An Awesome Experience Concludes

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(Authors note: This tale begins with an idea told to me by my partner, for whom I have written this tale. I would also like to thank those who have written to me in appreciation of the opening chapter. Now, where were we?)

Do you want to know what happened next?

“Rachel, I want you to undress me.” He said and stood at the right side of the bed, his back facing me… you sat up and moved to the side of the bed, naked with your bare feet hanging over the edge… this man had a huge penis, perhaps a full 9″ erect, and it stood straight out pointing at you. It was inches from your mouth as you reached up and started to gently caress his balls… Glen stood up and walked to John’s side, thrusting his penis in your direction also… soon you held both penises’ at your lips, licking them together and swapping between them as you put each briefly into your mouth… both men were simultaneously reaching forward and grabbing your boobs…your nipples were rock hard and very red as they pulled them gently.

Ah yes, that’s right.

Glen was getting carried away. He was moaning loudly and squeezing your nipples to match each thrust your mouth or hand provided his throbbing erection. John was far more poised to soak in this moment, and moved away from you, allowing Glen to receive all of your attention. He picked up his pants and fumbled about in the pockets. I saw you look over in his direction at the exact moment he found what he was looking for. Your eyes widened as he pulled a condom out, immediately opened it and began to roll it onto his well-lubricated erection. He moved back over towards you and gently nudged Glen away with his elbow. Glen looked surprised, but John nodded slightly as if to reassure him he knew what he was doing. Withdrawing from your reach, Glen stepped backward, his penis still pointing at you as he backed off. John moved to his knees in front of you and began kissing you on the lips. I watched his tongue gently poke through and tickle your mouth

There was an added intensity to this, as I knew that you were thinking about his penis, and especially the fact that it was now ready to enter you. I was on the edge of my seat contemplating this well-endowed man penetrating my true love. Even though you had already become very intimate with these two virtual strangers, there was an air of tension filling the room again, this time far more intense. You must have felt it too because your lips parted to allow him to enter, and there was something exhilarating about watching his tongue penetrate your lips. The two of you were quickly in a deep kiss, as he held you in his arms. Your hands were stroking his stomach, and reaching anxiously for his penis, which was just out of reach. He smiled and arched his back so you couldn’t reach him. As he was kissing you he laid you back on the bed. Your legs were still hanging over the side, with your bare feet on the floor. You were laying back completely with your hands above your head, when he rose back upright, and parted your legs, holding them in the air with one hand. His rock hard penis was inches from your very wet vagina as he stood up and leant forward. I could see his knob sliding up and down between the outer lips of your vagina, rubbing against your enlarged clitoris, and your hips had begun to gently gyrate to meet his movements. Without having to hold it, he managed to push the head of his dick inside you, and you moaned out loud. Very loud in fact. The width of this mans penis was clearly doing wonderful things for you, so too the fact that he was penetrating you ever so gently and slowly.

Glen was standing to the side watching all this take place. He was stroking himself, his cock still wet from your saliva. He could not wait any longer. He moved up onto the bed and straddled you, with his knees on either side of your stomach. He rubbed his dick all over your breasts, taking care to gently squeeze them together to close your cleavage around his shaft as he began to move back and forth. Your perfect sized breasts accommodated this nicely, as I knew from experience, as they weren’t so big as to completely cover the cock, but were just big enough kaynarca escort to embrace it nicely. He placed a finger in your mouth and you instantly began sucking on it. John had begun to drive himself deeper inside you, and was now moving half of his ample length in and out of you.

Again, I could sense the impending orgasm.

Your chest rose and fell swiftly as your breathing increased. John began to thrust himself almost entirely inside you, driving you closer to orgasm. When he had his cock mostly inside you he would hold it there, and pause for a few moments. Your hips moved as if urging him to continue. He did just that and began rapidly sliding in and out as an orgasm began from deep inside your vagina. Your moans became deeper and deeper as his pace quickened, the sound of his thighs hitting yours was becoming louder as he pushed inside you harder. Glen slid two additional fingers into your mouth, and you sucked on three of his fingers vigorously, as he stroked himself and wiped your nipples with the head of his penis, spreading his pre-cum all over your chest and highly sensitive nipples.

As you orgasmed, your hips began to buckle upwards, and John held himself deeper inside you than ever before, and your eyes shut tight in a glorious mixture of the most blissful of pleasures and the exhilarating pain of your vagina being completely and totally filled. He withdrew slowly as you calmed and he resumed slow deep thrusts, taking time to stimulate your clitoris with his spare hand. I knew that if he continued this another orgasm would surely be imminent soon.

Glen edged his way on his knees further up your body, so that your breasts were pinned under his thighs with only your nipples jutting out. From here his balls rested on your neck, and his penis sat across your chin and over your lips. You opened your lips and ran your tongue around the underneath of the head of his dick. You flicked it rapidly then moved your lips over it and started to suck. He pulled it away without touching it, angling his hips so his dick was just out of reach. I watched as you tried to lick it and get it back inside your mouth. Your sexual appetite had developed in this past hour to a point I had previously never witnessed. He moaned aloud as he pushed it back inside your willing lips. Your hands moved from behind your head and you placed one hand on his butt, helping guide his thrusts, and the other began caressing his balls. This combination was driving him wild, and he began groaning and cursing in delight. You looked up at him, and this time he was the one whose eyes were firmly shut, absorbing the phenomenal physical sensations you were providing.

I could not believe what my eyes were revealing to me. Here you were with one man deeply plunging his large cock in and out of your vagina and rubbing your clit, whilst another had his dick in your mouth whilst you sucked him passionately. In my wildest dreams I could never have thought you would have enjoyed this as much as you appeared to be. There had been times when we had discussed this fantasy, particularly early in its inception, where I had known you were not completely won over on the idea. However, the sight before my eyes, where you almost disappeared under these two men, told a very different story.

John had increased the intensity of your clitoral stimulation and you were orgasming again. I smiled in the knowledge that you were capable of multiple orgasms, particularly with plenty of attention being paid to your clit. As you were in the midst of it, John withdrew his penis from you and let your legs go. Your feet remained in the air and you shot a hand quickly between your legs and finished yourself off, rubbing your clit in that familiar circular motion. John liked what he saw and crawled up on the bed, and sat in the middle with his back against the wall. He and I were both watching you sucking Glen’s cock as your hand danced between your legs, rubbing your clitoris with vehemence.

John motioned for Glen to move off you. Reluctantly he agreed, and moved to the end of the bed. You laid alone on the side of the bed, legs spread, one hand küçükyalı escort between your legs, delicately caressing yourself, the other above your head, eyes half shut.

Exhausted. Exhilarated. Uninhibited. Unreserved.

John moved to the left half of the bed and sat forward, placing his arms under your armpits and gently ushered you to lie by his side. Glen moved up and lay down on the right side, and you were sandwiched between them both. Your chest was quite red and patchy, as it often becomes when you are extremely aroused, and your large nipples were still very red and erect. Your entire body glowed with a thin film of sweat, which was emanating from your super sensitive flesh. Your beautiful light blonde pubic hair, usually almost invisible had gathered in small tufts, from a mixture of bodily fluids.

Neither of the men had orgasmed themselves yet, and I was hanging out to see what they still had in mind. Both of them lay facing you, supporting their heads with one hand, and running their fingers over you with the other. Glen’s hand moved quickly between your legs, and I nearly came in my pants as you parted your legs to allow him access. Instead I lit another cigarette, drew deeply and exhaled slowly, pouring myself another glass of champagne. John ran his fingers over your chest, and moved them to your mouth where you began to lick them. He moved his hand back to your nipples and spread your saliva over them, blowing on them gently providing you with a cooling sensation. He cupped them with his whole hand, caressing thoroughly and the warmth returned. He repeated this a few times as Glen continued to glide his hand around the inside of your thighs, teasing your pubic hair and kneading your clitoris.

John moved his arm to your side and rolled you over onto your right side so that not only were you facing him, but also your bodies were pressed close together. At 5’5″, you are certainly not short, but you seemed so petite between these two. Glen moved closer as well, his penis now rubbing between your bum cheeks. Your toes were twinkling in delight as both men pressed themselves solidly against you.

Glen was gyrating against you and had begun kissing the back of your neck. Your left arm moved up and you held the back of his head, reeling him closer and allowing your head to fall back towards him, exposing your breasts to John’s eagre hands.

“Oh, God. I so want to be inside you” Glen uttered as he rolled away to fetch his own pants, and retrieve a condom. You grabbed his hips as he began to turn, causing him to pause.

“Uh-uh” you mumbled and shook your head. Glen’s eyes widen instantly.

“You sure?” he asked tentatively and excitedly.

This was a very unexpected response from you. You had stipulated that although you had been on the contraceptive pill for some time, you still insisted on condoms for this occasion. These two did seem quite trustworthy, but still nothing had prepared me for your change in attitude.

“I want to feel you inside me” You said and smiled at him.

I sighed out loud and tried to contain myself. However, I completely failed, and pulled my own cock free at last from my pants and began to stroke myself.

You drew him firmly and decisively against your bum; his now enormously erect penis had nowhere else to go and pushed naturally between your legs. Your right leg lifted up, and allowed me an extraordinary view, and a breath-taking opportunity for Glen. Without a condom, Glen grabbed his dick and positioned it at the opening of your vagina. He gently pressed it inside you, causing you both to groan aloud. Your hips started to move as you manoeuvred yourself further down onto his shaft. He took hold of your hips with both hands and wasted no time. He began to drive it deep inside you quickly, as your moans heralded the approach of orgasm number… who knew at this point?

Glen’s groin slapped hard against your bum, as he picked up the pace. I knew you loved it when I went as fast and hard as my body would allow, and he sure gave it that way. His thrusts were far rougher than John, and he held your hips very firmly. sancaktepe escort You grabbed John’s hand with your right hand and moved it to your clitoris. He needed no further instruction as he helped prepare you for another orgasm. Your naked, sweating body was pressed firmly between both men and your hand reached back up to your nipples as you started to scream aloud. I had not heard that scream for some time, and I knew you were unquestionably enjoying this feeling.

“Oh, God. I’m going to come,” you cried as Glen responded by quickening his pace to a furious rate. This made you moan louder as he plunged inside you, your bum cheeks pink-red from his groin slapping against you. From the look on Glen’s face, the sensation of pushing in and out of your wet vagina was almost too much for him and he was grimacing, trying desperately to indulge himself in this flesh-to-flesh contact and delay his own orgasm.

As you groaned your way into another orgasm, John sat up and kneeled beside your face, taking hold of your head and pulling your mouth onto his penis. You struggled to contain his large dick as he forced it into you. Almost choking, you still moaned as Glens pace erupted into slamming thrusts and he too began to scream that he was about to orgasm. Glen buckled several times and let out a long deep growl, holding himself as deep as possible inside you, with his balls pressing against your bum, as his semen ejaculated inside your vagina. You could feel his penis throbbing as the last few spurts shot deep into you. His now well-lubricated penis slid in and out of you with ease as he slowed down, moaning loudly.

John had begun to thrust his penis into your open mouth. His large dick forced you to open your mouth as wide as possible, and hold your tongue down to allow it to penetrate the furthest reaches of the back of your throat. He continued rubbing your clitoris with his fingers with one hand, and firmly held your head with the other. Your hands had moved up to the one he had around the back of your head, as if to encourage him to be a little gentler. I could see you were teetering on the edge of pleasure and pain, as John announced it was time for him to orgasm also. You held his hand firmly to slow him but he would not stop. His voice grew louder as he plunged his penis faster and faster into your mouth. He cried aloud as he pulled you onto his shaft and held it there for a full three seconds, his body twitching uncontrollably. I could see your throat moving as you began swallowing his semen as his load shot straight into your mouth. As he let you off his cock, semen escaped out the side of your lips and ran down your cheek. He sighed long and hard as you sucked the end of his dick, sucking the last remaining drops out with care. He squeezed his shaft from base to tip, emptying the last of his load onto your tongue.

Glen pulled out of your vagina allowing a trail of semen to roll down the inside of your leg, and rolled onto his back. John lay down beside you also, and almost collapsed a sweating heaving mess. You lay in the middle wiping the semen from your lips and rolled onto your back also, your breathing only now starting to return to normal.

I too had orgasmed at the grand finale I had just witnessed. My own penis was now throbbing its way down to normality inside my pants. I brought a glass of champagne over for each of you, and stood at the foot of the bed. I was still trying to take in just how erotic that experience was for me, and knew I would be fantasising about it forever more. I could tell that the two men had thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and were more than totally satisfied. It was you I was thinking about though. How were you going to feel now the arousal was subsiding? What would happen when your sense of reality had fully returned after being temporarily replaced by a sweaty haze of extreme sexual delights?

I wondered.

I even worried a little.

I looked you straight in the eye and saw you were still smiling. Your eyes were slightly glazed, blinking as if to wake yourself up from a dream. Your face was slightly red, your beautiful natural blonde hair stuck to parts of your forehead, adhered with sweat.

“Well… how are you doing, my baby?” I asked you softly, and touched your toes.

A cheeky grin grew on your face as you put your hands behind your head and slightly parted your legs, replying:

“I want to go again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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