An Anal Seduction Tale Ch. 04

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Bree and Rose had settled to a very weird routine. They had sex, but afterwards they didn’t talk, and in the days that would follow there was no contact. It was their secret dance.

The first woman to give herself over to her lust would call first. Bree gave in more frequently than Rose.

When they met, they avoided talking about their feelings or about what had happened between the sheets.

Bree had given up categorizing their relationship, and it seemed Rose certainly didn’t want to talk about it. When they went clubbing, Bree felt like she was invisible. Rose chatted up guys and flirted around. Then they got drunk and went home together and Rose would let Bree fuck her.

They had only kissed on one occasion and they didn’t share much intimacy apart from pure animalistic sex. Part of Bree regretted that but she didn’t want to push Rose too hard.

It was Saturday night and, as usual, they were out. Rose was more than just a little tipsy and couldn’t take her hands off Bree in the club. Bree was surprised, and flattered. She knew she had to take Rose home as fast as possible. The fumbling and tugging of clothes continued Ümraniye Escort in a cab.

They almost fell on their way up the staircase to Rose’s apartment. Somehow they made it through the door, giggling like mad. They crashed into the kitchen, a whirlwind of half unbuttoned clothes. Immediately, Bree took command.

“Shut up and turn around!” Rose turned around obediently and bent over her heavy wood kitchen table. Bree focused on Rose’s backside, exposed in front of her.

She lightly brushed against Rose’s black silk underpants, tracing the way from her clit over her pussy to her backhole. She spread Bree’s legs wide and started playing with her pussy’s entrance through the soft material.

“Stop playing around with my pussy. You know what I need, so don’t keep me waiting, bitch!” Rose ordered. Bree snickered to herself. Rose had become quite direct when it came to voicing how she wanted to be pleased and fucked.

Bree absolutely appreciated that virtue of hers. She shrugged her shoulders and with one movement she slipped the black silk off. She herself stayed fully dressed.

“Tell me Ümraniye Escort Bayan what you want!” Bree ordered.

“You know what I want! Rub my asshole first and then fuck me there.” Another one of Rose’s hidden qualities Bree liked was her nasty vocabulary.

Bree began to circle Rose’s ass cheeks. She stroked the marble skin in front of her hard because she knew there was no need to be gentle.

Yet, Bree liked to tease her. Bree’s thumb found her perineum and brushed a finger over it, touching it more lightly than Rose needed. She was already moaning demandingly.

Bree stroked upwards towards her backhole, over it and barely touching it, then back towards her pussy’s entrance.

Back and forth, back and forth, rubbing her asshole with growing pressure each time. Finally she circled only the pink hole, around and around.

Rose’s right hand broke free and reached out towards her hard erect clit. She masturbated herself, stroking her clit while Bree worked her asshole.

“Don’t keep me waiting, fuck me there already!” Bree’s smiled with anticipatory glee.

“And where would Escort Ümraniye ‘there’ be?” She teased and stopped rubbing Rose’s butthole, letting her finger rest against it.

Rose bucked and pushed herself against Bree’s finger, trying to push it inside of her backdoor, but Bree withdrew.

“Say it! Tell me exactely where you want to be fucked and how, or I won’t give it to you!” she demanded.

Rose sighed, then she hissed with a sudden outburst of anger, “Fuck me up my ass, bitch. And make it hard!”

Bree didn’t let her wait any longer. She pushed her finger into Rose’s tight opening. She fingerfucked her ass while Rose masturbated.

Rose’s fingers were dancing over her swollen clit faster and faster wile Bree fucked her asshole harder with just one finger.

Harder and faster and harder and faster she pushed into her anus, with each push through her sphincter Rose rubbed her clit faster and faster, until she broke into a slow motion on her clit and exclaimed with a barely audible voice,

“Faster up my ass! Faster!” Bree obeyed and pushed a second finger up her tight backhole and fucked away, using all her physical capability to pump Rose’s ass.

Then Rose’s hand on her clit was so fast that Bree could hardly see it, and with the words

“Yeah, up my ass, up my ass, faster up my ass, up my fucking ass…..”

Rose spasmed and a final loud moan rattled in her throat. Rose froze as she orgasmed hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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