An Afternoon Tryst Cums True

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It was a situation the Frank had longed for ever since the first time he was with Darlene….a romantic tryst in a hotel room. The seediness and the naughtiness of it always turned him on when he played out the different scenarios in his head. Still, he never thought the situation would ever arise, that is, until his cell phone rang during an otherwise slow, boring day at work.

RING, RING sounded the cell phone, and Frank instantly recognized Darlene’s number. “Well, what a pleasant surprise,” said Frank. “What’s up baby?” Frank’s grin was large, but it would soon grow larger.

“Are you busy?” Darlene asked? Frank immediately knew this could be good. “Honestly, I have nothing going on, and I can think of better things to do,” said Frank with a slightly telling laugh.

“OK, Room 214, Motel 6 in Pocatello, come right now….the door is open, just shut it and lock it behind you…see you in a few minutes.” With that, Darlene hung up the phone. Frank’s mind immediately started racing….he had tons of time, this could be perfect. There was already a slow rumbling in his pants as he quickly grabbed his keys and headed out the door.

The anticipation certainly mounted as he made his way to Motel 6, and his heartbeat grew so loud he felt for sure someone could hear it. Walking up as inconspicuously as possible, he found Room 214…right on the corner and out of the way. The door was slightly open, so Frank walked in…the room was almost completely dark. Frank shut the door, darkening the room more and walked towards the bed when he heard Darlene’s voice.

“Do not turn around.”

Not knowing quite what to do, Frank just stood there facing the bed. Darlene would soon usher other commands.

“Without turning around, take off your clothes.” When that was accomplished, the next instructions awaited. “Climb onto the bed, and place your ankles into the handcuffs.”

Handcuffs? Frank then noticed that there were four handcuffs, two on each end of the bed. His cock was now full and thick, awaiting some sort of satisfaction. He would wait a while.

“Now, get your hands cuffed as well.” Frank did so to his left arm quite easily, but after fumbling with the second one, he was able to angle his wrist so that the cuffs would close. In his mind he thought about the fact that it was a good thing he totally trusted Darlene. In fact, that trust would be rewarded more then he ever would imagine.

Cuffed and spread eagled on the bed, Frank’s eyes adjusted to the light to notice a sight he couldn’t believe. Darlene was wearing black thigh high vinyl boots, and an outfit that could only be described as a vinyl spider web pattern that didn’t cover much of anything, but looked perfect on her, framing her beautiful breasts and drawing attention to her well shaved pussy.

Darlene climbed right next to Frank and took her vinyl gloved hand and rubbed and stroked his chest. Her lips were close to Frank, but not so close that he could kiss her. “You,” she whispered. “Better have done what I told you.” bursa escort Frank thought back, glad that he did. Darlene had told Frank two weeks ago to not orgasm under any circumstances, and to drink lots of water. While he had no idea at the time, he certainly knew know. “I did exactly as you asked baby,” said Frank.

“Good, but before you, it’s about me.” With that, Darlene straddled Frank, never touching his throbbing cock, but lowered her tits to Frank’s waiting mouth. He flicked his tongue out to meet her breasts, licking the tips of her nipples, and then rolling them around with his tongue. Darlene’s moans were louder then usual, the result of her anticipation and getting ready. As Frank’s tongue worked on her tits, Darlene instinctively lowered her tits into Franks face more, allowing him to enjoy her body. As he sucked on her, her hands rubbed and ran through his hair.

Finally, she pulled away. “Oh baby….now you are gonna get a show, up close and personal” she said, and with that, Darlene moved her legs up to where she was sitting on Frank’s chest, her pussy just inches away from his face. The smell of her sweet aroma made his cock even harder if that were possible. Knowing how much Frank loves to watch, Darlene took her gloved fingers and started to rub and stroke her clit and pussy, just inches from Frank’s face. She rolled her clit between her fingers before sliding her index finger not just inside her, but deep inside, her pussy juices glistening on her latex gloves. Her breathing was becoming harder and hard, and as she rubbed, she told Frank exactly what she wants “MMMM baby, this feels good,” she moaned as Frank did everything he could to get some relief for his cock, but it was to no use. “God, soon that big cock of yours will be inside me…mmmm…pumping me full of hot cum.” Her motions were growing faster, her breasts heaving as her orgasm built. “God I want to squirt all over you baby.”

With that, Frank couldn’t take it anymore, straining on his restraints. “Do it baby…do it…fucking cum for me, please god, cum all over me.” With that Darlene’s hand moved faster than he had ever seen, rubbing frantically….”Oh yeah baby, oooo, oh yeah, oh my god!!!,” she exclaimed as waves of juice and cum came gushing out of her pussy onto Frank’s shoulder, neck and face. “Oh god, fuck yes, cum all over me!” Frank begged as Darlene continued to moan and rub herself, her tits jiggling as her body continually moved.

As the last wave subsided, she quickly spun off Frank and went straight to his cock, which to this point still hadn’t been touched and was near explosion anyways. Darlene wrapped her gloved hand around it and quickly went to work sucked it, using her gloved hand to stroke his now wet and glistening shaft. Darlene’s “MMMMMMMM” made the sensation even better for Frank, who was moaning loudly with undeniable pleasure.

“Baby,” she looked up, taking her mouth off of his cock, but stroking it long and hard, with a nice tight grip. “I know how much you have built up, and I want it all…I bursa escort bayan want it deep in my pussy.” And before Frank could respond with how close he was, Darlene, slid up and grabbed hold of his cock, placing the tip just on the edge of her very wet, moist pussy lips. She took her hips and would slowly start to go down on his shaft, but before her pussy engulfed more than an inch, she would pull away, leaving his cock just on the edge of her pussy. She leaned down her tits brushing against Frank’s chest, and whispered in his ear.

“You don’t know when I’m gonna take it all in, do you baby?” she said. “No, I don’t” Frank could hardly get the words out, with breathing was so labored, his cock having been teased constantly for what seemed like hours, although it had only been one or two minutes.

“Do you want all of my pussy? It’s still wet from when I came.” Frank could feel how wet she was. He also knew he wouldn’t last very long once Darlene went all the way.

“Please baby,” begged Frank. “Let me fill you up….please…I want to feel your pussy surround….” He couldn’t get the last word out, because as he said it, Darlene slammed her hips viciously down around Frank’s cock, as both lovers moaned and cried out in exstascy “Oh God, fuck yes, oh baby.”

Darlene slammed her hips and down on the rock hard cock of Frank, his body straining to move at all with the handcuffs still restraining him.

“Oh God baby, I’m gonna fill up your pussy….” Said Frank, but as he did, Darlene’s entire body started to shake…”Oh god, oh my God,” screamed Darlene, her tits bouncing violently as she thrusted her pussy around Frank’s cock, as her orgasm started again, sending waves after waves of pleasure through her, and more of her cum cascading down Frank’s shaft, making everything wetter and slicker. Frank could feel the cum dripping down his shaft, and down his thighs and legs.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum….oh baby, fuck me, fuck me…ooooooo. FUCK ME” Frank screamed as Darlene did like was “Gimme your cum, FUCK ME… GIVE ME ALL YOUR CUM!!!”

Frank’s cock, harder than a stone table, then released two weeks worth of pent up sexuality, bursting with an explosion he had never felt before. His cock pulsed rapidly, sending load after load of his hot wet manhood deep inside Darlene’s creamy pussy, which triggered another squirting wave for Darlene, her juices mixing with Frank’s in an amazing display of sexual togetherness. Frank’s orgasm was immense, and he could feel and see it squeezing out around her pussy and back down his shaft as Darlene’s hips continued to thrust and wiggle over Frank’s cock. Both lovers were moaning loudly and incoherently, their passion enormous as the room filled with the musky scent of fucking and sucking.

Finally, after what seemed like minutes, Frank’s orgasm subsided, and Darlene continued to slowly ride his cock, but she had one more treat for her now exhausted and spent lover. Darlene raised up off of Frank’s cock, and getting some of the cum off his shaft escort bursa and onto her gloves, she started to rub her tits, making them glisten with his cum. She then moved around and straddled Frank, her mouth by his still hard cock, her pussy by his face. She then leaned back, putting her clit and pussy on Frank’s tongue as she started to suck on and stroke Frank’s still hard cock. Frank took his tongue and probed Darlene’s pussy, tasting his own cum which was still dripping out of her well-fucked pussy. Meanwhile, Darlene took very deep long strokes of Frank in her mouth, with her hand at his cock’s base, stroking and gripping hard, making him moan louder and harder again. Frank kept licking away, delving his tongue inside her pussy and on her clit as Darlene grinded her pussy into Frank’s face, nearing another orgasm.

“Oh yes, make me cum again,” begged Darlene as Frank’s tongue worked faster and faster, licking and sucking on her pussy, tasting all of the juices in her pussy. His breathing picked up as he neared another explosion as well. Darlene sucked on his cock, rolling her tongue and sucking very hard on the tip while jerking Frank’s thick shaft faster and faster. Frank wanted to scream, but his face was buried in Darlene’s pussy, forcing only strong moans, which turned Darlene on even more,

“Oh god, yes, I’m gonna cum again,’ she squealed, before burying Frank’s cock in her mouth, forcing nothing but muffled moans and groan, which vibrated Frank’s cock to the point of no return. “MMMMMMMMMMMM” was all that was heard by either lover as Darlene ejaculated on Frank’s tongue as she ground her pussy into him, suffocating him with her taste. The tension and passion in Frank’s cock built up to explosion point, as he let go stream after stream of his hot thick cum into Darlene’s waiting mouth. After two or three huge spurts, with her own orgasm subsiding, Darlene leaned up and kept jerking his cock and a few more streams of cum shot out onto her tits.

As Frank’s orgasm released and subsided, Darlene’s gloved hand continued to stroke Frank’s cock, which was covered with the cum from Darlene’s mouth. Darlene swung her legs away from Frank’s face, and while still stroking him, worked her way to where the two lovers were face to face, finally kissing in a deep, long passionate kiss, one where they both tasted anything each other.

“Well baby,” whispered Darlene. “I know that was your fantasy, but that was the best sex I’ve ever had.” Frank, his body spent, could only muster a weak “mine too, baby, mine too.” However, as the two lovers lay in the bed, their sexual afterglow keeping the passion between them, Darlene smiled at Frank. “What baby?” he said. “Oh nothing…I’ll have another treat in store for you in a few weeks.”

“Really?” asked Frank, “Like what?”

“Like fucking all night long…”

Frank was confused, knowing this wasn’t possible. “And are we getting rid of our spouses? Frank asked. Darlene unlocked his handcuffs, smiled, and as she walked to the bathroom, just turned and said. “No, but on your next road trip to Portland, I’m there as well to visit my sister…same hotel too.” With that, a smile lit across both lovers faces, thinking of what kind of adventure that will bring as well.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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