Amy Ch. 02

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[This is a work of fiction. With the exception of the city of Chicago, all places, events, and characters are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Also, please note that in chapter one, the date of Amy receiving the government death notice telegram should have been 1945, not 1944 as my typo error indicated. This would also make her later statement of “widow for more than two years…” now have to read “widow for more than a year…” as at least one feedback writer has indicated. My apologies for the unintentional error in chronology.]

It was the summer of 1926, the last Sunday in June, to be exact. My twenty-fifth birthday had been celebrated just the month before at a party thrown by my boss at a local country club. The roaring twenties were, well, roaring! My wedding had just occurred and my new husband, Larry, and I were heading back down the aisle to the strains of Trumpet Voluntary. It was just 5:45 p.m. and the wedding supper was scheduled to start at 7:00, to be followed by a wedding dance at the country club at nine.

Before I continue with my story, perhaps I should tell you something. I may be in my late 80’s as of 2005, but my mind is clear–at least about these early years of my life, if not the more recent ones. I dictate into a digital recorder (modern technology, my, my, my!), and my free spirited granddaughter transcribes those notes later on her computer word processor (more modern technology!) and then prints the story. Don’t underestimate us senior citizens!

But, back to my story, I need to back up a bit. Larry and I had begun dating near the end of our sophomore year in high school. I lost my virginity with him at our junior prom the next year, spring, 1916. We dated all through our senior year and we fucked three or four more times, the last time the night of our senior prom. Larry enlisted right after graduation and after basic training, I saw him off to France to fight the Hun on loan to and in the service of the Brits. I would not see him again for nearly a decade.

In the meantime, I got a job in Chicago as a secretary, quickly advancing up to the position of executive secretary to the president of a large bank. I had to be well qualified as a secretary, but the rapid advancement meant that I also had to fuck the guy to get the job. That “one nighter” became an affair that lasted two years and resulted in many expensive presents for me. The affair ended amicably and I remained his secretary. I was good at both jobs, very, very good! The boss did get a new mistress though, a black girl. I guess he just needed variety.

After the affair ended, I was then unattached, but I did not lack for dates from which to choose. My flaming red hair, both top and bottom, green eyes, light freckles and big chest, especially my chest, kept the boys sniffing around! My tight butt didn’t hurt a thing, either! It was the era of the flapper, but with my big tits, I went more for the Mae West look instead. And boy, were the flappers ever envious of my successes, too!

Although the affair with my boss had ended quite some time ago, we still did have the occasional one nighter, and he was my escort for a country club dance on a summer night in May of 1926. I had gone out on the terrace for some air and a naughty cigarette, when I felt arms reach around me from behind and the hands clasp over my belly button.

“Long time, no see!” said a strangely familiar voice, as I was drawn back tightly into a rock hard cock, straining to be released.

I squirmed around to stare into the eyes of my former high school lover, Larry! “My God,” I said, “where have you been?”

He replied, “Well, I was wounded rather severely and spent a long time in the hospital in both France and in various army medical centers on the U.S. east coast. I spent my idle hours studying photography and journalism and got a job on a New England newspaper after release from medical care and the military.”

“My,” I said, “You had a varied time of it. Are you married?”

“No,” he replied, “I never found the right girl, I guess, none to match you anyway and, I was pretty busy getting my career established in a very competitive field. How ’bout you?”

“No, me either,” I answered. What brings you to Chicago and this country club?” Larry answered, “I am in town on a photo assignment and got the invitation here tonight from friends.”

Suddenly, we were in each other’s arms in a skin tight embrace! Larry’s mouth opened and his tongue forced mine open. Our tongues entwined as we licked and sucked our way through a lengthy and messy French kiss. “Oh my God,” I said, “I have missed you so much. You just disappeared after enlisting.”

“Yeah,” he said, “I really missed you too, but I was shipped out right after basic, thrown into combat immediately, and severely injured on the second day in the trenches. After that, things just got out of hand and out of contact.” Escort bayan He began nibbling and kissing on my neck and left ear, making me tingle all over. I was wearing a very low cut gown with only my chemise top under it, and I felt Larry caressing my right boob with his left hand over the expansive area of exposure. Suddenly, the scanty coverings dropped down (shoved?) and my boob popped out in all it’s naked glory for Larry to rub and play with. I felt my panties develop a wet spot, a big one! I brushed his hand away and tucked the errant boob back into place as Larry’s hands grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against his huge erection. I helped by hugging him and pulling on him too!

Larry asked if I had an escort and I said that I did but that I could fix that with no trouble, which I promptly did. Larry led me out to his car in the parking lot, a 1926 Model T Ford. It was a turtle back closed coup with just the one bench seat. The “gear shift” consisted of the three pedals on the floor beneath the steering wheel. The three speed floor shift would have to wait for the Model A a few years later. This meant that other than the steering wheel, there was no obstruction for playing around on that big bench.

My gown top and chemise were quickly pulled down and the hem pushed up as Larry got one hand and his mouth on my tits and one hand on and in my pussy. He was almost on fire with desire and lust. So was I, especially as he worked me up to a fever pitch! He was licking my nipples and boobs, then between my tits, and then biting my nipples and snapping them with his teeth. I was heating up to the boiling point very quickly!

At the same time, Larry was rubbing up and down my cunt on both side of my slit, his middle finger riding on the slit itself. That finger went into my gash deeper and deeper with each stroke until it finally found my cunt hole and popped in. Larry wiggled that finger around and then settled in to tickling my G-Spot. My hips were by now bucking and heaving with real force against his hand and finger. I whimpered, “Oh, God, Larry, don’t stop! Don’t stop, Please! OoooooHhhhhhhh! I began to leak cunt juices like mad, drenching Larry’s hand and the seat cushion.

I could tell Larry was rock hard and long ready to punch his big dick into my pussy’s love channel. Larry dropped his pants in a blur of motion and started rubbing that big dick up and down my soaking pussy, adding his pre cum to my juices for lubricant. He again found my love canal opening and shoved his uncut cocked into the tunnel. Then he stopped and began to sloooowwly inch in further and further, stopping a bit and then continuing to push in, deeper and deeper, deeper, until he was finally buried balls deep into my pussy. Oh Gooddd, he was driving me delirious with lust and desire! I cried out, “Oh God, Larry, fill me up, fill me up, fuck me hard!” He did!

My hands pulled on his ass to try to force him in harder and deeper. My God, I was about to go crazy with lust and desire, “Fuck me harder, faster, for God’s sake, Larry, FUCK ME HAARRRDDDDEERRRR!” But Larry continued a slow, steady thrusting, all the way in, back out, all the way back in with that big fuck stick of his.

Suddenly, I began cumming! Pussy juice flowed like Niagara and I shuddered through one, then two, and then three orgasms. On the third one, Larry arched his back, thrust hard and deep, and erupted in a volcano of cock cream, deep in my pussy! That Model T was rocking like a steam engine doing ninety down the track! The night air had cooled considerable and the T’s windows were steamed opaque. I was quite surprised, as we opened the doors for air, to hear a round of applause and cries of, “Bravo, bravo, encore, encore!”

We had attracted a small crowd of onlookers! I was so embarrassed! But Larry just gave a little flippant bow and wave of his hand, uncoupled from me, and grabbed my head. He pulled me down to his cock and told me, “Suck it clean, babe, suck it clean. My bare ass was sticking out the door for all to see. More cheering! The trouble with sucking him clean was that he started getting hard again.

I said, “Slow down big boy, your turn. Now suck me clean!” Larry leaned down and proceeded to give my pussy a tongue lashing as he licked and sucked me clean. Now his ass was sticking out the door, his ball sack hanging low for all to see. More cheers! I also saw at least one couple watching us with the guy’s dick out and standing at attention while his date jacked him off.

When Larry had me cleaned off, he was hard as granite again. I scrunched down on the seat and had him straddle my chest and put his cock between my big tits. I used my hands to squeeze those big puppies together while he thrust up and down my cleavage, using saliva as a lubricant. When his cock head popped out of his foreskin at the top of each thrust, he paused while I took it in my mouth and licked and sucked on it. More cheers! In a very short time, he shuddered Bayan escort and shot a small wad of cock cream into my mouth. I swallowed it all and sucked him dry. More cheers!

By this point, both Larry and I were sorely in need of a time out! So, we sat up, rearranged our clothes and he started the car with a button. He had added one of those new, fancy, electric self starters so he did not have to get out and hand crank anymore. Meanwhile, our audience was giving us a rousing round of applause! I told Larry I had an apartment downtown and that is where we headed. I invited him to stay the night. He did and now, a month later, here we are getting married!

But, I need to also tell you about the bachelorette party last night! Was it ever a doozy! Several ot the girls at the office planned and got the party together. A big, maroon Dusenberg sedan, wire wheels sparkling, picked me up outside my apartment and drove me to a well known speak easy on Welles Street. My boss had been arm twisted by the girls to rent the whole place, starting at ten that night.

The party began hairy and wild from the start. Booze flowed like prohibition had never been thought of, good Canadian stuff. Chicago still knew how to party, Prohibition or not! The music was jazz and loud. A stand up comedian occupied the first half hour with an increasingly more dirty monologue of jokes. The second half hour got more interesting and heated up as a young couple came out on the stage to a very loud trumpet fanfare.

They walked out holding hands and reciting some romantic lines that very quickly led to a passionate embrace. This led to a passionate striptease of each undressing the other. Then it was an erotic courting dance of hands on tits, hands on and in pussy, hands on cock, and finally, a doggie style fuck that had the twenty or so girls of the audience screaming, moaning, and masturbating. Some were masturbating through or under their clothes. Others unabashedly bared tits and/or pussies and were masturbating naked and exposed flesh in wild abandon. An awful lot of orgasms came off–other than the ones on the stage. A missionary position fuck on the stage set off another horny round of lust and masturbation, solo or otherwise, in the audience. By now, that included me, vigorously rubbing and finger fucking my pussy and tits.

Then, the high light of the evening! A huge gift wrapped box was pushed out onto the stage, pretty, with a big bow on top and all. The small jazz combo struck up a saxophone heavy bump and grind song and the front panel of the box dropped down with a loud bang! Out stepped a gorgeous hunk of a blonde man in full tux. He began to bump and grind to the music to the yells and roars of approval from the audience as he slowly began to remove articles of clothing, one thing at a time, starting with his top hat and cane. He looked like a Charles Atlas under those clothes and time would prove that a very correct assumption.

By this point, most of the girls were pretty far under the influence, with one or two already nearly passed out at or over their tables. Many tits and pussies were now bare and being caressed vigorously as the stud stripped. When he finally got down to just his jockey shorts, the shorts were tented and stretched to the breaking point. Studly spent a long tease, dropping and raising portions of those shorts. As he gyrated, his pecker head started appearing above the waist band! Girls nearly fainted as they began noticing and approval roars made the room vibrate like two sets of banjo strings in a rendition of Dueling Banjos.

Studly finally managed to strip out of the shorts and a monster fuck stick now stood straight up, the tip just past the top of his navel when he held it against himself to show it off. Now girls did faint. Pre cum was making the tip glisten and shine in the spotlights. He continued to gyrate to the music, but now he was slowly jacking himself off in tune with the music. One or two girls, and then more, began to rush up to him and touch his phallic totem, some brave enough to rub that cock head and beat a hasty retreat back to their seats, giggling and screaming hysterically.

Then studly began to make his way towards the head table and me. I was just tipsy enough at this point to enjoy what was happening (as if I needed to be tipsy!), Girls were yelling and screaming as studly reached me and did an up close and personal dance for me, his naked cock bobbing and swaying with his gyrations. Then he straddled my chair with his cock in my face and I just grabbed it and put it in my mouth to the sound of the loudest roars of approval yet. I licked that cockhead first and then began to stroke him as I deep throated him—deep throat, back off and jack, and repeat several times. What with his sensual dance and then my actions, it did not take long before he was shooting cock cream down my throat, buckets of it. The load was so large, it ran out of both corners of my mouth and drooled Escort onto my lap. He was really excited too!

He must have been priapetic, because he stood me up and sat on my chair with his cock still standing at full attention. Then studly raised my dress, dropped my drawers and sat me down on his big stick while the room went absolutely mad. He bounced me up and down until I came in shuddering orgasm and spilled pussy juice on us both. He shuddered in a more or less dry orgasm. The rest of the night, many of the girls took turns with him, singly or in groups, jacking and stroking him while he finger fucked them and used his hands and mouth on their bare tits. It was quite a one man, endless women orgy!

Well, back to the end of the wedding ceremony. By the time I got out of the church, I was ready to “freshen up” before the wedding supper began. The supper was at the same country club as the later dance and only fifteen minutes away from the church. Larry had rented a big, black, Cadillac V-12 touring car for the evening and that drove us to the club where the bridesmaids and I immediately headed for the spectacular powder rooms it offered guests.

Larry’s eighteen year old brother, Ray, was nearly eight years younger than Larry and I and was our best man. Leaving the powder rooms for the supper, I noticed him hanging about in the hall giving me the eye again. Ray had been doing this for the past month since Larry and I got back together and he (Ray) was anywhere close by. I did not think too much about Ray’s eyeballing of me, chalking it up as raging teenage hormones and harmless.

After the wedding dance was several hours old and the bouquet tossed, the garter removed and tossed, and other assorted tomfoolery was over, I went back to the powder room again to pee. I also intended to change out of my wedding dress and into a much more comfortable outfit of blouse and slacks. My wedding dress was elegant, but simple, I could easily make the change by myself. I also had a reserved a private powder room for the bridesmaids and myself for the evening, one of the many perks my boss had at the club.

I had just gotten down to pantaloons and nothing else and I was sitting on the stool in a stall with pantaloons down around my ankles, when the stall door opened and there stood Ray! “Oh!” I said, “What do you want?”

“A piece of you,” was his nonchalant reply!

“You’re getting kind of big for your britches, aren’t you,” I asked?

“You damned betcha,” he said. “Want to see for yourself?” Without waiting for a reply from me, Ray proceeded to undo his fly buttons and slowly dropped his pants to the floor. His shorts tented out dramatically as he began to inch them down, slowly revealing a really big cockhead emerging above the descending waistband.

Then some of the shaft appeared. Then more shaft. Then, still more shaft! Although I did not see it ( I was looking elsewhere at the time!), Ray also sported a smug and, at the same time, a leering grin. My God, I thought, just how long is that piece of man meat he’s toting around there between his legs? Finally! The whole cock sprang free. And what a cock it was! I guess his youth, his equipment, and his apparent successes with that equipment accounted for his arrogant aggressiveness and confidence.

At nearly fourteen inches long and near four inches thick, that monster cock was over twice as big as my new husband’s cock! My eyes widened as I looked and after some hesitant staring, I said, “Yes, you really are too big for your britches! God, would I like to try a piece of that!”

Ray needed no further urging. He stepped up to me, still sitting on the pot, and stuck that big dick in my face. He rubbed it all around my cheeks, eyes, forehead, nose, and finally, my mouth. I took it, as I had the one Friday night at the party, and put the purple and glistening cock head in my mouth and went to work on it. I could only get it in as far as the back of my mouth. There would be no deep throating this one! But I managed to get it really throbbing and pulsing.

Ray said, “Hold it, I want to fuck you silly before I cum.” Pre cum was already draining steadily.

With that, he pulled me to my feet, lowered the lid, and sat on the stool. He sat me down on his lap, guiding my pussy down onto his big fuck stick and said, “You decide how fast to sit on my pole. You may need to go slow to adjust to my size.” He was right. I could not get him all the way in, balls deep. He was just too long! But, while Ray grabbed my tits, one in each hand, I pumped myself up and down on his long dong. I felt the heat and electricity rising from my pussy to mingle with the tingle from my tits. Ray dropped one of his hands to my clit and really worked it over as we fucked.

The strong action of Ray’s dick and hand did not take long to trigger me into a shuddering and convulsing orgasm like none I had ever had before, except maybe that one with the male stripper. Ray followed quickly after with squirt after squirt of cock cream deep into my pussy. We just sat there for a little bit, recovering our senses and our breathing. Finally, I said, “Ray, I have to get back, but this was an amazing, fantastic fuck. Thank you.”

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