Amazing Grace

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Big Dicks

Author’s note

Appearances can be deceptive. When I reread this story, I realised that the opening sentence could give completely the wrong impression. You know how it is with a story, you want to grab the reader’s attention straight away, so you say something a little off-track to try and make him or her carry on reading. However, I must make this clear – although this story contains sex, in fact it’s mainly about sex, there is no incest and no under age sex involved. Sorry if that’s a disappointment to some readers, but that’s the way it is. So let’s get on with what is now the second paragraph. And, by the way, this has been published before, I’ve just tidied it up a bit for Literotica.


I loved sleeping with my granny — it was fun when I was little and even more so when I got bigger. This is how it came about.

My parents separated when I was five. I gather that the marriage hadn’t been any great shakes for some time, and when my father was offered a job a long way from home, my mother refused to move with him, and stayed in the family home with me, their only child. It was an amicable separation, and they stayed married, as neither was bothered about making any firm attachments with anyone else. In fact, some years later, my father moved back to the area and back into the matrimonial home. I recall an occasion when I was sixteen and I came in late one night and, as usual, stuck my head round the door of my mother’s room to tell her I was back, only to find the my father was busy humping away at her. She saw me and called out “It’s OK, your father’s trying to do one hundred press ups without collapsing, and he’s only got to sixty nine!” I went away, giggling, and next day she said to me, in front of my father,

‘Look, your dad is a great friend who lives in our house, and sometimes we have sex together. Does that give you a problem? Because, if it does, we won’t do it.’

‘Of course not, it’s up to the two of you — if you’re both happy, so am I.’

Where was I? Yes, dad moved away, and for a couple of years my mother stayed at home and looked after me, but after a while she got a bit bored and looked round for a job. She didn’t need the money because dad gave her a good allowance, but she was a trained nurse and wanted to put her skills to good use. She got a job at a local hospital, and after a while she was offered a senior position which involved her doing a share of night duty, which left her with the problem of what to do with me. Happily, my father’s mother lived fairly close, and she offered to look after me during the night shifts, so when the first shift came round, mum dropped me off at granny’s house on her way to work. I knew granny well but had never stayed with her before. The first night I had a nasty dream and woke up feeling very alone and frightened, so I ran into granny’s room and climbed into bed beside her, crying my heart out. She put her arms round me and calmed me down and I was soon pacified. I then realised that she had no nightdress on.

‘Granny, you’ve got no clothes on!’

‘No, I prefer to sleep without anything.’

‘Is it nice like that?’

‘Well, I think so.’

‘Then I’ll do the same.’

Before she could say anything, I pulled off my pyjama top and wriggled out of the trousers.

‘Yes, that does feel nice.’

‘I’m not sure you should be doing that. Anyway, turn over and go to sleep.’

She cuddled me against her for a few minutes, and the feel of her bare skin against mine was very pleasant, warm and comforting, and I was soon asleep. Next morning, I said to her

‘It was lovely sleeping with you last night; I didn’t feel at all afraid like I did on my own. May I sleep with you tonight, please?’

‘I don’t know, you’d better ask your mother and see what she thinks of the idea’

When I came home from school and was having tea with my mother I said to her:

‘I slept with granny last night and we didn’t have any clothes on. It was ever so nice, and granny says I can do it again if you don’t mind.’

‘I can’t see it doing any harm, if granny doesn’t mind.’

I found out much later that granny had phoned her during the day and they had agreed that it wasn’t a problem when I was so young. Anyway, that night I went to bed naked in granny’s bed, and next thing I knew I was waking up in the morning with her beside me. This became the pattern, and we were both happy. She said she liked having another body in the bed beside her, as she had been lonely since granddad had died early some years before. This went on for several years, but one evening when I was thirteen I walked into the room naked while granny was in bed and she looked at me a bit oddly. I had grown some pubic hair, and my penis was a useful size.

‘You know, Tommykins — the name she had used since I was tiny — I’m not sure we should still be doing this. You’re not a baby any more, you’re developing into a young man, and young men don’t sleep naked with their grannies.’

‘Granny, I think I know what you are getting at, almanbahis yeni giriş but you and I are just wonderful friends who like a little bare cuddle, and that’s all. I couldn’t ever think of you in any…I don’t quite know how to put it, shall I say a physical way.’

‘All right, I don’t want to lose you, it’s lovely having someone in the bed with me. Let’s carry on, but I think it’s time you stopped calling me Granny — I’m not much over fifty, and it makes me feel older. Call me Alice, and I’ll just call you Tom.’

So that was it, we carried on sleeping together naked. I never saw her naked, she would slip a robe on as she got out of bed. Before we went to sleep, she would give me a quick kiss on the mouth, then I’d turn over and she would cuddle up behind me for a few minutes before she turned away from me and we would soon be asleep. This continued till I was nineteen, when my mother was working nights I stayed with granny, and we were all three very happy. However, I then got a place at University, and had to leave home. The college had a limited number of places in Hall, but I did not get one. They had a list of landladies who would take in students, and an interview was arranged for me. I went to a very nice house in a leafy suburb of the town and was met at the door by a pleasant faced lady called Mrs Robinson. She invited me in, and she explained to me that it was the first time she had taken in a student.

‘Since my husband died two years ago I’ve been very lonely, and I thought it would be a good idea if I had someone to talk to and to look after. There’s plenty of room in the house, so we wouldn’t need to get under each other’s feet, and I’m not expecting you to spend hours chatting to me — just to have someone to say good morning and good night to will be nice for me. Let me show you the room you would use.’

She took me up to a spacious room, well furnished, with a large bed and even down to a hi-fi and a small television set. There was a shower room and toilet attached, so it was very self-contained. She told me what the rent would be, and as it was very reasonable, I quickly accepted.

‘Oh, I should have said that the price includes as many meals as you want, as long as you let me know in advance when you will be here. And, of course, I’ll do your washing for you.’

This was too good to be true, so I asked if I had understood the price correctly.

‘Look, the money is neither here nor there. I don’t need to make a living out of this, and all the time we can get along well together, that’s OK by me.’

I went away thinking that all my birthdays had come together. My dad was making me a good allowance, but this meant I would be far better off than I had expected. A couple of weeks later my mother drove me up with all my gear and she was very impressed with what I was getting. She got on well with Mrs Robinson straight away, and as she was leaving she said:

‘You’ve got it made here. Just behave yourself, and you’ll be very happy with Mrs Robinson.’

She was absolutely right there — more so than she knew, or perhaps she knew more than I thought she could. I soon settled in, and life became very pleasant. I was studying engineering, and found the courses stimulating and challenging. I was working hard, and it was very pleasant to come home in the evening to a cheerful greeting and a beautifully cooked meal. Mrs R said how much she enjoyed having someone else to cook for. She had been a professional cook when she was young, and was very happy to prepare all the recipes that had not been worth the bother when she was alone. We also found that we generally enjoyed the same television programmes — both hated the soaps — and the same music. Her husband had been an amateur musician of some standing, and from him she had absorbed a love of classical music, especially chamber music.

Our life together was so easy that she asked me one night why I wasn’t going out with anyone of my own age.

‘To tell the truth, I don’t get on all that well with people of my own age. I don’t like getting drunk and I can’t stand loud pop music, so that rather rules out a lot of people. In any case, I want to get on with my studying, and I’m very happy chatting with you. I’ve grown up with older women, my mother and my granny, so it seems very normal to be in your company.’

‘Well, that suits me, and I’m sure you’ll meet a young woman who meets your exacting requirements.’

‘You’re taking the mickey, aren’t you?’

‘Just a bit, but if you ever want to bring a girl back here, I don’t mind, and what you do in your room is your business.’

‘Thanks for that, but for now I’m very happy with your company if you don’t mind.’

‘Not at all. By the way, do you want to come with me for a little party at Joan’s. You get on well with her, and it will save me walking back on my own.’

Joan was a friend of hers who popped in from time to time. She was quite amusing, though a little coarse, so it was no hardship to accompany Mrs Robinson for the evening. almanbahis adres She had invited a few friends and had cooked a buffet supper and provided plenty to drink. Near the end of the proceedings, she called for silence, and asked my landlady what she was hoping to get for her birthday. It was news to me that a birthday was imminent, so I asked when it was.

‘Tomorrow, hasn’t she told you? And it’s the big six oh for her. Shall I tell everyone what you said you wanted last year.’

‘Don’t you dare.’

‘All right, I will. She said she wanted to wake up with a man in bed beside her. How about it Tom, you’re just the right person. Remember the film The Graduate? “Can we talk first this time Mrs Robinson?” He’s only an undergraduate, but I reckon he’ll do nicely.’

I had no idea what she was talking about, but in any case Mrs R spoke before I could ask.

‘Joan, you are a natural trouble maker. I’d never thought of The Graduate and my name. Tom, don’t ever call me Mrs Robinson again. I’m Grace, and that will do nicely. Now, let’s go home, before Joan embarrasses me further.’

We said our good nights, with various slightly off colour comments from Joan, and began the walk home.

‘What was that about? I asked.

‘It’s my sixtieth birthday tomorrow, not something I really want to celebrate. Joan’s crack was because I had said last year that it would be nice to have someone beside me in the bed, just to be there, not for anything else. And the joke about The Graduate won’t mean anything to you if you haven’t seen the film. I’ll rent the video, and then you’ll understand.’

We walked on in companionable silence, but my mind was very active. I had had a little too much to drink, so my tongue was a bit loose.

‘When I was seven I used to stay with my granny often. I started to go into bed with her when anything woke me, and after a bit, we slept together as a matter of routine.’

‘How long did that go on?’

‘It’s still going on. When I stay with her, we always sleep together. It was natural when I was little, and it seems just as natural now. We just share a bed, that’s all.’

‘You’re trying to tell me something, aren’t you? Are you offering to sleep with me?’

‘I’m sorry, I’ve drunk too much, I shouldn’t have mentioned it.’

She didn’t reply, and we were soon back at the house. We sat with a cup of coffee before bed, and she said:

‘I’ve drunk too much as well. I’m going to bed now, and if you want to join me in a few minutes, you may. But it’s just to share the bed, nothing else, is that clear?’


I sat for a while, then went to my room and put on my pyjamas. I went to her room and knocked on the door, and she called for me to enter. She was in bed with just a bedside light on, and she told me to come in on her right side.

‘It’s where my husband slept. By the way, do you snore?’

‘Granny never complained, so I guess not.’

I climbed in beside her, and as I did so the clock on the bedside table turned to midnight. I leaned over and gave her a little brush of my lips against hers and wished her a happy birthday. I then turned over, and was soon asleep.

When I awoke next morning, it was to see her face smiling down at me.

‘You can’t imagine how nice it is to wake in the night and not be alone. To hear your breathing brought back all the happy memories of my marriage. Thank you for a lovely present.’

‘I’m sorry I haven’t got anything else for you, but I didn’t know. How were you planning to celebrate?’

‘I wasn’t, last night was enough for me.’

‘May I take you out to dinner tonight?’

‘That would be lovely, thank you. Now you’d better go away so I can get dressed.’

That night we went to a local restaurant, and ate by candlelight. The food was good, the background music was supplied by a quartet of music students, playing Schubert, Brahms and some that I didn’t recognise. It was a magic evening, and it never occurred to me that it was slightly odd to be enjoying an evening out with a woman more than three times my age. After the meal, we walked home, with her arm linked with mine.

‘Tom, I want to ask you something totally unfair. I’d like you to sleep with me tonight, and every other night, come to that. But I don’t want anything except your presence beside me, no… no…, well, you know what I mean.’

‘Grace, I’ve never thought of you as anything other than a very dear friend, and to be your friend in bed would be fine. It’s what I’m used to with my granny, so I’m not going to suddenly have to exercise amazing self-control. Let’s try, and if it bothers one of us, then we’ll just stop.’

‘How old is your granny, by the way?’

‘A little bit younger than you, as it happens.’

‘Good Lord, so you’ll be sleeping with an even older woman!’

So, for the next few weeks we slept together, just good friends. We would have a gentle kiss goodnight, and turn away from each other. Sometimes we would back against each other, and I almanbahis giriş would feel her warm softness against me, but that was all. Until…

I was invited to a wedding, and expected to stay the night away at a friend’s house. However, the arrangements went wrong, and I finally got a lift back home, where I arrived in the early hours. The house was in darkness, and I went to my room and changed into my pyjamas, then slipped into Grace’s room as usual and climbed into bed beside her. She woke as I got in, and spoke, in a sleepy voice:

‘This is a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting you back tonight.’

Then, suddenly, she was wide awake.

‘I haven’t got a nightie on. I’m naked.’

‘That’s nice. Who were you expecting?’

‘Fool! I wasn’t expecting anyone. I always sleep naked when I’m on my own. Look the other way while I put something on.’

‘There is another solution. I could take my pyjamas off.’

‘What are you suggesting? I suppose you’ll tell me next that you slept naked with your granny.’

‘You wouldn’t believe me if I said yes, would you?’

‘As a matter of fact, I would. I don’t think you’d lie to me. You really did, didn’t you.’

‘Yes, always. She liked to sleep naked and that’s where I got the habit. It’s been the only drawback to sharing your bed, I’m much happier with nothing on.’

She lay silent for several minutes.

‘The hell with it. I know I can trust you, so get your kit off and let me get back to sleep.’

I slipped off my pyjamas, and leaned over to give her our usual goodnight kiss, being extra careful to not touch her body. Then we turned away, but she gently backed up to me so I could feel the brush of her smooth skin against mine, then she was gone.

And that’s how it was. She would slip into her robe as she got out of bed, so I never saw her naked, and I was very discreet about exposing myself. Two good friends, who happened to sleep naked with each other.

The end of term arrived, and I went home for the Christmas vacation. While I was there I managed to spend a couple of nights sleeping with granny, and I told her what had happened.

‘You are making a habit of sleeping with naked old ladies. But I bet you’ll do more than just sleep with her.’

‘Come on Alice, why would I want to do any more. You and I sleep together without anything happening, what’s the difference.’

‘She’s not your granny, that’s the difference.’

I did not for one moment believe that our sleeping together would ever become more than just that. I was still a virgin, and I wasn’t in any hurry to change that state. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in sex, it was just that I felt that sooner or later the right girl would come along and then it would happen. Till then, the only lover that my penis would know would be my hand, which gave me adequate and frequent release. So back I went to sleeping with my naked landlady, and not thinking about sex at all as far as she was concerned. Good Lord, she was three times my age, an old woman, and she had probably forgotten what sex was about. I mean, people of that age don’t have sex, do they. Do they?

And then…

I normally did not dream a lot, and when I did it was usually nonsense. So it was most unusual for me to dream that I was naked, cuddled up behind a naked women, with my erect penis between her legs. And then I gradually became conscious and found that I was, in fact, naked, cuddled up behind a naked woman and with my erect penis between her legs. As soon as I realised what was happening, I went to move away, but found that Grace had put her hand behind her and on my hip, so that she was holding me close to her.


‘Don’t say a word. You’ll break the spell.’

I didn’t know enough detail about women’s geography to know exactly where my penis was situated, just the knowledge that I must be rubbing against her sex, and John Thomas had become thoroughly rigid, so much that I could feel it throbbing against her. Then she lifted her leg and slid her hand between her legs to take the end of my penis and push it gently up, so that suddenly the tip slid into her. I had often wondered what it would really be like to enter a woman’s most secret part, but I had never for one moment guessed that it could feel so wonderful. I instinctively pushed against her, and my penis was engulfed in a warm, moist heaven. I pushed in as deep as I could, and heard a gentle sigh of content from her. We stayed still for…a minute? Ten minutes? An hour? Who knows, time was suspended as we became one person, linked by the firm length of my flesh and the soft cavern of hers.

At last I began to move, very gently in and out. Never again could sex be as wondrous as that first time. It would be more fun, more active, more adventurous, but the sheer intensity of that movement of my body within hers would never be surpassed for me. After a while, she pulled my hip firmly and pressed back against me, and I felt her body spasm against me, and felt the grip of her holding my penis. Her breath quickened, and then relaxed, and she whimpered quietly. When she was still again, I started to move once more. I could feel deep in me that I was soon going to climax, and my movements became a little more urgent till at last I held her tight as my juices flowed into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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