An Angel’s Visit

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When my sister first called and said that she would like to come out to visit for a few weeks in the summer it made my day!

We have always gotten along quite well and while it’s tough to admit, I’ve always had sexual fantasies about her! She has perfect long blonde hair, the sweetest blue eyes and the cutest face you have ever seen. There has always been ‘sexual’ tension between us, but nothing had ever really happened. When I was younger she would drive me crazy with her short shorts and little bikinis.

Even now I still fantasize about her occasionally. But we both live pretty far from each other now. One thing I regretted back then was that I never really got to see her beautiful body in the buff. I tried many times, but never got a good show. Once I stood outside her bathroom window to peek at her luscious bod in the shower, I got a few glimpses of her perky tits but that was about it.

But now that she was coming to visit at my house, my fantasies began to be more than ‘occasional’. My best friend, Mike also knows how cute she is. I had never told him of my thoughts of her till one night while we were drinking. I mentioned that she was coming to visit. “I’ll have a cute blonde living here for a couple weeks, so you can’t just drop in without calling, k?” I said jokingly.

“She’s your sister dude!” He the retorted, but quickly added, “But seriously I if she were MY sister, I wouldn’t turn her down!” and laughed.

“Really?” I said. “I just want to see her nude – one time, that’s all,” I continued.

“You should hook up a camera in her room or over the bathtub!” Mike erupted, “And then we could see what’s she’s really got!!”

I don’t know it was the thought of actually doing it or having someone else confirm my desires, which made me swell. “How would you do that?” I asked. “Simple,” Mike responded with eager ingenuity and began to explain.

Near the end of our 12 packs I slurred, “So you’d don’ think I’m weird?”

“Hell No man, she’s a hottie, I’d love to!” Mike condoned and added,” Do you think me getting off on the idea of you watching your sister is weird?, I mean , I ain’t gay and it’s not about you, more about the taboo thing, ya know, not to mention her perfect ass! hehehe” I agreed and we both came to an understanding of a ‘whatever floats your boat” nature.

Over the weeks we talked more openly about it (always with a few drinks in us), about how we’d both “do her” if she let us and such. One Saturday afternoon Mike came up to the house with a box full of electronic stuff. He pulled out a couple wireless cameras and some other stuff and said, “let’s get to it, we only have a couple more weeks till show time.” We worked till the evening placing cameras behind a couple of fake vents in the guest room and the bathroom over the tub.

Setting back to admire our work we turned on the VCR and ran tests. I couldn’t believe how clear the signal was. Mike made sure it was hooked to the VCR so he could get copies of everything… hahaha.” Even though the TV was in my bedroom we hooked up a hidden switch to turn the cameras off just in case someone playing with the VCR or TV couldn’t accidentally turn them on. “So do you think she’s shaved?” Mike said in all his bluntness. “I guess we will find out, won’t we” I joked…. I was so horny that night that altıparmak escort I had a constant hard-on.

The finally day came to pick up Tammy from the airport. She got off the plane wearing the tightest ass black Capri’s I’d ever seen. Her light blue satin top was untucked at the waist and open to the bra “man she was sexy!.” As we hugged I felt her breasts press against me. I actually began to get hard as imagined that I would be seeing them, in all their glory, soon….

We arrived at home and after a bit of talk, Tam asked if she could take a shower. My heart raced as I said “sure, if you need any towels they’re in the hall closet.” The bathroom door closed and the shower went on, I ran to my bedroom and closed the door. Turning on the VCR and the TV the picture slowly came in. “Oh My God!” Wet and glistening, she rocked back and as she soaped up her body; her head tilted back exposing her huge tits. Her nipples were so much larger than I had thought. After all these years I am finally seeing her I thought as my head buzzed. Luckily I had sense enough to press REC on the VCR.

Her slippery hands caressed her breasts and softly traced the contours of her body. Stopping at her clit she massaged it for an extra long time. The only problem, was from that angle I couldn’t see her pussy very well. I could only hope that I she would take a bath soon. She finished the shower and went into the guest room.

“Shit” I remembered the angle of the second camera was much better for standing. I quickly flipped to camera 2 and saw as she sat down on the bed. I couldn’t believe my eyes! My sister was practically shaven, only a small ‘landing strip’ patch of hair above her pussy. I pulled my cock from my pants and started stroking. She leaned back on the bed, her wet hair dangling behind her and stretched. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I took in the sight of her magnificent breasts.

As her left hand supported her, her right hand caressed her nipples. I nearly came when she grabbed one of her nipples and pulled, hard! Lying completely flat on the bed she gently spread her legs and let her other hand wander between them. Playing with her clit and pussy she began to come. The look on her face as she came was a dream come true, something I had always wanted to see. We both came about the same time and I collapsed on my bed wishing I were holding her.

The next evening we decided to go out, I was watching her in the shower when she grabbed a shaver and began ‘neating up’ her pubic strip. The thought occurred to me that “why would she be doing this if she didn’t have plans for someone seeing it” and since it was just us going out…hmmmm?? images of me placing my tongue inside my sister as she made that ‘orgasm face’ raced through my mind.

Back in her room, camera2: Getting dressed she pulled on the extremely tight black dress, but had she forgotten something? “Dam!- she didn’t put on a bra or panties. “Shit!” -“she wants some tonight!” I said to myself…and I never would have even had a clue without these cameras! “Thanks Mikey!”

We had a great dinner! Tammy looked so hot; the top of her dress was so tight it was nearly see-through. I could see the areola and her nipples through the shiny lycra fabric and had my attention more than her eyes most bursa anal yapan escort of the meal.

Afterwards went to one of my favorite pubs to hang out. Sitting on the bar stool deep in conversation I glanced down and noticed how high her dress was riding up. I knew what she WASN’T wearing underneath and it was driving me crazy. I made subtle innuendo all night knowing she what she probably wanted. One the way home Tam asked if we could stop for a bottle of wine. “DAMN! – Said to myself this is it!”

When we got home Tammy plopped herself on the sofa and asked if I wouldn’t mind pouring her a drink. I turned the corner from the kitchen to the living room and Tam was there on the couch her legs slightly parted, her shiny black dress nearly to her waist. “I know what you want,” she said, “All night you have beating around the bush.” she chuckled.

Reaching for her glass, I stepped closer to hand it to her. Her legs spread wider as she pulled my hand toward her. “On your knees brother” she whispered, placing a hand on my head guiding it toward her neatly shaven pussy. She leaned back and moaned as my lips kissed her thighs. Lifting her dress I gently kissed her belly button and slowly went down on her. She was sweeter tasting than I had ever though possible.

My tongue penetrated her as my finger massaged her swollen clit. Hearing my sister moan was almost more than I could take. I lifted my head and grabbed her dress at the shoulders, pulling it down to her stomach with such a force that it left her huge tits jiggling. My mouth met hers and we kissed for the first time as lovers. Her hands found my bulge and undid my belt and pants. Her nipple hardened in my mouth as my tongue caressed it.

My swollen cock was freed and I pressed it to Tammy’s glistening cunt. Inserting it only a fraction before she pushed me away. “NO” she said, “we can do anything but that!” I stood and her warm mouth took my member deeply. I remember standing there looking down at my sisters bouncing head on my pulsing cock, what sight. I never want to forget it! Then remembered the cameras.

I told Tammy that I would rather do this her room and that I would get her another glass of wine. She agreed and headed to the guest room, I watched her tight ass all the way down the hallway. I got the glass of wine and darted into my room to turn on the VCR. Leaning back on the bed with her dress removed I finally got a close up look at her fine body.

Placing the glass on the dresser I positioned myself for the best view of the camera and motioned Tammy to finish on my cock. Without hesitation she went to work. Seeing my sister giving me head has got to be the most erotic thing I have ever seen or felt and it wasn’t long before I was ready to come. Pulling out of her mouth I shot a huge load all over her face and tits in plane view of the camera. We slept together that night but the next day proved to be even better.

I asked Mike to come over for dinner. Since he and Tammy are friends, I thought they’d both like to see each other again. Actually I think Tam has a bit more than a ‘liking’ of Mike. I told Mike about the night before and he didn’t believe me. “I have proof,” I said.

He just smiled. “Dam, you sister is so hot!- I want that tape!” he kept bursa bayan escort commenting when she couldn’t hear.

After dinner we decided to hop in the Jacuzzi and have some margaritas. Tam went to her room to change, it was all I could do to keep Mike from running into my room. “The tape is rolling!” don’t worry you’ll see her! I said to calm him down.

Tam came out of her room wearing a small jet-black bikini which she barely fit into. Our jaws must have been on the floor as she walked past. “C’mon boys” Tam said in a sultry voice. “Hum I don’t have suit” Mike crackled… “like you need one?” Tam quipped back… In a flash we were both out of our clothes and in the Jacuzzi. Mike stood up to get a breather from the heat, his glistening, wet cock dangled between his legs. It was the first time I had seen it. It was very neat, hardly any hair but very well shaped. He was smaller than I, but that was just a point of notice, it was not in anyway that I cared.

In an instant Tammy moved from her seat and positioned herself in front of him. I moved to the side to watch as she took his wet slippery member into her mouth. Hardening with every swallow he placed his hands on her head and guided her. I massaged my own growing member under the water as I watched my sister devour his cock.

“C’mere” Tam said, motioning to me. I stood up next to Mike and she grabbed my prick with her other hand. Looking up as she stroked us both she said, “have you both been good little boys?”

“I guess we’ll see” Mike quickly replied.

Placing us in her mouth, one after the other, I was near climax when she pulled both of our cocks closer, Opening her mouth as wide as she could she took both our cocks down her throat. The sensation was incredible.

Tammy worked on both our cocks until we could hardly stand it anymore. Just before climax she released us and stood up. Removing her top her silky breasts bounced free on her chest. Bending over she removed her bikini bottoms. Backing her luscious ass up to Mike , who was still standing.

I watched from the side as she guided his throbbing, clean-shaven shaft deep into her hairless pussy from behind. He rocked into her as she stood up. Moaning in ecstasy my sister placed her hands on my head and pulled me in front of her, to her swollen tits. I sucked like never before. They were incredibly soft and full.

Knowing she was being fucked from behind by my best friend was even more mind blowing than I could have imagined. Her hands still on my head she pushed me down to her pulsing clit. My tongue met it hungrily and I licked the front of her pussy as close as I could without interrupting Mike’s shaft that was penetrating her so deeply. Tammy began to moan loudly and it was obvious she was about to come.

I motioned to Mike to move and let me in. As Mike pulled out from the back I entered her from the front. “NO!, we ….can’t … this!” Tam whispered in my ear, but it was too late, her hesitance was obviously a doubt, and shoved my cock deep into her. “AHHH!’ she moaned! “fuck me brother!” and I pounded away into her, both of us still standing.

Mike was already behind her and shouted as he came on her sweet ass. “finish her off bro!” Mike smiled as he watched. I pulled out just as I came and dropped another huge load on her stomach as she arched her back in orgasm.

We had many fun adventures that vacation. I will post more of them here sometime. I look at the tapes all the time now and fantasize.

As I drove Tammy back to the airport and we kissed goodbye, we both found new reasons for her to come visit more often.

Mike and I will keep you posted!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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