Amazing Gracie Pt. 02

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Gracie and I embarked on a period of time where we had the “mutual irresistible” for each other. It was strange but she and I could not get together without feeling a heat. When we would go out in public we would usually end up cutting our evening short and hurry back to one of our apartments for private, carnal activities. As I learned more about Gracie’s history her current attitudes made more sense.

Gracie had been born and raised in a semi-rural area of Kansas. Her parents had a large, successful farm and the nearest town was about 15 miles away. She had one older brother that was happy to learn the family business and carry on the family farm after Gracie’s parents grew too old to work it full time.

Gracie, on the other hand, really never had any serious interest in agriculture. And decided at an early age that as soon as she could do so, she wanted to move away. She saw several of her friends and schoolmates settling down with local boys. Some of those “settlings” occurred after the girl got pregnant. To avoid that, Gracie mastered the art of the Hand Job. She had boyfriends and dates, but kept them happy and drained with her very talented hands.

After High School she enrolled in a Community College for two years, where she continued to practice her own form of manual birth control. After Community College she moved away to attend a four-year State University. Her first year there she met her future husband. He was an Accounting major and she was majoring in Business Management with a minor in Human Resources. After they had been dating for about six months ataköy escort they had sex for the first time (using both birth control pills and a condom). She recalled he was a considerate and gentle (though not especially exciting) lover. Following Graduation, they were married and both got jobs with large corporations. After about two years, Gracie got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. And about two years after that, her husband approached Gracie with the idea of starting their own business. They started up an Executive Placement business. Gracie’s husband continued to do CPA work on the side during the first, lean years of the business.

The business eventually took off and became successful. However, the tradeoff was that her husband remained a considerate and adequate lover. But never as adventurous as Gracie would have liked. The years rolled by and one night while working late at the office, Gracie’s husband had a heart attack and died. At first Gracie carried on the business, but her own heart just wasn’t in it. When she was approached by a large, national, “Head Hunting” company that wanted to buy her out, she accepted. Between the proceeds from the sale of the company, her husband’s Life Insurance Policy and the small trust fund left to her by her parents when they died, Gracie was financially secure and didn’t need to work anymore. She decided to turn her attention to her long suppressed and ignored libido.

She sold the house she had shared with her husband and moved into an apartment while searching for ataşehir escort a house of her own. She told me that she would feel funny having some other guys bang her in the house she had shared with her husband for years. And she fully intended to do some banging.

The first guy she fucked was a couple of years younger than her. When he took his pants off, he displayed a cock that was much larger than her former husband’s. He was active and adventurous. He went down on her for a long time until she pulled him up, grabbed his cock and stuffed it in her hungry pussy. At first she found him frustrating because he was being so gentle. After she convinced she was not fragile and wasn’t going to break, it got better. Because of the increased tempo, he came after just a few minutes. Gracie was nowhere near finished and she rolled him onto his back and straddled his face and insisted he lick her pussy while he recovered. As he licked out her cream pie, she reached behind her and played with his dick until he was hard again. She straddled his cock and slipped down on it. This time he lasted longer and after a while she moved off of him and got on her knees bent over. He moved behind her and took hold of her hips and proceeded to give her a deep, sound doggy style fuck.

Gracie said the poor guy seemed overwhelmed as she kept waking him up during the night for more fucking. She managed to coax four loads out of him that night. But she thinks the last one was probably not much more than a dribble. He seemed actually relieved fındıkzade escort when the sun came. He was barely able to get dressed and walk out her door. She told me that her last view of his cock that morning was that it was very red and sore looking.

According to her, the beast was now released. For the next several months, she was sexually obsessed. She had started teaching part time at a local Community College just for something to do. Then she started looking at some of the young men there as potential sex partners. She made a rule that she would not have anything to do with anyone in her class. But that still left several possibilities. She fucked a couple of the young men and found the experiences enjoyable. Mainly because that while the guys would cum fast, they also recovered quickly and could generally go several times in a night. This was how she met up with Reggie.

She had never had a black man before and Reggie needed some help with an Accounting Class he was taking. She offered to help him and invited him over to her apartment. After a couple of hours of tutoring (along with a few “accidental” flashes of tits and pussy) their attention turned to other things. She described Reggie’s cock as being huge. But she said the most impressive feature about it was how rock hard it would get. He would shoot a load and not go soft. In fact, she said one night he came three times in a row without losing his hard on. She told me that generally after fucking Reggie, she felt like a dog’s chew toy. He always left her with a sore pussy. And she had decided that sore was the most satisfying feeling of all.

Gracie and I found out we were very compatible. We both loved a wide variety of sex. And I had a voyeur streak that allowed me to enjoy seeing and hearing about her sexual exploits. She had discovered that she was a borderline nymphomaniac and exhibitionist.

Yeah. We were very compatible.

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