Amy Enjoys Ryan

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Standing in front of the large brick apartment building Amy could feel the butterfly’s grow in her stomach. Taking a deep breath she rechecked the number on the building. Arriving at the door she found the apartment number that Ryan had sent her. As she pushed the button and waited she realized she was grinning. Calm down, she told herself. The door clicked. One last deep breath before she headed inside.

Making her way up the stairs she started to wonder what was actually going to happen. They hadn’t seen each other in years. There had always been chemistry between them but they never seemed to be single at the same time. At least they had never tried and failed at a relationship. She hoped this wouldn’t end badly and end their friendship.

Reaching the door, Ryan opened it before she knocked. There he was looking just like he did when they were in high school. His apartment looked much like she thought it would. It was a bachelor pad of sorts. Amy made herself comfortable on the couch as Ryan shuffled some of the mess around.

“I didn’t get a chance to take a shower yet.” Ryan playfully told her. “Would you like to get in there with me?” He asked her with a smile.

“I’m good, I actually took one earlier today.” Amy told him, not really knowing how she should have responded. Did he want her to join him? Had she missed the opportunity and now it was gone forever?

Amy could hear the shower turn on. Her mind was racing, bursa escort she couldn’t decide if she should go join him or not. “You can come in here and talk to me!” Ryan yelled from the shower. Amy sat on the couch frozen, was he inviting her into the shower again?

Slowly Amy made her way to the bathroom. She leaned against the counter. “How’s it going in there?” She asked, not knowing what else to say. They made small talk about people from high school and where they were now while Ryan finished his shower.

Much to Amy’s surprise Ryan pulled back the shower curtain, exposing his wet naked body in all its glory. Ryan was no longer the boy she knew in high school he had transformed in to a man, his years in the Army had been good to him. Amy shyly looked away, she wanted to look but thought it inappropriate. As he reached to the towel Amy couldn’t help but look, she was not disappointed. Feeling very uncomfortable she walked out of the bathroom to let him dry off in private, not that he seemed to want or need the privacy.

Ryan came back into the living room, he was wearing a tee shirt and basketball shorts. Amy smiled, even though so much time had passed since high school things felt very relaxed between them. Ryan walked over to the couch, standing next to Amy he took her by the hand and pulled her up. They stood there inches apart, neither one doing anything.

After a very long moment Ryan leaned down and kissed Amy. bursa escort bayan He tasted like an odd mixture of smoke and toothpaste. Amy had quit smoking years ago and loved the taste of him. Raising her hand to the back of his head she pushed him harder into her. He felt so good pressed against her, she didn’t care if they just stood there and kissed. Ryan’s hands began exploring Amy’s body.

Sliding his hands under the tee shirt that she was wearing, he lifted it up over her head. Ryan gave her a smile as he undid her bra and slid it off of her, exposing her breast. Amy suddenly felt very exposed and ashamed standing there in his living room in just her jeans kissing this guy she hardly knew. Sure they had been close in high school but that was twenty years ago. They were both completely different people than who they were back when their biggest worry was making it their locker and their next class in the four minutes between classes.

Leading her to the bed room Ryan undressed as they went. Wishing she was more comfortable with her body Amy undressed the rest of the way. Ryan laid down on the bed, not sure what to do Amy did the one thing she was pretty sure she was good at and that every guy seemed to enjoy. Leaning over him she licked the tip of his penis slowly taking the tip in her mouth.

“Yes, all of the way down and all the way back up. That’s how I like it.” Ryan whispered to her.

Amy enjoyed having him escort bursa tell her exactly what he wanted. Ryan gathered her hair and held it on top of her head so it was out of her way. Gently encouraging her to go further down but never forcing her.

“Stop, you are too good. Don’t make me cum yet.” Ryan told her as he started to get up “I’m not done enjoying you. Lay down.” He instructed.

Amy did as she was told, as she always did. Laying there she felt very self conscious as Ryan looked at her. He didn’t seem to see any of the flaws that she saw every time she looked into the mirror. In fact he seemed to be enjoying the look of her in his bed very much.

He slid a finger into her wet pussy. “You are so wet, you must have really been enjoying sucking my cock.” Ryan said with a smile. Amy just moaned. While she enjoyed it when the guy she was with talked during sex there was something about it that she just couldn’t get past to do it herself. He felt great inside her, wanting more Amy grabbed his arm and encouraged him to do more.

Ryan placed his free hand on her neck and held her down to the bed. With out warning Amy could feel her pussy throbbing with an orgasm. Ryan kept on working her pussy with his fingers. She wanted to tell him to stop but he felt so good she didn’t want him to ever stop.

“Flip over, I want to fuck you.” Ryan whispered to her. Amy got on her knees, Ryan slowly slid his cock into Amy’s waiting pussy. He felt so good Amy immediately starting coming. Moaning she pushed back against him has he fucked her harder and faster. Ryan slammed into her one final time as he finished. Exhausted and shaking Amy fell to the bed.

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