that I wanted him to leave.

“So no little fun and games with your hubby tonight then?”

“What?” I said.

“No probably best Marcus will be home soon,” he said, pulling up his pants.

“He’ll still be with them,” I spat.

He laughed a little.

“No he was only going clubbing with them. That was the bet, two hours to get you into bed,” he said with a sniff.

“What!” I shrieked.

“He said you wouldn’t, he reckoned you would never do it. Still £25 goes in there,” he said, tapping his back pocket.

I pulled my dressing gown around myself.

“You won’t tell him, will you?” I mumbled.

“Hey a bet is a bet,” he grunted.

I shuffled around in my bag. I stood before him holding £25. I felt so ashamed I couldn’t look him in the eye.

“I still have to pay him.”

Another £25 left my purse. He smirked at me and his eyes dropped to my breasts. I pulled my dressing gown together covering my cleavage.

“So you’re not like his mum then?”

I looked quizzically at him.

“You mean you won’t be rushing off downstairs to give hubby his pussy cream? His ex used to, but then again he used to watch us.”

I shook my head slowly from side to side.

“Oh yeah babe, he loved it when he watched us. We used to cuddle up and laugh as she made him lick her out.”

“Get out of my house,” I said calmly and slowly.

“Once she even made him suck my dick, now I’m not queer, but I let her toss me off all over his face,” he said with a sneer.

I slapped his face, and then raised my hand to my mouth as he scowled hard at me. Slowly his face relaxed. I sat crying on the bed. My whole life had become one big freak show. How the hell could my husband suck another man’s cock? I didn’t know him at all!

I went downstairs to get myself a drink of water.


I jumped out of my skin. I brushed my hand through my hair, hoping that I didn’t look too dishevelled.

“Gerry gone then or is he still upstairs?”

“We didn’t do anything,” I said, a little too quickly.

He held up his mobile phone. I read the words ‘your step mum fucks like a pro!’

“He’s a liar Marcus, I wouldn’t do that,” I said, almost pleading for him to believe me.

I saw his eyes looking at my cleavage. I could feel tears starting to build. I had to get away from him before they started to fall.

“I’m going to bed,” I said, as I put the glass down.

I felt him tug my arm back as I reached the living room door. He spun me round and pushed me against the wall.

“You fucked him didn’t you? I thought you were better than that!”

He was frightening me he just pinned me to the wall. His eyes just burned deep into mine. He knew I was scared. I could feel myself trembling.

“Let me go, please Marcus,” I whimpered.

The tears had started to roll down my cheeks. I saw him look at my lips.

“I can’t believe you fucked him,” he hissed.

I turned my head away as I felt his thumb on my lips. He wiped it hard across my lips then up my cheek. I could feel the ruby lipstick smeared across my face.

“That looks better whore!” he growled viciously.

I felt his knee push between my legs, and I went to wriggle out of his grasp. He just pulled me forward and slammed me back against the wall. I felt my dressing gown slip from my shoulder to my arm. My tits were close to becoming exposed.

“He left it where he said he would. He fucked you, you slut!”

He again slammed me against the wall. I was now crying so hard I didn’t realise both my breasts had become exposed. Then I saw his eyes just staring at them. My crying slowly stopped, and so did my heaving chest which my stepson was so engrossed in. He just held me and for quite a while he looked at my chest. My mouth hung open, I could feel my makeup smeared all over my face, and my naked breasts were just inches from my gawping stepson! Slowly his eyes trailed up to my lips. I just held my breath. He looked up further until our eyes met. It all seemed to be happening in slow motion, but my pulse was racing fast, fast as hell! I gazed down at his parted lips as he licked them. They seemed to be getting closer to mine very slowly, like the minute hand on a clock, you know it’s moving but you can’t quite see it. I was aware of his breathing, it was softer now. I parted my trembling lips after swallowing slightly. He watched them, and then looked back into my eyes.


Marcus sunk back slowly. He let go of me and turned away.

“You better see what he wants,” Marcus said slowly.

I went out into the hall rubbing my face hoping my smudge lipstick was gone. My trembling fingers wiped away the tears.

“Yes?” I called softly through the door.

“I heard a bump, are you OK?”

“Fine, just a little drunk, go back to sleep,” I said, feeling tears on my cheeks again.

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