An Auntie I’d Like To Fuck Ch. 03

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This true story continues. Having discovered how much woman my aunt really is, and how often I can get it up for her, we go out on the town for a special night together, but there’s a surprise to come. Enjoy.


After I made myself presentable for the finest of the city’s restaurants, and to meet Suzanne’s expectations (I must say myself that “I looked damned good!” I just hoped she agreed.)

Her instructions had been to bring the car around to the front of the students’ residence and wait for her to come down. I had rushed a bit to get ready just so I would be waiting when she came out. I needn’t have worried. Suzanne, it seemed, understood the value of anticipation. Anticipate I did, for over 40 minutes! ‘Where in the hell was she?’ I kept wondering. Had she changed her mind? Had something gone wrong? Could she simply be that slow?

I had parked so I could watch the entranceway almost directly ahead, slightly to the driver’s side. I saw a movement in the lobby — there she was! Nope. It was a very young looking coed heading out for a run… she looked I stared at her every step she took, and then she was gone — perfect butt and all. It was a wonderful moment, but I really did want Suzanne.

And then she was coming out of the door. She walked slowly, almost carefully, taking each step very intentionally and giving me every opportunity to appreciate why the wait had been worthwhile.

Suzanne wore my favourite look — how had she known?

Her outfit defined ‘business sexy’ in a way that I had never experienced. Sure, I had seen lots of very sexy women dressed to impress in work suits and heels, but this was something altogether different.

I stared, mouth agape she told me later, starting from the top of her head. She had brushed out her hair until it was fairly glowing in the light of a waning sun. As she moved her head, her hair cascaded across her face and she’d flick her head slightly and it would all be in place perfectly again.

Her face was made up just right so as to look fantastic without being obvious. She wore some very stylish and very expensive looking sunglasses that perfectly suited her face. (This woman understood fashion, and her own appeal — she knew just how to create the look she wanted.)

Suzanne was wearing a short, tailored jacket that just reached her belt. The colour was a deep, rich burgundy that brought out the red in her hair and the glow in her skin. The jacket was designed to stay open to highlight what was underneath. Good thing, too, as she wore a very pale, loose-fitting blouse with a collar but worn open-necked; there were at least three buttons not fastened which gently teased your eyes down from her throat to the luscious two-string pearl necklace and past down to a beautifully tanned cleavage. I could almost tell that she wore no bra, nor a camisole. I did not expect auntie Suzanne to be taking her blazer off in public, not with those amazing nipples of hers that would certainly raise their heads at any whiff of freedom.

The matching skirt to the suit blazer was also simple but perfectly fitted. Styled as a modified pencil skirt there was a slight tapering near the waist and the length a bit on the short side; about four inches above her knees. Over the right thigh was a slit that went up her leg, stopping just below the fold of her hip.

Suzanne wore no stockings — her perfect tan was all she needed for colouring. Her legs were as smooth as I remembered them under my hands.

And like any perfectly presented business woman, Suzanne wore the perfect fuck-me pumps. They were a brilliant red that demanded attention. A sexy stiletto heel of about five inches tightened her calves and pushed Suzanne’s buttocks into a bit more prominence. Toe was strongly pointed removing any suggestion that this pump was a conservative shoe. These most definitely had the ‘come hither’ look of great women’s shoes. (Suzanne later told me they were Louboutin’s and had cost almost eight hundred dollars. Fuck me indeed!)

As Suzanne approached the car she paused briefly, but only to pirouette for my benefit, showing off her perfect look. My mouth went dry, “could this really be mine for the night?”

I jumped out of the car and raced to the passenger side so that I could help my Suzanne into the seat. She reached out and gave me a peck on the cheek, “thank you, Paul. You are indeed a gentleman.”

She sat carefully as I held the door for her. With almost no effort, she swivelled her hips, knees tightly together and placed her perfect legs and shoes carefully into the car. “Thank you, young man,” she added.

I tried my best to be nonchalant as I walked around back to the driver’s side. I could not tell if she could see my bulging pants, but I somehow hoped not (yet).

We arrived at the restaurant and were seated right away. On our way through the room I could see that almost every eye followed her all the way, including more than one woman, too. As we walked, she reached back to take my hand, claiming almanbahis me, I suppose.

We spent the next two hours having a delicious dinner with great service and most surprising to me, wonderful conversation. My aunt was really quite well-read and easily balanced my every contribution with her own.

“I don’t think I have ever had such a terrific date, auntie Suzanne,” I told her.

“Me too, my young nephew,” said, very quietly.

As we stood up to get going a boorish drunk from a nearby table made his way towards us. Not quite slurring, he said to my aunt, “what are you doing with that boy — you need a real man!”

“Like you, I suppose,” she responded with a smirk on her lips.

“You bet, honey,” as he leaned in to plant a kiss on Suzanne. I would not have guessed in a hundred years what would happen, but apparently my aunt had received some self-defense training. She simply moved to her right, took his extended arm and with a smooth, swift move, had him on his butt on the floor.

Then, standing over him, she took my face in both her hands and planted an amazing, wet and sloppy kiss, tongue and all, on my mouth. Looking down at the bum she let him know she’d already decided who would walk her out: “… you never had a chance, you lush!”

Leaving the restaurant hand in hand, I told Suzanne that she had really impressed me with that boor, but even more with her personality and intelligence.

“Wait ’til you find out what else I can do,” she responded.

My pants tightened slightly, yet again. (For anyone wondering about these constant erection challenges I faced, just remember, I was a healthy, virile 20-year-old. Hardons were simply part of life!)

We walked a few blocks over to a club I was sure Suzanne would enjoy. It had an amazing DJ and what could be the perfect dance floor: large, lit perfectly, and sprung for really wild antics. The music was mostly contemporary but the DJ occasionally threw in some great jazz and other less mainstream hits. The effect was always a good time for everyone in the club, plus lots and lots of amazing women dancing their asses off. Suzanne would fit right in.

It was already late in the evening, but this club had hours to go before lights out. We settled down at a small table, ordered drinks and jumped on to the dance floor right away. I don’t think we left for at least an hour, except to get an occasional sip of a drink — we were there to have fun, not get drunk so mostly, we danced.

Suzanne was a most adept dancer, and had stamina that pushed me to the limit. She yelled into my ear “all those yoga workouts have given me a lot of energy.”

Watching Suzanne gyrate and move around the dance floor was exciting, but I just barely kept up. She could move her hips independently of everything else. And she could do it all on those amazing fuck-me heels. I loved every moment of the show I was getting.

By now the room had gotten quite hot and moist so upon returning to our table, Suzanne slipped off her jacket, leaving it on the back of her chair. To her credit, she was not even sweating yet, but that would change.

When we got back on the dance floor, Suzanne once again put on a show, but this time it was much more widely popular. Her ample breasts, nipples now starting to show through the almost translucent fabric, were a show all unto their own. With hips swivelling and legs always moving, Suzanne was becoming the centre of attention. A few couples stopped dancing and openly watched us dance (yea, right, “us”). I could see from the glow in Suzanne’s face and the shine in her eyes that she was entirely aware of the effect she was having on the other couples.

By now her blouse had become moist and everything was on show. I could clearly see her diamond-hard nipples poking the fabric out of shape; we could also see her dark areola and the curve between her breasts. There was little left to the imagination.

Before the song was over, Suzanne took my hand and pulled me towards her, pressing her damp chest against mine, and giving me another mind-blowing kiss. I was pretty sure she was showing off for the other couples, something of a “look what I have, girls!”

I loved it all.

When we got back to the table there was another couple already seated there. I was going to kick them out, but Suzanne was far more sophisticated than that. She introduced us and asked if we could buy them a drink.

Apparently, Suzanne had made some sort of contact with the woman while dancing, something I sure did not know about and I am pretty certain, neither did her husband. As Suzanne went to get us another round, the woman patted the bench beside her and said, “make yourself at home here… beside me.”

Though I hesitated, her smiling eyes and look sat me down as instructed. She introduced herself as Eva, took my hand into hers and pulled me forward to plant a lovely, moist kiss on my cheek. “And this is my husband, Ray. Ray looked in my direction and grunted a ‘hello’ or almanbahis yeni giriş something to that effect — he was already pretty drunk and not too interested in anything. He just watched the dance floor and kept time with little nods of his head.

By now, Suzanne had returned carrying our drinks. She put the tray on the table and slid right in beside me, squeezing me even closer to Eva. This was not such a bad thing, let me tell you, being tightly ‘stuck’ between two very hot and well-endowed women.

Suzanne introduced herself to Evan and Ray and promptly asked Eva to join her on the dance floor. I was not invited; Ray did not notice. I watched.

Eva was about 5 foot 10 and was wearing six-inch stilettos so she towered over Suzanne. The contrast in height was nothing compared to their skin: Suzanne a golden tan that fairly glowed in the club lights while Eva was a deep chocolate brown with skin was a smooth as chocolate on a hot day.

Eva wore a bright red knitted sleeveless dress with a deep cowl neck that only hinted at what it hid. The dress was very short, giving her amazing legs total freedom as she danced. Loose-fitting as it was, the hem would occasionally flip up a bit during a twirl to show just a hint of this woman’s perfectly proportioned ass. I could almost see a cheek peeking out when that happened.

From those perfect legs rose strong, muscular thighs, glistening with perspiration as they disappeared behind the hem of her skirt. Her hips were generous and suited her figure (and her terrific butt) perfectly. A smallish waist led my eye gently towards Eva’s bosom.

These were BREASTS! certainly not tits, not even boobs. This woman was wearing a bra but that was a necessity because of her very generous mounds. Next to Suzanne’s ample boobs, and trust me, those were as much as I could have asked for, Eva’s appeared at least half again larger. She was a bigger woman, but Eva’s proportions were very close to Suzanne’s. A perfectly matching pair of hot older women. I was already looking ahead to a fantasy coming true — yea, like we’d have a threesome. Right!

Though I was totally enamoured with my aunt, in total lust actually, up against Eva, I must say she might be facing some real competition.

I don’t think competition was in the cards as the two women were getting along great… dancing a slow dance and holding each other as any two lovers might. I couldn’t believe it!

After the next song the two women came back to the table arm in arm, both dripping with perspiration. As they reached for their drinks I held out a handkerchief to Suzanne so she could wipe off. Instead, she leaned across me to Eva and gently wiped her friend’s face instead. She then slid her hand and the cloth down along her throat and beneath the fabric of Eva’s collar. I know my eyes were wide with wonder, and of course, my manhood was once again making its way into tent pole position.

Eva took the cloth from Suzanne’s hand, looked directly into my eyes, and slipped the cloth over my lover’s skin, easily moving between her breasts in the gaping space of Suzanne’s blouse. As she did this, Suzanne was leaning towards me, resting her hand directly on my crotch, grasping the shaft firmly.

I am sure Eva had not noticed and to be sure, I got a bit nervous (I was still so naive, wasn’t I?)

Without a word about what I had just witnessed, Eva an Suzanne started chatting, bringing me into their conversation right away. I discovered that Eva had been a dance instructor for many years and was in fact still teaching. Her background was as a cheerleader for a Canadian CFL team while in her twenties.

“Do you know how old Eva is, Paul?” asked Suzanne

I knew better than to guess and confidently offered “don’t care, as long as she looks THAT good!”

All Eva did was to smile and say to me “that’s very sweet of you to say, Paul, but I am fifty this week.)

I was dumbstruck. This really blew my mind. “Fifty?” I stammered “not a chance.”

We did not play the show-me-your-ID thing, but she assured me that 50 was the right number. All I could do was listen to my heart pounding with excitement. Suzanne then offered up a fact of her own: “Do you know who Paul is, Eva?”

“Just a hot young university student, I suppose — you lucky wench!”

Suzanne smiled. I wondered. Then I got another shock.

“Paul is my nephew,” she offered.

I just sat there. Mute and stock still. Here I was starting to get along with this new older woman and Suzanne was making things awfully difficult. How could she say that to a stranger!?

I need not have worried. Eva replied with: “You’re a lucky aunt, Suzanne. Are you lovers?”

Suzanne proceeded to tell her the tale of our very long day. She talked about seducing me in the car, showing off her oral and handjob skills and even mentioned how she’d completely controlled me during her exhibitionist shower.

Eva appeared surprised, but was not at all bothered by any of almanbahis adres the story. “Have you fucked him yet,” she asked.

“Actually, pretty much everything but,” said Suzanne.

“What’s his cock like?”

I had not noticed, but Suzanne had never let go of my erection. She motioned down to my crotch with her eyes and said, “give it a feel, Eva.”

Which Eva did. I had two of the sexiest women I had ever seen, let alone played with, holding my cock through my pants. Amazingly, I think it got even bigger.

“Nice, cock, Paul,” said Eva.

It was around this time that I recalled Eva’s husband Ray who was an arm’s reach away. Fuck! What the hell was I doing? I could die here, I thought.

Before I knew what I was doing, I squirmed and pushed the two hands off my lap and whispered to Suzanne, “isn’t Ray going to notice?”

So Suzanne says, out loud, “do you think Ray minds what we’re doing here?”

I was ready to die. She’d said it loud enough for Ray to hear. Eva replied, “No, Ray’s cool with my needs, as long as he gets his drinking in.”

Ray looked towards us but did not say anything. I sat there frozen.

That’s when Eva began to talk about Ray and how the two of them had met. Ray, it turned out, was a retired CFL lineman. He and Eva had met when she was senior cheerleader for his team. She was 19 at the time and he had been in his thirties. They had been together ever since then and had a very strong marriage, one that offered occasional dalliances for each of them.

I should describe Ray a bit. He stood a full six inches taller than his wife and was still built like a professional football player, albeit slightly less bulky and muscled. His arms were the size of my legs, it looked like, and he still looked in shape though he must have been in his sixties.

Eva leaned over to Ray, leaned on his lap just as Suzanne had done, and whispered a few words in his ear.

“Sure, let’s go,” he replied.

Eva must have set this up with Suzanne prior, because when Ray said what he did, Suzanne stood up and helped pull me off the bench, then did the same for Eva. Ray went out the other side, but not very easily. He was obviously quite drunk and only just able to walk straight on his own. Eva took his arm, and reached out to the two of us and pulled us along.

We regrouped outside the club, a bit nervous all around I think as no one really knew what was happening now. Suzanne was holding her jacket over one arm as the cool night air hit us. Her nipples instantly went rigid, pressing out against the moist fabric of her blouse. We were all watching as we noticed this happening. Not a word, but three big smiles as we looked up to Suzanne’s face. “Like that, do you?” she offered.

Eva stood straight up and took in a deep breath of the fresh air. As she did this, her bosom rose and pushed out into even more prominence. This time it was Suzanne’s turn to compliment the other woman, “you have the most spectacular tits, Eva.”

“Thank you, I can’t wait to see yours up close.”

Now we knew what was coming.

We took a taxi to Ray and Eva’s home.

They had a house in the Oak Bay area, an old residence dating back to Victoria’s early days. Sitting on a large, well-tended lot, the home was historic but fully modernized. Walking in we were greeted by a large, simply furnished atrium. There were fresh flowers all around and some modern art on the walls. But the room was dominated by a very traditional curved wooden stairway that took you up to the second floor.

We did not stay long in the entranceway. Eva took our jackets and we left our shoes and then all four of us went up the stairs. Ray was first and though stumbling, made it on his own. He was followed by Eva who walked with Suzanne side by side. I brought up the rear, and I really mean that. I could tell the women were walking slowly on purpose because there were whispering to each other and would occasionally look back to make sure I was following.

I watched those two perfect, but contrasting butts as they led me up the stairs. Both Suzanne and Eva had kept their heels on, all the better for me. I could see Suzanne’s perfect ass rising out of her long legs and luscious thighs, but as much as I was appreciating that view, I could not turn away from Eva’s show for more than a few seconds.

In contrast to Suzanne, Eva was wearing a shorter dress, had the same beautiful legs that did not disappear under her dress. Instead, I could see all the way up her thighs to her naked buttocks. The woman was not wearing any underwear, and had not been all night I was sure!

“How’s the view back there,” asked Suzanne.

“Lovely. Can you both walk slower, please?” I was developing more confidence alright.

By the time we three had reached the top of the stairs, Ray was disappearing behind a large double door at the end of the hall.

“Will you join me in the bedroom,” asked Eva, not expecting an answer. She took us each by the hand and led us down the same hall towards the same doors.

As we crossed the threshold I looked around to see where Ray had gone. To be honest, I did not really want to have another man involved. I had never seen another guy’s cock (hard that is) and it was not really in my fantasy.

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