An affair to remember_(1)

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I was 14 when I realised I was becoming a sex addict. I had started to masturbate when I was 12 and did it about once or twice a week and now I am doing it a three or four times a day or more. I go to places where I can undress and run around nude and masturbate. I like talking to other girls about sex and if they do it I want to know all about it. Some will tell me others are too shy. Some know I am like I am and talk to me about sex all the time and I love it.

I often go to a bushland place not far from my home to strip off and masturbate and dance around naked. One day I heard some people talking and laughing and stuff near where I go to strip off and finger myself. I was still nude and I crept up to where they were and looked and they were both in the nude and having sex. I couldn’t believe my eyes – there in front of me were a guy and his girl actually doing having a fuck. They were about 20. I could see his cock inside her and after a while he changed positions and did it to her again. They did this a few times and every time she got into another position and he put his cock into her and fucked her for a while then they changed again. Once she got on top of him and I saw her actually sit on his cock and I could see it going into her cunt and her bouncing up and down on it. Her tits were bouncing too and it made me so sexy I started to rub myself even harder.

I watched them for about 10 minutes or more fingering myself as I watched them. I was hidden behind a big rock as I didn’t want them to see me. Then something happened and I sneezed and they heard me.

I heard him say fuck what was that. They jumped up and he came over to where I was.

I stood up and he sang out to his girl – come and look at this a little pervert watching us and she is naked.

Then she said to me – just what do you think you were doing.

I was almost shaking I was so scared. I said just watching.

She said in the nude – I bet you were masturbating as you watched us – you were – wernt you.

I said yes.

Then he said how long have you been there.

I said about 10 minutes.

She said well you have certainly had your amusement – now piss off.

He said no – let her stay – I think she might like to join us. She looks like she might enjoy a bit of what we can offer her.

She said what do you mean –

He said we have often talked about a threesome – here is our chance.

I said what do you mean –

He said the three of us having sex together – you know me and the two of you all together – having sex all together – I am sure you will enjoy it.

She said shit she is pretty young

He said to me – how old are you

I lied and said 16.

She said she doesn’t look it but if she says she is then its will be ok.

She came over to me and said do you realise what we are all going to do.

I said have sex.

She said you and I and him all together. I hope you are not a virgin.

I lied and said no – I have done it before which was untrue.
I had broken my hymen playing with a dildo but I had never had sex with a boy before – I didn’t want to tell them that.

Right he said lets see how much you know. How much did you see when I was fucking her.

I said a lot – I have only seen people fucking one way before – you did it a lot of ways.

He said would you like to try them too.

I said I don’t know

She said well we will soon find out. Ok then lets see how good a fuck you are – and turned to him and said now is the time to see how good she is.

He took me by the hand and led me over to where they had the blanket they had been fucking on and said what way do you like best.

I said you on top of me.

She said let me have a look at that little cunt of yours and see if he will fit.

I lay down and she get between my legs and she put her finger into me and rubbed me like I do when I masturbate. I had never had anybody else put anything into me before – only my fingers and my dildo.

As she did I jumped a little bit with the sensation and let out a slight moan.
Ah she said I think you are a little novice – I don’t think you have had any experience before.

I said yes I have only once though.

Was he as big as him looking at her boyfriend who was standing watching us and masturbating his cock. Sex hikayeleri His cock was pretty thick and about 6 or 7 inches long – it looked nice though and had a nice pink helmet on the top of it.

I said no.

Then she said this may hurt – are you sure you want to.

I said yes – I really want to do everything he did to you.

She said you will need a bit more experience before we go that far. Ok lets get started.

He got down and got ready to fuck me – I was terrified but I wanted him to do it. I had wanted to be fucked for ages but was never game to ask a boy to do it with me.

He got his cock in his hand and he put it right on my cunt and he pushed it in and wow what a sensation. It hurt a little bit but it felt good at the same time and I could feel it going right up inside me. She was watching me as he started to fuck me. I had my legs back where he had pushed them and my feet were almost over his shoulders and I could imagine what I looked like laying pack with my legs in the air and him fucking me.

I was scarred at first but I relaxed a bit and after a minute or so I had got used to the feeling of his body over me and him holding himself up on his arms but with his cock inside me and him pumping it into me. It was the first time I had felt anything as good as it. I had put things like my vibrator up me this felt different and much much better. I looked at his face and he was smiling. I felt like a real woman laying there being fucked. His girlfriend was standing there watching us.

He turned to the girl and said she isn’t bad she is nice and tight. I think we can make her into a good fuck in no time.

She said be careful – she wont be safe and we don’t want you cumming into her.

I said I have just finished my period two days ago – I should be safe – I am not on the pill though.

Well she said she can talk – what do you think about being fucked.

I said I like it.

Then he said ok lets try doggy and he pulled out of me, and told me to get up on my knees.

I did what I was told and copied her when they did it like this.

He got behind me and put his cock back inside me and it hurt a bit.

I said its hurting a bit and she said well get yourself comfortable.

I wiggled about a bit until I could feel his cock comfortable inside me and not hurting and said that’s better.

She said to him be careful she is only young – don’t hurt her.

I said its ok now – I have got comfortable and he began to fuck me again.

Then she came over and knelt in front of me and as he fucked me she put her hands on my nipples and started to play with them and I had this amazing sensation run through my body and as she rubbed and squeezed them I only took a minute or so of this and I wanted to cum. The feeling in my nipples and my clit seemed to be connected and my tummy muscles got tight and I couldn’t control the sensation in my cunt and I squeezed the muscles in my bum tight and this made my cunt really clamp onto his cock and I let out this amazing noise with the feeling of him fucking me and her playing with my nipples was the most amazing sensation I have ever had. It was the best orgasm I have ever had. I shuddered and shook all over with the sensation and delight of having my first fuck and orgasm. I was having the most amazing spasms in my cunt and tummy.

He said well well – look what I have done to our little slut. You enjoyed that did you, as he continued to fuck me like this.

I said yes – it was amazing.

She said is that the first time you have had an orgasm

I said no I have had hundreds but not like this – only masturbating.

She said well there are plenty more where that came from.

Ok she said hop off her and you can fuck me know we don’t want to wear her out just yet. I am sure you can keep her happy a bit later.

He pulled out of me and she said ok make way for me and she got down and he got ready to fuck her. He didn’t clean his cock or anything it was still hard and still had wetness from my cunt on his cock when he put it into her.

While he was fucking her I stood and watched her. Then she said ok now for lesson number two – you have never done this before I bet. Then she said come over here face him and stand over me and squat your cunt down to my face.

I stood with my cunt Sikiş hikayeleri facing her and she said no the other way round and I faced him as he fucked her and squatted down. My legs were spread wide and I squatted down until my cunt was on her mouth and she started to lick me. It felt awesome – it was almost as good as me cumming when he fucked me.

She had her legs back and he was leaning on them and then he came toward me and I could see he was going to kiss me. I let him and he had his tongue in my mouth almost immediately and I was lucky I had learned how to French Kiss a couple of weeks earlier. I wasn’t really good at it but I soon learned from how it felt what to do and I had my tongue in his mouth and my arms around him as we kissed and she licked me. I was cuddling a naked man and having my cunt licked out at the same time while he was fucking his girl friend. I couldn’t believe he could do both at once but he was and she was enjoying it as much as me I thought.

She hadn’t been going on me long and I came again. I couldn’t believe it I had cum twice in about 15/20 minutes. As I came I pushed my cunt down onto her mouth and she knew exactly what to do to make it happen for me. I had a great orgasm again.

After I had cum I got off her and he continued to fuck her and she said to me you are a proper little sex rat aren’t you.

I said I have never done anything like this before even in my wildest dreams. Do you do this often.

She said when we can organise a day off together, we have been coming here for a few weeks now but on different days. How often do you come here.

I said about three or four times a week but its usually after school or at weekends, but its school holidays so I come every day..

She said well we will have to see if we cant make it together more often – I can see you are really into it and when we have a threesome its usually with an older woman – maybe we can stretch ourselves to meeting you occasionally.

I said I would love that – I want to learn as much as I can. I like him he is really good at it.

She said there is a lot more to learn believe me and I am sure he wont mind being your teacher – providing I am here to make sure he doesn’t hurt you. He can be a bit rough at times.

It was about then she said to him come on I am almost there – lets give her a show.

He went hard and fast on her and I could hear their bodies slapping together as he pumped himself hard into her and she started to moan and I knew she was cumming and she started to wriggle and bounce about – I knew what was happening to her. Her tits were bobbing about like little balls. Then he came and he started to grunt and moan and get puffed as he was pumping his cum into her cunt.

I was watching him cum in her and the first time I saw a man cum.

When he was done he pulled his cock out and it was all wet and soft. I was absolutely in awe of it all. I had never realised sex could be so good.

We all sat down and they talked to me about how much I had done and I then admitted he was the first guy to fuck me and explained why I didn’t bleed when he did it to me. She hugged me and told me I was so wonderful and how she couldn’t believe what I did and how I enjoyed it so much.

I told them I really enjoyed it and if I could meet them again. She said I will give you my email address and I can see if we can organise a meeting again soon. I am sure he wont mind – he now has a new bit of young cunt he can explore. I rather enjoyed my time with you to, I think we can have a lot of fun together.

He said any time you want it I am happy to provide it.

He looked really nice all nude and even his cock looked good and I already knew it felt good.

Then he said next time I suggest you remove some of that hair, you look better with only a little bit.

She said and it makes oral nicer too.

I said for sure I would do it, and she told me how to do it the best way. She had what she called a strip at the moment but she said she has different shapes sometimes. I said I would do it like hers to start with.

They then said they had to go. Their car was in the parking lot and they lived not far away and they said but they had done enough for today. I stood up and so did she and she hugged me and then she kissed me like he did. I felt strange at first Erotik hikaye when she put her tongue in my mouth but as she did she rubbed her hand over my nipples and I almost came again it felt so nice. I had never kissed another girl before and I liked it. He came over and hugged me too. His cock got hard and I could feel it rubbing between us as we kissed – if he had said he wanted to fuck me again I would have. He said I will look forward to the next time – maybe we can try a few more positions. You did extremely well for your first time, I enjoyed it.

I said I want to try that one when I am on top of you.

She laughed and said so you want to be a real cowgirl. I gathered that’s what they called – me being on top of him.

I picked up my clothes and we all got dressed. I walked back to their car and she wrote out her email address and said think about it – if you want us to include you in some more fun we will be happy for you to join in.

I had hoped she would contact me and she did the next day and said they would be happy for me to join in with them again. She said Barry – the guy – said he enjoyed fucking me and told her I was great.

I sent a reply with my mobile number and sure enough she rang me the same day and asked me to party at his place on Saturday. She said they would teach me all there was to know about having sex. She also asked me to think about sucking his cock. She said he really likes that.
I told her I would try anything with him and later on looked at the internet to see how girls sucked a boys cock. It didn’t look hard so I practiced on my dildo for a couple of minutes and thought this was going to be another experience I was going to enjoy. I watched as boys spurted into the girls mouth and wondered what it tasted like. None of them seemed to be afraid of it or made faces like it was awful so I thought I would be ok doing it to him.

The party was amazing – the three of us did sex for hours and I got fucked in about five or six positions. I got my wish to sit on his cock ( called cowgirl) and found it was harder than I imagined to bounce up and down on him. I had sex with her and learned how girls have sex together. I even sucked his cock and got his sperm in my mouth. I didn’t particularly like the taste but she said she was the same but once you got used to the taste it didn’t bother you. He even used a condom in me when he fucked me and he came inside me. I was happy I wouldn’t get pregnant.

The three of us had the best time of my life and I said I would do anything they wanted me to. She asked me if I would like to have another man around and the four of us could do it all together. She said he has fucked her and she likes him and she was sure he wouldn’t mind doing it with me. I said yes for sure.

Before I went home she gave me the name of a lady doctor to get birth control pills. I saw her and she examined me to make sure I didn’t have an infection and it was ok for me to take the pills and have sex. She was surprised I was as young as I was but said I had been having sex for a while and knew what I was doing. She told me that until I had my next period he had to use a condom. He didn’t mind and after I had my period I started to take the pills and let him cum inside me.

A couple of weeks later she asked me if I was ready for her friend to come over. I said Ok and that Friday evening and I had sex with him. He was nice like Barry and I enjoyed fucking him and Barry as well. He too was a bit worried I was young but Barry said she fucks like a pro – and she is on the pill – you are safe. Julie said it was fine for all of us to fuck together as she swapped with me after David had fucked me a couple of times the Barry fucked me while he fucked Julie. I learned afterwards he had told Julie I was great fuck.

It is now a bout six months since I started having sex with them and I do every week now. Some days we go to the bush where we started and sometimes at Julies place. I have only ever done it with the two men Barry and David, and Julie. I have never been happier and Julie and I are like sisters now. I can talk to her about having sex and how much I enjoy it. I am happy to just have sex with Julie some nights as I don’t live far from her and I have occasionally rung her up and asked her if I can come over. We just have sex together and I like it when there is just the two of us. She is very nice to me and says the boys both like me.

I want to do it with them all as often as we can and we all have fun with the four of us fucking each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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