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Amie had just moved to Ottawa to attend university. She had been there a week and at the tender age of 20, this was her first real experience in a larger city. “Thank goodness I didn’t pick U of T!” she thought many times while downtown near the Ottawa U campus. This city is just the right size.

Moving to a new city meant many new things. A new apartment and thankfully mom and dad were taking care of that. A new dentist, doctor, bank, job – she found it a little overwhelming at first but she was starting to settle in.

She had been to all classes at least once and the profs seemed very good, except one stuffy older woman who seemed to have little room for anything fun in the classroom. Amie opted to sit in the back of that class in case she dozed off.

She had her appointment scheduled for 2:00 PM today with her new doctor. “Dr. Jo” the student councilor called her. She was taking on new patients and her family practice was near the campus as well. She had a male doctor at home but she felt a little uncomfortable with a man, doctor or not, seeing and touching her naked body as she developed in her teens. Dr. Jo sounded like a good solution.

Amie had an early shift at the Starbucks on campus and was off at 1:00. Just enough time to run home and shower before the appointment.

She showered and shaved “down there” to be squeaky clean for her appointment. She hadn’t had a physical in a few years and, being only 20, she felt there was no rush but she did need to talk to the doctor about birth control. Not that she had any immediate sexual adventure plans but this was a university campus after all. Still warm in mid-September, she put on a white tank top, a navy blue lightweight summer skirt, and white cotton “sensible” panties (not the thong she normally wore).

She arrived at the doctor’s office at 1:55, right on time. There were a couple of young women like herself waiting, as well as a couple of older women, and she sat in the waiting room among them.

“Amie O’Shaughnessy?” the girl at the counter called.

“Yes?” Amir replied.

“Come this way,” the girl said, now opening the door to the examining rooms area.

Amie got up and followed her. The nurse weighed her and took her blood pressure then escorted her to an examining room.

“Dr. Jo will be in shortly,” the nurse said. “You can strip down to your underwear, no bra as she’ll be doing a breast exam. There’s a gown on the back of the door if you want one,” she continued, smiling.

“Ok, thank you” Amie said.

Amie peeled off her tank top and her cotton sports bra and folded them neatly on a chair. She undid her little skirt and let it drop to the floor. She stepped out of it and placed it on the chair as well. She opted out on the gown.

She hopped up on the exam table. The white paper rustled under her bum. She inspected her nakedness and saw a piece of thread hanging off her left nipple. She laughed and peeled it off, dropping it in the waste basket beside the desk. She sat back on the table. She brushed her left nipple again as there was a piece of lint on it.

“Geez,” she thought.

She checked her right boob as well and brushed it as well. She felt a little tingle at that. She brushed the left one again and they both grew hard.

“I may have to have some play time when I get home,” she thought as Dr. Jo escort kocaeli knocked and walked in.

Amie flushed a little, sitting there mostly naked with hard nipples and thinking about masturbating when she got home when Dr. Jo walked in.

“Hi Amie. I’m Dr. Jo,” Dr. Jo said.

“Amie,” Amie replied shaking her hand lightly.

Dr. Jo was about 35 years old. She was about Amie’s height at 5″7 and weighed in at about 125 pounds. She had longish brunette hair with glints of blonde and auburn in it. Today she wore it in a pony tail, as she did most days Amie thought, given the work she did.

“So we are here for a physical are we?” Dr. Jo asked.

“Yes,” Amie replied. “It’s been a few years. Not since high school at least.”

“All right,” Dr. Jo said. “So, what we are going to do today is check you out from head to toe, literally, starting with your head.”

Amie smiled at the little joke.

“Open wide,” Dr. Jo said.

Amie opened wide and Dr. Jo examined her mouth.

“All good there,” she said, throwing the tongue depressor in the medical waste bin.

She checked Amie’s eyes and ears, felt her skull, her neck and spine. She performed the respiratory exam, tapping Amie’s bare back as Amie breathed in and out.

“All sounds fine,” Dr. Jo said. “Naw lay back and we will do a breast exam.”

Amie lay flat on the table.

“Has anyone shown you how to do a self breast exam?” the doctor asked.

“No,” Amie replied.

“Okay, I will show you when I’m done,” Dr. Jo said.

Dr. Jo held Amie’s left breast gently with her left hand and felt around it with her right. Moving in circles around the entire breast.

“We do this to become very familiar with the shape and feel of our breasts,” Dr. Jo explained. “The more often you do it, the more familiar you will be with them and it will be easier to notice a change.”

She moved to the other breast and did the same.

“All good,” Dr. Jo said. “Now it’s your turn.”

“How do I do it?” Amie asked.

“I’ll guide you,” the doctor said.

Dr. Jo took both of Amie’s hands and placed them on her left breast. Amie felt a very unexpected arousal. She felt her nipples harden and a tingle between her legs.

“What the hell is that?!” she thought.

Amie moved her hands around her breast under Dr. Jo’s. Dr. Jo showed her the pressing and circular motions required. She guided Amie’s hands under Amie’s left arm. As she did, her lab coat grazed Amie’s right breast, sending another little tingle between Amie’s legs.

“Excellent,” Dr. Jo said. “Now you do the right one yourself.”

Amie followed the doctor’s instructions on her right breast. Dr. Jo stopped her at one point.

“Press gently and massage a little.” Dr. Jo said. “Don’t squeeze or fondle”

“Oh my God!” Amie thought. “Am I fondling my breast in front of my doctor?!”

“Ok,” was what she said out loud.

“That’s better,” Dr. Jo said, watching her. “Remember how they feel and if you think there is a change, you can call the office and we will set something up to check further. Don’t be alarmed if you find a lump as most often they are nothing to worry about but it’s alway good to check them out.”

“Okay,” said Amie. “Thank you.”

“Since you’re entering your twenties, you’re due to start Pap smears every three kocaeli anal yapan escort years. So now I’ll check your vagina and take a small smear for the lab,” Dr. Jo explained.

“Okay,” Amie replied.

“I’ll get you to take your panties off please. There’s a robe behind the door or you can put your top back on if you wish,” the doctor said.

“Oh I’m okay,” Amie said.

She was till tingling and now Dr. Jo was going to touch her “down there”.

Amie peeled her panties off. Dr. Jo took them from her and put them with her other clothes. Amie lay back on the table, naked, and put her feet in the stirrups at the end of the table.

Dr. Jo put on her gloves and slid between Amie’s spread legs on her stool. She applied a little lubricant on her glove and reached for Amie.

Amie felt her touch her labia, which extended slightly from her vagina. Her nipples hardened again. “Fuck,” she thought.

“Your clitoris is slightly larger than most girls your age. Is it always like that?” Dr. Jo asked.

“Only cause I’m turned on presently!” Amie thought. “Yes,” is what she said out loud.

Dr. Jo brushed it with her thumb and Amie had to stifle a gasp.

“Okay now I’m going to check inside,” the doctor said.

“Okay,” Amie said, in what she thought was a normal, non-aroused voice.

Dr. Jo slipped her latex gloved finger inside Amie’s vagina. She wriggled it around, touching the walls of Amie’s uterus.

“I’m just feeling for any lumps or bumps on your uterus,” she explained.

“Ok,” Amie said, maybe a little breathlessly.

Dr. Jo did a thorough inspection and withdrew her finger.

“All good there,” she said, smiling up at Amie. “Young and perfect!”

“More ways than one,” Amie thought.

Amie smiled back at the doctor whose face was inches from her pussy.

“I just need a little smear,” Dr. Jo said. “Then you can get dressed.”

Amie was bracing (yearning) for her to touch her again, tools or no tools.

Dr. Jo applied some lube to the speculum and easily slid it into Amie.

Amie actually welcomed it. It was hard surgical steel and with the lube, mixed with her own wetness, it slid right in. In her growing state of arousal, she wanted to fuck this medical instrument.

She looked down between her thighs and saw the doctor’s eyes focused on her pussy. Dr. Jo reached back for a tool and Amie pinched her nipples quickly while her head was turned. It was all she could do to not arch her back. She felt the muscles between her legs involuntarily clench, trying to feed her growing ache “down there”.

Dr. Jo retuned her focus. “So this tool inside you is used to expand your vaginal walls so I can get a good look and take a good sample with these,” she explained to Amie, holding up a brush and a small paddle of sorts. “It may be a little uncomfortable.”

“Okay,” Amie said cheerfully.

Dr. Jo widened the speculum and stretched Amie’s vagina. The alarms in Amie’s head were starting to sound.

“I might cum,” she thought. “Thank God she’s not touching my clit again or I would!”

“This might be slightly uncomfortable,” Dr. Jo said. “It’s a little scraping motion I have to do.”

Amie felt the brush against her and while it did feel a little uncomfortable, it also produced a tingle izmit yabancı escort in her already aroused pussy.

“There we go,” Dr. Jo said, putting the sample aside. “Now we’ll get you out of this contraption.”

Dr. Jo put her hand on top of Amie’s mound and release the tension on the speculum. She gently slid the length of the hard steel out of Amie.

Amie felt the rock hard tool slip slowly out of her and she found herself wanting it back in. Dr. Jo grabbed a wipe from a box on the counter and proceeded to wipe Amie’s vagina and the area around it. She wiped the area around Amie’s swollen clit and Amie had to focus on not moaning out loud.

She’d never had any thoughts of being with another girl before but she’dlove to have Dr. Jo put that back in, and out, and in, and out many times until she made her cum.

“You can get dressed now,” Dr. Jo said, snapping Amie out of her trance.

“Oh, okay,” Amie said.

Amie shakily got to her feet and put her clothes on. She had a conversation with Dr. Jo about birth control. Dr. Jo recommended “The Pill” but also reminded that using condoms was very necessary as a precaution against any STDs. Amie thanked the doctor and left the office.

Once outside, Amie let out a breath. “Oh my God!” she thought. “I didn’t expect that to happen!” She felt the dampness between her thighs and had to take care of it. She hurried home.

Being in an advanced state of arousal, she took her wet panties off in the lobby of her building and walked upstairs to her second floor apartment. She slid her key in the door and walked in, locking the door behind her.

“Balcony!” she decided on the spot.

She went into her bedroom and tossed her panties on her bed. She took out her lipstick vibrator and stepped out on the small balcony that overlooked the campus gardens. She sat in one of two small folding lawn chairs and lifted her skirt up to her waist. The light September breeze circled her wetness beneath her upturned skirt. With one foot on the floor and the other on the balcony rail, she pressed the vibrator against her wetness.

“Ohhhhh baby,” she said quietly as her pussy began thanking her.

The tingles grew quickly but she edged them off. She touched her clit with the tip of the vibe and pulled it back. Again and again she touched the vibe to her clit, teasing herself.

She pictured the events of the past hour. Her nipples hardening at Dr. Jo’s touch. Her getting wet and peeling her panties off.

“Oh my God, I actually handed my wet panties to Dr Jo!” she thought.

Her, laying naked and aroused while Dr. Jo did her thing “down there”. Her, pinching her nipples when Dr. Jo turned her head briefly. Her, seeing Dr. Jo’s face between her legs and surprisingly wishing that she’d really touch her. And now, thinking what it would be like to have Dr. Jo kiss and lick her “down there”, pushed her over the edge.

The next tap of the vibe on her clit caused an explosion that rose quickly and powerfully from her belly, pounding against her groin. Wave after wave crashed over her causing deep contractions in her abdomen and her pussy. Wetness almost gushed out between her legs, soaking the edge of the chair in which she was perched. She was almost oblivious to the people walking through the gardens below as her orgasm peaked but managed to maintain a level of discretion necessary for masturbating outdoors.

The waves slowly subsided and she sat slunked back in the chair. Her skirt up to her waist, her right hand now resting on her mound and her left hand caressing her left breast through her tank top.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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