An Autumn Encounter Ch. 07

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Stacy was sitting on her couch wearing nothing but an oversized football jersey and panties. She was trying to read a novel — the latest best seller — but for some reason she couldn’t concentrate. Her thoughts kept returning to last weekend and how much fun it had been spending time with Mike. He had been sensitive and caring, and a surprisingly good lover, although quite inexperienced for a man his age. She began to get a warm feeling between her thighs as she recalled the way they had made love in the hot tub.

“Snap out of it girl!” she thought to herself. Stacy knew Mike would be home this weekend and she was sure he would want to see her. It was already Thursday, but she couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed; he hadn’t called since Monday when he told her he was going on a business trip. She had even rushed home the previous evening, shortening her usual weekly girls’ night out on the off chance that he might call. She knew she should have been out enjoying herself, all she could think about was how much she missed him and how she wished he was back from Chicago.

Stacy had just opened the book again and was almost through a page when her phone rang . . .

Mike walked into his hotel room stressed out and tired from another long day of troubleshooting. He hung his jacket in the closet and stripped down to his underwear; then dropped down on the bed with a long sigh. He had been in Chicago for the last 4 days meeting with his company’s newest client. It was a really big deal for his firm, and since his last promotion, he was “the man” for these kids of situations. The only real problem was that the client was demanding that he be here at least 3 days a week until the contract ended. He hoped that after a few weeks, they would relax that request, but for now he had to live with it.

Mike fondly thought back to last weekend. He and Stacy had spent the entire weekend together and it had been just about the best weekend of his entire life. She was beautiful, smart, funny, and absolutely the sexiest woman he had ever met. Mike felt incredibly lucky to have found such a woman, and she had been in is thoughts every spare minute since he left. He really hoped his travel schedule wasn’t going to cause a problem with her.

When Mike had called Stacy on Monday and told her he was going to be away, she had taken it in stride. But she made it pretty clear that she wanted to see him as soon as he got back. He was definitely anxious to spend some more time with her, but he wasn’t scheduled to be home until sometime on Friday night. Mike put on his hands free headset and started to call her so he could let her know . . .

Stacy picked up her cordless phone and Kayseri Escort looked at the caller ID. It said simply ‘Illinois’. She quickly hit the ‘talk’ button and said “Hello?”

“Hello beautiful!”

“Mike! I am so glad you called. I have been thinking about you.”

“Have you really? Well, me too. I have been thinking about you almost constantly since I left.”

“That’s sweet. How is your trip going?”

“Oh, you know. Meetings, lunches, dinners, all boring business stuff.”

“You poor baby — All that fine wine and expensive food — Sounds like hell.”

Mike laughed, “OK. So it’s not all bad. Still; I wish I was there instead of here.”

“Well, it’s only one more day.”

Mike paused. “That’s why I called. I am sorry but I can’t make dinner tomorrow night. They want me to stay here and meet the CEO for dinner, so I won’t be getting back until very late.”

“That’s all right Mike. I understand. Come by whenever you get in.”

“Are you sure? It will probably be after midnight.”

“I don’t care how late it is. I really want to see you.”

“OK, it’s a date.” Then Mike added quietly, “Assuming nothing else comes up.”

Stacy thought he sounded tired, “Are you sure you are all right?”

Mike sighed, “Sure. I am fine. Just a little stressed, that’s all.”

For a moment there was only silence, as Stacy quickly pulled her jersey over her head and dropped it on the floor. Then she said quietly, “I think I know how to help you relax.”

Mike laughed, “Oh, I am quite sure you do. But you aren’t here.”

Stacy giggled, “Oh Mike, sometimes you are so dense . . . What are you wearing?”

“Oh, just my boxers and a T-shirt . . . Why do you ask?”

Stacy giggled again. “Ask me what I am wearing.”

“Huh? What? O-OH! Stacy, I have never done this before.”

Giggling some more, she said, “It’s OK. Just say whatever comes in to your mind. It’ll be fine.”

“Huh? OK. W-what are you wearing?”

Stacy stopped giggling. “Me? Hmmmm. I’m only wearing my panties. You know; the black lace ones you like so much.” Silence for a moment.

Mike’s penis suddenly started to stir. “You mean, the ones you were w-wearing on our first date?”

“The very same ones; I love the way they feel against my bare skin, so silky and smooth.”

Mike was definitely starting to get hard now. He listened but heard only silence. “W-what are you doing now?”

“Just sitting on the couch; looking out the window. You know; the one in front of the balcony.” Stacy said innocently.

“I see . . . Are the drapes open?” Mike asked.

“Of course they are open. You know I like Kayseri Escort Bayan it when they are open.”

“Stacy, anyone could see you!” Mike knew she wanted him to say that; knew it would excite her even more.

“Oooooh. I hope there is some horny boy out there watching me.” She squealed.

Mike laughed, beginning to get into the game. “What are you thinking now?”

Stacy paused, “I’m thinking I wish you were here; over in your apartment.”

“Why is that?” Mike asked curiously.

“Oh, because I think you would like to watch what I’m doing right now . . .”

Mike’s heart started to beat a little faster. “W-what are you doing now?”

Silence again and then, “I’m playing with my bare titties.” Stacy made a little contented sound. “Mmmmm. My nipples are sooooo hard. You know how hard my nipples get. Is anything of yours . . . getting hard?”

Mike laughed. “It sure is.” He slipped his hand into his shorts and started to gently rub his swollen cock.

“That’s good; I bet your dick gets real hard whenever you see me rubbing my titties,” she said.

Mike heard some wet, squishy sounds and then Stacy said, “Oooooh, I just licked my nipples. Oh, Mike! They are so hard and sensitive.”

“I wish I was there sucking on them, baby.”

“Do you? Do you like my big titties and hard nipples?”

“Oh God, Stacy” Mike assured her, “They are so luscious; I could lick and suck them all day.”

“Good,” she said, her voice husky and deep. “Now I’m sliding my hand lower, closer and closer to . . . Ohhhh!”

Mike’s hand started to stroke a little faster. “Oh God” was all he could think to say.

Stacy was really getting into it. “Mmmmm. Ohhhh. Do you remember that night you watched me through the window? Mmmmm. Ohhhh.”

Mike gasped, “I’ll never forget it. That night changed my life forever.” He had slipped his boxers down to his knees and was now stroking his cock rhythmically.

“Remember when I took off my underwear? Mmmmm. I knew you were over in your apartment watching me like a little perv; I wanted you to watch; it made my pussy sooooo wet. Ohhhh.”

“I remember . . . You are such a dirty girl.” Mike whispered into the phone.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh. Now I am slipping off my panties. God, they are sooooo wet.”

“I wish I was there now, watching you from my apartment.” Mike groaned. He was pumping himself hard, envisioning Stacy sitting naked in front of the big glass window, exposed for the world to see. “Are you playing with yourself?”

“Oh, yessss,” Stacy hissed. “My fingers are sliding up and down, teasing my clit and sliding into my hot, wet pussy. Ohhhh. Escort Kayseri Ohhhh. It feels so wet and slippery. Talk to me Mike. What are you doing? Are you touching yourself?”

“Oh God, yessss!” Mike groaned. “I’m stroking it, remembering that night.”

“I can see you Mike. Mmmmm. When I close my eyes I can see your hand wrapped around your hard, fat cock; stroking it. Oh, God! Does it feel good baby?”

“Yessss. Oh God, yessss. Oh Stacy, I wish I was there with you . . .”

“Mmmmm. I do too, Mike. Ohhhh. I wish you were here right now so I could slide my lips over your hard cock. Mmmmm. I love sucking it while I play with myself.”

Mike could feel himself getting close now. “Oh, Stacy, I can feel it. I can feel your hot tongue and sweet lips on my hard cock.”

Stacy was panting now, “Oh baby, I love sucking your hard cock. Ohhhh. The way it feels when it slides in and out of my wet mouth makes my pussy ache. Ohhhh-Ohhhh-Ohhhh.” She was so caught up in the fantasy that she could almost taste Mike’s cock.

Mike could hear the squishy sound of her fingers rubbing her wet cunt. “Oh God Stacy, I need you so bad. I need to stick my cock deep into your hot, wet pussy. I need to shoot my big load of cum deep inside you.”

With a loud gasp, Stacy increased the speed and pressure of the fingers rubbing her clit. Suddenly she could feel her cunt contracting and starting to spasm. “Oh Mike, I need it too. OHHHH. I need your hard cock inside me. OH GAWD, OH-OH-OH, I-I-I AM C-C-CUMMMIIINNNGGG! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!”

“Oh, Stacy,” Mike moaned, “Oh God. Oh God. I’m gonna . . .”

“DO IT! SHOOT IT FOR ME BABY!” Stacy hissed loudly into the phone just as a searing wave of pleasure ripped through her groin, spreading throughout her body.

Mike felt his balls throb and tighten up. “AARRGGHHHHH” he grunted a second before his cock exploded. A long rope of thick white cum burst from the end of his cock, flying up into the air and painting a while line down his chest. Another blast followed, and another one, coating his tummy and hand with more of his sticky juice.

In his earpiece, Mike could hear Stacy moaning over and over and he was sure she was cumming as well. The moaning went on for another 15 or 20 seconds as Mike continued to stroke his softening prick, allowing the remaining cum to flow and ooze out all over his hand. He gulped for air, slowly regaining his senses.

“Stacy? Are you there?” He asked.

There was a long pause — Mike could hear her breathing fast and loud – then finally she purred, “Mmmmmmmmm. That was wonderful! Oh Mike! Did you?”

Mike laughed, much more relaxed now. “Are you kidding? That was fantastic.”

“Mmmmmmm, I am sooooo glad.” she murmured.

Mike reached for the tissues on the nightstand and said, “So now what do we talk about?”

Stacy laughed dreamily, “Hmmmm, what do feel like doing this weekend?”

Mike started laughing so hard he almost choked.

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