American In Paris Ch. 02

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If you haven’t read the first chapter I suggest that you do. I am a 23 year old Grad student living in Paris with a host family. And as a previous reader pointed out there are in fact 3 sisters not two.

I got up and showered after having sleeping like a baby. Now I have to say I hate European showers. It is more of a hand-held nozzle and bathtub than it is a shower. How is one supposed to have any fun in that? Anyways I showered/bathed and got dressed. I headed out to the table and was greeted with a warm passionate kiss from Sophie. She then proceeded to tell me that we couldn’t do anything more while her daughter was around. I was a little disappointed by this news as I had been looking forward to exploring more of Sophie.

Just as I was finishing breakfast there was a sharp rap at the door followed by one of the most beautiful ladies I had ever seen. She came in and gave 4 bissous (the kissing of the cheek) to her mom and then came over to me and gave me two bissous, God I love France. She told me her name was Lilly. I was thinking how fitting because she had blossomed into a beautiful woman. She was 19 and freshly tanned after having spent a month in Spain. She had a beautiful face somewhat similar to her mom’s with dark brown eyes and incredible lips. She had long brown hair all the way down her back. She seemed tall but was probably only 5’6 and a little skinnier than I usually liked. She had small what seemed to be pert breasts and legs that were never ending. The legs led up to what was her finest attribute, her ass. I am definitely an ass man, and this one was perfect. Even though she was very skinny she definitely had an ass. It was small but was very rounded and tight. It was always outlined in her typical tight French pants. After the greeting she decided to take a nap. I had to go to class anyways, so off I went.

Class was a bit disappointing because there was none; I found out that they had delayed the start of classes by two weeks. Typical French, don’t get me wrong I love the French but they have no concept of time. I made my way back to the house after wandering around the quartier (neighborhood) by my school.

By now Lilly had woken up, and I described to her and Sophie that I had nothing to do for 2 weeks and still no clothes. Sophie suggested Lilly take me on the tour of the quartier around the apartment. I thought this would be a good idea plus I could get to know Lilly more. We began near Place des Voges and moved on to the Marais. Lilly was pretty shy but was pointing out some fascinating buildings that most tourists overlook. We then headed over to L’ile St. Louis, a great little island behind Notre Dame, and Lilly finally began opening up a bit. She started talking about school; she was studying to be an electrical engineer, and we talked about a few other things too. We walked along the Seine until we reached Le Jardin des Plantes. It is a great park in Paris with a zoo, all sorts of flowers, and a variety of museums on archaeology and evolution. We walked through the gardens and decided to sit down on one of the benches because we had been walking awhile.

We sat down and people watched (the national past-time of the French). About 10 minutes later the couple across from us on another bench began kissing, well no making out. It was pretty intense; I looked over at Lilly to see if she noticed and she had. She was staring at them and then looked at me and blushed. She said it is getting late and we should get going. I let her get up first so I had another view of that magnificent ass and then walked with her to the nearest Metro stop. We took the Metro back to the apartment and of course I let her go up the stairs in front of me partially because I am a gentleman, but mostly to see that ass at work.

When we returned I realized we had been gone for four hours. Sophie greeted us and commented that we must to have really had time to get to know each other with a little wink. Lilly was of course embarrassed by this comment and blushed again and told her mom to stop. The phone then rang and it was Lara, one of the other sisters. She invited Lilly over to her place for dinner, since it was her first day back. Lilly was excited to go see her sisters so she took off, leaving me and Sophie alone again. At dinner Sophie asked about my day, and I told her what a wonderful time I had with Lilly. Sophie smiled and said that Lilly is a very innocent beautiful girl and that I should spend more time with her to really get to know her. Wow, not only did Sophie give me an incredible night, she is now trying to set me up with her daughter!

After dinner I walk up behind Onwin Sophie as she is doing the dishes and grind my rigid cock into her ass. I then lean forward and lightly kiss her neck. She leans her neck to the side to give me more access and pushes back against my cock. I ask how long Lilly will be gone and Sophie said probably the whole night. I raise my hands up her side slowly grazing my fingertips along her body until I reach her breasts. I trace the underside of her breasts as I continue to kiss her. I continue to play with her breasts as I kiss up and down her neck and then slightly blow into her ear. Her hands are gripping the counter as she keeps pushing back against me. I let my hands wonder down as my fingertips massage their way down to her hem line. I trace the line around her hips and come to the front again. I slowly let my hands glide down the fabric of her skirt until they rest on her mound. It is radiating heat, and I can feel the dampness even through her skirt.

Smelling her scent as I kiss her, feeling her mound, and having her ground her ass into my rigid cock is too much for me, and I explode in my pants. I quickly back up apologizing over and over. Sophie laughs, which makes me more embarrassed and she quickly realizes her mistake. She tells me she is not laughing at me cumming, but rather at me apologizing. She tells me she wanted me to cum. I still feel embarrassed, but she tells me to take off my clothes so I can wash them again. I take them off and hand them to her. I go to my room feeling liking an idiot.

10 minutes later Sophie knocks at my door and enters. She is wearing a black thong bikini with a sheer baby doll. In one of her hands she is carrying something that I could not make out. She gracefully walks over to my bed and asks if I am too embarrassed to continue from last night. I of course say no and she proceeds to kiss my inner thighs. Her hands rake my chest as she kisses up to my balls much like she did the night before. I lay back thinking to myself, how in the world did this happen to me of all people. But not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth I let her continue. She licks her way up and down my cock and takes turns from licking and sucking.

I try to get her to rotate around, so I can repay her as she is sucking me. She finally gets the hint and without letting go of my cock rotates her body around. In front of me is that beautiful pussy that I lapped up the night before. To get a better position I place my hands on her ass and hold her hips as I kiss all around her outer lips. Her pussy by now is swollen and actually dripping slowly; I remove one hand to wipe up her dripping pussy and place it back onto her ass. Forgetting how slippery her juices are my hand slowly guides to that crevice in her ass. My finger grazes her small forbidden hole and she moans on my cock for what must have been at least 15 seconds. This was too much for me and I shoot into her mouth as she expertly swallows it all. I continue to lick her and let my tongue ever so slightly flick her clit, which is now showing off proudly. This rewards me with plenty of her sweet nectar to lap up and finally cause her to yell out as she spasms over my face. She collapses on top of me and lays there for a few minutes. I let my hands massage her ass as I kiss her inner thighs.

When she is finally rested up from her orgasm, she tells me that if I had continued with my finger being lubed up on her ass she would not have needed to use this and proceeds to show me the bottle of KY that she brought with her. I nearly exploded again just thinking about being able to take her ass. She told me to lube up my fingers first, which I did, and to enter one slowly because it had been awhile.

At this point she is on all fours and I am behind her on my knees. I gingerly let my index finger try to glide in as it is first met with some resistance. She tells me she is okay and tells me to continue. I push a little harder and instead of just having one knuckle go in a little ways, it accidentally causes the whole finger to go in. She grimaces and groans and I apologize again. She regains her composure and tells me not to worry but to leave the finger in so she can get used to it. After about 30 seconds she tells me to slowly pull my finger out and push it again. I follow her instructions and after awhile she tells me to enter another finger. I take my time and finally get it in too. She tells me to insert one more finger because my cock is a little thick she wants to be ready. With three fingers in her ass she really begins to hump back on my fingers. I see one of her hands working on her pussy Onwin giriş as I work on her ass and take note of this. At this point she is moaning pretty loudly and not wanting to miss out I take my fingers out and lube up my cock.

When she realizes there is nothing in her ass she asks why I stopped. I put the tip of my cock against her hole and she huskily tells me to shove it in. With that cue I take her by her hips and push my steel hard cock into my host mom’s beautiful 48 year old ass. It glides in and she almost lets out a howl or a growl, I am not sure what it was. She tells me to go at it hard, so I do. I pound away and as I am doing this I let one hand slide down to her dripping wet pussy and begin to finger fuck her too. This is too much for her as she shivers from her orgasm. I continue anyways and fuck away at her, she continues to have orgasm after orgasm until I can take no more and yell out, “FUCK” and shoot the biggest load I have ever shot into her ass. My deflated cock easily pulls out and she collapses onto the bed. I fall back in the other direction and try to catch my breath.

Three hour pass and somehow we had switched our positions, and I was spooning with her. It felt like heaven. I let my hand trace along her chin and work up and down her body. As I was getting ready to see if she wanted more we heard the door slam shut. Sophie whispered, “Merde, c’est Lilly.” Lilly went to her room and closed her door. Sophie grabbed her panties and gingerly walked to the door, still a little sore from the pounding I had given her a short while ago. She snuck back to her room without an incident, but I knew that as long as Lilly was there my time with Sophie was done. I went back to sleep dreaming of the wonderful time I had.

In the morning I woke up to find both women eating breakfast. I just had a towel wrapped around me since Sophie forgot to dry my clothes after our romp in the bed. Lilly of course kind of blushed and shyly looked down at her plate. She was wearing a nightgown that barely covered her ass and looked like it was all silk. I ate my breakfast but had a small friend trying to peek out from the towel because of Lilly and her nightgown. Since I was not used to having Lilly around I did not think about it and got up to go take a shower. Lilly stared at me, rather it, and Sophie casually coughed and told me my clothes would be ready when I was done with my shower. I realized my mistake and quickly walked to the shower.

After getting showered and dressed I was prepared for a day of nothing much to do. Sophie was getting ready to leave for work, but just before she did she asked if I could help her with a favor. I of course said yes since she had more than helped me out the previous two nights. She then went on to explain that yesterday Lilly met someone on the street who said he would like to take her pictures for his clothing catalog. Sophie continued that Lilly had done a little modeling before but that was always through an agency and that this guy on the street worried Sophie, but it would be good money for Lilly. Sophie then asked if I could accompany Lilly to the shoot and make sure it was not a porn shoot or nothing too risqué. I of course said yes, I would be glad to do that. After that Sophie left for work but not before I quickly and discreetly squeezed her ass, which caused her to jump a bit.

Two hours later Lilly and I were on our way to the photo shoot. When we arrived it seemed okay, it was in the back of a small clothing store that had some nice clothing items in it. The set was pretty small but the camera equipment looked nice and there were racks of clothing. I thought this would be great because it would give me a chance to soak in all of Lilly’s beauty. After getting some paper work out of the way they began the shoot. The first couple of items were pretty conservative—first some tight jeans and a sweater, and then a long dress that matched her skin perfectly. They then moved on to some summer dresses. These were a bit shorter than the first dress but very common. Lilly was of course looking amazing, and a natural for the camera. After an hour and a half I noticed the clothes were becoming shorter and tighter. Again it wasn’t anything you wouldn’t see on the street but they were definitely more revealing—short skirts with shirts that would slightly show off her tight stomach, or dresses that were low cut and with a high hem. The gentleman doing the shoot then asked her to put on a sleeveless dress; Lilly pointed out she did not have the right type of bra, and the guy told her not to worry she would be fine. He was right the dress was amazing on her, and her breasts definitely held their own. He then said that he had some swimwear for his catalog too. The first couple were some very nice one pieces, which Lilly made look even more amazing.

The slow evolution though led to some bikinis which were pretty small. I was now becoming a little uneasy first because I had a massive hard on, but secondly and more importantly this was beginning to look more and more like more than a clothing catalog shoot. Finally, the guy asked her to pose with one strap off of her shoulder. I could not take any more and Lilly was starting to look uncomfortable. I told him that was it, we were done.

The guy said no you are done when I say you are done and yelled at Lilly to strip down. Tears began to form in her eyes, and I became enraged. I stepped up to the larger gentleman, dropped the French and spoke English and said, “You are going to fucking let us go now before I beat the living shit out of you.” I do not know where this came from because I am normally very passive and non-aggressive. I had a huge vein in my forehead throbbing, a crazy look in my face, and was nearly shaking, not of fear but shear adrenaline. The man looked at me and began to laugh, so I took my fist back and punched him as hard as I could across his cheek and smashing his nose. Blood flew everywhere, two teeth came out, his cheek immediately swelled, and my hand was broken.

He crumpled to the floor, but he was still conscious. I told him we were going and he was going to pay Lilly. He took out his wallet and gave her the 300 euros he had promised as I glared down at him. I then went to the camera and took out the memory card, which I kept. I took the camera and threw it to the ground as it shattered into pieces. He began to get up angered at what I did, but I just glared at him again and he coward back down. Lilly got dressed quickly, and we left together.

Out on the street the adrenaline had finally worn off, and my hand was throbbing in pain. I was in a massive amount of pain but was trying hard not to show it to Lilly. She could tell though I was in pain and dialed the SAMU (ambulance) on her cell phone. We went to the nearest hospital where the doctors looked at my hand. The doctors explained that they were going to have to wait for the swelling to go down before they could take any x-rays. They had given me some pain killers and a compression wrap with ice.

Lilly was sitting by my side; she had just got done telling her mom on the phone what had happened. She reached out for my hand, the healthy one, took it in her own hands and told me should could never thank me enough for what I did for her. She took my hand still in her hands and rested it on her thigh halfway up. She didn’t say anything but just waited with me. Her eyes were so tender and loving as they watched over me. I was in heaven partially because the pain killers had kicked in, but mostly because I had this amazingly hot lady by my side and my hand was resting on her silky thigh. We stayed like that for a couple of hours until the nurse cleared her throat and interrupted us, telling me that my swelling was down enough that the x-rays could be taken.

Like the doctors thought my hand was broken in several places. They told me though most of the breaks were clean enough that I did not need surgery. They put a cast on and let me go. When we returned home Sophie was there to greet us. She first hugged her daughter and asked if she was okay, and then she hugged me and gave me a fairly passionate kiss. I could tell Lilly was quite surprised by this, but I guess she thought it was just her mother’s way of thanking me. We sat down for a great dinner.

Afterwards Lilly tried to give me some of the money from the shoot. I told her it was hers and she had earned it. I also didn’t tell her that I still had the memory stick from the shoot. She insisted that I take some, but I wouldn’t. Finally Lilly gave in and said she would go clothes shopping tomorrow, but she added that if I wouldn’t take any of it she was going to have to buy some things that both of us could enjoy and gave me a slight sexy smile. I couldn’t believe what she had just said. She got up to go to bed and of course I watched that sexy ass sway back and forth.

Sophie told me I should get some rest too, but not before giving me two very long passionate kisses. She then said I deserved this and swiftly unzipped me, took out my cock, pulled up her skirt and mounted me at the dinner table. She rode on top of my cock as I was wrestling with her tongue. I came pretty quickly from being all worked up over Lilly. She then said a very caring and soft, “Merci”; touched my nose with her finger; and said I had better rest up so my hand can heal. With that I took some painkillers and went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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