Amazons Capture Mother and Daughter Pt. 02

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The following morning, mom and daughter awoke to the nudges of two native women. They placed a bowl of fruit and water on the mat and then left the hut.

Liz and Julie ate in silence. Neither knew the other was thinking about the previous day’s events and particularly the sexual pleasures they had experienced. Both were embarrassed by their thoughts and were hesitant to talk.

A few minutes later, the two natives returned. They reached down and pulled the captives to their feet and led them out of the hut. They walked for about 100 yards away from the village until they reached a pond that was fed by a small waterfall trickling off a cliff ledge.

They were led through the knee-deep water to the waterfall. The natives pushed Liz and Julie under the “shower.” They yelped as the cold water hit their skin. The two natives soon joined them. They rubbed their hands over two white women’s bodies in a cleansing but not sexual manner.

Satisfied that their task was completed, the natives again grabbed a wrist and led the women back through the pool and back toward the village. Liz and Julie were shivering, their hair dripping wet. Soon, though, the heat of the jungle warmed them.

The two natives led them to a different hut. Inside in the semi-darkness Liz and Julie recognized the tribe’s leader and the woman who had led the hunting party. The other two women left.

The two Amazons approached and stood in front of the two white women. The leader stood in front of Liz and a hand reached up to caress her face, running it through her wet hair. The other native just stood in front of Julie, her eyes roaming up and down her body.

“Mom …” Julie said, the unfinished sentence hanging in the air.

Liz could feel the tingling starting in her nervous system. “Yes, dear, I’m afraid they want some more.”

The natives each grabbed a wrist and led their playthings to the chief’s “bed” of animal skins. Liz and Julie stood there until they were picked up and dropped, none too gently, on their backs. Both let out an “oof” as they landed.

The natives removed their coverings and knelt, the chief next to Liz, the hunter next to Julie. Their hands began to roam and explore.

Julie’s partner’s fingers stroked over her face and combed through her hair. She used her thumb to lightly rub over her full lips, then pushed it inside Julie’s mouth. She then rubbed the saliva coated thumb over her lips again.

The chief’s hands possessed both of Liz’s breasts, molding and shaping them with gentle and then possessive squeezes. As her nipples hardened the chief took special delight in toying with them, rolling them between her thumb and forefingers, pulling on them to stretch the mounds into cones of flesh before letting them go to bounce and roll back into place.

Julie heard her mom’s moan of pleasure and turned her head to observe what was happening. The chief then started to gently slap Liz’s breasts, making them jiggle back and forth. It was more pleasure than pain and Liz continued to moan her approval.

Julie’s attention soon returned to her own tryst when she felt a mouth closing on her left breast. The native’s mouth almost covered the entire mound, her hot saliva coating the flesh as her tongue lapped and toyed with the erect nipple. She grasped Julie’s other breast in her hand, squeezing and milking it.

“MMMMMMM,” Julie hissed between her clenched teeth. She found her hands reaching to grasp the back of the native’s head and pull it closer to her bosom.

With her hands still busy with breast play, the chief leaned her face toward Liz’s and her mouth covered her lips. She had no trouble with her tongue gaining access as Liz willingly opened. The chief’s tongue was thick and strong, and Liz felt like hers was no match for the invader. She allowed her partner to completely take control of the deep soul kiss.

The hunter was cupping both of Julie’s breasts, forcing them together as her hot mouth attacked the tips of each. Her tongue twirled and lapped over the hard nipples, her saliva coating her areolas which were covered with goosebumps.

Desiring some of her own pleasure, the hunter moved her body so that her full breasts were just above Julie’s mouth. She brushed her tits back and forth over Julie’s lips, the hard nipples contacting each pass. With a gasp, Julie opened her mouth and for the first time in her life began sucking on a woman’s nipple. Julie’s tongue lapped at the hard bud.

The chief moved her right hand down over Liz’s torso, caressing her ribs and stomach before cupping her pussy mound. Liz’s groan was muffled by the chief’s continuing French kiss. The hand began to massage her mound, starting at her trimmed pubic bush and moving down between her legs, which fell open at the sensual caress.

As she explored Liz’s mound, the chief’s mouth shifted to her breasts, her mouth and lips going back and forth to attend to the hard nipples. Soon Liz’s tit tips were shiny with saliva, matching her daughter’s Ataşehir Escort firm mounds.

Julie’s hands clutched at the firm mounds of her partner as her mouth worked on the long, thick nipples. As she sucked on one, her fingers flicked and teased the other. The hunter was babbling guttural words that Julie didn’t understand but nonetheless took be along the lines of “don’t. stop.”

The hunter, though, was anxious to taste her partner’s sex and she was the one who ended the breast play. With a sudden, cat-like move, she was between Julie’s legs, grasping her ankles and pulling her legs apart and up. Julie found herself rocked back so that only her shoulders were on the ground. The native’s powerful grip had split her legs almost as wide as they would stretch.

Julie’s pussy lips were partially pulled apart and they glistened with the moisture of her arousal. The native bent her head down and her mouth covered Julie’s mound, the strong tongue pushing her labia further apart.

“GAAAWWWDDDD. HOLLLLEEEEE FUUUUUUUCKKKK.” Even suspended by the hunter’s grip, her hips bucked and gyrated as the oral attack pleasured her pussy.

Liz glanced at her daughter and gasped in appreciation and remembrance of how the native had pleasured her with her mouth. Her attention soon returned to her lover. The chief had curled her middle finger and split apart Liz’s slick vaginal lips to insert deep in her love tunnel.

“YESSSSSS. SOOOOO GOOODDD.” Her hips lifted off the ground as the chief began finger fucking her. The tip of the finger curled just at the right angle and touched Liz’s g-spot; she felt an electric shock from her pussy all the way to her scalp.

Julie’s pussy was already soaked but for good measure the hunter dropped a load of spit that landed between her vaginal lips. The young woman shivered at this new perversion. The native followed up by covering the spot with her mouth, her tongue lapping at the saliva as it mixed with Julie’s female secretions. The native’s mouth was devouring her partner’s mound from her patch of pubic hair all the way to her asshole. The strong, pointed tongue poked and prodded at Julie’s sphincter, causing her eyes to roll back in her head at this new, taboo sensation.

The hunter’s mouth, sensing Julie was close to an orgasm, moved to the top of her slit. She captured the engorged clit between her teeth and her tongue whipped over the smooth button.

“IIIIIIYYEEEEEAAAAAUMMMMMMAAAAAAAH.” Julie’s piercing scream was likely heard by the entire village. Liz again looked at her daughter, whose hips were gyrating, and her head was flopping back and forth, her hair disheveled and covering part of her face.

Liz was about to get her own surprise.

As the chief was finger fucking her, she used her other hand to reach over and pick up a homemade sex toy. It was a carved piece of wood in the shape of an erect cock. The head was wide and sat at the end of a “cock” that was thick and about eight inches in length. There was a handle for the user to grip.

The chief showed it to Liz, whose eyes grew wide. “What the …?” Before she could finish, the chief had pushed the dildo into her mouth. The wood had been sanded and was as smooth as marble. The chief worked the fake cock around Liz’s mouth, wetting it with her saliva.

With a plop, she pulled it from her mouth, then quickly rubbed the business end around Liz’s left nipple and then moved it down to her pussy. Liz propped herself on her elbows as the chief knelt between her legs.

“Please … that’s awfully big … be gentle.”

Liz could see the cock head slip between her lips as the chief positioned it at the entrance of Liz’s pussy tunnel. The sensation of the huge invader beginning to stretch her made her gasp.

The hunter moved to lay next to the exhausted Julie, cradling her head in the crook of her arm. They both watched as the chief was fucking Liz with the fake cock. Julie’s eyes were wide as she saw the size of the instrument that was being used on her mother’s pussy.

The chief sawed the dildo back and forth as the head slowly slipped deeper inside Liz’s pussy. She pulled it all the way out and rubbed the head over Liz’s swollen clit, pushing that bud against her squishy mound.

“GNNANNNGGGGAAAAHHHHH.” Liz was still propped on her elbows as she watched the chief skillfully maneuver the sex toy.

The hunter grabbed Julie’s left hand and pulled it down against her pussy mound. The native wanted some pleasuring. Julie’s fingers began to move up and down the slippery slit and was joined by the native’s own hand as they stimulated the mound.

The chief slipped the dildo back into Liz’s pussy and the large head again stretched the tight tunnel. She twisted the cock back and forth and then pushed it in, burying about half the length inside Liz.


The chief then began fucking Liz, slowly guiding the cock in and out, withdrawing it so just the Ataşehir Escort Bayan head was lodged inside and then moving it back with a slow thrust. Every stroke took the cock slightly deeper and Liz’s hips rocked up and down. Her head fell back, and she closed her eyes to experience the pleasure.

The hunter decided she needed more to get off. She grabbed Julie by the hair and pulled her head down to her slit, with Julie winding up on her knees. The native pushed her face onto her slippery mound. Julie’s nostrils filled with the pungent odor of female arousal. Her pink tongue slipped out and started to lap at the shiny labia coated with the hunter’s arousal. The hunter lazily fingered Julie’s exposed pussy.

When the chief was satisfied that Liz had taken nearly all she could handle, she began to twist the dildo so that the swollen head rotated deep inside Liz’s pussy. The sensation was something she had never experienced, and she was moaning and groaning with pleasure. Her hands were on her breasts, tweaking and playing with the hard nipples.

With a view of what the chief was doing to the mother, the hunter was bucking her hips as the daughter’s tongue shyly explored its first cunt. Julie’s mouth was soon shiny with the pussy juices that were flowing. When her mouth moved to the top of the slit and her tongue encountered the large clit there, the native’s orgasm crested. She yelled in pleasure and both hands pushed Julie’s face hard against her mound.

The chief had picked up the pace of fucking Liz and the dildo was sliding back and forth with ease as the pussy juices flowed. The chief said something to the hunter, who grabbed Julie by her hair, manhandling her again. This time, she was placed next to her mother. The native pushed her face against Liz, who felt the lips against her mouth.

In an instant, her arms went around her daughter’s neck and pulled her hard against her mouth. She could taste the woman’s tangy pussy sauce on her daughter’s lips as her tongue licked.

Julie pulled away enough to speak. “Jesus, mom. What’s happening to us? Have we turned into sluts who can’t get enough sex?”

Liz’s answer was to pull her daughter’s lips back down on her mouth as her tongue forced its way inside Julie’s hot oral cavern. The chief smiled at the scene and started to hammer Liz’s pussy even faster.

Sensing that Liz was near her orgasm, the chief leaned over and locked her mouth to the top of Liz’s pussy, her tongue lapping at the aroused clit. That plus the pounding of the dildo was enough.

A muffled scream built in Liz’s throat and Julie pulled her mouth away as her mother’s head whipped back and forth, her hair whipping.


Her hips were lifted off the ground, her body bowed as she pushed her pussy against the invading fake cock and the tingling pleasure of her orgasm. The chief finally pulled the dildo out with a loud pop and Liz collapsed to the ground.

Julie had rolled to her side next to her mother. The chief moved to the other side of her “victim” and offered Julie the shiny dildo, rubbing it over her lips. As if in a trance, her tongue lapped at the wooden instrument slick with her mother’s juices. It tasted different than the hunter’s juices.

The chief placed the dildo aside, then grabbed Julie’s hair and pulled her face down to her mother’s left breast. She felt the hard nipple against her lips. As if it was totally natural, her mouth opened, and her tongue licked and loved the hard button.

Liz was still recovering from her shaking orgasm and her erogenous zones were still on high alert. She gazed down at her daughter pleasuring her tit.

“Gawd, Julie, your mouth feels so good.”

Julie’s hand moved to cup the other mound, her index finger flicking at the erect nipple. Liz felt a shiver travel down her body to her pussy.

The chief and the hunter grabbed Julie and positioned her on her hands and knees straddling her mother’s body. Both women knew exactly what the natives wanted.

Liz’s hands moved up Julie’s thighs until she reached the edge of her pussy, which was still slick and shiny from the previous activities. Her middle finger slipped between Julie’s labia. Julie gasped and arched her back in pleasure.

Looking at her mother’s pussy, she was surprised to see it gaping so wide. The dildo had stretched her love tunnel and the muscles were still recovering. Her clit was fully exposed and erect. Julie’s lips encircled it, her tongue tip teasing the smooth nub of aroused nerves.

Liz gasped. Her hands grabbed her daughter’s firm ass cheeks and dragged her mound to her face. Her tongue began to explore, and her mouth sucked the pussy lips.

Soon both women were fully engaged in a passionate 69 session. Lips, tongues, pussy lips, clits, the deep tunnel inside their mounds were fully explored and pleasured Escort Ataşehir as they rocked against each other.

The chief slipped her index finger along Julie’s sopping crack, getting it slick with her juices and Liz’s saliva. Then she poked it at the young woman’s pink asshole. She rubbed and teased it before pushing her finger in to the first knuckle.

Julie lifted her face from her mother’s pussy. “What are you doing,” she hissed. “Please, so tight … so tight. Mmmmmm.”

The chief sawed her finger in and out of the tight rectum, gaining depth with each stroke. Julie went back to her mother’s pussy, but she felt like between her mother’s mouth on her pussy and the finger probing her ass that the middle of her body was about to explode.

Liz could see what the chief was doing, and it excited her. She rocked her hips against her daughter’s face and another strong orgasm wracked her pussy. Her mother’s pleasurable moans, her mouth and the chief’s diddling of her ass was more than enough for Julie to experience her second screaming cum in less than an hour.

Mother and daughter were literally fucked out. Julie rolled off Liz and they both laid there in their post-orgasm glows.


About 15 miles from the Amazon camp was a “normal” village. To procreate their tribe, the Amazons had been sending their young women there to be bred by the males of the village. The women remained through their pregnancies. Those that gave birth to males gave up their babies to be raised by the villagers. The female babies returned with their mothers to the Amazon village.

As Liz and Julie had been experiencing their lesbian love making in the chief’s hut, a group was traveling from the other village. A dozen Amazon women, eight with female babies, were trekking back home escorted by six males from the village.

There was a reason why the Amazons had been visiting the village for breeding purposes. The male natives were all well-endowed and their testicles produced copious amounts of sperm. Liz and Julie were about to find out.


After their exhausting tryst, Liz and Julie were again led to the lagoon for another “shower.” When they were finished, the two natives handed them a garment made from animal skin. They helped the women fashion and tie the loin cloths. They were both grateful for at least some modesty.

It was late afternoon and when they returned to the village, there was a huge fire burning. Liz and Julie saw that the full tribe was gathered for what seemed like a celebration. Many of the women were wearing crude necklaces, some had painted their faces and others had feathers in their short, wiry hair.

When the group from the other village arrived, the Amazons erupted in chants and cheers. The eight women were surrounded as they proudly showed off their babies. The other four were consoled with hugs. Failing to produce a female was a failure but it was understood they would get other chances.

Liz immediately noticed the six men. Two of them had rifles slung over their shoulders, the others had machetes. They were wearing shorts and wearing sandals. Two were wearing “wife beater” t-shirts, the others were bare chested. Liz deduced that where they came from had to be some sort of connection or contact with the outside world and she had hope that perhaps there was a path to return to their research group and, eventually, home.

In stature, the six men from the other village were similar to the Amazons. All were well over six feet in height and with sinewy muscles, wide strong shoulders and flat abs.

Liz and Julie had been standing off to the side while the welcoming party took place. Soon things calmed down and the chief and the leader of the men were talking. The man was looking toward the two captives, though they failed to notice the attention.

The chief shouted some words and the Amazons formed a semi-circle around Liz and Julie with the bonfire at the open end. Soon the six men stepped into the cleared space where two apprehensive women wondered what was happening.

They soon found out. The men had discarded their weapons, but their intent was menacing. The surrounded mother and daughter.

“Please. Please help us. We haven’t harmed anyone or done anything wrong, we just want to go back to our friends,” Liz’s voice was shaking but it was obvious her words meant nothing to the men.

The leader and two of the older men grabbed Julie and pulled her toward one side of the circle. The three younger men pushed Liz in the opposite direction.

“Mom … mom … I’m scared.”

“Me, too, sweetheart. I’m afraid there’s nothing much we can do.”

As two men held Julie, the leader fondled her firm breasts and soon her nipples were hard. His thumbs flicked over the hard buds and he smiled. His hand reached behind her head and grabbed her hair, pulling her hair back. His lips pushed against the young woman’s, who fought to keep her mouth closed. He pulled away and looked at her. He spit a large wad of saliva on her face and with his free hand rubbed it over her lips and cheeks.

He let go of her hair and she shook her head in disgust. He then spit another large glob into each of his hands and massaged her breasts. Her slickened nipples bobbed back and forth as his fingers played at will.

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