Amber’s Perverted Samaritan Ch. 01

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Author’s note:

Dreamers Come Play is an alternate universe. Stories set in it may incorporate touches of magical realism, blurred dreams, and other unexplained phenomenon.

This story could have been in Bondage or Exhibitionist.

Alcohol and cannabis use.

These are fictitious events, by fictitious characters, in a very fictitious universe.

All events depicted are by characters of legal age.

Please consider that fair warning.

This is intended to function as a standalone story. It is also the first posted story in a planned, longer series.


Amber found herself lowering down from the hay bale hoist, spread naked and exposed, when the power went out. At first she just thought the timer had switched off. But the motor had stopped for about five seconds, and then it came on for only a second or so. About thirty seconds later, it came on again for a second or so before going off again. And it stayed off.

Oh shit! Amber cried to herself. This is fucked up. And Amber rarely cursed, even in her private thoughts. But this could be… trouble.

And then she was just hanging there, for a long, long time. Long enough to think about what she had done, and why she had done it. Lowering down from outside the barn – she had done it a few times before – had given her such a sexualized, adrenaline rush. She was afraid she was becoming a closet exhibitionist.

However, Amber was certain she was not an actual exhibitionist – even the idea was terrifying. Watching videos of blindfolded women being led naked around the public streets of Europe were the sort of thing that made her squirm. She would wince, in abject shame and disgust, for the woman being ogled by strange passersby. Rationally, she knew most were paid porn actors. But that didn’t matter emotionally. There were also the ones that looked like amateurs. Or at least, they sure looked abashed and chagrined like they were amateurs. And even professionals had to have had a first time. Amber was embarrassed on behalf of all of them.

Nevertheless, Amber was familiar with the heavy rush it could produce – the naked, self bondage suspension made her nipples hard and her pussy dripping wet. Her desire would become an intense aching for relief. And then there was the explosive masturbatory session afterwards.

She had decided she didn’t have to actually flash anybody. Just the smallest fear of being caught naked had been more than enough. The front of the barn was a hundred feet or more from the old road that had turned into an overgrown path. It cut through private property owned by her grandmother, although her grandparents had never complained about anyone using it. So somebody could wander by, but it saw only rare traffic. More importantly, somebody just passing through wouldn’t have any reason to look over at the old, rotting barn. Would they?

She had been hanging long enough to watch the shadows move. Long enough to wonder if the power had come back on, but the hoist motor had burned out. She had left the lights on in the barn attic, but she had lowered down too far – she was only about eight feet off the ground – to be able to see back into the attic to check if they were on or off. If she had left the door to the main part of the barn open, she might have been able to tell if the ground level lights were on, but she hadn’t.

The timer was battery operated. Had it somehow failed? Her mind wandered off to fantasies of masturbating in science class.

When Amber noticed the shadows getting longer, it crept into her mind it would be dark in a few hours. She had been hanging there for hours. Could I really have been here for hours? She debated with herself. Am I going to wake up and find out I’m in science class frigging my hairbrush again?

Maybe it had been hours. She no longer felt stoned. Even after careful preparations, Amber found it so hard to actually commit to self bondage. She had vaped some hits from her cannabis pen, consumed an edible, and washed it down with some coffee spiked with Irish whiskey. The sacrifices I have to make in pursuit of my love of self bondage. Amber laughed at herself. She didn’t actually drink or vape that often, but it made her horny when she did. So lowering her inhibitions wasn’t the only reason she did it, but she could tell it did lower her inhibitions. It was certainly easier to click the last lock shut when she had a good buzz going. It also made everything a lot more fun. She loved how her mind would race and the types of sexual fantasies that would keep springing unbidden into her mind.

However, it had been long enough that the cannabis-alcohol high had worn off. As her mind had cleared, she had gotten mentally more worried and gotten physically more uncomfortable.

She felt stiff. Hanging from her padded wrist and knee cuffs was reasonably comfortable, for the first hour or so. But what would it be like overnight? The overnight lows weren’t that low. She wouldn’t zenci porno freeze to death, would she? But it would be chilly just hanging there with no clothes. Well, no clothes that provided any warmth or cover. And she wouldn’t be able to walk around to warm up or even wrap her arms around herself.

Amber had had dreams about hanging naked even before she was worldly enough to search out porn. She watched bondage videos with the same horrified fascination that she watched most of her porn – something to do furtively with a big helping of guilt and shame.

Even the stiffness, fear, and a little bit of self-pity, though, were not enough to douse her arousal. She wanted to tease her lubrication all around her puffy lips, and then rub her clit until she got relief. But her arousal couldn’t keep her mind off her predicament.

If she survived hanging through the night, then what? Eventually somebody would have to come by, right? Since she had moved into the professor’s cottage, her mom wouldn’t immediately find her absence strange. Sure her mom would eventually be puzzled why her daughter wasn’t returning her text messages. But in a fit of independence, Amber had changed her phone so her mom could no longer automatically track her. Maybe that hadn’t been the best decision. Her mom would probably ascribe her delay in responding as nothing more than the actions of a mildly rebellious teenager. Cindy or James would eventually text her and find her silence odd. If she missed school on Monday, would they text her mom, and the three of them figure out she was missing? If she was reported missing, would the cops immediately track down the location of her phone?

Maybe the power was still out, and it would come on soon?

Wake up, wake up. Amber commanded herself. Or should she go back to classroom fantasies? At least they had passed the time.

She had gone back to fantasizing and almost didn’t notice the bicyclist. “Hey Billy!” She yelled in desperation as he was disappearing out of sight.

She cringed with shame immediately after calling out. What have I done?

She had had plenty of time to think about it. If it was a dream, it wouldn’t make any difference if somebody saw her or not. If it wasn’t a dream, being discovered by someone would have to be better than hanging all night, and who knows how much longer after that, and having to be rescued by somebody at sometime, anyway. Or so she had tried to convince herself. Until it happened, she wasn’t sure if she would follow through with it or not. But panic at the thought of spending the night had made her cry out.

Now she was absolutely petrified. This wasn’t just a dream of suddenly finding yourself naked in class. Her ears were ringing. The pounding in her chest was making the blood rush to her head. If she had been standing, she would have sat down and put her hands on the ground to try and stop the spinning – but she wasn’t standing.

This was the moment, if she was reading a story, she would squirm and look away from the text. To let the humiliation pass by? To draw out the exquisitely painful but beautiful moment? To contemplate what it would be like to switch places with the heroine of the story?

Outside of James, Cindy, or one of her other close friends like Sally, she didn’t know who she would want to be discovered by. Billy, however, was not at the top of the list. In fact, he was not even on the list. He was obnoxious. His popularity had made him arrogant. He was a good looking star on the lacrosse team. He could be witty and charming, when he wanted to be. He made a point of getting parents to like him and could wrap people around his finger. Amber wondered how many times she had heard a parent say something like ‘what a polite young man’. She shuddered. He was not a polite young man when he was walking over those lower on the social ladder. Did he even realize anymore, when he was doing it? She wondered.

On the one hand, he had always liked her, or at least wanted to sleep with her. On the other, he was pretty sour she kept rejecting him. Although, he hit on everyone that was half-way pretty, so maybe he wasn’t too mad about it. But…, it sure seemed like he had worked on her longer and harder than most.

She was starting to wonder if he had even heard her – and secretly hoping he hadn’t – when he finally came back into view in the clearing and biked toward her. She flinched when she saw his shock, as he did a double take looking at her. He slowed down as he got closer.

Oh my god. Oh my god. For a moment, Amber couldn’t think of anything else. He… is… looking… at… me! Reality was starting to intrude in a very painful way.

She had suspended herself, again, with her knees pulled up near her shoulders using the padded wrist and knee cuffs. Instead of being completely naked, she was wearing dark red, high top athletic shoes with fluffy leg warmers that went from her shoe to her knee. zorla seks porno The leg warmers were two toned, a deep cobalt blue with light blue and white highlights. She had thin, translucent blue socks, underneath both the leg warmers and the knee cuffs, that went to the top of her thighs. Her open ‘panties’ were just fuzzy, blue straps that matched her two toned leg warmers. It made an open triangle in the front and an open triangle in the back that was connected on the sides. The straps formed the same shape as the outline of a string bikini. The triangle in front framed her nether region.

Her pussy was wet, smooth, and completely exposed. Hanging out about the same height as Billy’s head – it was open and inviting.

Her butthole was also completely exposed inside of the triangle in back. The two triangles where they touched together just managed to cover the region between her vagina and anus. Her matching, fuzzy, open top was also two triangles. One framing each of her breasts with proudly erect nipples. Around her neck was her locking, silver necklace. She had daubed a streak of blue and silver glitter down the center of her forehead.

On top of her head, furry fox shaped ears stuck out. The dark blue on the outside of the ear and the light blue turning white on the inside matched the two tone color of the rest of her outfit.

Her fear that Billy was going to ride away had turned into complete fright as he came to a stop about 15 feet away. They stared at each other in shock.

It was an awesome feeling. Not awesome in a good way, like coming in first place in a big, competitive tournament. But awesome in a horrifying way, like giant, fiery lava flowing through a town killing and destroying all in its path. An awesome feeling of totally feminine, sexual vulnerability. To be out there, naked, and hanging helpless, was… She had no words to describe it. Even though she later told herself she honestly didn’t remember it, those first few moments when Billy rode up were seared into her memory like the slow motion recollection of being inside a crazy automobile rolling over and over again in a crash.

“Hhhiii, hhii, hi.” Amber stammered as she felt a rush of heat to her face.

“What the fuck!” He replied and then fell silent staring straight between her legs.

Amber tried to close her legs and cover herself with her arms, but all this did was make her squirm around and start to sway beneath the hoist.

“I need some help.” She squeaked and bit her lip. Her chest was pounding. She knew she was blushing and grinning. She couldn’t stop grinning when she was embarrassed, and she was very, very embarrassed. Her fantasizing to pass the time, not to mention being suspended nude outdoors, had kept her aroused. But being discovered by a male classmate had kicked it up into high gear.

And it wasn’t just being discovered. Being discovered walking naked in the woods would have been embarrassing. Standing naked with her hands tied to a tree behind her back would have been more embarrassing. But she wasn’t just hanging from her wrists in a standing position. There was a spreader bar behind her neck. Her legs were spread wide with her knees tied up next to her armpits. Being partly suspended by her knees, left her tilted back with her pussy jutting out.

Would it be possible to be any more exposed and embarrassed than hanging completely nude and on display? Amber asked herself.

Why yes, actually. She answered her own question.

Instead of being completely nude, like she had stepped out of the shower, or was in the privacy of her own bedroom, or maybe was just a naturist who was comfortable getting out of the water after skinny dipping – she could be nude except for shoes. Which could only mean, she was planning on walking around outside and parading her naked body. She had been acutely aware, back during her frat, after-party, that she was wearing boots. Although not truly naked, the practicality of boots, even if they had a bit of a heel, still conflicted with her see through one piece.

And instead of being nude except for the shoes, she could be wearing a fuck-me, lingerie rave costume. And it wasn’t even a particularly ‘adult’ costume. She could have kept the furry leg warmers but gone for a bondage look, for instance, with black, faux leather straps and silver rings for her top and bottom. But she had gone with furry straps. The very furry, two toned, blue-white fox ears was the final deathblow.

Even when dressed conservatively, Amber knew she looked a little young for her age. If the fox ears didn’t do it, the glitter said she was ready for a preteen halloween party. Maybe the glitter was the actual, after-life, deathblow. She giggled nervously to herself.

From the neck down, now that was a different story. And it was, in many ways, worse than wearing a ‘birthday suit’.

If it wasn’t so lewd, it would just be silly. But it was lewd and silly.

The outfit also had a matching fox tail that was the same cobalt blue with a white tip.

Thank god I didn’t wear that. But even so, to call my outfit humiliating – that would be the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Billy was still just silently staring at her. Amber wasn’t sure if he had even heard her speak.

“What the fuck happened.” Billy finally repeated. It wasn’t clear if this was a question directed at her, or not, or if it was even a question.

“I need you to help me down.” She tried to sound stern, but it again came out more as a squeak.

“What the fuck happened.” He briefly made eye contact before looking back down again. “Do you want me to call the fire department?” His insincerity was plain.

“No, I want you to help me down.” She pleaded.

“How the fuck did you get like that? Is there anyone else?” He asked while looking around.

“I just want you to help me down.” She tried to keep the exasperation out of her voice.

“You sure you don’t want me to call 911.” He now sounded more confident and a little less confused.

“No, please no.” She begged. “I just need help.”

“Okay, tell me what the fuck is going on, and maybe I will help.”

“I think the power went out. I just need help getting down. I just need to get the weight off my arms so I can free them from the cable. You can help me do that.” She was back to pleading.

“How did you get up there? Did you do this yourself or did somebody else do this to you?” He demanded.

“Don’t worry about anybody else. Just help me down.”

“And how am I supposed to get you down?” He had gotten off his bike and had walked up so he was standing with his head only a few feet away and slightly below her pussy.

Looking down at him, she could see her erect nipples, and the red flush spreading across her chest. Her pussy was open. It was so wet that a pool was forming at the bottom of the blue, fuzzy triangle. Even being outdoors in the light breeze, she could smell her own arousal.

With his head only a couple of feet away, and his eyes glued between her legs, there was no way to hide she was completely ready to be fucked.

“There is a folding step ladder in the barn. If you stand on the ladder, you can unclip my knees. Then I can stand on the ladder. Once I get my weight off my arms, I can get myself free.” She explained.

“And what the fuck do I get.” He demanded.

She couldn’t lower her eyes, as she was already looking down at him, but she did turn her face away and continued looking at the ground. “I can make it worth your while.” She answered while trying to sound sweet and then she looked back at him and batted her eyelashes. “As long as you promise not to tell anyone else.” She offered hopefully.

“I can fuck your brains out.” Billy rhetorically asked.

She closed her eyes. “Yes.” She timidly answered. “Just don’t tell anyone, please.” This isn’t actually me saying these things. She imagined she was watching a video of someone else saying these things.

“Where’s this ladder.” He demanded.

She kept her eyes closed. “Inside the barn.” She sighed.

It took a long time, but eventually Billy came back out with the ladder. He laid it on the ground without unfolding it. “I’m not doing anything more until you tell me what happened.”

He was standing with his arms crossed over his chest, but at least his tone was a little more excited and inquisitive – and a little less angry and demanding. Instead of his face being up close to her pussy, he was a little farther back. His eyes roamed up and down. It was clear he was enjoying looking at her in all her glory – Billy didn’t seem to mind her, ahem, eclectic choice of clothing accessories – and all her glory was very much on display.

Amber gulped, but didn’t see she had much choice. When Billy had first rode up on his bike, she had been embarrassed and disoriented, but focused on what she was saying in a robotic sort of way. Now the initial shock was fading, she felt even more flustered and tongue-tied.

Talking to him had felt surreal, but the conversation had gotten her through the initial moments. However, when he had left to get the ladder, she had had a chance to reflect.

She couldn’t quite believe what was happening. She thought about how worried she had been when she was outside the school naked and looking at her reflection in the glass wall of the indoor pool, and James had threatened to make her walk home that way if she didn’t comply with his instructions. If somebody had seen her streaking through the neighborhood, that actually felt pretty tame compared with talking to Billy tied up with her spread pussy at eye level.

She would have been chagrined if her mom had seen her come inside the house completely naked. Although, if she had explained she had done it on a dare, would her mom have freaked out? Probably not. Amber knew her parents were pretty chill. Maybe she would have just lectured her again about using condoms or perhaps the dangers of being kidnapped off the streets. Maybe warned her that a little experimentation is okay, but you don’t want to get ‘that type of reputation’.

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