Amber Goes Down in the Elevator

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I wanted to share something that happen to me at work this week. First off, a little about me. My name is Amber, and I am a nurse. The most important thing to know about me, is that I am always very horny. I’m about 5’5 and I have perfectly round tits, with juicy nipples that need to be sucked on, every day. And now, I have a new daddy that encourages me to give in, to my desires. My daddy gives me his cock every day, but I still want more. I just can’t help it. In my heart, I only want my daddy’s cock, but my body seems to want every cock that comes near me. Sometimes, I give in and Daddy says that okay, as long as I tell him all about it. I have to tell him this story, but I wanted to tell all of you first. So here is what happened.

So the other day, I was walking around feeling very horny. My daddy had given me a fresh load of cum before I left for work and I loved the idea of it. Just thinking about all his sperm swimming around inside my womb trying to fertilize my egg. I wanted to be pregnant with my daddy’s baby! I wanted it so bad. So, anyway, I was already feeling frisky and to make matter worse, my daddy was texting me. He was teasing me about being so horny all the time. He knew me so well. I needed some attention.

Daddy was on the phone and he wanted to play a game with me. He told me that he wanted me to try to make a man hard by just staring at his crotch. He told me that I was supposed to look a man in his eyes and then slowly move my eyes down to his cock, and stare at it. He wanted me to see if I could make it grow. Such a bad daddy!

I was on the night shift, so the hospital was pretty deserted. I work in a military hospital so there was a pretty good chance of finding a soldier or two around. The idea turned me on a lot. I loved feeling the power I felt, from making cocks hard. The only thing better than being near a cock is being near a hard cock. I felt myself looking around for a possible candidate.

I felt really nervous, I try to be a good girl when I can be, but I always do what my daddy says. I thought, maybe I won’t see anyone, but secretly I was hoping that I might?

I kept doing my work, but my daddy’s instructions kept running through my mind. An opportunity arose, rather suddenly, while I was riding in the elevator. As I said, I was working the night shift, so I had not seen any men in a while. The thought of staring at a stranger’s cock and making him hard, just by starting at it, had my pussy all tingly.

I had to go downstairs for a patient chart, so I headed towards the elevators. I pushed the button and closed my eyes and thoughts about my Daddy’s cock. I was standing in the elevator with my head back and my eyes closed when I felt the elevator stop and heard the doors open. I was a little disappointed, because I had felt my nipples harden. I just wanted to rub them to make them feel better, but then I opened my eyes!

When I opened my eyes, my breath caught as I was startled to see the base commander step into the elevator. He was a tall good looking older man that was definitely a silver fox. He had very sexy hints of silver/grey hair coming in on the sides of his head. It instantly reminded me of my daddy and his instructions. I must have blushed as I looked up into the Commanders soft brown eyes. I saw him smile as our eyes met and I knew, I wanted to do what my daddy had told me to do.

The commander leaned over towards me and I felt my breath catch in my throat again, as he looked down at me. I was sure he was staring at my tits. My girls never failed to get a man’s attention, even in my scrubs. He pushed the button for same floor as me and then leaned back and looked over at me. His eyes seemed to capture mine and couldn’t look away. He never took his eyes off mine. I could smell his cologne and I closed my eyes and inhaled his scent. I felt my body already starting to react. Dammit! This always happens. My body just craves cock!

The commander took a slight step back, but he kept eyeing me and my tits which were pushed up against my top. I knew my nipples were poking out. That was when I did it. I did, what daddy wanted me to do. I looked into the Commanders eyes and waited for him to look mardin escort at me. His eyes were staring at my tits and so I kept just glancing at his body. Every time I looked at his face he was staring at my chest. He must be a breast man, my favorite.

Gosh, he really liked my tits because he kept starting at them and didn’t even seem to notice that I was looking at him. He finally looked up and met my glaze. That’s when I did it. I smiled at him and then slowly started to move my eyes down his body. I could see that he was in good shape and his body looked hot and tasty under his uniform. When I got to his crotch, I could see that his pants were stretched a bit tight over what looked to be a pretty big bulge.

I looked back up to his face to see if he was still watching me. He smiled and then he pushed his hips out a little bit which drew my eyes back down to his crotch. I was imagining a big, fat, cock hiding behind those slacks, when I realized that I was licking my lips. My mouth was watering. It was a normal reaction for me, but I saw that it also had an immediate reaction on the commander.

At first, I thought, I must be imagining it, but I then I saw it again. I saw movement in his pants. I couldn’t help but, smile as my tongue slowly slid across my lips. I stared even more intently, and I felt a flush raise up through my body. I definitely saw his pants start to draw up a little tighter. It certainly appeared to be a very large cock starting to lengthen in his pants.

I tore my eyes away from it, for just a second, to look into the commander’s face. His eyes were burning into mine as I quickly looked back down at his hardening cock. When I saw it again, I let out an audible gasp! It was hard and it was a big one. I had only done, what my daddy had told me to do. I knew that I should look away, but I just couldn’t do it. My body was taking control. My pussy was humming, my mouth was watering, and all I could do was stare at it. I could not hide or deny my thirst for that cock. I could only stand and stare at the Commander, God, he had a big one! I just knew that it would feel so good inside me. Suddenly his words shattered the silence and he said, “Hi there, Amber.”

I know my face was beet red and I couldn’t even reply. I did manage to look up at him and he had a very handsome smile on his face. This was a man that was accustomed to people doing what he told them to do and I felt the full weight of his authority, looking down upon me. Despite all that, I just had to look back down at that hard cock. Then I saw his hand reach down and squeeze it. Oh my god, I couldn’t believe it. I was so jealous of that hand. I felt my own hands clinch up and I yearned to feel the hardness of that cock in my hand.

Suddenly, I realized that he had stepped forward and was bringing that cock closer to me. Oh no, I had to resist. I only want my daddy’s cock, but this one was so big and so close. I think that the Commander knew that I wanted it. He was blatantly stroking it through his pants.

The sounds of my pounding heart were loud in my head. Through the sounds, I heard the words, “Do you like what you see, Amber?” I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock, but I felt my head nod. I felt like a dirty whore, as the need to touch it, overwhelmed me. I saw it, before I knew it was happening, but there was my hand. I saw it reaching out towards that cock. It was so close. I just knew it was hard and ready for me.

I was focused on that cock when suddenly, I felt his strong grip on my wrist stopping my hand from reaching it. I resisted and tried to force my hand closer to that cock, but he held firm and kept my hand in place. “Amber, you will answer me when I speak to you,” he said in a whisper. He then repeated it, “Now… do you like what you see?” I felt the words escape my mouth before I knew it. A weak “yes sir,” was all I heard.

I was so focused on the man in front of me, that I was startled when the elevator doors opened. We had reached my floor. On autopilot, my feet started towards the door. My mind was spinning out of control. I had to stop suddenly as the Commanders arm barred my way. I felt my breasts push into his strong arm that marmaris escort stopped me from exiting the elevator. The door sat open as I stood there frozen and staring out onto the floor. He leaned down and whispered into my ear, “Oh no Amber. This isn’t where you are getting off.” I felt him lean into me and push the button for another, lower floor.

My mind was swimming, and my body was on fire. I had to stop this from happening. I leaned back into the wall and tried to get away from his heat. I was intent on asking him to step aside and let me out, but as the doors closed, I realize he still had a hold of my wrist. I felt him pull my hand into his crotch. I looked down and instinctively grabbed a hold of that hard cock through his pants. I heard him grunt as I squeezed that cock, as hard as I could. It was long and hard. I could feel the heat through his pants.

Before I realize it, I was stroking him in long slow movements. My daddy crossed my mind. I knew he was going to spank me when I told him about this, but that only excited me more. I was jerking off the base Commander and I loved it.

As I stood there stroking that amazing cock. I could feel it throbbing in his pants. His cock just felt so incredible, I had to get it out. I could feel the crotch of my panties being saturated with the juices that were now flowing freely from my pussy. I saw my other hand reach towards his belt.

Once again, I felt his strong grip on my wrist. “Oh my, you are a horny little girl, aren’t you?” His words cut into me and turned me on at the same time. My mind was screaming at me to stop. This was where I worked and I had already been fucked today, but I couldn’t release his cock. He grabbed the hand that was stroking him and stopped it, “Amber, I told you that when I ask you a question, you answer it.” Oh my god, I couldn’t believe how much his commanding presence was turning me on. I looked pleadingly into his eyes and I felt my lips start to quiver. He smiled and me and asked me again, “Are you a horny little slut?” I nodded my head slowly and whispered, “yes sir.”

Just as I heard the words that I had spoken, the elevator door opened and he pulled me through them. I was in a daze as he pulled me into a darken hallway that I had never seen before and pushed me up against the wall. ‘Amber, if I had known, what a horny little girl, I had working here, right under my own nose, I would have taken advantage of you a long time ago.” I felt him grab me by the neck and squeeze as he held me against the wall. He looked into my eyes and smiled as he said, “I love that you haven’t release my cock this whole time.” I was shocked to realize that I was still holding onto his cock like my life depended on it. His head fell back and though clinched teeth he said, “Damn, you sure know how to stroke a cock!” I felt a strange pride, rise up in me and I started to stroke him harder as I realized, I was bringing him so much pleasure.

The idea dawned on me that if his cock was anything like my daddy’s, by now it was leaking a lot of pre-cum into his underwear. I was wasting it! I had to taste it. I started undoing his belt and I reached inside to grasp that monster cock. God, it was so hot, it burned my hand. I wrapped my fingers around it and gave it an upwards tug. I heard him gasp as my cool fingers pulled on his fat cock. His pants fell around his ankles and I managed to get both my hands on it!

Oh, I was right! The head of his cock was very wet and slippery with his juice. I just had to taste it. “Oh Amber,” he growled, “my wife hasn’t touched my cock in months. I need a cock hungry whore like you to take care of my it. I want you to empty my balls for me. Do you want to make me cum all over those big tits you are hiding under those scrubs!”

Knowing he had a wife, turned me on even more! I was disgusted with myself for losing control over this cheating bastard, but his cock was so big and juicy. I would just milk him for the cum that I needed and then get away from him. I ignored his question as I settled down on my knees and came face to face with it. He knew what I wanted.

I could see that the head of his cock was shiny with precum. He must nevşehir escort have been backed up, because the hole in his cock was spewing forth a thick steady flow of pre-cum on every single upstroke. I flicked my tongue out and drew some of it into my mouth, I heard him gasp. It was good, but not as sweet as my daddy’s.

I felt his legs start to tremble and I just knew he wouldn’t last long. Suddenly, I felt a sense of power overwhelm me. I grabbed his cock with both hands and squeezed it hard. I loved it so much, with just a flick of my tongue or a twist of my wrist, I could bring this powerful man under my control. I squeezed his balls and loved the feeling of the vulnerability and the weight of them. He had a lot to give me. When he started to trust into my hand, I knew that I had him completely under my power.

It’s amazing to see how fast a man will succumb, once I have his cock in my hands. I decided that I had better get this over with quickly, before we were caught. I just needed to feel his hot cum splash all over my tits.

Cumming in my mouth or in my pussy was only for my daddy.

I started to stroke his cock with serious intent now. It was throbbing and spewing so much fluid that I knew, it was close. I looked up at him and I saw that his eyes were locked onto what my hands were doing to his cock. He had spittle on his lips and his breathing was coming in ragged gasps. His hips were thrusting forward as his cock stroked through my hands. I was milking him hard and fast. I knew, I had him, I smiled and sweetly asked him, “You need to release that load, don’t you Commander?”

His words exploded from his mouth, “Oh god yes, you little slut!” His pace quickened and his legs flexed. I squeezed his balls hard to hold his cum back.

“I can feel how full those balls are Commander! You just need to pump that cum out of them, don’t you?” His eyes looked into mine and I saw a pitiful, weak man that was completely under my control.

I smiled at him and slowly stopped moving my stroking hand and tightened up the grasp on his balls. I look him right in the eye and said, “Now Commander, when I ask you a question, I expect an answer. The defeated look in his eyes told me that his need to cum was more powerful than his ego. With look of total frustration, a soft, “please” fell from his mouth and I actually, kind of, felt sorry for him.

I pulled my hands off him to grasp my shirt and I could see his eyes bulge out and a question form on his lips.

I almost laughed when I said, “Don’t worry Commander, I just need to get my tits out so you can hose them down.” I quickly pulled my shirt over my head and un-latched the clasp in the front of my bra. His eyes bulged even more and his cock released even more pre-cum as my big tits fell free. I grabbed his cock again and said, “Ok baby, let’s get all that built up cum out of these big balls.” His head fell back, as I grabbed his cock and started stroking it again.

His hips immediately start thrusting with purpose and I felt his cock grow even harder! I exclaimed, “Oh my, it’s getting even bigger! I never held a cock this big!”

Men love to hear that stuff and it worked. I felt his cock swell and his ball drew up into his body. He let out a loud growl, as his cock just exploded. His cum shot out with such force, I think it may have bruised my tit!

He was thrusting so hard that I had a tough time keeping my balance as he released rope after rope of hot cum all over my tits! I know he had been pent up because he just kept cumming and cumming, shot after shot, hit my tits.

I felt my own orgasm rumble deep inside me. I couldn’t help it. I just love a hard cock squirting cum on me. His cock started to deflate, and he slowly sank back against the wall. I squeezed a few more drops from it, before I released my grip on it. I felt sad as I let it go. Even this cheating prick’s cock, turned me on. Well, it was one heck of a cock.

As I pulled my shirt over my soaking tits I thought, I am a cock hungry whore. I suddenly felt my pussy throb as my mind turned to my daddy. He was going to spank my ass, hard when I told him about this one. It was going to hurt, but I knew that right afterwards he would fill me with his cock and pump his hot cum into me. I may be a cock hungry whore, but I only loved my daddy’s cock. The rest were just to tide me over, until I could get back to the one I love.

Let me know if you like my story.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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